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Prozess Name: MS DTC console program

Produkt: Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator

Firma: Microsoft Corporation

Datei: msdtc.exe


"msdtc.exe" gehört zum Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator. Der Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator ist ein Transaktionsmanager, der Clientanwendungen erlaubt, verschiedene Datenquellen in einer Transaktion zu verwenden, und dann die Übertragung der verteilten Transaktion an alle an der Transaktion beteiligten Server koordiniert. MSDTC läuft auf allen Windows-Plattformen und wird von Anwendungen installiert, die es benötigen, wie z.B: Microsofts Personal Web Server oder Microsoft SQL Server. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/msdtc.exe.html 

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Kommentare über msdtc.exe:
wenn ein programm mit vb 6.0 fertig kompiliert ist, dann versucht das programm auf port 2150 als server zu agieren. ist mir schleierhaft, warum er das tut, vielleicht hat es was mit einem integrierten versionierungs-"teil" zu tun, das aber dann undokumentiert wäre. sollte das programm an anderen punkten auftauchen, halte ich spyware unter gleichem namen möglich. die korrekte app-version ist (bei mir für vb6sp6) 2001.12.4414.42, alles was nicht diese version trägt ist suspekt, alles was nicht den port 2150 benutzt äusserst suspekt. vb6 stört sich übrigens nicht daran, wenn man ms dtc aussperrt. ein vb-entwickler
installed after .Net installation. it is only listening on some TCP Ports but nearly never in use! During Compilation it tries to look for Updates for .Net. You can finde out if you trace the destination IP's not the arriving IPs peter
Ever since I followed a Dell support alert to update IE from the linked Microsoft site this file showed up on my machine, NIS intercepted it, I blocked it, it got on anyway and since then every time I access the internet some remote computer tries to access my machine and my whole system is going to pot. YaYaSisterhood
It is the Distributed Transaction Coordiantor and will allow an aplication to do transactional commits an odbc source connected to a remote database. Unless you are linked up with a remote odbc (under DataSources control pannel) this service will do nothing. The program can be tweeked via the component service snap in and you will be able to assign permissions and access levels there.
I'm rating this with a danger of two, because ANY program which needs to access internet services creates a vulnerability in a system. Firewalls may allow network activity from trusted programs, though those programs may have been modified. But this is a core problem with internet-enabled operating systems, not MSDTC. Yes, the process listens to a TCP port, but this is not cause for alarm. Many compilers use TCP for communication between processes, as it can be easier (and more portable) than using M$ API functions for doing so. As always, be cautious, but do not waste unwarranted concern. Adrien
What I've seen, it starts immidiately after the strange file "htwl.exe" as a process and through some port connects to some remote comp. None of ad-aware and anti-virus programs detects it. In my oppinion dangerous! Peter
It is only needed if your system particpates in a distributed transaction system. It is essential for some server systems especially clustered servers. It is not a worm, it is not a virus, it is not dangerous. And EVERY networked service listens on a port, even your precious LINUX.  Siehe auch: Link The SQLGuy
it seemed to appear after installing Video LAN (and remaining running after closing the app.), it does open some ports and the process can be terminated , probably bad coding on the part of the Vedeo LAN people as the app. does provide setup for streaming etc... Panic
As stated above Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator, typically it should be dormant though some installers/other processes may call on it in as a "plugin". Unless you are hosting directly from your Windows computer, you can just tell your firewall to block it if ever asked. No legitmate process that calls on it, should attempt to use it to connect to an outside source. Though it may attempt a loopback connection using tcp protocols for compiling. default loopback ip address is this may set off firewalls but in fact is not calling outside your machine. Magus
Process runs by default "if" your system deems other services need it, or user may have unnecessarily started the service thru the XP OS's Computer Management, Services and Management, Services list. To turn it off, simply go there and click manual and stop. wguru
It activated after installing a (P2P) Bittorrent app, so of course various individuals may attempt to access your sharing directories...remove it from your firewall program control (thereby making it re-detectable) and ensure the service is set to "manual" in Component Services. If it's needed by a valid, authorized (by you) application, it will be enabled again. Jon
Have Windows Live OneCare clock it because when it's enabled I get tons on advertisements. It seems it's always trying to get access. I just enabled it and got the ads again right in the middle of my doing something so I disabled it again--FOR GOOD! Tom
ZoneAlarm is saying that msdtc.exe is trying to act as a server. Source IP: 3913. I have no idea what that means. But it doesn't sound good. It's a real pain that ZoneAlarm's so-called "SmartDefense Advisor" doesn't any info about it. AS USUAL!!! It never has any info on ANYTHING!!! Buck S.
Never had this on any of the workstations in my domain. It showed up on a machine that seems to have gotten infeced with some sort of spycrap. It was accompanied by 3 or 4 copies of ntvdm.exe running at 99% of CPU. I'm pretty sure it's a MS component but in this case I'm also pretty sure that it is being used as some sort of exploit. I disabled it. Network Admin
Part of a number of MS database products, is used to managed distributed transactions. Will exist on almost all Visual Studio 2005 installs due to SQL Express installations. Can be set to manual startup for the service. Elliott Whitlow
There appears to be some sort of spy/adware that uses this exe as its medium - I just recently started having an ad-popup problem (IEx and occasionally Firefox hijacked); this and something called E2E9EAECE9E8E7.exe were the only new things that I noticed after, and nuking this seems to cure the problem. Duneflower
by debugger tools  Siehe auch: Link Jim KS
It definitely seems connected to the sqlserver, but when it gets active on the internet, if I start up a network monitoring app a watch what kind of traffic ic being sent back and forth I have discovered that it is sending and receiving password attempts on either this computer or a remote computer. I am not sure which , either way I don't like the implications. In my opinion I believe it is being used for bad. gmz77
Der Service msdtc.exe ist standartmässig bei der XP - Installation dabei, ich würde mir nur Sorgen machen wenn sich der Service auf einem Vista/7 Rechner befindet UND UNGEHEUER GROßE PROZESSORLAST VERUHRSACHT. Hans Imglück
I think WinRAR uses it for processing archive divided in "parts"...... based on wht u guys said I turned off the interent and it still maintained its usage... and Mind you its a non-capital "msdtc.exe"..... Dhruv Dhamani
lässt ne meldung vom FBI herraus das mein PC ein spammer is Pc hängt sich dann auf
Is running on my Vista Sp2 machine in root, also my AV detector tells me, in appdata directories for every non%username% there is! That's Public,All Users etc. Problem is that these directories do not have an Appdata folder... BenTrotter

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