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Prozess Name: ezShieldProtector for Px

Produkt: Drag’n Drop CD & DVD writing software

Firma: Easy Systems Japan Ltd

Datei: ezSP_Px.exe


Diese Anwendung wird von der Easy Systems Drag’n Drop CD & DVD Brennsoftware installiert, die auf den meisten japanischen Computern (wie z.B. Sony) vorhanden ist. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/ezsp_px.exe.html 

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Kommentare über ezSP_Px.exe:
i got this running in my computer when i installed sonicstage simple burner program.this program was given to me in the form of a cd when i bought my discman. the program supposed to compress ur music file into atrac 3 plus format. Wormywormman
My Sony VAIO has Drag'n Drop CD+DVD, and ezShield is one of the programs started up when Windows starts. Don't know yet what exactly it does, but it runs unless I stop it. It's got the word 'protector', so maybe it's for protecting something while burning discs...like overburning protection maybe. zimba
This file is part of the SonicStage program definitely, and quite possibly others. It is not harmful, only required to write music to your MD or other CD/DVD devices as well. DO NOT BE AFRAID! If spyware is a concern, install ZoneAlarm and Ad-Aware. Spyware be gone! Clayton J. Knight
Installed with Sony Sonic Stage and other software that uses EZ Systems Software. It allows burning a CDRW on a system that does not have burning software. Useful in that case but anoying otherwise. Sonic Stage
I have a sony vgc-ra710g. it has both drag'ndrop cd+dvd and sonic stage. if you don't want it running with Windows starting but want to keep the software in your computer, you know, in case someday you might need it, just go to start-run-msconfig-startup, uncheck ezsp_px and restart your computer, when the information box jumps out, check the box and hit ok. Issis
This came installed on my Toshiba Satellite A25. However, this laptop does not support DVD writing, but a different version of the Satellite laptop does. I've removed it from msconfig but it insinuates itself on my system due to a registry key in the startup section of the registry. That's why it's difficult to shut this process off permanently or to get rid of it. skippy567
i have a hewlett packard and i think it came with it. I also have it on my toshiba laptop. So far, nothing bad about it. However, not sure whether i need it. thus i havent deleted it. Dont want to use unecessary processes really. jersey
drag n drop on sharp notebook lovemachine
Like others, i had sometime ago installed sony sonic stage software (transfer music to mini-disc) . I uninstalled the application long ago, but the process still self loads on system start-up. Always uses no CPU. I believe it is impotent. Lucifer
Sonicstage James
ezSP_Px.exe must have installed when I installed TMPGEnc DVD Author. I built this computer and do not have any of the other mentioned software installed. Will disable since I use Nero to burn my DVDs after using TMPGEnc DVD Author to make the master. Chris
Drag’n Drop CD mcurts
This file is brought in by Sony SonicStage and is required to use its burning functionality. without it SonicStage may become unstable and cease to work. do not delete this program. If you are experiencing problems with your system associated with this product, call the software vendor. chances are your computer may not have the needed system recources required to run this application. Mediarocker - IT Administrator
I have both InCD (Drag n' drop for burner) and TMPGEnc DVD Author, so not sure which may have installed ezSP_Px.exe. I have also scanned regularly with Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware (Spybot), If you are not using any DVD/CD burners on your system, then remove it. But, if you only suspect it may have virus tendencies, then (for Windows XP users) get "End it All" program and selectively disable this executable. It will return the next time you re-boot. Just a minor inconvenience of re-booting when you decide to burn any DVD's/CD's, but will safeguard your system in case of a potential threat.  Siehe auch: Link Mark
I have three of the files with the same name, one installed when I got the computer the other two the day that my comptuer starts to wig out with popups. and they're all protected files, so therefore I cannot seem to figure out how to delete them. roar
This file isn't bothering me I just want to lower the start up load. The main reason for this process is that it helps Sonic Stage work. It came with my Vaio Sony computer. Don't worry it won't hurt you. :D
To truly remove it: 1)Boot into Safe Mode (F8). 2)Navigate to the file C:\Windows\System32\EzSP_Px.exe 3)Rename it EzSP_Px.bak. 4)Reboot. It re-occurs due to a registry key that loads the file each time you reboot or start. Doing this creates a brief error msg when Windows attempts to load the (now missing) file and fails. Once you are convinced no true harm is done use cCleaner or Glary Utilities (or other valid registry cleaning tool) to clean your registry. Problem gone. br br Bill Trail br President Penny Computer Systems, Inc. br Macon, GA 31211 478.787.4532 (7/19/2009)  Siehe auch: Link Bill Trail - Penny Computer Systems Inc.
Installed by Sony Sonic Stage, file is self-perpetuating. If it is running as an active process it will re-seed HKLM\SW\Easy Systems Japan Ltd.\Setting\ezsppe_enabled =1 and HKLM\SW\MS\WIN\CV\Run. To remove: 1. use task manager to stop service. 2. run reg_edit and delete the key in HKLM\SW\MS\Win\CV\Run\ezsp_px.exe. 3. Again, in regedit, find HKLM\SW\SW\Easy Systems Japan Ltd.\Setting there's a setting called "ezsppe_enable" set this to 0 (hex). Reboot and it will not show up again. sometimestechy
It comes with Drag 'n' Drop CD, it causes cpu spikes, uses up ram, and is useless, definatly remove! also i get adaware notifying me of registrychanges constanty, and to remove: open cmd , change directory by typing "chdir %systemroot%\system32\" press enter, now type "ezsp_px /forceuninstall". done :). beware it is easily infected CMDR

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