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Prozess Name: Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect Service

Produkt: Norton Antivirus

Support: Hilfe Link   Update Link   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: Symantec

Datei: navapsvc.exe


"navapsvc.exe" ist der automatische Schutzdienst von Norton AntiVirus, der Teil von Norton AntiVirus, der den automatischen Antivirenschutz für das System bereitstellt, auf dem NAV installiert ist. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/navapsvc.exe.html 

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Kommentare über navapsvc.exe:
Norton Anti Virus Program Service
Das ist ein Teil von Norton Antivirus.  Siehe auch: Link Vampire
navaspscv.exe is a phone home cookie for norton anti-virus, located in the general index.dat file group folder. any history eraser program will delete it. This 'file' can allow anyone with some 'script' knowhow to easily give you a remote trojan. Norton came with my new computer but i am uninstalling Norton and replacing with Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro (the best ) brian the webmaster guru
Diese Datei löscht alle Proxy Einträge. Seien sie also vorsichtig! Dr. Helmut Schweizer
sorgt für sporadischen sprunghaften anstieg der cpu-last auf 50 bis 100% - man merkt es am kurzen "hängen" aller laufenden Programme R2
navapsvc.exe gehört zum "Norton AntiVirus Auto Protect Service". Er befördert unteranderem infizierte Dateien in Quarantäne. DataFighter
Diese Datei gehört zu Norton Antivirus, ist also ungefährlich. Erzeugt alle 60 Sekunden eine CPU-Spitze von 100%. Dadurch ruckeln insbesondere 3D-Spiele. Steffen
Eine Komponente von Norton Antivirus, sie ueberwacht dateien nach Viren sogar in Komprimierten Archiven und Checkt ausserdem Dateien die gerade herunter geladen werden nach Viren, als auch *.MSI installationspakete die gerade entpackt werden.  Siehe auch: Link Psyllo
This is Norton antivirus autoprotect from what I've learned. But it does about 180,00 I/O reads every time I start my computer and makes it unusable for about 2 minutes before it's done doing whatever it is doing. I would appreciate anyone's input on how to reduce the delay it produces at startup.
slows things down considerably jw
Norton AV 2005 (aucun problème) Symantec Pascal
Norton Antivirus,if you are having problems with it being a resource hog then you must have an ancient PC. Any modern PC shouldnt have any problems. I run it on every thing from a 9III 1000 to a Athlon 2600XP and no problems at all. Ardz
eats at CPU - UGH wizkid
norton antivirus and navapsvc.exe in particular simply wont go away. I'm not sure, but I think this is in some mysterious way to blame for a whole lot of problems i've encountered recently, such as not being able to access secure sites.
Norton Antivirus autoprotect. if youre surfing the web, or opening a new exe. for the first time, its a very good idea to have this running. to reduce processor usage, do a full system scan of your computer. if that doesnt work, i cant help you Phil
navapsvr means Norton Anti Virus Auto Protection Service ,well it takes from 3 to 15 mb of space but it dosen't make any negative effects on a new pc ,1.5 ghz and above ,but sure it slows dramaticlly olders pc
nur von norton anti virus also nicht gefährlich cpufreak
Bring up task manager and see if photoshopelementsdeviceconnect is running. If it is, end the task and see if navapsvc.exe stops eating up all the cpu time. I stopped photoshopelementsdeviceconnect.exe from running all the time by using msconfig and unchecking it under the services tab. John
Pulling cpu resources Malcolm
Part of Nortons bloatware slows fast sytems to slow and cripples slow systems Norton prevents viruses from infecting your system by crippling your system thus rendering it unuseable thus if you cant use your system you cant get infected nice one norton
Norton anti vir auto protect alle 2-3 sekunden werden 30-40% des CPU´s verwendet und bewirkt daher ruckeln Simon
As John said "Bring up task manager and see if photoshopelementsdeviceconnect is running. If it is, end the task and see if navapsvc.exe stops eating up all the cpu time. I stopped photoshopelementsdeviceconnect.exe from running all the time by using msconfig and unchecking it under the services tab." Wow, I stopped photoshopelementsdeviceconnect and the navapsvc cpu usgae went down to 0% immediately. Amos
Well something is definetly wrong here. Who ever keeps saying that its because its running on an old computer is wrong. When it messes up it messes up. Right now its eating up 30-50 % of my CPU... Norton works fine for some people and others.... becareful getting rid of Norton, it can be troublesome. Don't check their website its a waste of time. I "think" the whole problem happens after a system has become infected. I encountered a virus that was able to turn off the windows firewall and shut down the autoprotect. Norton wasn't able to save its selve from this one. Norton has crapped since. Westergom
It was eating 70something % of my CPU. Granted my CPU is slow by today's standards. Ending the process caused the Norton anti-virus auto-protect to shut off. I noted it because Suddenly my computer was suddenly slower than sh**. I've never noticed a problem with norton running auto protect before. Joel
I know that this file belongs to the Norton Antivirus stuff, but the prob for me, is that it wont go. im trying to uninstall norton but my friend has deleted sum program files for it. so now on the quick launch, i cant end it, and its not working, so i was advised to end it manually by ending the processes, through a gruelling task of finding and deleting norton processes, i noticed this one wont remove itself from the process list. I cant uninstall it, and im left with no protection. David
kills my cpu using 85-100%,might as well have a atari st! im gona uninstall Kris
trotz 26 prozesse regelmäßiges ruckeln, lange nach dem fehler gesucht; norton gibt antwort darauf seb
This one has caused a lot of problems for me. Whenever I download something big, run a movie or whatever sometimes it will scan it all through turning my new computer to a halt for 20min. Recently it has also caused some programs not to work properly. Will take several minutes before some programs will pop up after clicking on the icon. Also made surfing through IE very very slow. Uninstalled Norton and got rid of the file. I'm finally enjoying my fast computer. Michael
Thanks for the clue about photoshop elements. I use a CRe500 i APP USB card reader for my photo work. It appears that Photoshop Elements keeps checking to see if I inserted a card with any photos. Every time it does this navapsvc does its job an trys to check a file coming from a removeable device. This causes the system to trash. Unpluging the USB card reader fixes the problem until the next time you need to read a card. Charlie
I go into task manager, end the process by right clicking in the file name. Shut down task manager the right click the norton icon in the taskbar and re-enable it. It no longer uses up resources. It just started acting up all of a sudden. MGTaylor
It tends to be a bit of a snoop, youll notice that it tends to be more active on site that willm lends towards the entertainment field. The curious thing about it is that it tends to quit down when you began monitoring it. Almost like a child, if you ignor it, it's will likely missbehave. Check up on it every now and then and it seems to behave a little more responsibility. Then again it could just be that part of the computers intelligence that simply imitates the behavior of the one sitting there in front of it. It's as if it was racing to keep up. There now, i have it purring like a kitten. Toby
Geheime Staatspolizei ARE wathing U a+fraid-2-TELL
Wichtige Datei und gehört zum Antivirenprogramm der Norton Internet Security. nibo1978

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