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Prozess Name: C-Dilla RTS Service

Produkt: CD-Secure/CD-Compress Windows NT

Firma: C-Dilla Ltd

Datei: cdantsrv.exe


"cdantsrv.exe" ist Teil des C-dilla Softwareschutzes, der z.B. von Autodesk Inventor verwendet wird. Es ist für die Verwendung der Software notwendig, die es als Schutz einsetzt. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/cdantsrv.exe.html 

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Kommentare über cdantsrv.exe:
C-Dilla - Program anti-piracy, Andre
Autodesk License Server
its a licence program used by 3d studio max (at least 5 and 6 use it) van Baalen
copy protection (e.g. 3dsMax)
Has something to do with copy protection on. On CD's I think.
(system32\DRIVERS) Lizenzmanagement Software C-Dilla (RTS Service), Beispiel für "3D Studio Max" dan
C-Dilla is the Licensemanager for 3DS Max 5 + 6 stb
It's a license management program for Discreet's 3D Studio Max 4, 5, and 6, that was made by Macrovision to validate the license  Siehe auch: Link
C-Dilla is the software license manager for 3DS Max 5 + 6 Morris
this is a problem. See link  Siehe auch: Link suzee
Used by visual slickedit as well - license manager
It is a software lock. Instead of using a device to phyisically plug into your system, you have to have this running in the bg for 3DSMax to open. Joseph L. (Chicago, IL)
CDANTSRV.EXE/C-Dilla is now in my NT services & was installed with my PC Game Silent Hill 3....I NEVER had 3DS Max Anything Erica (US)
This is installed with AutoDesk 2005 software - appears to be security/protection software for AutoDesk apps.
It's owned by Macrovision and comes packed in a large variety of programs, installing silently and attempting to hide itself from users. Often runs as a seperate task or service and can hurt performance. Disable it in services.msc and see if the program it was packaged with doesn't still work fine, if it does, uninstall the thing. James
is something I never choose to install, therefore is spyware  Siehe auch: Link Akridaki GR
AntiPiracy Reavance
wurde mit Autodesk 2002 installiert. Kopierschutz
licence manager for encyclopédia universalis too phil
is something about Autocad 2005 Alessandro
i know im not runing 3D max!!!! nulus
Nothing about it , but if i don't know what is or i don't installed it will be dangerous Suphix
important Licensemanager Daniel
license server for various CAD programs pf
macrovision, appeared afterinstalling Got all media, and the new version of nero dl'ed from ahead, nero ultra.
licencing engin for autodesk stuff kleyn
Sometimes installs directly to the System 32 folder, without express permission and is therefore in my eyes bad. If it is really required go into services menu and set to manual startup. J
I have never installed anything like this. It looks therefore pretty suspicious to me. I deleted it. Torsten
Only thing that I know is that it came just from somewhere, I will remove it! HOW? Johannes
wurde mit Autodesk 2002 installiert. Kopierschutz maxpower
Came with WInDVD V6.0, still works w/o it CJAMS2000
Wird mit Autocad oder Mechinical Deskop installiert. Die Software läuft auch ohne diese Datei Wolfgang
Some games such as MS Flight Simulator allow you to edit the 3D environment. They use GMax which is a subset of 3DStudio by Autodesk. So the C-Dilla RTS Server will be installed. Artiken
Depends on the program. PaperMaster Pro uses it to prevent reinstallation on other PCs.
license file with out it 3d studio max will only run in evaluation mode tim
Came with Encyclopaedia Universalis. Tries to connect to the Web without asking for permission = Spyware. Modifies "unused" sectors in boot cluster. My Bit Defender 8 Pro's firewall had been destroyed, by C-Dilla? Marc
License manager for Oxford English Dictionary 2nd Ed igs
I have never installed any CAD program. I always found a new dialer after surfing with this service running. Stopped/deleted, and no problems. Suspicious.
I was at work today and had to install our copy of adobe creative suite cs2 onto my laptop. After install a number of my software apps failed, such as eudora, Virtual daemon manager, mailwasher, norton antivirus, peer guardian and sunbelt kerio firewall etc Lawrence Finn
comes with C-DILLA, installs without permision = SPYWARE.... can't delet Wind
Needed to run some programs, for instance the Oxford English Dictionary. Anti piracy program ILF
If it verifies copyright appropriateness, it has failed its mission. Does it recognize backups? NOOOOO! Does it recognize a trial use? NOOOOO! Does it cause problems? YEEEEES If they can't iden
Autodesk Licence server James

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