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Prozess Name: LexBce Service

Produkt: MarkVision for Windows (32 bit)

Firma: Lexmark International, Inc.

Datei: lexbces.exe


"lexbces.exe" ist Teil der MarkVision-Software von Lexmark, die verwendet wird, um die interne Netzwerkkarte zu konfigurieren, die auf bestimmten Druckern von Lexmark installiert ist, so dass über das Netzwerk direkt auf den Drucker zugegriffen werden kann. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/lexbces.exe.html 

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Kommentare über lexbces.exe:
LecBce Service
lexbces.exe is a process which is associated with Lexmark MarkVision. This should be loaded in order to confirgure a Lexmark printer's onboard network server. This program is a non-essential system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. valu
Lexmark Nope
first time i found information istvan ormay
Lexmark Printer Datei (ist auf Windows Install CD drauf) nudlaug
i have no lexmark printer either...wtf?
LexBCE Server Dienst ist notwendig für den Druckerspooler
This file IS from a Lexmark (or Dell) printer. When installed, it makes the print spooler (in services) dependent upon it so if you remove it, the print spooler does not work, and nothing can print. Not a virus, but pretty nasty. It also blocked the install of my HP printer/scanner/fax. I had to manually extract it from the registry and change the settings that made the spooler dependent on it - very dangerous D. Swastek
Die Exe wählt sich automatisch ueber Modem ein. schraubernrw
druckerwarteschlangendienst ist von der LEXBCES.EXE abhängig kraehe
I have a dell printer on a network. I have never seem this file before but it appears on all my network computers now. So far I've had no probs with it. I ended the task and I can still print. Leaving it alone for now. Airboy
Wird mit Lexmark-Druckertreiber installiert. ist ein Dienst. lässt sich abschalten cruch
the exe program is in the system 32 folder. My Hewlett Packard Printer uses it now (2110 v All in one printer). When I bought my Dell they gave me a Lexmark Printer with it as a package. This may have been installed by Dell since they were giving the Lexmark x_73 printer away as a package deal. Chuck
In an environment where a Lexmark (and Dell branded?) printer is installed it seems to be necessary. When installed it creates a dependancy so that the Print Spooler service will not run without it. And refuses to revert to the original state when the Lexmark printer is uninstalled. If it is removed, whthout the dependancy having been removed, Print Spooliing will not work, and printing will not work for any printer. It is a service tied to an internal network printing feature with a Server, and it causes Print Spoolet to request access to the Internet! I have blocked that access in ZA  Siehe auch: Link Jim Pivonka571
i installed drivers for dell printer and lexbce service appeare! when I disinstalled dell's program lexbce service stopped and also spool service stopped! all my printers configurations disappear! when i installed and disinstalled another time dell's program all came OK! sorry for my english!
Recently installed drivers for HP1700n printer and lexbces.exe was installed too. It's causing my computer to slow down / hang, but when I stop the service or remove it, the print spooler won't load. Anyone have instructions on how to prevent the spooler from depending on this file? Frustrated
To get your printers working after removal do this: Delete all lexmark services with the "sc" command at the cmd.exe prompt. Then remove all the lexmark dependencies from the "spooler" service (again using sc). The "spooler" service should only depend on "RPCSS" and not "LexBceS". YConan
I used to have a lexmark printer, but I have a dell now. I unistalled the old printer but it's still here. I was being stupid one day and deleted some lexmark files in the system32 folder and wrecked my printer spooler, so I had to re-install windows. Mike
to get rid of this badly thought out program dependancy, remove LEXBCES from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Spooler\DependOnService so that only RPCSS remains. Stop & Disable LEXBCES service & restart your computer. Justin
Es handelt sich um den LexBce Server. Ein notwendiger Dienst in Verbindung mit dem RPC -Dienst und der Druckerwarteschlange. Der Druckerwarteschlangendienst bezieht sich auf LEXBCES.EXE im Windows/System32 Ordner. Beim löschen dieser exe verschwindet der Drucker. Er lässt sich auch nicht mehr installieren. (Fehler: Der RPC-Server ist nicht verfügbar) Auf vielen anderen "normalen" Rechnern bezieht der Druckerwarteschlangendienst aber auf Spoolsv.exe. Alex
Appears to be associated with Dell printer; however, on a previous installation it wasn't there and things printed fine. I don't like the fact that the extension is .exE either..... gonna try to get ride of it and see if I can still print. Homefry
I got this .EXE by installing a Dell (Lexmark) All-In-One printer/scanner etc. Printer is junk, so I removed it and uninstalled the Dell software. I found a bunch of Lexmark EXEs and DLLs in system 32, so I deleted them. No print spooler. I finally was able to get the print spooler back up by restoring LEXBCES.EXE and lexbce.dll and starting the service through Admin Tools. THIS SUCKS, Lexmark!! Now it looks like I have to go in and screw with the registry, something I prefer not to do.... Timm
I had a lexmark instaled on my computer.I didnt know how uninstal this,so I solved delete the files..it didnt work on first time,but on other day it did and now Im trying to install my HP and I dont get :( the Spooler doesnt work.I need LEXBCES.EXE Vox
tried to erase it, messed with permission entries and it finally seemed null, then replicated itself into current printer (a dell); long have had NO lexus printer on system. A DEFINITE virus. Lexus printers should come with warnings. now linked to dell printer. in process of consulting with tech to completely remove. This was linked to NETWORK as seen on task manager! We NEVER shared printer over network. m
Bestandteil von Mark Vision Professional, einer Lexmark Netzwerkdrucker-Steuerungssoftware degauss
Not dangerous, but uses resources. I removed it. If you don't have a Lexmark or Dell printer, you don't need it. Removal: disable Lexbces.exe and print spooler in msconfig. Restart. Open Rededit, search for "Lexbce." Will eventually find in registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Spooler\DependOnService. Will be in CurrentControlSet, plus 001, 002, and 003 if you have it. Delete them, msconfig to check spooler, clear Prefetch, delete lexbce.exe (and .dll) from System32 file, restart, and it's gone. Good ridance, too. Old Guy
Had a Lexmark printer installed temporary and got my Epson back, deleted all Lexmark stuff but my spooler got "damaged" and I cant install my epson now. Neither can I install the Lexmark as I gave it away and the service is shut down and I cant start it. Mark
It's a file from Lexmark - for the printing system. This File installs itself while the windows installation(you can find it on the WindowsCD), so it's ok EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A LEXMARK PRINTER! :-)  Siehe auch: Link Mirra
not hard to unistall.you will need to go into safe mode to remove it.once done go into your start up and stop it from running.2 go into your hkey and find the lexmark key and remove it manully.reboot and install new printer.will work. william
i dont like the fact its in the windows folder and its not a system file(thx Security Task Manager; mad props)and also the exe that this one starts(lexpps.EXE)opens ports and has record input functions and also the fact i havent had a printer since i wiped my hard drive thats kinda odd too... Ian
Poorly written Lexmark app that causes problems. * don't put it on your print server whatever you may do! * It can hose up all printing. Instead, tell the server (or PC) that you're using a HP printer and try one of the major drivers until you find something that works. Scarecrowe
Dieser Dienst kommt auch bei einigen DELL-Druckern vor, die von Lexmark produziert werden. Joerg
instalacion lexmark 1270
gehört zu Lexmarkdrucker 510c. bremst den kompletten Server aus Maik
man braucht sie für den Drucker ohne sie geht nix mehr Anonym

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