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Prozess Name: Multimedia background task support module

Produkt: Microsoft Windows

Firma: Microsoft Corporation

Datei: mmtask.tsk


Aufgabe zur Unterstützung von Multimedia "mmtask.tsk" bietet simuliertes Multitasking für Multimedia-Anwendung auf Windows9x und Windows Me. Es ist eine Systemkomponente dieser Operationssysteme und sollte nicht beendet werden. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/mmtask.tsk.html 

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Kommentare über mmtask.tsk:
Multimedia Support Task Alex
possibility of mmtask.tsk freezing my desktop upon startup. Recently sent file to floppy, then opened file in wordpad and deleted script. Used floppy as backup in case task was not problem, but Dr. Watson suggested exiting the task since there were problems with the freezeup and having to restart system. James R. Cook
Dr. Watson referred to my mmtask.tsk as a SHELL Hook -- not sure if that's okay or not size05
changes explorer startups felix shore
Dr. Watson referred to my mmtask.tsk as a SHELL Hook -- not sure if that's okay or not mike
Nothing except it's always causing a general protection fault. My antivirus, spyware, firewall don't catch it. Natalie
Causes system freezes, and malfunctions in many different software (especially midi audio).
mmtask.tsk is a normally hidden process which is instigated by Microsoft Windows 9x and ME only. It allows Windows to operate a multi-tasking system for multimedia based data. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated under ME especially unless u want to see quite a few problems with explorer and multimedia issues. There is a mmtask.exe that is a problem and it will have several files (all exe, dialer, mmtask0.exe, mmtask1.exe, etc) which must be deleted. Camile
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run="mmtask" carlos
EXACT name is mmtask.exe. It is a multimedia task manager built into Windows. Contrary to statements made above, mmtask.exe IS a legitimate process. If it has ANY other name, including upper case characters, then it is hacked. Contrary to statements above, this is a 32 bit NT process, hence not a Win 9x process. DJ
Music Match JukeBox Alex
Always freezing my taskbar & freezing other programs as well requiring me to reboot several times before I can get my comp to work right EternalFallout
It is a valid windows process and is need for stable operation of the win9x family. ME is part of the Win9x family Files with names similar to this are most likely malicious in nature and should be dealt with appropriatly. someone who has used computers since well b4 there was a windows OS
On my WIN98SE this file has a filename (mmtask.tsk) with little characters. Normally all windows-own files ar in capital characters (PROGMAN.EXE and so on). I think this is unnormal GERI
mmtask.exe can be several things; part of (older) Windows Multimedia, MusicMatch Jukebox, but also a name used by several virus programs. File location will often give u a hint. hartvix
This is Windows95/98/Me multimedia support task, legitimate Windows tool - required for multimedia functionality. It is often as a reason why operating system crashes, however it is not really a reason - it is fault of sound or video drivers which work with mmtask. Note that mmtask.EXE can be a virus (see link for more info).  Siehe auch: Link Futurix
At startup I always get a dialog saying mmtask has performed an illegal operation. I freezes my computer then and ctrl+alt+delete doesnt work, i have to restart over and over. It sometimes takes over 20 tries to get to the desktop. HAm
TheMmtask.tsk file has a bug in it.
mmtask on my computer was only there for Music Match, upon uninstall of Music Match, mmtask disappeared Chuckles
download the file Daniel
cf music match juke box daniel
On my win98SE I have the problem, that there is a loaded mmtask.tsk (written in lower chrs), but the one found by the explorer is written in capitals(big characters(sorry... my english...)). So I mean, the running mmtask.tsk is NOT the MMTASK.TSK. May be it could be a part of virus! GERI

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