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Prozess Name: Quick Time Tray Icon

Produkt: QuickTime

Firma: Apple Computer

Datei: qttask.exe


Dieser Prozess implementiert das Taskleistensymbol für Apples Quick Time und macht es möglich, Quick Time von der Taskleiste aus zu starten und dazugehörige Funktionen durchzuführen. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/qttask.exe.html 

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Kommentare über qttask.exe:
Quick Time Video Tray Icon Alex
quicktime player
Beeinflusst die Grafik-und Soundfähigkieten besonders und stört unheimlich. Das Abspielen von Videos, Lieder oder Fotos ist nicht möglich! qttask
Installed with Quicktime web browser plug-in. Not dangerous. Consumes 1 Mo of RAM. To prevent it running, remove registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Quicktime Task". Titi
(Registry Info for XP:) In "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" you'll find "quicktime task" with the value "c:\programfiler\quicktime\qttask.exe -atboottime". Remove it to avoid the file from loading on boot. Frode
If you dont want this process to startup every time u start windows, go to the location of the .exe, right click, click on security tab and deny the permissions. When you want to play any Quick time application, u can allow permissions the same way. I tried everything to remove it from my startup..but in vain. Finally disabled permissions and it worked!! Manoj
Crappy buggy piece of softtware, unfortunatelly installed with quicktime. the program eats more than 2 MB of RAM and it does nothing useful other than send information to apple.com about the movies you are watching. The information is stored in a small log file in your computer and sent in bursts to apple.com in an encripted format. John Topio
non dangereux, c'est Quicktime Pascal
Keeps locking up my computer! Rob D
it's 100% useless - all features of quicktime work without it. completely not needed, to get rid of it block it from starting (DON"T delete, just disable, otherwise it will be recreated when you run quicktime) up using Spybot. also close it after you run quicktime, usually it pops up and stays, wastes cpu and ram and has no purpose. or you can just block the process from ever running (go to Administrative tools on start menu, then to Local Security settings-- software restric. policies-- add. rules, action- new hash rule, browse for file and it will never run again).
Quick Time Tray Icon Tamanaco
Apple QuickTime file that thinks its doing you a favor by auto-starting with your PC (common now with almost every program) cept this stupid thing keeps returning even when removed from registry & file is deleted. seems when QT is run, the program checks changes & deletion, & undoes whatever you did to remove it. VERY ANNOYING & resource hogging, but not dangerous. NYC Wolf
I could not open preferencec while in Systems. It would not let me remove. I renamed in "a pain". I was then able to remove from systems. Silly but worked. I received it on my computer going to the War of the Worlds site, and immediately got it without even watching a trailer. durbinjoseph
I don't like any pop-ups, especially unidentified boxes with dancing error messages! I too, tried to correct "qttask.exe" only to have it reappear under new error code numbers that meant nothing to me. Then I resolved the problem, I think, by doing this: Click START, SEARCH or FIND, CONTROL BOX, and right click on the Quick Time Icon. A window should appear that says: "QUICK TIME SETTINGS." See what is checked whether you checked it or not--uncheck the last two items in this window. Now RESTART and pay close attention to the Quick Time Icon close to your clock in the lower right corner. Steve
QT Tray App, removal was easy, deleted, wrote prog in Installer VISE that deletes if file exists and sets reg entry to itself. I have it run on startup, it deletes QTTASK.exe everytime you start windows (even if its in use!) and fixed reg entry to run my cleaning app instead. Also added to task scheduler to run every 3 hours so QTTASK stays gone and registry stays happy about QT changing entry to invalid program.
whenever internet explorer could not load a page, i would end the qttask.exe process in task manager, and usually internet explorer would load a page just fine after that! stupid quicktime should do something about that.... quicktime just came out with a new version i guess (7.0.2), and all i did was went to edit - preferences - quicktime preferences - advanced - under "tray icon" uncheck "install quicktime icon in system tray" JJTop
This file is non-essential. delete it from quicktime folder because everytime you run any application of quicktime(plugin,etc), it sets the value in the registry for qttask.exe to start. DELETE the file, i did it and quicktime works fine. Sunny
If you remove it from the registry in HKLM Software Microsoft Windows Current Version Run, it will come back after another quicktime video is loaded. instead, navigate through that path, find the "Quickttime Task" entry, double-click it, and before the value "C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe" -atboottime, add a SEMICOLON. This will keep it from starting up. It may not be able to be removed permanently, but you can render it useless. ;)  Siehe auch: Link Nate
I read everything here to date then went to the programs/Quick Time folder and renamed qttask to qttasktemp. Then I ran msconfig in START and unchecked it in the Startup menu. Rebooted, and poofs...no icon and no recurring check mark. No problem! Try it. At the worst, you'd just go rename qttask back to the original name again to put you back to where you were. No problem on my machine though!
I have to hit cancel 36 times after bootup to get rid of the message: "85c:qttask.exe no disk" because I have external drives and digital card readers that somehow get this little annoying ap all excited. Thanks for the help, I'm taking all the suggestions above! Jim Lawrence
it's a Quick Time (.mov player) ... slows down start-up/shut down processes. XP (maybe 2000) users: to remove from the start up process goto Start - Run - and type msconfig and goto Startup tab and uncheck qttask mlw
a=squared ,malware scan id'ed it as trojan-Dropper.Win32.Paradrop.a but didn;t have any info on it in their malware database. My windows explorer says it's a 28KB application file created and last modified friday dec 7 2001 mdith
i have uninstalled quicktime and realtime from my pc ,and evry time i try to conect to the net it throws a pop up asking if i want to install them and slows the connection anyone know how to stop this happening armadolo
Like all others above, it is quicktime, seems unrequired, takes up space and maybe memory.... so dont want it!!! Start Quicktime only when NEEDED! qttask.exe is related to ipodmanager.exe, ipodservice.exe, ipodwatcher.exe, ituneshelper.exe  Siehe auch: Link dutchfoxy
“Start \ Programs\QuickTime ”, choose the “Edit \ Preferences” menu option, select “QuickTime Preferences” from the right hand side menu, uncheck the box next to QuickTime System Tray icon. Close QuickTime. Finally, Disable or Delete this entry on the Startups tab of msconfig then delete the file from hard drive.. don't install qt again.,,,, google "quicktime alternative".. waptek
Quick Time Video Tray Icon  Siehe auch: Link Rider
This program is so annoying. I have just found out that on my dell inspiron 1150, the qttask.exe makes standby mode impossible, because it never responds back after putting the computer into standby. Therefore, I had to disable the qttask, but it keeps on coming EVERY single time back no matter what. So if you go into windows and go into the Quicktime program folder, just do ahead and delete qttask altogether. What a pointless startup program and system tray icon. Hi
Thanks for all the good info on removing this sucker. I took one extra step and made a copy of calc.exe and renamed it qttask.exe and replaced the original qttask.exe file with it. Now if the calculator pops up out of the blue I'll know that the only thing that makes me dislike Apple/Quicktime. Hope this helps. Rob
Part of Quicktime. It will add itself back to the \run\ section fo the registry every time you use Quicktime. Rename the qttask.exe file and it cannot run. Then delete the key from the registry. It will then not come back. Annoyed with Quicktime and Apple!
qttask.exe is unneeded, slows down your computer and takes up RAM and will regenerate even after you have unchecked it in MsConfig. To delete it go to start run regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and delete the value Derbs
It is part of Quicktime from Apple Inc. If you have an Ipod or went to website that supports QT then this is where it has come from. The " -atboottime" is simply a switch to start at boot up. Please see link below and also do a search for just "qttask.exe"  Siehe auch: Link RichyRich
qttask.exe (Quicktime) war evtl. bei mir von einem Trojaner (TR/Hijack.Agent.BO oder TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen) gekapert. Die Datei hat sich immer wieder in den Autostart und in die Taskliste eingeschlichen und zwar hartnäckig im Wechsel mit der vmtl. auch gekaperten nvsvc32.exe (nvidia Treiber). Nvsvc32.exe hatte zuvor DOS-Box Anwendungen deutlich ausgebremst. Troedel
monitor exe
quick time, musste ich selbst installieren, war also beabsichtigt. habe keine Probs mit BillyGates
qttask.exe" -atboottime atboottime
Überwacht die Zuordnung der Dateiendungen zu QuickTime, ist für aktuelle Versionen nicht mehr nötig, kann deaktiviert werden. Die Leute, die es als gefährlich markiert haben, sind wahrscheinlich von einem Virus infiziert, der sich als qttask tarnt. csi
I liek Mudkipz HEY
Wird nicht benötigt bzw. hindert auch einige Spiele beim Laden Cindy
Es ist zwar glaube ich nicht notwendig (was ich aus den Texten der Leute vor mir weiß) aber ich weiß auch nicht was passieren kann, wenn ich es lösche. Ich habe eine ziemlich neue Versoin von Quick Time.. Egal. Das Eigentliche, was ich sagen wollte, ist, dass es bei Windows Vista das "Vista-Design" in "Windows Vista Basis Design" ändert. Das kann nerven wenn man, wie ich, eigentlich sich das Fenster in rosa gestellt hat, und jetzt alles grau wird.. -.- Aber ich denke das stört die meisten nicht sonderlich ;) Lilli
Überwacht die Zuordnung der Dateiendungen zu QuickTime, wird von älteren Versionen gebraucht! Kein Problem
unter msconfiig kann man die qttask.exe raus nehem und sie startet nicht mehr mit wizard
Teil von Quicktime, sehr störend mit Aero und ohne sinnvolle eigenfunktion (es sei denn man hält "Daten an Apple schicken" für sinnvoll Terra

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