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Prozess Name: ATI External Event Utility

Produkt: ATI graphics driver

Firma: ATI Technologies

Datei: ati2evxx.exe


"ati2evxx.exe" ist eine Komponente der Grafikkarten-Treiber von ATI-Produkten und ist notwendig für die vollständige Konfiguration und Verwaltung dieser Hardware-Produkte. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/ati2evxx.exe.html 

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Beachte: Jedes gefährliche Programm kann sich sonstwie nennen - deshalb sollten Sie überprüfen, wo sich die Dateien der laufenden Prozesse auf der Festplatte befinden. Befindet sich eine "nicht-Microsoft" .exe Datei im Ordner C:\Windows oder C:\Windows\System32, so ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, dass es sich um einen Virus oder Spyware handelt! Überprüfen Sie es hier.

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Kommentare über ati2evxx.exe:
ATI driver (envent agent)  Siehe auch: Link leonardox
Gehört zu den ATI Treibern Jan
gehört zu Grafikkarte ATI
Harmless. DogETDog
I read it can be used to manipulate the hotekey feature on ati card likelly if yo have not used the tab when looking through menus its probablly activated so you can delete it its in systems32 folder be sure to always backup before you make changes not responsible for what may be a misnomer .good day Dog
ATI-driver SB
ATI external event utility exe module. Background task when you install ATI Display driver. It registers as the ATI hotkey poller which brings up specific ATI utilities.. Not only is this useless to 99.99% of users but there is NO DOCUMENTIATION ANYWHERE on those hotkeys. It sometimes uses up to 85% of CPU resources. Older versions of this process are known as ATIPOLAB. Thank you Perfect Process freeware for your information. Stephen4178
ati2evxx.exe is the ATI External Event Utility for your ATI display drivers. It manages the ATI Hotkey feature. This process can be removed to free up resources without comprimising system performance. Psychodad
ATI Driver RogeeCB
it's used for different key combinations such as alt+F5 for switching between monitors on some laptops. Also it does when you close the lid to your laptop. Can safely be disabled using msconfig under the services tab (but the of course, the key combinations won't work). Personally I think it's a great feature and it doesn't seem to use much CPU anyway. Jonas Eriksson
Containing in ATI-Omegadriver  Siehe auch: Link JackyDanz
This service has been on my computer for sometime. It is installed with the ATI Display driver and runs the Hot Key controls so can easily do things like adjust brightness, etc. without going to the properties/settings. It provides no threat. If you don't use hot keys, simply disable it using methods described above. If you are having other trouble with your display, it is probably due to an out of date driver. ScottyDog
ATI Radeon Graphics card NutZy
ATI External Event Utility, should be disabled by msconfig.exe. Makes System slow. My Win98 Computer get 0e's, BlueScreens and VxD-errors about "mpr.exe" and "msgsrv.exe", all of them caused by "ati2evxx". It uses "WIN32 NetWork Interface Service Process". My Computer starts the "rnaaap.exe" (internet connection) at StartUp together with "Ati2evxx". planet
ati2evxx.exe is the ATI External Event Utility for your ATI display drivers. It manages the ATI Hotkey feature. This process can be removed to free up resources without comprimising system performance. Marty
ATI process, no dangerous kindlyss
this is used with ati graphics cards, it dosent eat or resources or burn out power supplys. and yes it hogs a whole 1.2 meg of resources and if it effects ur pc by taking that amount u serisouly need to buy a new one
It is displayed in task manager two times. Normaly there should be one ati2evxx.exe. If i search for another in explorer it is only one in c:\WIndows\System 32\ dir. And *.Pf file or page file in c:\Windows\Prefetech directory.I think it could be malware of somekind. Tomasek
This is NOT a virus nor is it spyware. It's a simple program the catches hotkeys for changing brightness, etc. It should show up as a "keyboard hook" in your virus/spyware scanner. If your computer runs slow because of this process, it is because you installed the driver not correctly.
The Hotkey Poller is not needed if you are not using any of the ATI programable hotkeys...or, if your card is not designed to monitor card temperatures. Disable it in control panel/ administration tools/services Stumped2
ati display treiber es geht auch ohne jovi
It shows up twice on some peoples task manager because of ATI's Hydrovision (2 monitors). You can remove Hydrovision, but you will still have 1 copy of ati2evxx running in the task manager. If it bothers you, I would recommend removing it from the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run Gary
It is VERY IMPORTANT that readers understand that there are several ATI2EVXX.EXE files. I do not have any ATI card, no ATI card was ever installed on my computer, and this file got in my computer by some security hole. I can disable the process, and cut it off msconfig but it still manages to run again over and over. It consumes a lot of memory, and is also used as malware to modify your internet research settings (as ZoneAlarm popped to tell me lately). The best conclusion is that there is a file named ati2evxx.exe that is the harmless and not-so-useful ATI driver, and a malware. Aekar
ist ein kleines Programm zur ATI Grafikkarte. Ingo
this is a ati drive for ati videocards. if u have this in your pc and dont have an ati video card it because u're stupid enough to instali it for no reason.THIS IS NOT A VIRUS OR A SPYWARE. If your pc is runing slow its because 3d video cards use a lot of memori, and even u close the game, the memory will no be reallocated, and of course your pc will run slowly  Siehe auch: Link Master sn
This is needed for ATI Powerplay (power management). It's the service "Ati Hotkey Poller". If you disable it, the fan of your notebook probably won't stop anymore and the battery life time will be decreased. Martin
You know when you plug in an S-Video or DVI cable to your laptop and you hold Function + F5 to toggle between displays well this function is rendered useless if you turn this process off. ATI External Event Utility performs one key function it automatically detects the optimal resolution of a second display hooked into your Video Card via S-Video or DVI. This process saves valuable time as it automatically changes the screens resolution to match the max resolution of your external non primary display. So if your willing to sacrifice this process for like 200 kb of ram then do it. KSD
Initiates the restart of your computer. Communites with Ati Hotkey Poller. Don't know if this is problematic but my computer keeps on shutting down randomly (ATI card overheating?) and ati2evxx.exe is the culprit. Ben
This is needed for ATI Powerplay (power management). It's the service "Ati Hotkey Poller". If you disable it, the fan of your notebook probably won't stop anymore and the battery life time will be decreased. Martin
well, if you have troubles with your Video Card, this nifty little thing can notify the ATI Software to restart your VPU and the OS to reboot your system if it halts... not sure it can cause system halts, but i can say this: if you have a well-maintained computer (no halts and it works fine, no parts of it have *burning* marks, no overheating etc) then you don't need it... if your video card is running suspiciosly (e.g. works under Windows excelent, but crashes withing 15 mins when you run a game) than this can be a life-saver... or the one that's causing it to reboot by notifying the OS.... Shark
Das Tool ist zwar nicht gefährlich, aber eigentlich nutzlos, da alle Einstellungen auch mit der Systemsteuerung - Anzeige - Einstellung - Erweitert einstellbar sind. Kostet auf meinem Notebook nur CPU Last. Kann man per SERVICES.MSC auf "manueller Start" setzen. Peter Dassow
ATI Driver
Acer ePower Management DMC
Das ist ein Programm welches den 2d/ 3d Takt steuert. Deaktiviert man den Dienst "ATI External Event Utility", so switched die Karte nicht mehr auf den 3D Takt in Games! Oely
Ati Hotkey Poller Application
ATI Graphics Card Driver Connor
ATI Treiber
Bei laufendem Process 'hing' der Computer ofte bei einem STRG-Klick zur Mehrfachauswahl fuer einige Sekunden. (aber nur bei der linken STRG-Taste) Seit der Prozess nicht mehr laeuft, passiert das nicht mehr. Trat auch erst nach Installation der ATI-Karte (vorher GeForce) auf. Mike
ATI Grafikkarte
ATI graphics card prossess
Ati2evxx.exe führt neuerdings in meinen systemen xp32 und w7 64 zur circa 30 sekündigen unansprechbarkeit von fenstern und taskleiste nach dem systemstsrt. es nervt extrem. die datei steht doppelt im prozess explorer, manchmal gekoppelt mit einer doppelten ausfürhrung von drwatson32.der tskmngr läßt sich über tatatur aufrufen , dort kann die maus dann exklusiv ansprechen und die prozesse beenden, meistens. jo-schi
Bei meinem Notebook Toshiba Tecra S1 wird mit dieser Anwendung das Anzeigegerät gewechselt. TA

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