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Prozess Name: Microsoft Tablet PC Platform Component

Produkt: Windows

Support: Hilfe Link   Update Link   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: wisptis.exe


wisptis.exe ist ein Stifteingabe Tool für die Microsoft Tablet PC Platform und bedeutet "Windows Ink Services Platform Tablet Input Subsystem". wisptis.exe wird installiert, wenn Microsoft Office 2003, Adobe Acrobat oder Journal Viewer via Windows Update installiert wird. wisptis.exe kann nicht gelöscht oder umbenannt werden: Windows File Protection stellt es wieder her. Wenn sie keinen Tablet PC haben und keinen CPU und Ressourcen verbrauchenden Prozess wollen, deinstallieren sie Windows Journal in der Systemsteuerung unter Software. Alternativ können Sie unter Regionaleinstellungen > Sprache > Details den Eintrag Erweitereter Text Dienst entfernen. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/wisptis.exe.html 

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Kommentare über wisptis.exe:
Tablet input subsystem  Siehe auch: Link Purg
Wird bei OpenCanvas mitinstalliert  Siehe auch: Link anty
Dangerous in the way that you should not remove it if you have Adobe Reader 6 and Office 2003 installed. If you delete it and try to open PDF document it will ask for Office 2003 installation source. Real annoyance because it doesn't have any value for desktop users. Igor
Not dangerous...but also not necessary. I find it very annoying that even though I've never even touched a Tablet PC this process runs on my system. It's not too difficult for me to remove but I'm a LAN admin, my concern is the millions of people using Adobe/MS Office 2003 that have this process unnecessarily running. It should be a process that only gets called if you're actually using the Tablet PC stuff instead of just turning it on by default. Get on the ball Adobe and MS!!!  Siehe auch: Link Skye (random surfer)
Windows System File?  Siehe auch: Link Jack Mehof
In my computer, when wisptis.exe starts with helpsvc.exe, sometimes I will see helpsvc.exe allocating memory non-stoppingly (can be over 200MB within several minutes) and cause significant delay in response. I often kill this two processes together, but I am not sure that whether there is relation between them. Joseph Choi
Only usefull if you own a Tablet PC or need the "ink service". Deleting the file leads to problems with Adobe Reader and Office 2003 so best way to deal with this little bugger is to use XP's security features (only works for NFTS file system) and deny every user and the system all rights to this file. Aldatillian
Wenn der Acrobat Reader startet ist der Dienst Aktiv Thorsten Schmidt
This file is also need if your using these plasma screens that is why it loads with office 2003, adobe and Messenger. so it really aint usless just should only load for these type of requirements, and I agree Micro$oft and Adobe need to get with the program, and in my book any program that is left over after a program that called for it is either a virus or a memory leak. Zeus (the god of all gods, greek that is)
wisptis (Windows Subsystem Input) is a generic process of Windows NT/2000/XP used to manage the entries used by graphics tablets. The process wisptis is not in any case a Virus, Worm, Trojan horse, spyware, nor AdWare. geeky g
It interferes with the pointer position for several popular makes of graphics tablet (Nisis, Trust, and more). It gets started by Adobe Reader 6, but can be closed from Task Manager with no ill effects. Apparently one can stop it causing problems by marking the wisptis.exe file not accessable by any user or the system.  Siehe auch: Link Alex Churchill
slowes computer...
Open "add/remove programs", select "MS Front Page 2003" and click "change" button. Now chose "Add or Remove Features" and click next , there expand "Office Shared Features" and click on "Microsoft Handwriting Component" and select "Not available" and click "update". If that's no help then expand in the same tree "Alternative User Input" and do the same for "Handwriting" option. Niksha
unnütz für desktops Mike
Starts with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 and causes a performance loss in IE6.0 that is noticable with Flash media apps and animated image files. On larger files this can cause lag in bringing up menus and other such fun annoyances. Knitting
its horrible, its not a cause of issues, but rather a system hog, it grabs USER and GDI objects like they are going out of style, not a probl for home, but in an office with heavy 2d windows (financial markets) once your system runs out of user and gdi objects, you run into odd situations where programs wont start or right clicking wont work - this of course is just symtomatic of the system being able to render an more 2d windows for new or existing apps -- killing a task with a few hundred (add view in task mgr) of these objects gets around it but, since this little sucker is using 1200 GDI.. Adrian
Startet jetzt beim MSN 7.0 weil man dort auch mit Handschrift schreiben kann. DiamondDog
Messenger 7.0 Jackie Cao
Resource hog, bad design. Let's start calling these things what they are; I didn't ask for it to be installed, it is detrimental to my system and nothing I want on my system requires it to run. It's a virus. I don't care that it comes from a company. I should be given the option to remove it easily or to not install it in the first place. M. Spurlock
startet mit dem Acrobat Reader mit, warum weiss ich nicht. J. Sinclair
it's not spyware etc. as others have stated but seems it can cause problems; i've used acrobat and msn messenger for a coupla years and i only just saw it in task manager, even though now acrobat is closed (and i don't use handwriting stuff or have a tablet or have journal viewer installed). In this case it seemed to cause Winamp to jump on a normally fine music file, i killed the wisptis.exe process and it's fine now. Stupid MS and Adobe =+( jadester
Simple program used for features in MS programs. If you have a tablet it will over run your tablet's manufacturer software. Caused probelms for me since I'm running a dual screen setup which specifies special configurations on my tablet. If you have this problem, this link provides a script that will disable WISPTIS and not allow it to install agian.  Siehe auch: Link WebGuy
Bei mir ist das eine Office 2003-zugehörige Datei Little
Those of you complaining about memory usage by this file, if you understood the data that goes into creating an RTF document, you would know why the memory usages is so high, if you don't know anything about an RTF document, don't worry about it. It is part of the Windows Journal Viewer, most people get this update from either tablets or the windows update service. To have handwriting in MSN Messenger, you need Windows Journal Viewer, if you don't want it, uninstall it. It's like having a pet, you have to feed it, if you don't want to feed it, you shouldn't have a pet! Jevian
MSN 7 Handwriting.. Borg
It is necessary for anything that involves handwriting: Handwriting for MSN Messenger (mouse), Powerpoint 'Virtual Pen' (mouse) and PDA's/ Tablet PC's with text recognition (pen). Don't jump to conclusions because of its location - it would probably be spyware or st. if it were not a Microsoft process. Teplotaxl
Wurde istalliert mit .net Framework alternative
is a process added when you install the beta msn messanger 7.0. Which is why people not on a tablet pc have it running. If removed you cannot use the handwriting function of the program and may infact cause instability in the program itself. v-2cyork
Its a Microsoft file embedded in Journal Viewer "so you can view tablet pc files?" on a regular pc. Quote from ms page: This accessory enables users who do not have a computer running Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition to view files that were created in Microsoft® Windows® Journal on a Tablet PC. I downloaded journal reader just to make handwriting in msn messenger.  Siehe auch: Link Eproxima
It's installed with Journal Viewer, which is required by MSN 7 if you wish to use the drawing feature. Terminating wisptis eliminates the mouse freezing, of course, but then you can't draw in MSN 7. John
this file is used now in MSN 7 for handwriting, i think its from the "windows journal viewer. whatever its from, it slowed my computer right down to a crawl, everything took a few seconds longer to load, switching programs takes and eternity now, so its either form that, or the new msn 7
Coded by Microsoft, don't worry! Martin
MSN Messenger Handwriting Gonzalo
MSN HandWrighting Plugin. marshmellow
eats up memory KillFrog
uses my internet access... WHY?? xonxoff
MSN HandWriting Tool Graeme
Microsoft Program
MSN hand writing Wicky Nicky
Bei mir startet das programm immer im dos-modus mit wenn ich word starte und löscht jedes wort nach dem schreiben Killprogress
Mirosoft Programm das Performance frißt und sich mit anderen Programmen nicht verträgt. Beispielsweise mit Stift-Tabletts. pixmax
Beim starten kommt als die Fehlermeldung "Tablet driver is not running.". Danach friert der Bildschirm ein und der rechner muss neu hochgefahren werden. Die einzige möglichkeit die ich gefunden habe das der Rechner nicht gleich wieder einfriert ist CCleaner sofot zu starten und die Regestry nach Fehlern abzusuchen und beheben zu lassen da sich besagte WISPTIS.EXE nicht einfach deinstallieren lässt. Tengran

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