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Prozess Name: Web Site Monitor

Produkt: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System

Firma: Microsoft Corporation

Datei: webcheck.dll


"webcheck.dll" wird von Internet Explorer verwendet, um Webseiten zu überwachen. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/webcheck.dll.html 
Es gibt mehrere Würmer und Viren, die webcheck.dll mit einer schädlichen Version ersetzen. Siehe:
WORM_MYDOOM.K - trendmicro.com
MyDoom / Novarg - symantec.com

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Kommentare über webcheck.dll:
The following is an excerpt from a section of the file as it appears in my System32 folder:
Contains the [E6FB5E20-DE35-11CF-9C87-00AA005127ED} NetSky / MyDoom variant in my version of Win. XP Home Ed., SP-1a Ernest Andrews
Says its ok on the linked page, why wasn't I sent to that page?  Siehe auch: Link Horse
hkey_current_user,windows,webcheck,store.1,8824A990-41D8-01C1-0000-0000EFA7BBCA earle
Webcheck.dll is required by windows and is used for monitoring web sites. If webcheck.dll is unavailable, windows will not function correctly.  Siehe auch: Link DennisH
If located in System32 is always legit (unless Windows File Protection is disabled) Roger A. Grimes
Open door for unprotected computers
Webcheck is stupid. Its an MS module thats sole purpose is to integrate a web page as your desktop background. "Active Desktop" is what it is called. If you do not use Active Desktop then you should follow this link, then decide for yourself.  Siehe auch: Link West L
If your not running a server, you shouldn't need it. I removed it by starting in safe mode and renaming the DLL file. So far no problems.  Siehe auch: Link TAC
windows or internet explorer will not function correcly? rated 5 becuase i don't understand it therefore it is dangerous
Its a regular HKLM that should be in your autostart list usually with a delay. As Roger said if its in SYS32 it belongs. l0thar
generates error in iexplorer ihatetrojans
bence gereksiz bir araç gungor
This file is part of the mechanism that keeps up-to-date local copies of the Web pages that you chose to make available offline. It is backed by WFP, and thus an unlikely security risk. If you do not use offline Web page caching and want to avoid overhead connected with this file, better use e.g. Mark Russinovich's Autoruns from sysinternals.com rather than delete this file.
If the file is an old version in relaction your Explorer version, it will give you lots of problems. Page faults are the biggest. Just replace file with correct version and all is well.  Siehe auch: Link Ron Morella
WebCheck File not found: %system%\webcheck.dll scanned with autoruns, everything runs good in IE without it by me. domagoj
it uses lots of resources, and crashes RealPlayer videos out of the "full screen theater" mode. Atz
Found {E6FB5E20-DE35-11CF-9C87-00AA005127ED} in Registry of WIN95 with Symantec Firewall Updated 3/2007, if found no problem , but IExplorer crashes. Win95 user
it slows down my system and seems to behave like a DOS trojan Ken M.
This startup-feature appeared in my system after that I installed Aignes WebSite-Watcher v4.31 that claims to keep an eye on functional or broken links in bookmarks of Firefox or Favorites in IE7.  Siehe auch: Link soco
This files does pretty much what is says it checks websites. The main use is in activedesktop whcih I dont think i've seen any one use after fixing about 2000 computers. all the default sites dont wrrk anyway. Just a few others programs use it like some old stock ticker programs. If you have the autoruns programs you see it has the most entires for a program you never use.  Siehe auch: Link john
malware, browser spyware Sytec
Absolutly nothing. However, my Norton AV or Spyware Doctor has not dected anything wrong with this file so I assume that this file is safe. Michael Kolarits
slows down the system hfrmobile
Obviously its a Windows file, however this file is one of the more common system files to become infected or replaced with a malicious version of the file as it does not damage system stability when altered allowing malware authors to make changes to the system quietly. SparX
It was installed with Windows 7 updates, most likely SP1. After updating I have a new file called Webcheck.dll v8.0.7601.17514, version date: 11/20/2011 -- the same version as iexplorer.exe (since I have IE8.) This was not in my Winpatrol startup items before updating to SP1. It does appear that webcheck.dll is a part of every Windows version, but having it start up at boot was not necessary. I am deleting registry keys that start it: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WebCheck] "LoadLCE"="no" "LoadSens"="no" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ShellServiceObjectDelayLoad] "WebCheck"="{E6FB5E20-DE35-11CF-9C87-00AA005127ED}"  Siehe auch: Link gggirlgeek

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