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Prozess Name: DevLdr32

Produkt: Creative Ring3 NT Inteface

Firma: Creative Technology Ltd.

Datei: devldr32.exe


"devldr32.exe" ist Teil der Audiokarten-Software von Creative Technology und ist notwendig, damit die Hardware bestimmter Produkte richtig funktioniert. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/devldr32.exe.html 
Zum Beispiel funktionieren die hinteren Lautsprecher eines Systems mit vier Lautsprechern ohne "devldr32.exe" nicht.

Um mehr über devldr32.exe und alle anderen im Hintergrund laufenden Programme zu erfahren, können Sie Security Task Manager benutzen.

Beachte: Jedes gefährliche Programm kann sich sonstwie nennen - deshalb sollten Sie überprüfen, wo sich die Dateien der laufenden Prozesse auf der Festplatte befinden. Befindet sich eine "nicht-Microsoft" .exe Datei im Ordner C:\Windows oder C:\Windows\System32, so ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, dass es sich um einen Virus oder Spyware handelt! Überprüfen Sie es hier.

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Kommentare über devldr32.exe:
Its a useless horrible file that reappears constantly 5 minutes after i delete it . Not only that but that other cursed program , svchost , seems to acces this file on unecessary occasions . Also 4 Mb RAM spacewaister . SacreBleu
elo nie wiem  Siehe auch: Link Eyden
I got it from P2P connections, its a very bad file indeed, though soem are legit, its a remade copy from hackers etc, and it prevents you from backign up your computer by stoping either you cd-rom or you burning programs from workign and it also gave me errors linked to Kernel32.dll with weird characters after it. Go into safe mode and delete it asap Kel
I simply delete the thing...it's a pain in the a** and slows down my system without fail every time. Once deleted, the system runs fine. Many times, I'll try logging into mail (for instance), but it won't load. Sure enough, it's devldr.32 every time. Once I've deleted it, the mail page comes up instantly. It sucks!! Jon
It's a completely useless, malignant file that slows down my entire system. Once deleted, the system runs smoothly. For instance, I'll log into e-mail and the page won't load. Sure enough, it's devldr.32 every time. Once deleted, the page comes right up. Jon
Resource Hog! Get latest Creative Drivers,Copy and Paste devldr32.exe to Local Disk from XP CD located in i386/Drivers.Cab...Install the Creative Updates...Reboot in safe mode...Ctrl-Alt-Delt end devldr32.exe if running...copy and paste devldr32.exe that you saved from XP CD to C/Windows/System32...will ask do you want to replace devldr32.exe that allready exist...select yes.Reboot normal..Oh Yeah no more Hog in task manager..Worked for me on XP...Out of dozens of sites on how to fix this only two were able to...Listed below.Links  Siehe auch: Link Link Jim
The file does reappeare because xp is caching devldr32.exe in its cache. To find the cache file, use the search engine in the explorer and enable the search on system and hidden files. You will find out that devldr32.exe exists in C:\Windows\system32\dllcache. Remove it and it will stop reappearing. LeLiam
It is harmless *unless it's been replaced by a virus or is too old* any virus scanner should find something masquerading as this, and for the love of god, update your sound drivers occasionally. Sheesh. I refuse to provide a link on the grounds that all of the not insane people here allready have provided all the info necessary! Matt
well its a pian like everyone else said and every time i try playing my online game it stops it from opening, but when i delete it it starts right away, but then stupid delvdr will just resurrect itself Marky
I find devldr32 slows my system , my firewall constantly blocks it from accessing the network, ive tried to delete it in safe mode but it puts itself back every time. i use a creative audigy etc . Befor i formatted avg detected it as a virus and promptly removed it , my sound card still worked fine after this , so my opinion is it is not needed . Jay
Takes a lot of memory and cpu so i recomend to delete it instantly u can see it in ur task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) if you see the task devdr32. At first it wont seem like a problem but it will be a problem eventualy and 1 way to delete it is by going in safe mode stopping the process without closing the task manager and go to the WINDOWS folder look for it and delete it. If it doesnt want to delete go back to the task manager to see if the process is active, if it is stop it again and delete the file fast. Xavier Age: 16 and know more than u
no creative hardware, shouldn't have been running. used 4,000K memory. tried to find and delete but it didnt show up, also would reappear after ending process. I make a fake file with the same name and copied it into C:\Windows. I was asked to overwrite and did. Also search registry and delete path to it there. It seems to be gone now! arg
Both arguments are correct, the name is originally a legitimate file used by SB audio. If you see this filename in your processes, you have a SB card and you have no speed issues, you are fine. On the other hand, no SB card, or you have a SB card but also speed issues, you may have been overwritten by the viral version of the same filename. Rick
i am trying to create a new map for Halo CE....there is a program called Sapien which is need for the next step in the process.....i try to run....and devldr32 closes it. I try to use 'Run as' witht he secure lauch thingy checked...and then it gives me and error for a missing file that is RIGHT THERE evman
There are two seperate issues. 1st issue can be that you have an old buggy version of the Creative Labs driver or yours is corrupted. I have that issue. devdlr32 .exe has about 30 processes running that I can see in task manger and is using 100% of my system resources. It takes about 90 seconds to 150 seconds from the time I click on Start till I see a menu, then the same when I click run, then the same.... the best way to handle the update or extraction is to reboot. When your computer is restarting hit the F8 key , if your not sure when to hit F8 do it right away Johng 333
many programs picking it up as a virus component, named after a legitimate program, it either is the original for you, or it isnt, scan it and find out, either way its useless and can hog resources. if it keeps coming back, then safe mode boot and zap that SOB. winter
When corrupted, this audio driver component can hog CPU time and be hard to delete. It lives in 3 Windows folders: Prefetch, Last Good and system32. If deleted, the files will reappear and continue causing problems. Use Device Manager to "uninstall" the driver Sound Blaster Live! (WMD), then delete the file shells from all 3 Windows folders, empty the recycle bin and restart. That worked for me. Don
No Creative hardware but can not remove this file. If I delete it comes back, tried replacing with a dummy file, it still comes back, turns my machine into a dog. This is the most annoying file ever! :-( Phil
The EXE reappears because xp is caching devldr32.exe in its cache. To find the cache file, make sure you can see system and hidden files. You will find out that devldr32.exe exists in C:\Windows\system32\dllcache. Remove it and it will stop reappearing. Phil
Runs under user name all the time. It does not seem to cause any harm. I checked the file date and it goes back to the original build dates which indicates it is probably OK, The file details show it as a Creative file. Like a lot of these, I would say a virus file may impersonate it, which could be detected by file date and some of the properties of the file after finding it in a file search, Ram
Mein Problem mit dieser EXE ist, dass ich auf manche Ordner auf Festplatten nich zugreifen kann. Der Ordner geht auf aber ich kann dann nichtsmehr auswählen. Nach ein paar Sekunden kommt dann die Fehlermeldung, dass die devldr.exe einen Fehler hat und beendet werden muss..... SICKILL
SystemMechanic6 said my copy of devldr32.exe was not the "legitimate" version from Creative. I have at least 15 copies of it appearing in Task Manager. I tried to incinerate the file but it came back after rebooting. I can't disable it at all -- prompts keep telling me the file must no longer exist -- but it still appears to be tying up my resources. John
It came with it after i installed my SB Live sound card. It gave me problems with running flash or games on my computer (XP) and caused me to restart all the time, After updating the drivers from creative's website, the thing disappeared. Problem solved. Joe
File may be used to mask malicious file. To stop process download process download iolo System Mechanic. Under "Reports" - Intellius status - locate dangerous processes. Open tab marked "Dangerous" and hit configure button for options. Select process and Right Click to select "Stop Process and prevent from starting..." Overall System Mechanic is an excellent piece of software which I really enjoy using. But be careful, since it sometimes is a bit "too" strong and may delete vital registry entries. So excercise care.  Siehe auch: Link RoR
installed system mechanic pro 7 and has apparently corrupted devldr32.exe... comp contiuously crashes and reboots and the few times i am able to access my process panel.....500 to 800 devldr32 processes running which causes quite a problem....believe the sm7 to be the problem, never had a prob with devldr32 before this.... z
Do not delete! This one is a system file. You can delete it but this is a BAD IDEA. Shutting it down and you'll loose the Bass & Treble settings from the xp sound control... Takes NO CPU at all, 30Mb max reserved in memory, it uses 4Mb when working.... Purple
Potentially dangerous - Can be malware. Mostly not needed on majority of systems. To delete -- rename the devldr32.dll , then check the dllcache directory - find entry delete. reboot system , should fix. cj
I had a warning about a computer wanting to join my network. I stopped the action. Found a trojan program and ran mcafee virus scan and quarantined it. however computer was running slower. Then found this program running and tried numerous times to to get rid of it. I suspect it as a virus, trojan. Phil
this has been bugging me for a while too. I thought it might be a Virous of somesort too but was wrong. it is a Creative labs (soundblaster)file. I have one of there ards inmy comp. with 5.1 surround support but only use 2 speakers. I opened task manager, rightclicked on the service and set priority to real time, refreshed the list and it went away, I think because it is not being used. Doom369
I had A REALTEK CARD - it crappd out and I could not Fix my warbly sound, and could find no recent drivers for it. I ripped it out and went to a sound blaster card (Creative Labs) and no problems with devldr32.exe. with legacy divers, or my sound, It may be a problem for heavy Gamers. Check your DirectX and devldr32 size. but no probs for me. (with only 3,388 kb). Darren D.

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