Was ist IEUser.exe? Ist IEUser.exe Spyware oder ein Virus?

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Prozess Name: Microsoft Internet Explorer

Produkt: Windows Vista

Support: Hilfe Link   Update Link   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: IEUser.exe


Die Datei befindet sich im Ordner C:\Programme\Internet Explorer\. Wenn der Internet Explorer aufgerufen wird, startet dieser IEUser.exe, welcher die Sicherheitseinstellungen des Internet Exploreres auf mittel setzt. Benötigt der Internet Explorer Administrator Rechte (z.B. installieren eines ActiveX), dann wird der Admin Broker IEInstall.exe benutzt (welcher mit höheren Rechten läuft). www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/ieuser.exe.html 

Um mehr über IEUser.exe und alle anderen im Hintergrund laufenden Programme zu erfahren, können Sie Security Task Manager benutzen.

Beachte: Jedes gefährliche Programm kann sich sonstwie nennen - deshalb sollten Sie überprüfen, wo sich die Dateien der laufenden Prozesse auf der Festplatte befinden. Befindet sich eine "nicht-Microsoft" .exe Datei im Ordner C:\Windows oder C:\Windows\System32, so ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, dass es sich um einen Virus oder Spyware handelt! Überprüfen Sie es hier.

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Kommentare über IEUser.exe:
Frist meine ganze CPU 1,8 GHz wenn ich irgendwas in IE7 unter Vista ansurfe. Nicht auszuhalten! Dr. Westphal
This porcess eats my full 1,8 GHz CPU in Vista nearly everytime i do anyting in Internet Explorer 7. Do I have to change back to Firefox? Dr. Westphal
Kein Virus, Spyware, Malware, Wurm u.s.w! Benötigter Prozess für IE unter WinVISTA 8800GTX
keeps on wanting access 2 the internet (zone alarm security alert), i always deny it and my internet opens fine. it is located in the correct folder 'C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer', so y does it need access 2 the internet if internet explorer functions correctly? (p.s i think i have a virus on my computer but cant track it down so didnt know if this was it? looks like it only me havin this problem then?lol paul
probably a malware! delldevil
if you use IE it takes alot of memory and slows down your connection go to program files, internet explorer and delete this file and you pc will speed up and your internet connection will be faster Jimz2003
vundo, also known as virtumonde and virtumundo is a nasty little trojan that starts ieuser whenever it wants to eat memory, the process itself is harmless(well, as harmless as internet explorer can be), but the reason it's started can be much more serious, vundo inserts itself into the windows core system32 files and is impossible to remove easily, none of the major retail anti-malware and anti-spyware i've used has gotten rid of it. if ieuser is starting without you opening IE then you probably have at least one trojan dicking around in your system, good luck with the little fuckers. Alaska
Netflix insant wasn't responding, I turned it off, It works now, but I can't resize the window.
gefunden ind c:/windows/system32 zeigt ungewollt Seiten an, wie zB.: Ihr Rechner ist verseucht...... F.Wohlers
Dr. Westphal, just set your security settings to low, and IEUser.exe wont be executed.
It had a trojan genric in it bitdefender detected it the trojan just make IE unsafe and easy to exploit. John
this thing is always running in my taskm. Even when EI isent running does this mean im infected? its located in C\program files\internet explorer mikkel
It's dangerous. It blocks internet explorer browsing completely, and locks up Windows Update in Vista so nothing can be downloaded. All IE settings are overwritten so you can't bring it down to anything below Medium security. red2
Program Files\Internet Explorer\ieuser.exe
ieuser is used as a spyware, ieuser can see at your pc from another pc. It's used to watch peoples action from another pc, you can't remove it. so it's dangerous because the guy who put it on from another pc can track your paswords from email, bank, etc. Tom Ockers
Ieuser is a strong spyware attack and cannot be resolved, you cannot delete it, it's also not possible to first rename it and then delete it, what i suggested is to do a virus scan after a cold boot, a cold boot is boot from cd rom and then try to delete it, you can reboot with windows boot cd and then ask a path and then delete it. Or. You start your pc from the hard disk that windows is started, you go to google, then type in rescue disk kaspersky, that's a virusscanner. You set it on cd or usb. Then you shut down your pc and you put first the disc in the cd rom or usb in the ubsdrive. Then you start your pc again and run kaspersky rescue disk, you just follow the steps, it's easy and logical. When you are in kaspersky you scan everything. Normally it should find it. Goodluck Tom Ockers
is a dangerous spyware attack Tom Ockers
Bei fehlender ieuser.exe startet IE unter Vista nicht mehr, weil die Einstellungen fehlen. Haste
Process is started by Windows as pre-executable for Internet Explorer. It loads security information and settings. When elevated security is required (ie: installing ActiveX) it is called and runs as administrator. Not dangerous or malicious, but can be modified by malware and used in malware processes. TsVk!
I am an IT student. I guarantee it is safe, just annoying. It is part of Internet Explorer (IE) Ethan

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