What is kernel32.dll? Is kernel32.dll spyware or a virus?

How to fix kernel32.dll related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your kernel32 process
2. Run Windows Repair Tool to repair kernel32.dll related Windows Errors
3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: Win32 Kernel core component

Product: Windows

Company: Microsoft

File: kernel32.dll

Security Rating:

The Kernel32.dll file is a 32-bit dynamic link library file used in Windows 95,98 and Me. The Kernel32.dll file handles memory management, input/output operations and interrupts. When you start Windows, Kernel32.dll is loaded into a protected memory space so that other programs do not take it over. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/kernel32.dll.html 

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Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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Windows Kernel Process Alex
Windows Hauptkomponente JR
Finger weg ! Mick
One of the most important files of Windows. It handles memory operations and other such things. Windows won't work without it (but you can't delete it from windows anyway).  See also: Link Inuyasha
you should delete this file immediately. it can be easily exploited by hackers and trojans such as the recenw killmnenow.bd trojan. mebo
it can't be deleted, but it is used to run windows. it does have a high risk for virus infection because it's in the start up of any program - it's also vulnerable to spyware
Dynamic link library file. Cpu needs cleaning because it is most likely overheating. D'abo
part of the floodnet virus! if found in WinXP/2K john smith
its in winxp and win2000, actually, win XP uses the same kernel as win 2000, you can see this if you open the properties menu on a dos app, in win XP, click the misc tab, and right click the check boxes at the bottom and pick what's this? it will refer to your system as windows 2000. it is possible to delete it, but foolish, always keep a backup of it handy anyways, to replace it, simply boot to dos and replace it from there, usually C:\ copy C:\backups\kernel32.dll C:\windows\system thats how it works for most systems, in XP i believe its in the system32 folder. Trevor Dola
the only cure is to replace entire os with linux linus torvalds
As long as you have an up-to-date Antivirus & Firewall, this file is of no threat and will only cause you trouble if you play with it. Ray
you should scan the file steady lookain
Makes your computer useles. Use the newer kernel64.dll
Kernell32.dll is a net.devil trojan , it was at my pc. nierka
microsoft windows xp/kernel32.dll process free/download.
It is a processor that runs all required insuctions for windows, such Handles memory operations and Hex Insuctions, and also runs the windows GUI interface or shell. Nothing works without it apart from vmm32.vxd witch controls memory allcoation hex for the kernal32.dll in-witch vmm32.vxd executes kernel32.dll and than kernel32.dll executes explorer.exe GDI. 'Wicken ICT
if you have a legal copy of windows this file is very normal, its not an apocalyptic virus... Chaso
It is the CORE of Windows, if you haven't noticed. Try to shut it down, and freeze your PC instantly. If you do, you will have to reach for the Reset button. Simple as it is. Everything runs through this file. Explorer.exe isn't the real core of any Windows, this file is. The dream of every virus is to get this one infected.
if it is a .dll it isn't a floodnet virus is it a .exe then it is dark inca
It handles memory management, input/output operations, and interrupts. When Windows boots up, kernel32.dll is loaded into a protected memory space so other applications do not take that space over.  See also: Link Ironic
kernell32.dll is spyware. but kernel32.dll is a windows process. rypaintD
Out of date you can download newer kernel64.dll file  See also: Link M. Hancock Jr.
computer is faster if its blocked
unable to load function :ft_thunk bill
I know nothing about it till now mustafa unal saritas
This file is causing application errors for me, saying the memory could not be "read"
Windows Multitasking Kernel (without Windows won't work) is responsible for the whole task mangement(Win9x) [99s]Bunny
Not sure why folk are so confused- kernel32.dll is a Windows file which you need and kernel32.exe (note the program suffix?) is a virus. The two are NOT the same. Recap: File ending in .dll is good and file ending in .exe is bad. Simple! MacBraveheart
Why apper error mesage about "kernel32.dll" when Iwant to sync the palmone with PC guillermo gutierrez gomez
I haven't a clue what it is but I do know it will not let me run my new virus software - it crashes everytime at 7% scanned! I will report right back when I do find out! Shirls
In my system (Windows 98SE) it got corrupted (or virus infected?) and some applications failed to start. To replace it, you can find the file in the WIN98_30.cab archive on the Windows CD; first extract it to your C: drive, and then move or copy it to the C:\Windows\System directory from outside Windows (from the DOS command prompt). Felix
i have installed an old scanning program called IMS Shell. When i want to use the scanner, an error, produced in kernel32.dll doesnīt let me use the scanner. What can i do?? i have win 98 Bozqo
take a good look in help and support kernel 32.dll version, size file datenot availble a liitle suspicious? loser
System file for i/o,interrupts,memory mgmt G. Madan
ive tried to replace it with a newer version,but it gets the old file from nowhere matty
this file isnt dangerous the .exe is dangerous brett
Dont touch it, They are right it is the core of your OS The Kernel think of a heart :P its the heart :P kill the heart the whole body dies. :P KrisWald
One of the most if not the most important process in the windows environment Phil
Windows 9x Core Component - Windows 9x NEEDS This to RUN - Required Component Who Cares?
Means you are running Malware OS from M$, remove this OS and install Linux or BSD Michel Loos
Is part of the most dangerous, extended and "EXPENSIVE" VIRUS, called "WINDOWS" (you have to pay to get it) :-) This module is a memory manager, I/O and IRQs. Is loaded in protected memory space, (errors occurs when a program is trying to access that protected memory, creating "invalid page fault", and others nice "blue screens") Kernel Core
kernel32.dll is not a virus! kernel.exe is! Jack
file kernel32.dll can't be a virus only if it is an .exe if you have a problem with it if every game crashes then you have to repair the file or update windows koen
it is not part opf the floodnet virus! The floodnet virus process is kernel32.exe (.exe not .dll) hungyhungy
Can Use in write source code Program U. Kumaresan
i turn my spygate firewall to "block" for kernel.dll, first let me say that i have had problems with lots of porn related viruses/trojans and that is the only reason i got so up to date with the defenses :P My online games run fine and images/surfing is fine too with it on "block". It keeps trying to access the internet and i see no reason to let it. Two of the ips it keeps trying to reach are and clerx
kernel64.dll is the bad one. It causes your system to run at half speed and devoures memory. Tip don't install XP or Vista. 2000 or Linux is the only solution. TheWay
It's core of the crapy windows and I can't play F.E.A.R. combat 'cause of it -_- Hayet
education in malaysia Uchiha Itachi
This file isnt a virus itself, but can be infected easily by a virus or trojan. Trust me, I learned the hard way... Lars
Would love to know the source code of this baby... Lapos
one time it was caught as a virus, and then one of my games couldnt work properly after i deleted it...........i think Berry
kernal32.dll error-prevents from instaling the printer driver s/w on to the computer using me o.s/98 .its an important file in windows o.s...so anyproblem relating it must be consulted with microsoft thamarakshan
If it is an exe then that is very bad, but if it is a .dll then it is fine. If you use AVG and it says "change" under the result/infection, and it is in the system32 folder, ignore it. Bob Heinbokel
my kernel32.dll keeps showing up in my virus scanner, but not as a threat. also been having connection issues, and when i replaced kernel32.dll they went away. but the next day the same problems were back again. grim
It is a part of windows..the kernal....which is obvious by the name. it may show up as a virus when it is infected, dont choose delete, but instead clean, and windows will work again...delete it, and windows (xp sp2) will recover it to norm(any hacks or patches will disapear...) c-MON3Y
i need to fix a game called legacy gunz jackson
This is the simplest file i have ever seen jf
AVG Anti-Virus Free edition identified kernel32.dll, but does not identify it as a threat Tilton
Avast suggests to remove kernel32.dll Roland Marsolais
putang inang file to hindi ko malaro ran online ko dahil sa katarantaduhan ng soft ware na to gago kasi tong micro soft bkt kailangan pang ganito samga online games putang ina nio upgrade nio pc ko kantutero ng cebu
kernel32.dll is system file that is necessary for the windows to start beacuse it manages all memory for windows and as well used to provide memory to other applicaions,and take care of specific windows required area and didn't allow other application to overwrite it,but yes its true that if virus is successful to inject in it then it will infect all other program beacuse every program which is run on window must pass through it so that it can then add code to that application,although its not dangerous file but it can be after injection of virus, CodeManner
my avira antivirus detected that kernel32.dll is a TR/Spy.Delf.aof.1.Every time i should delete it.Is there any permenent solution to get rid of it. royal lakhemaru
It's a necessary Windows file. This site has a number of things to try to fix the kernel32.dll problem.  See also: Link John
System File J DADDY
SFC.EXE /SCANNOW should update it if infected
it is very important to windows muthu
This is part of the Operating System. It handles all the basics like Input/Output, Memory managment, etc. Dont bother, you cant delete it anyway. Miha
this file is for running window processes.
safe, you better shut down this site as it does not provide any knowledge except users comments royal eff
i have it in the virus vault, so, it is not working, BUT, everithing sems ok sitingbul
this and all .dll files ar used by the OS to operate windows right. It's foolish to delete this because then your computer will get very sick OrigComputerNerd500
kernal32.dll is a file needed on windows xp to process many apps on it if you want a clean copy there are varius ways of obtaining it the best way is to get it from your op disk installer. if your kernal32.dll is doing things it shouldnt be doing i suggest running a full scan of your computer 1st i suggest dl'ing avg free if u cant obtain a good scanner shrek15001
.dll files are just libraries for other exe files. Any normal copy of Windows will deny acces to this files androslav
fatal Error for SetIIdirectoryW(krnel32.dl.)
If its anything other than Kernel32.dll viz..karnel32.dll, karnal32.dll, kernal32.dll etc..the spelling is a giveaway in most cases and resides outside the system32 folder then i suggest hit the delete button. purab
kernel32.dll Troyan.Vake C42, Windows XP / Windows 7 Nicholas Memphis
So once I was trying to load Photoshop CS5 and there was this thing called APPCRASH that happened and the Fault Module Name was kernel32.dll. darkguy159
kernel32.dll is the core of all windows operating systems. It is responsible for managing all system resources, any attempt to delete it will either fail or the file will be recreated. If you think it may have been infected with a virus you should scan it with your antivirus software.  See also: Link logo290
Das is ein Virus !!! Dieses scheiss ding hat mir meinen Lapi kaputt gemacht . ich habe den virus nich weg bekommen , selbst antivira hatte ich drauf. hat NIX geholfen !!! Rapper
huge problem this one...even got restarted my pc over and over again..!!! morfeas
its safe reagan
C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll is essential to Windows, it is directly linked to the OS kernel. But, Malware may try to infect it. Also is malware if has any misspelling (karnel32.dll, kernel32.exe, kernell32.dll, etc.) if you kernel32 file is acting suspiciously, then go to command prompt and type SFC /SCANNOW, and wait for than to complete
It is a system file but a lot of viruses infect that file and then anti-virus says it is a virus but it is not when you install fresh copy of Windows.
kernel32.dll is not dangerous alone. It is a necessity within the windows os noticed on xp and 2000. on the 2000 it may need to be swapped with a copy of a win 7 one (if flash-player can not update). it is not one of the following but can be attacked or modified by: spyware, malware, ad-ware, Trojans, and root-kits. I recommend finding information about programs from 2 or more sources before installation, to help preserve this among other things... It deals with memory management. zack
Interface btw User and OS KVR
it is the brain of the Operating System(OS) that process data .. Mik
The Kernel32.dll is one thatís utilized by several programs at the same time within a system. Itís important to a computer system and coordinates memory allocations and the input and output devices of a computer. Stellar
skype bilal
This file is the handler for CPU management. If you delete this file, your PC maybe will show BlueScreen  See also: Link Anggalol
This is the core of the is called Windows. If you delete it your cup is dead till you reinstall
Deleting this file renders you PC scrap till you reinstall

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