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Prozess Name: Microsoft QMgr

Produkt: MSN Explorer

Firma: Microsoft Corporation

Datei: loadqm.exe


Wenn Sie MSN Explorer installieren, wird die Datei "loadqm.exe" zum Autostart-Ordner hinzugefügt und "loadqm.exe" läuft jedes Mal, wenn Sie Ihren Computer starten. "Loadqm.exe" startet die MSN Queue Manager Komponente, die die Warteschlangen für den Dateiübertragungsmechanismus verwaltet, der im Hintergrund läuft und als "Drizzling"-Dienst bekannt ist. (source) www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/loadqm.exe.html 

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  • 65 Anwender fragten nach dieser Datei. 4 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als harmlos. 2 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als wahrscheinlich harmlos. 4 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als neutral. 6 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als etwas gefährlich. 11 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als gefährlich. 4 Anwender bewerteten diese nicht ("keine Angabe").

Kommentare über loadqm.exe:
Updates the MSN Messanger. Alex
slows down computer a bunch if running internet on a phone linee wd8cyv
it is part of MSN Messenger; part of some sort of automatic updater service; i only call it dangerous because you will find programs suddenly not opening at all, or stopping in the middle of opening and hanging or,at best, taken a VERY long time to open.  Siehe auch: Link me
USB peripherials are low or do not run when it is started Calimero
@me: thanks! my computer was hanging always since installing MSN. Now I deinstalled the messenger. My computer isn't hanging anymore! Nico22
it is a update service that occasionally connects to a msn update service in your firewall just disable this part and every thing should go sweet search in google for TECHtv and go to call for help and screen savers one of them has a detailed report on msn messenger genus
cause continous work in the hard disk - harmful tapio
i have the same problem that "me" is haveing. i will try and delete it through msconfig scott
slows the computer software and while on internet; it is dangerous because it causes the systme to crash or lock on simple tasks and/or takes an extremely long time to open programs or use any peripherals - sucks up all the compter's resources - so often hangs up, causes numerous windows errors and unable to perform simple commands without crashing. IT'S GARBAGE!!! Delete it! junk it
It is necessary to run Messenger. Pat
LoadQM is a component of the Background Intelligent File Transfer Service, which is used by processes such as the Automatic Update tool for Windows Update. It is not necessary for the normal functioning of the Windows operating system in any of it’s incarnations that I am aware of. If it is utilizing a great deal of system resources, it is either being heavily used, or it is encountering difficulty performing its function for one reason or another. There can be many reasons for this.  Siehe auch: Link HammerHead
this is an exe file and continue running even the MSN messenger has been already uninstalled.Closing this application through ALT+Ctrl +Del will improve the speed and minimize the system crashes
For weeks i could not figure out why my laptop was running so slow. Simple tasks such as opening a folder while on the internet took as long as 2 minutes. Now i know what is causing it, i will definately be deleting it :) Dina
It slows down the download speed from the internet and sometimes even hangs up computer. Everytime i download, i kill loadqm.exe. velivela Ramchandar
this file wasn't present on my pc before installing MSN messenger, when it runs my pc is slowed down to a 486 and causes frequent illegal operations in explorer. Deleting it does not effect MSN messenger. I don't know what it's for though, but I consider it harmful. seramfa
In failure case it can block RAM activity and route any data to the paging file! This sucks system performance, espacially while playing games! With it started I have 0.2 FPS in Tactical Ops! GARBAGE! Use Trillian if you want MSN, and delete f***ing loadqm. Natureshadow
it was created by messanger with microsoft to collect infomation it tends to use up recorces most tyrel venne
Yet another flaw in Messenger. I give up.
too much CPU consumer Raimar
Necessary file to MSN Messenger, but when I close messenger it stay eating my bandwith. after chatting and closing msn, kill loadqm. Max Damage
I was unable to run scandisk or defrag. Symptoms indicated a program was running that kept them from completing. I closed apps in task manager one at a time and discovered Loadqm was the one causing the problem. I don't use Messenger so I don't see why I need Loadqm. I'll be getting rid of it. NBD
M$ claims it's for MSN _Explorer_ not messenger... deceptive for an update component. It eats bandwidth and CPU resources, often self-launching as many as 10 copies of itself. It should NEVER have made it past the preliminary testing stages like this. Simple to remove - if you have MSN *anything*, disable automatic updates, and remove loadqm.exe from your system startup.  Siehe auch: Link Machete
by the start of the computer I get the message that this program causes an error (invalid operation to a page in module qmgr.dll) and has been closed. The computer has no problems in working. jalind
loadqm error is really ruining my life. I am not computer savy and would love to get this thing out of my system. I want to remove loadqm, but don't know how to Sudha
loadqm wird vom MSN Messenger benutzt, der funktioniert auch ohne, lediglich bleiben dann die sowieso lästigen Werbetabs weg :-) allerdings geht MSN Messenger video nicht ohne daß loadqm die cpu verbrutzelt, aber wer's sich leisten mag kann loadqm behalten, Datei is harmlos, aber auf jeden Fall aus dem startup zu löschen. arcobaleno
A 2% increase in Win 98se system resources with it disabled. System reliability and overall performance noticably better without it. Nightstalker

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