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Prozess Name: Drive Letter Access Component

Produkt: DirectCD

Support: Hilfe Link   Update Link   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: HP, Veritas, Sonic Solutions

Datei: tfswctrl.exe


Ein Prozess, der Laufwerksbuchstaben für die HP- und Veritas-Versionen von DirectCD bietet; er tut dasselbe wie DirectCD. HP sagt: "Diese Datei ist notwendig, weil sie die Lesbarkeit der Kombolaufwerke steuert. Wenn diese Datei nicht geladen wird, kann der Benutzer CDs brennen, aber nicht lesen. Das Laufwerk kann in einem Geschäft gekaufte CDs ohne diese Datei lesen, aber nicht gebrannte CDs." --------- WEG_DIESE_ZEILE PROCESSES -------------------------------------------------------------------- www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/tfswctrl.exe.html 

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Kann im Zusammenhang mit Nero Probleme verursachen - typische 'entweder oder' - Software User
This is caused by the Veritas file 'tfswctrl.exe'. From the Windows desktop click on start- search Go to the ‘All Files or Folders’ option and type in “tfswctrl”. Once Windows has located the file, rename their file type suffix(e.g. tfswctrl.exe to tfswctrl.ex_ or tfswctrl.sys to tfswctrl.sy_). Darlene
My 3.2 GHz computer frequently lapses into slow motion, processes everything at a snail's pace, Only solution is to reboot. While the machine is trying to shut down I get the message twfsctrl is not responding. Tom
Bei meinem Dell PC vorinstalliert mit der Sonic RecordNow! OEM Software User
I could not burn DVDs using MyDVD; Sonic tech advised that if files direcd.exe, dragtocd.exe, tfswctrl.exe, incd.exe and or b'sclip.exe we running (check in Task Manager/Process) to terminate the process and try burning again. VstevieV
My computer was running slow so I restarted it and not it wont let me click on anything on the desktop and the drive letter access error report is the only thing that pops up. I can only click dont send. Jesse
tfswctrl.exe is part of the DLA application that is pre-loaded on IBM machines. DLA is intended to provide drag/drop of files to a CD writer, but it is crap. tfswctrl caused blue screens with my new Plextor drive. Uninstalled DLA to get rid of tfswctrl, and everything is fine. rmcgee
Seems to have come on my new Dell, causes problems when I plug in my external USB Plextor DVD burner - causes PC to lock up and I can only hard reboot. tfswctrl.exe won't shut down. when i loaded s/w that came with Plextor (Roxio 6), nothing worked at all. goldawg
Pinnacle says tfswctrl.exe is why my DVD's won't burn when using Studio9. But it doesn't go away when I try to kill the process, or the process tree. I also tried killing the process with killbox.exe and that didn't work either. Like other's, I also have a dell with sonic, which may be the instigator. wes
MS-config disable the bastard and it just wont do anymore trouble, you can live with winxp default tool, aso try to update since the one on my laptop works perfect (a pavillion dv4000) and my dads hangs(dell9300-but i disabled it), try to update, or just leave it disabled (BTW i have never missed a function like direct CD an i have been burning forever, just rigth clik and choose send to and it would do pretty much the sme and beeter and it comes from roxio) Juan
My network of 80+ Dell workstations came pre-installed with Sonic RecordNow have intermittent performance issues and slow log-off. The tfswctl.exe usually hangs when this happens. I'm going to take Roberts advice to disable it and see what happens Matt
I found that while on dial up service, my computer was sending a high rate of data to the degree that I couldn't receive data. So I started eliminating processes thru Task Manager and when I killed this process, the outgoing stopped. By the time I had killed it, it had sent 13MB somewhere. Weird. Jay Simpson
It seemed to appear when I loaded a new program onto my new dell. It took two weeks to locate why my system was pretty much non-operational. I worked with tech support for two days and they didn't even identify the problem they just had me return the computer to factory settings where I then had to reload all of my programs...Pain in the butt. bon
If I would close the cover of my laptop (WinXP-Pro), it would hybernate. When I restart, it reports an error because I had disconnected my USB Hard Drive (external) AFTER the hybernation. It is to do with interfacing the drive letter or drives. EJW - Sri Lanka
Can't say for sure that HP created it because I know XP has a lot of built in drivers these days, but it is there to accomodate PCs with installed CDburners. If anyone is having troubles with it , I would reinstall their bundled CDburning software or look for a recent software patch - tho' I found this comment on hp site Early versions of DLA software are not compatible with Windows XP SP2. The DLA software must be updated to a later version to successfully eliminate this error. The link below contains a revision of DLA software tested to work with Windows XP SP2.  Siehe auch: Link mdwebneck
Came with my new Dell, took 90% of performance from my notebook and caused to crash. It has activated only then I put my laptop to standby and wanted to return back. don't know why? disable it on startup or delete Sonic burning as it came with this program shao
tfswctrl.exe is an essential process for HP's packet writing software which burns data to CD's using Microsoft Windows explorer. This program is a non-essential system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Mediarocker - IT Administrator
Not dangerous unless infected by a virus just like any other process could be. However certain conflicts with this process can cause system errors and prevent some programs from performing normally. I removed the IBM DLA software and that solved the problem. Rob Riddle
It causes problem with XP Pro, difficult to read disk cut using DLA and interfers with reading disks and causing the computer to hang so that nothing works and sometimes when trying different things to un-hang your computer you end up with the blue screen of death. But it does not appear to cause any permanent damage. It is any to uninstall using the software installer wizard. Security rating is more like a pain in the bum. SAH
I have had quite a few issues with this program. Turns out, when I installed a non-full version of Nero it started killing my burnt CD's. This burner is the top of the line, double layer DVD's and everything, and even older computer burned everything perfectly. I would lose 2-3 CD's out of 50-60, not that bad. However, when I tried to boot Nero Speed Test, and other programs, and they crashed, I knew something was wrong. I uninstalled Nero and tried Roxio. It wouldn't burn at all now. I killed it in msconfig and everything burns, and no crashes. Very Annoyed, TJRuLeZ
According to Process Explorer the file comes from Sonic Solutions on my Dell 2400. It does the second most I/O hard drive writes. It's second only to Google Desktop Index which I would expect to do a lot of reads and writes. It has to be causing some performance hits. Jerry near St. Louis
This is necessary to make the OS automatically handle drives and removable drives for the user. I have an HP desktop and went to the HP website for their solution (there wasn't any), however, they did have a newer version of the DLA. The installation auto-uninstalled the previous version, then installed the new version. On final reboot the problem was gone! Yahoo! Rascal Ron
Related to Sonic. Can stop it from loading thru click Start click run type= msconfig press enter click startup tab uncheck tfswctrl.exe reboot to affect change do the reverse to enable tfswctrl.exe Quisp
Part of Sonic's Roxio Record Now Direct CD (DVD & CD Burner program); Can be corrupted, can be exploited; Usually stored in System32\dla\ here .exe; Required for certain burning hardware; Required at Startup for CD burning hardware/software; d34th_WiSH
Along with Norton internet security packages 2009 and 2010, it will cause blue screen of death. when I completely remove all norton software, it works fine, but then I have no internet security. if i need to read/write cd's norton gotta go, otherwise this utility gotta go. combination of two keeps on crashing my windows xp professional. Bob
Causes problem whenever I shut down my hp notebook. In process explorer it is even not possible to 'verify' this shit. That's the kind of stuff I would like to clean off if I didn't have to write a CD once every two years. Lal
Had many problems. Crashes , super slow , programs nonfunction or malfunction , startup/shutdown glitches. I think a virus or trojan messed up tfswctrl.exe. I removed and reinstalled sonic. Seems all fixed. Dharma

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