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Prozess Name: McAfee VirusScan E-mail Scan Module

Produkt: McAfee VirusScan

Firma: Networks Associates Technology, Inc

Datei: mcvsescn.exe


"mcvsescn.exe" ist das E-mail-Scanmodul von McAfee VirusScan. Wie der Name besagt, scannt es E-Mails nach Malware und hilft, Ihren PC zu schützen. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/mcvsescn.exe.html 

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Beachte: Jedes gefährliche Programm kann sich sonstwie nennen - deshalb sollten Sie überprüfen, wo sich die Dateien der laufenden Prozesse auf der Festplatte befinden. Befindet sich eine "nicht-Microsoft" .exe Datei im Ordner C:\Windows oder C:\Windows\System32, so ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, dass es sich um einen Virus oder Spyware handelt! Überprüfen Sie es hier.

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  • 521 Anwender fragten nach dieser Datei. 44 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als harmlos. Ein Anwender bewertetet den Prozess als wahrscheinlich harmlos. 8 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als neutral. 9 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als gefährlich. 2 Anwender bewerteten diese nicht ("keine Angabe").

Kommentare über mcvsescn.exe:
Part of the McAfee Virus Scanner
Runs the Mcafee Virus Scan engine  Siehe auch: Link Oliver Devine
virus scanner
E-mail scanner module, its part of McAfee Virus Scan - Anti-Virus. Not Dangerous.  Siehe auch: Link
MCVSESCN keeps appearing on my screen and I cannot use my computer Should I get rid of it - it is my virus protection Denise
Gehört zum McAfee Virus Scanner EvilDivel
My aol freezes up completely unless I turn my McAfee virus scan off. Jan
Prevents use of Microsoft Outlook with Optonline Email. Disable this through task manager (but how to do so permanently?)
One of the most trusted names in virus protection. NotInAPanic
Scanner for Email from McAfee Dromy
Installed with Dell's bundled McAfee setup, blocking outbound SSL encrypted SMTP, unable to disable it without removing McAfee Alan
It interferes with infra-red port on thinkpad laptops Pat
This file refers to the mail scanner by McAfee. Confirmed by McAfee. Sebastien Roche - France.
not dangerous, if you don't see that on your task manager with your mcfee installed, then you are most likely to have troubles. this a part of your anti virus protection
Part of Mcatee anti-virus scan process JayCee
required for the mcaffe antiv virus program, nothing wrong not dangerous, quote from aol user, its not mcafee its ur ISP and program they supply you with... brad
McAfee email protections Chris
It's part of McAfee Hoffnung
Part of mcAfee Elyk
This file intefers with my computers cpu, once it is running any mousemovement can cause a crash because the cpu spikes to 100% unless the process is ended. jose
I am curious why it would have the ability to record keyboard inputs? It is listed as potent dangerous by STM at 92%. Dave
This executable will stop you from browsing the net. Chris Tolvo
prevents connection thru internet explorer
McAfee Virusscanner Rense
used McAfee for over 4 years now great program would recomend any 1 to use it ! -=ACE=-
Can consume all system resources, the displayed memory usage from within Task Manager is often not acurate. JBond
Error pops up and I cancel it but otherwise OK, don't like the popup Robert
It can be hijacked and used to actually SEND fake emails. I might add though, the chances of this happening are tiny (unless you browse the web with McAfee disabled). Also, good point... Badu
Direct quote from ZoneAlarm: McAfee VirusScan E-mail Scan Module is attempting to monitor user activities on this computer. If allowed it may try to track or log keystrokes (user input), mouse movements/clicks, web sites visited, and other user behaviors. Chris D.
McAfee Virus Scan for email.. works each time you try to download or read emails. not harmful but not essential. can be turned off using msconfig on the run command. Liam Anthony
It may prevent you from printing from EPSON printer. Just close it, before you print. JohnSz
conflict with outlook express Tenderland
Part of Mcafee antivirus, it's not dangerous until u got certain types of virus that makes him go nuts over outlook express and other utilities, just remove the virus and mcvsescn.exe will go back to his work Pipicchio
Part of McAfee, no problems here....
safe part of McAfee email scanner Michael
cannot connect to internet without killing mcvsescn.exe  Siehe auch: Link khalid
can stop internet browser from working, you can turn it off and still be protected from viruses David
came up blocked by norton firewall when I would have recieved offline yahoo messages from a bitter ex-girlfriend,
Shows up as potentially dangerous, but it's just part of Mcafee Alex
it's made it so i can't use my keboard or mouse.pain!
if McAfee is uninstalled, but this process keeps running in the background it can cause downloads to be corrupt. Delete all entries in the registry and everything's fine again... Cegusher
Scans your emails and send them to mcafee Wut

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