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Prozess Name: AcroIEHelper Module

Produkt: Adobe Acrobat

Support: Hilfe Link   Update Link   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: Adobe Systems Incorporated

Datei: acroiehelper.ocx


"acroiehelper.ocx" ist ein Hilfsprogramm für Internet Explorer. Es lässt Sie Adobe Acrobat (PDF)-Dateien direkt in Ihrem Webbrowser anzeigen, statt Acrobat Reader starten zu müssen. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/acroiehelper.ocx.html 

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Kommentare über acroiehelper.ocx:
Adobes Acrobat Reader is used to view PDF Documents. That process seems to be necessary for the browser plugin. That plugin shows a PDF Document in a browser windows after you click a corresponding link.  Siehe auch: Link Matthias
harmless but a waste of resources to run at startup
I do know that this file was acting strangely and had alot to do with computer being compromised. It was unbelievable. Also showed as virus on scans, but difficult to remove Jules
APPEARS to control wherever Adobe Acrobat launches whenever a .pdf file is opened in IE
never caused any problems querelle
old one sometimes plays up on XP-+ cyberblob
It keeps running when not using acrobat reader. Computer has kept locking up since it appeared in "Task Manager" Is taking 33% jodi
In XpSp2 it can be disabled with tools- manage add ons without losing ability to view web pdfs Will
just an explorer plugin, can be avoided when installing Acrobat Reader ByteMe
Highly suspetious, yet to research: As OCX files are COM objects which contain plenty of liberary of codes. I am not convinced with amount of time it takes to load Acrobat Reader. Because if it was jusk to read to pdf files into explorer, it could have been done in just few functions - in other words it should be pritty fast to load. As per me, 90% (9 out of 10) companies are using embeded functions inside the COM objects (DLL, OCX, etc) to feed back user info - that is for spyware purpose. Let me research with it & will post my full story.... thanks. webfly
Quite Dangerous - part of Acrobat Reader (and only reader, with browser plugin enabled) 5 & 6. Spys on URLs entered (browser habbits) and one time i found log files in random places (with same content) called acroiehelper.log Opened and found copys of web history, usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, acrobat run count info and more that is private. A version of this is in the version 7 of Reader, but is harmless as long as you disable the "Show file in IE window" and "Browser Plug-in" settings. Files clicked open in acrobat instead of IE.
Adobe should have an auto-load ON/OFF option. At the min. it wastes resources when not used. vvirmani
Compromises IE after viewing PDf document having to shut down IE consistanly Carlo Pena II
File is initiated at Start-Up and facilitates opening of web based PDF documents; however seems a waste of resources to keep this continually running. Detourdave
Running XP. Disabled this BHO and pdf's will no longer read on IE.
Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin. Don't like it that much. Use FoxIt Reader myself. So meh. Kisara
gehört zu Adobe Acrobat 5.xx es handelt sich um ein Browserplugin, was dem IE ermöglicht pdf´s wiederzugeben opi-wahn
Ein Plug in welches zu Adobe Acrobat gehört. Es ermöglicht das öffenen von PDF´s im IE opi-wahn

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