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Prozess Name: Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service Konfiguration Programm

Produkt: Windows Vista

Support: Hilfe Link [1][2]   Update Link [1][2]   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: wmpnscfg.exe


"wmpnetwk.exe" ist ein Teil des Windows-Media-Players, der verwendet wird, um den Benutzer zu benachrichtigen, wenn neue Mediengeräte im Netzwerk entdeckt werden. Er startet den Netzwerkfreigabedienst (NSS) des Windows-Media-Players und wartet auf Nachrichten dieses Dienstes. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/wmpnscfg.exe.html 

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Kommentare über wmpnscfg.exe:
windows media network sharing service  Siehe auch: Link TPgrowler
Process used by Windows Media Player 11. Enables sharing of Your and All Users: Pictures, Videos And Music folders located in your & All Users, Documents folder. Replaces Windows Media Connect witch has been Merged (incorporated) with WMP 11. If you disable file sharing in Windows Media Player 11 it shouldn't start up again by itself.. This file is also used when sharing stuff between your Xbox 360 And PC  Siehe auch: Link Bo S. Winther
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service Configuration Application - apparently it's used to share media libraries Jazz
Microsoft Windows uses wmpnscfg.exe to alert users when media rendering devices are found on the network.  Siehe auch: Link Tim
It's a real composant of media player to share Windows Media Player ! You can delete the key in the running start base if they is Emilien Marghem
belongs to windows media player Phil
wmpnscfg.exe is a process associated with Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service Configuration Application from Microsoft Corp.. It is used to share Windows Media Player libraries. Axel
Used for sharing windows media player library such as connecting it to your xbox 360 to get the music from your computer completely harmless xXJRT403Xx
Though legit process, I disabled it from loading at startup via registry hack but it's always back everytime I use WMP 11. RegHacker
WMPNSCFG.exe is used by WMP to share data with other computers in the same network as yours. Not dangerous, but not needed either. Shought
This file belongs to Windows Media Player..Other than that,I dont Know Jeremy
Windows Media Player NetworkSharing Service Configuration Application
MSFT Media Player uses it to look for new devices Mike Herrington
not dangerous, normal config setup for wmp player however ionly wmplayer.exe runs for windows media player 11 so you can turn this off in msconfig jake
Used By Windows Media Player. for sharing files over the network Snowbank
Microsoft Windows uses wmpnscfg.exe to alert users when media rendering devices are found on the network.  Siehe auch: Link M.Prostko
A program associated with Windows Media Player. According to this technote, wmpnscfg.exe is used to alert users when a new media device is found on the network. Wmpnscfg is also responsible for starting the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service (NSS) and then waits for notifications from the service. When wmpnscfg is notified that a new media device is available on the network, it displays a popup in the system tray that informs the user about the availability of the new device. If the user clicks the popup, wmpnscfg launches Windows Media Player, which displays a dialog box that asks t Mike M.
can be terminated; Iremoved it from the startup MR. TASK
Not explicitly dangerous, however it is definitely bloat, and anything to do with Windows Media Player that runs in the background without asking is a privacy red flag in my book. You can't turn it off in WMP and it doesn't have its own service, it's part of the ambiguously named "file sharing" service which is necessary to transfer files over a LAN. Potentially allowing a company that serves copyright interests(microsoft) to scan any files coming in or out over your computer's LAN or MP3 player. J. Reed
its usualy just a music playing software. sharing files and listening to music. but i think itunes tottaly takes it out Fricken.Aweswome.Guy
Disabled the file in the startlist and also disabled WMPNetworkSvc in Services (because it causes CAPI errors). No problems. JJ
i deleted it because it lagggs my cpu hardly .. Florian
I got two processes wmpnscfg.exe with 50% cpu usage each runnining on my dual-core, whole system was blocked Xoric
bloat thats useless for most poeple. Brendan
Sucks up your CPU... I used Precess Explorer to suspend it and cut it on when I need to... which is very seldom!!! I hava AMD Phenom X6 1090T, and it thinks it has a free run!!! 14U2DAY
 Siehe auch: Link Akasewozoshcka
It's for Windows Media Player, no reason to have it start on OS boot though. David
I disabled the service and it still starts up. So then I right clicked on the service and opened up the properties I clicked the the logon tab and logged in as networkservices. the hardware service for the undocked p[rofile was enabled so I disabled it and rebooted. Hope this helps. Piper
It was running on my vista home basic, although i stopped it from msconfig. The problem was the file sharing mentioned before, was on. Couldn't stop sharing because window$ firewall was already stopped, so i had to switch firewall on, file sharing off, then firewall off. Now it's gone from the running processes. Laszlo
It's just another piece of unnecessary bloatware that takes up a chunk of processor and RAM. Unless you're going to be networking through the Windows Media Player, it's simply another Microsoft intrusion. And Windows does not let you stop it from running, even via the Administrative Tools' Computer Management. It's set to run automatically and it can't be stopped. Margaret
wmpnscfg.exe is a normal EXE file. But it is usually used by cyber criminals for distributing malware or virus. They will create malicious files with the same name of wmpnscfg.exe, so you will get wmpnscfg.exe -bad image error.  Siehe auch: Link Daisy

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