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Prozess Name: Creative Service for CDROM Access

Produkt: Creative Service for CDROM Access

Firma: Creative Technology Ltd

Datei: ctsvccda.exe


Disc Detector von Creative Technology Ltd. Er entdeckt die Auflage einer Audio-CD in ein Multimedia-Laufwerk und startet den Player von Creative, um das Audio abzuspielen. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/ctsvccda.exe.html 

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Kommentare über ctsvccda.exe:
Resident program for Creative's  Siehe auch: Link G Fox
cd erkennung equinox
its from ''Creative Technoligy'' Dobberman
Its just a Jukebox program kinda thing. In my opinion it should be Removed just because it ties up system resources. Can be opened Via Start Menu... Gordon
Not required at start up!  Siehe auch: Link osborne
Its a creative thing. you can go to services and disable it or make it manual greg
Creative Soundblaster Service  Siehe auch: Link *Don
slower startup... don´t install creative software, let winxp make it´s best choice insane
Creative Service for CDROM Access - Creative Technologies. Monitoring CPU Usage and System Loading. M Williams
It's a Creative file yes, but you should be careful about not installing ANY Creative software. It can cause problems. For example, the default USB audio driver does NOT enumerate the SB Extigy properly, at least for digital audio. Can't say about analog.
It assists Windows manage the CD-Rom on Windows 9x and Me systems, however it has no use on faster CD
its for my creative zen sleek mp3 player childofbodom
this auto detect is not dangerous but certain programs like winamp or bsplayer will not play cd's properly (audio ones) without it enabled, doesnt require startup but do not remove lordgreywolf
This file has been detected as a very high threat by mcafee. I had a lot of problems then. i removed the whole program. Then everything started to go normal again. Teraku
Everytime I've reinstalled Windows and then Install the Creative Drivers and Software Windows has not able to autostart CD/DVDs and other strange stuff to my CD/DVD drives disable it from running and go to the MS site link below and to sort out Windows CD/DVD drive problems in the registry.  Siehe auch: Link C W
Treiberdatei für X-Fi Extreme Audio Checker
Creative Tool  Siehe auch: Link Sim0n
not necessary, but not harmful. and for the dude with enumeration issues with the extigy, enumeration is a combination of the driver files AND the hardware microchips talking to each other, so you may have a bad card. dingo
cryptographic services
CD-ROM service stretch
it used for the zen media players spepper
Uses 1,352k on Win XP Home startup. Seems tied to my Creative Zen Vision W mp3 player. Seems ok to shut it off after computer is started. Jonathan Melusky
for creative players
I had many problems with mine cursor, when I unplugged mine sound blaster, and this process starting with system, when i deleted all from Creative all back to normal.
if its creative labs it is not dangerous and the ppl that have problems with their programs should delete the problem program and use something else ....duhhhhhh!!!

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