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Prozess Name: ATI Desktop Control Panel

Produkt: ATI Desktop Component

Firma: ATI Technologies, Inc.

Datei: atiptaxx.exe


Dies ist ein Dienstprogramm in der Taskleiste für ATI-Videokarten. Es ist nicht ein Teil der Videotreiber dieser Karten und ist deshalb für die Funktion des Systems nicht notwendig. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/atiptaxx.exe.html 

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Kommentare über atiptaxx.exe:
Bildschirmeinstellungen Erich Fiala
Ist ein Teil von dem Treiber der ATI Radeon 9800...  Siehe auch: Link Johnny
Control Panel for ATi Graphics cards  Siehe auch: Link Minion
Ati tray/ Ati Control panel. This is used to access advanced options for those using Ati 3d graphics cards. This process presents no security risk, and is actually required by many 3d applications when a Radeon based ATI card is in use. I will leave a link to the developers.  Siehe auch: Link Magus
do not remove it if you still want clear graphics andy
Control Panel for ATI Graphics Cards... The only reason I can see leaving it alone is if you want to use hotkeys to switch between displays. Until this is in memory, hot keys won't work. Bryon
This loads and reloads in my system startup, and now that I have a GEforce video card, can slow games to a 1 frame per second CRAWL. Virus? No. Spyware? Not sure. Annoying MS @#$%? Absolutely. I vote for a way to remove it. I removed all the drivers from ATI and this won't go away. Susan
It's perfectly safe. But if you want to remove it you should first remove all of it's entries you can find in the windows registry (regedit.exe). Then find the file in your hard drive and delete it. If you don't want to mess up with the windows registry you can remove it using msconfig.exe Silvio
Do not remove if you need clear graphics ! Vj
remove it to free up your resources Curio
Removing the ATI drivers alone may not remove it. In my case it is located as a seperate program in a C;\Program Files\ATI Technology. Try using Add\remover programs, or closing it via Taskmanager and deleting the directory, Then User Hover Inc's RegSeeker to clean/remove all reference to ATI in the registry  Siehe auch: Link
kann man loeschen, aber taucht wieder auf, man muss in das control panel gehen und das Hacken von der Tray Icon weg machen, aber die ati2evxx.exe darf man nicht loeschen die muss immer haengen, sonst kann man die graka einstellungen nicht veraendern  Siehe auch: Link xcoce aka tolik
download for removing Atiptaxx.exe  Siehe auch: Link
It's from the video card. Rodrigo
Close it.. no need to have it open, unless your having issues with your video settings. Duh
ATI Control panel Ash
Die Datei gehört zum ATI-Grafikkartentreiber (in meinem Fall der Rage 128 GL). Ungefährlich, aber auch ziemlich überflüssig und manchmal absturzgefährdet.  Siehe auch: Link
I dont know if its spy, worm virus or etc but it remains spreading and there s no fix from microsoft as of 09.02.2005.Even registry cleaning does not work. Umut
Found it appearing on Spybot scans after accessing the Internet while in Europe. Raised concerns that it could be a misnamed virus or spyware loaded into the registry to prevent auto deletion by Spybot and AdAware. Curiously, my desktop functions fine without two of these files using the same video card. The files which produced the problems with anitspyware were in the deepest nest and labeled Names and Id, i.e. HKEY_USERS\ S-1-5-...\Software\Microsoft\DirectInput\MostRecentApplications. Deleted these with no effect on systems. ca
I frequently crash due to ATIP error. Is it from this? JB
To turn it off go to Display Properties - Settings - Advanced - Options and uncheck the box for Enable ATI taskbar icon application .  Siehe auch: Link phrank
You can get rid of it by deselecting the task bar option in the ati control panel, under display settings/ advanced. socioecoboy
ATI driver related. Causes sticky-shift-key bug with Remote PC. See the linked article.  Siehe auch: Link Thomas
Nicht entfernen! Wer es macht tötet seine Graka Daniel
can be safely removed, (shows icon in taskbar for quick changes to your display settings) will s
after debugging with norton 06, it has been disabled. Did not receive an alert from other scanners...no threat? e
It generates an error everytime I restart my computer, and oddly my antivirus software has started to automatically uncheck Enable Auto-Protect on its own. I have to feel these two things are related. I've had the ATI graphics card for 2 years, with no problems, but suddenly I'm getting this error at startup. Something fishy is going on, and I can't find any solutions to the problem. Larry
phrank is correct. pull from the system tray; it will slow your system when booting. Also ensure that is has been unchecked by going to start/run/msconfig/startup. not required. XLR8
if you have an ati (radeon often) video card then you need this. If you swapped cards you should take it out of the registry if it conflicts, probably. If you don't know how to do this without creating a disaster (which is very probable if you try it without good understanding of the registry and how it works) get expert help, and they may still end up screwing you up so make sure to back up your registry first in hopes that it's not so screwed up later you can go back and replace it with the back up. omegahpla
This file is a one process of Ati controlpanel no problem with it.  Siehe auch: Link Antonio
Removing it in the options part in the Control Panel RJ
This process was causing my CPU to run at 100% as soon as it loaded. Unchecking the box to disable the taskbar icon did not stop the process from loading, it only stopped the icon from appearing. Mike
This file is used by your system to run the ATi Control panel. it is not required for your ATi Card, but it can access certain settings that windows can not access on the ATi Card. Only remove this file if you are experiencing problems or do not wish to reconfigure the card. Mediarocker - IT Administrator
Is atiptaxx.exe related to DIEmWin.exe problem? Berkin
This is not dangerous ^^
Part of ATI Skunk
It is an ati program but can be replaced by a virus. Make sure there is a normal icon not a generic exe icon. Check the bak folder in the ati folder. If a program is in there, it has been replaced. Rosa
takes up lots of memory can result in memory errors at startup kelvin
This is ATI system whether for which window, but i c some window users may have related errors. Oh my God` the world just seem not fair. XP USER
Kaspersky virus protection says that this file is assciated with "Keylogger", but it did not terminate the keylogging.I think that atiptaxx.exe is replaced by a spyware temp
The most obvious point to make here is the that the latter can only take place if there is some adjacent territory to which the group being driven out can easily gain access. , Alex10
Ati graphic card softwares, dont touch it wont take much memory, forget of removing it ! phiitti
Remove it from Start - Run -"Msconfig" - Selective startup JokerMan12000
Zone Alarm hits my atiptaxx.exe as a keylogger but I have no way to tell if mine is the legit one or a "replacement" Anymouse
is not work windows xp ATI Rage 128 pro come gdi32.dll Gayan Sameera
Radion graphic 'task bar' display, can be stopped in display settings by unchecking box... and re-applied whenever it's wanted. Davd

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