What is msmsgs.exe? Is msmsgs.exe spyware or a virus?

How to fix msmsgs.exe related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your msmsgs process
2. Run Windows Repair Tool to repair msmsgs.exe related Windows Errors
3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: Windows Messenger

Product: Windows

Company: Microsoft

File: msmsgs.exe

Security Rating:

Windows Messenger from Microsoft provides online chat and instant messaging capabiltiies.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/msmsgs.exe.html 
If you don't use Windows Messenger, you can disable it as follows: Start -> Programs -> Windows Messenger -> Tools -> Options -> Preferences. Uncheck "Run this program when Windows Starts".

Note: The msmsgs.exe file is located in the folder C:\Program Files\Messenger. In other cases, msmsgs.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with Security Task Manager.

Virus with same file name:
W32.HLLW.Spirit - Symantec Corporation
W32.Alcarys.B - Symantec Corporation
W32.Alcarys.G - Symantec Corporation

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MSN Messenger for Online Chat and Instant Messaging Alex
this is the exe for MSN Messenger Crazyboy74
msmsgs.exe is a Windows Messenger executable which is automatically loaded during XP boot, not a MSN Messenger (msnmsgr.exe). It is safe to disable and does not effect usage of the MSN Messenger. Easy removal:  See also: Link ProArt
This is MSN 6.2 messenger program gman
MSN Messanger  See also: Link Ricky Jones
Windows Messenger, not MSN Messenger - correct. However, that other link from ProArt is wrong - that refers to disabling the Messenger Service. Try this:  See also: Link syrynxx
This is Windows Messenger that comes bundled with Windows OS. MSN Messenger is seperate from the OS and can be shut down fully or started up whenever you want. Hank.
Like ProArt said, it's the Messenger service that XP uses to alert Microsoft of updates and such, different from the MSN Messenger. Techie
NEW Hijack! This file is located in c:\program files\messenger and 1.7Mb. IE is Hijacked with Win32/TrojanDownloader.Small.UT Trojan and NOD32 was unable tot rename or delete the file c:\windows\system32\crtv2_32.dll (size: 4k). After killing msmsg.exe (not MSN Messenger!!!) I was able to delete the DLL and the hijack was solved.... STM reported this msmsg.exe also as dangerous! Didn't found more articles on this yet! Spinning
msmsgs.exe is not very dangerous for most intents and purposes. It's annoying though if someone knows how to exploit it. Imagine working online and suddenly a messenger box opens up from someone wanting to chat with you... and all without MSN Messenger being open. I got rid of it. Syrynxx's link is accurate on elmination techniques. See that. Sam
I've not been able to disable this executable. Even when it says disabled it seems to run anyway sending data to "keylime stats". This attempts to log data several times an hour and this is verified through my firewall. ogre8fluffy
All I know is there is no way to stop this fromrunning in your background processes unless you uninstall it permanately!!Everything else just seems to disable it for a short period of time. Swanson
Windows Messenger, not MSN Messenger If you want to dissable it (it is safe to do) simply erase it from your disk. I have tried other options and none really worked. Isaac
there is a new virus using the name "msmsgs.exe" because you THINK its a normal executable. Watch out for it Merkur
This is NOT Msn messenger, msn messenger comes up as msnmsgr in your startup me
Going by BlackViper it just waste's memory, disable it.  See also: Link WATCHMAN
Some ports are not published by Operator ! cyberblob
WOW, syrynxx!! Thanks for the info!! Commissar
found as spyware, not messenger!
Can connected to worm_agobot.ab or worm_wootbot.bd  See also: Link Lenisterman
Quite malicious and annoying at times, but normally harmless. Xtra_Zero
annoying but not dangerous... Carina
ProArt is referring to the "Messenger Service" used by network administrators, but this process (msmsgs.exe) is related to the Microsoft Windows Messenger instant messaging client. This is also *not* MSN Messenger. MSN Messenger is used by consumers to communicate with friends and family. Windows Messenger is the enterprise variant of the product designed to work with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and 2003. So to recap, this is *not* the "Messenger Service" used to alert users and administrators across networks. This *is* an instant messaging client. It is *not* MSN Messenger. Dustin D. Cook, A+
1)msmsgs.exe could be a virus as long as it is located into the system directory (../system32 for win xp) 2)Windows Messenger is not MSN Messenger and you could stop thi service by going to control panel-- system and maintenance-- services (I can't remember exactly since now I'm working on Win NT). Anyway even if removed the task "msmsgs.exe" still run onto your pc 3)I would try to remove MSN Messenger (see syrynxx's link) and then (if you want) reinstall it. After reinstalled it go to options and unchek the flag which enable it to run in background Pitopito
is a spyware. because i dled and they it prompted me to restart the computer. jose
I have uninstalled windows messenger and only use msn messenger. Msn messengers proscess is msnmsgr.exe not msmsgs.exe, and i dont know why its still running! Mike H
Knew Nothing until my Firewall kept going off with this file asking to act as a server. =...and launching IE. Annoying, irritating, potentially dangerous. Charybdis
msmsgs.exe is not msmsgr.exe(MSN Messenger) or messenger service. It's a downloader virus. Boris
Worm downloader!, i just updated windows messenger from official website and a worm was found after installation, deleted, and then a different one appeared, you can delete the worm, but the msmsgs (located at /Program Files/messenger, not at Windows/System32) will be still there. Wierd, at least Nene
You can get rid of it. Trust me here - I've used this on many computers and it's never reappeared. To disable it for good got o RUN and enter this command: RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove Mark
part of windows messenger exe but not used any more because of msn messenger
Also a worm which is called AGABOT.AAB , use this name (c:\windows\system32\MSMSGS.EXE) Freefall
The file hasn'ts been dangerous with my computer. It's just annoying to see soemthing start up that you don't use. My one gripe is that you can't really uninstall it. Messiah
Did not have before Norton AV. Found after NAV. Disabled NAV-MSN Messenger protection. MSMSGS stopped completely. rvoltaire
windows messenger, 100% useless program since i never heard of anyone using it, it's junk, wasting CPU and RAM, so i blocked it from launching on startup
WIN XP Pro: with eMule can get lost and eat CPU like made. Hard to find, Explorer Search & CMD: dir doesn't find msmsgs.exe. I found it finally in C:\Programme\Messenger with free download of Security Task Manager. I killed the process via WIN TaskManager, RENAME msmsgs.exe false_name_msmsgs.exe. Doesn't get lauched anymore, By the way, not being in C:\Windows\Sys32 does not mean that it is other than Bill's crap software. dick brenholtz
Msmsgs is detected as trojan.small (+ others :: See my link). Msnsgs is the legitimate messenger.  See also: Link Benjy
This file is the Windows messenger program you get with a fresh install of XP. It could be hijacked...but usually is just harmless and a waste of ram if you have MSN 6.2 from. 6.2 is more secure than the default windows programmy.  See also: Link Expresso
I tried the process outlined in syrynxx's link and Windows Messenger does appear but I can't remove the check from the checkbox. sckoobs
MSMSGS.exe first showed up on my start up and I found it because I my puter froze and I lost my mouse and part of my keyboard a tech told me it was a virus or spy ware but neither my spyware or my virus scanner caught it so I found it and tried to delte it but it would not go i had to put it in safe mode then it deleted or so I thought since this my computer now shows that I have something in start up called UserFaultCheck and MSconfig not sure what it's doing but it had to all come from this MSMSGS.exe.. Angie P
became suspicious when it was taking up 99% of CPU process, and I wasn't running MSN messenger. zollie
deletes all ms office files and stops efficient internet use Jared
i ain tno wizard with things like this but i agree on this file definalty being a virus! i'm currently trying to delete it, but can't seem to find a way! i'm sure it's got throw on my winmx downloading program, so if you have winmx look out for this file! it disguises itself as msn messenger but isn't!!!! :( Jamie
Windows Messenger, which comes with Windows XP. Can easily disable it from loading at startup by removing it from Msconfig.. [Start Run Type MSconfig. Select the startup tab, un-check msmsgs.!! Anand
Found the messenger login screen different - logs sign in passwords to c:\folders.fpd. Watch out!
Twice I came back after several hours and it was using over 50% of my cpu trying to do something. Don't trust it at all, deleted it EnnoxX
rvoltaire is right, after unchecking the scan option from Norton AV msmsgs.exe stops running forever. could be the simplest way to get rid of it pako
I have msmsgs in task manager even if i'm not running messenger, even though I instructed it not to start. It also tries to act as a server. Most people know that it is NOT a part of MSN so please refrain from adding just another post stating the obvious WTF
Some hackers are using msmsgs.exe to attempt to install trojans, at leats on my PC. Norton 2005 allows you to see the IP address of the attacker as well as the process being used for the attack. After I uninstalled Messenger, and deselected it using msconfig, it would return in 10 seconds or less. Got a command to run from a different site to remove all vestiges of it, then I was able to remove it permanently using msconfig. Once I did this, about 1/3 of the resident programs running disappeared, and I haven't had any more trojan attacks. Chris
I think it's a backdoor messenger service for system administrators to communicate with networked computers such as in a large office. It is NOT the MSN messenger. You can disable it from running in start control panel administrative tools services Messenger. I disabled it, which cures a LOT of popups!! However, I still have a problem that if my computer sits for a long while it starts up. Which boggles me, since I just scanned for viruses with NAV. Something triggers this thing to start even though its disabled. I know hackers and popup creaters use this as a backdoor to get around blockers. Pontisteve
make the computer very slow clgan
flods network with broadcasts looking up arp asking who is at whatever address, compleatly lags network makeing it unstable ShivalWolf
Syrynxx's link to removal of msmsgs.exe caused system instability - it wouldn't allow me to open Control Panel - don't know why - use with caution. Brair
Have try everything to stop this file. then i use microsoft antispyware beta 1. and it found this and stop it never have problems with it again
'WIN XP ' It reboots my PC everytime my family logs off from one users to an other steve
There is a program that can disable it called Safexp just do a google search, It is eaither a very annoying thing that starts up or a worm Jmack b.....
M$ XP component, NOT MSN. It does not seem to do any thing but use resources (at least that I want to do). I have tried to shut it off using Msconfig and other XP service controllers as well as three programs that let you control services. NOTHING shuts it off, it continuosly restarts without reboot. Can be a virus, but not this version. Timber Wolf
I have tried everything to disable this file, I disabled it in msconfig, in 'services' it must be a virus or spyware of some kind takes too much RAM to be the normal msmsg.exe that is windows messenger (about 4X the amount it uses on my other PC) 13incher
I have only noticed that this file appears on hacked copies of win xp sillyMe
I dunno what happened, but my desktop wallpaper changed to a BSOD-like with a warning of spyware, couldnt changed it, there was no tab TO! it was gone. It added a toolbar which is called Virtual Maid and run msmsgs.exe as shell with explorer.exe. Also added proxy setting in my IE and kept crashing it each time i try to run IE. NO IDEA
it is trojan,and very annoying one hard to get rid of jouni
I removed MSN Messenger from my computer as well as Windows Messenger. But I still can see this file in my task manager and whenever I end the task it disappears and come back in a few seconds. It slow down my PC, must be a virus. I don`t know what to do with it. candy
It's an annoyance, i block it from starting up
not it's not a virus. its the standart-messenger you 've installed with windowsXP.. the downloaded msn messenger isn't the same file , right.. so NOT dangerous
I have disabled windows messanger through msconfig, and add/remove programs, but it still runs under my processes and uses 100% of my recources and i'm running 1gig of ram! bobo
virrus also installs wp.exe at the root. you must stop it from running before deleting. Thomas
it sets of an auto-dailer for 80 euro cts/a minute wildebras
this files keeps running in the process, even after totaly disable it pops up on the tool bar at the bottom for a split sec. if you try to click on it , no luck. I have rebooted hard drive and it still came back, i have no idea what it really is but think it is a worm.
I kill the process and 2 minutes later it's back. I've tried everything to get rid of it, renaming files, anti virus scan, removal from registry but it just keeps coming back, entire local network is infected helpmeplease
It is normally in the Programs folder, not sytem32 as stated Michael Dubar
Msmsgs.exe keeps triggering complaints from Norton Security. Also the "Messenger" button on the MSN web page now points to clk.atdmt.com/AVE/go/msnnkonm0020000888ave/direct/01/ that domain is owned by a marketing company! JRA
Suddenly appeared on Programs running. i do not have XP. I am using ME. Removed it according to instruction from another forum but it has reloaded. It does not show up on HiJackThis scan. justhank
I instructed it not to start and deleted it as well as all references to it in the registry. Yet after a while It always re-appears in the win/system32 folder AND starts itself without asking. Also unchecked it in msconfig and it just checked itself again! Ive never seen that before!?. Very suspicious.  See also: Link Raven
rvoltaire is correct. The other fixes like msconfig/startup and the sysoc.inf file didnt work. Sparky
Msmsgs won't start automatically if msn messenger is not under the protection of Norton AV, provided you unchecked the start up option in window messenger. wghost
msmsgs.exe runs my cpu speed at 100% and doesn't stop until I end the process what can I do to stop this from happening? Air
Well, i found it in the "system32" folder soon after the installation of MSN 7. I don't know if it is dangerous or not, but i deny its access with AntiVir AleX
it's not dangerous, but it's just annoying. If i want to start ms messenger, i start it myself. geer
after unchecking the scan option from Norton AV msmsgs.exe stops running forever. could be the simplest way to get rid of it whenheco
There are three similar services that get mixed up: 1. messenger service, 2. windows messenger, 3. MSN messenger, please see the link for a very clear explanation. Msmsgs.exe is used by #2. (windows messenger),  See also: Link Sparkman555
Okay, I finally figured out why I have msmsgs.exe running in the background. MSMSGS.EXE is an OLD version of MSN Messenger. So basically, I have two MSN Messengers on my Windows XP. The OLD MSN Messenger, which can be found under Program Files / Messenger, should be opened. Then go to Tools / Options / Preferences. It has an option which says "Allow Windows Messenger to Run in the Background." Turn that off. Problem solved. Or you could simply uninstall the second MSN Messenger, which I plan to do. Michael
...whatever msmsgs.exe is, unchecking the scan option within Norton AV put an end to those annoying error alerts here also. My fried brain thanks everyone who suggested it. PC
Do not remove ms mesenger(msmsgs.exe). Because It is API. MSN mesenger and other MS office programs actually use this API. MSN Mesenger use this API for aplication sharing, remote Assistence for example, If you remove msmsgs.exe from OS, you can not use all fuctionalty of MSN Mesenger, sorry for my English Darth Vader
To remove msmsgs.exe for good. Run regedt32, nav to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MessengerService. This displays the rollback command and rollback parameters to remove msmsgs. To use: go to START, Run, enter RunDll32.exe, followed by a space, then enter the rollback parameters exactly as displayed in the registry, and enter. The syntax must be right on. Give the system a reboot and presto, no msmsgs.exe. Do not make any changes in the registry. Hope this helps, let me know. Top NISS
This will rid u of this for good. run regedt32, nav to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MessengerService. This displays the rollback command and parameters. Run this (START, Run) with the command first [RunDll32.exe], a space, then the parameter exactly as displayed. The syntax must be right on. Give system a reboot and bye bye msmgs.exe Acidus
Any program that unexpectedly appears on your computer trying to access the internet is suspicious. I could not delete or rename the file initially because the file was running in the background. I performed ctrl-alt-del and ended the program after which I could delete the file. I found other comments here to be very helpful. Thank you. kitkat
On June 7, 2005 I went to MSN messenger and unchecked run in background and run at startup. After saving these settings MSN messenger removed the entry "c:\program files\messenger\msmsgs.exe /background" from my registry. This confirms that in my case the file was not a virus/spyware and that the file is tied to Microsoft Instant Message. BG
Do not unistall this file. It is actually a Windows API. Same program including MSN Mesenger and MS Office Outlook use this API to function correctly. For example MSN Mesenger use this API for remote assistance. If you uninstal msmsgs.exe, you can not use same future of MSN Masenger and other programs. Darth Vader
There is a virus that is downloaded through an executable called msmgs.exe... it's probably not related to the windows messenger, but given the same name. I recommend uninstalling it, so you know if you have the virus or not. I got it recently, and it shut down my computer unless in safe mode...
msmsgs.exe is anormal windows file but on my pc it has been overwritten and is being used by a spy-ware company but i cannot find it to delete it beacue the spy ware has found a way of hiding it and none of theideas in this forum have worked does anybody else know how to do delete it g-unit
More Thanks to Mark. Out of all this I read...he had the correct answer. To disable it for good got o RUN and enter this command: RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove . Quit speculating. He hit the nail on the head. Read all the posts. Jeff
It must be a spyware of some kind, as many of you guys write it eats process capacity and killing the process doesnt stop the problem. I did as some of you mentioned I killed the process and removed the folder "Messenger" underneith "Program Files" it solved all my problem. Gotlandix
definitely from norton antivirus go options msn messenger scan or something under the internet tab and deselect the msn check - that gets rid of it, but does it also mean messenger is now not virus protected? i deselected it anyway.. rod
Does any one know what 's wrong with this. I down load msn messenger 7.0 and I can run it. it gives me and error messege. error starting program: The DNSSAPI.DLL.file is linked to missing export KERNEL.32. DayLoadFailureHooK. terencio
Sometimes a Trojan downloader with a legal XP-MS file name. Got rid of it deleting registry's key: LOCALMACHINE-Microsoft-Windows-CurrentVersion\Policies\explorer\Run M.A.C.
author is Eternal order of the impossible triangle,I agree with jamie,think it has something to do with winmx.
it's the file u can use to send messages over a network, by using NET SEND in the msdosprompt!
msn wont run with wimdows messenger on it wont let me sighn in dont no why denise smith
agree with rvoltaire! Turned off messenger scan in NAV. process now gone mossespa
virus if located in windows/system32 folder....remove! john
How do i get the EXE file for MSN messenger Hayley
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Might be used by Trojan.Zlob.B  See also: Link Kurt
The "NOTE" on top of this site is bullshit. If msmsgs.exe is in your Windows/system32 folder (for xp) then yes you probably have a virus - check this out for yourselves at Symantec (Noton) - It is also NOT the messenger that you can turn off in the control panel - that one is the annoying one that would give you pop-ups all the time. If msmsgs.exe is located in C:program files/messenger -- then this is the old version of msn messenger it is called windows messenger - and it most likely came with your computer. I've removed the little bastard from the "remove windows componets" thru the con commie
I have read the above. In regard to it being an old version of MSN Messenger, maybe for some. But mine already had the option turned of for "Allow Windows Messenger to Run in the Background," so it could not be Windows Messenger. (I had to go through "my computer" to find Windows Messenger., and it is just called "Messenger." So maybe it's not even Windows Messenger but something that was installed without my permission. It also does not have an "uninstall" feature. ALSO REGARDING going to MSConfig and turning it off, it does not show up in MSCONFIG. So I am betting this is a virus or such. Shadowbird
rvoltaire, you are awesome. I never thought to check Norton AntiVirus. Trying to right-click, exit the program from the task bar always gave the error that another program (such as IE or Outlook Express) was using it, but I never figured out what that could be. It all makes sense now! Thank you! Whoever has Norton, scroll up to rvoltaire's sage advice, it works like a charm. Aktrys
I have to dearly thank you folks that informed of disable the messenger scan in NAV. This has been driving me nuts ever since I loaded XP. Msmsgs.exe has been freezing my system almost every day since. I kept deleting in Task Mgr after every boot and it kept reappearing sometimes three times and still locking up. Now, GONE! Thank-you. My system is lonely for CPU action. RRRode
I only know according to my firewall logs it tried to get on the internet all the time. I got rid of it. It tried to go on even though I didn't have it set under tools to start at windows startup, and if you end the process from taskmanager, you would see it back there eventually, so I found the site with the link I am putting on here and got rid of it.  See also: Link Rats
it's NOT MSN Messenger but it IS necessary for MSN Messenger to run. If you don't use MSN messenger you wanna take msmsgs.exe out by doing what syrynxx suggested;it will prompt you to uninstall MSN messenger as well.In my pc it has been exploited by a spyware program so the point is: if you don't use MSN Messenger (suggested) uninstall both programs Pietro
msmgs.exe is windows messanger, but i dont get why you cant uninstall it, its useless, especially with the msn patcher wher you can have msn messenger sign in multiple times, msnmsg.exe is msn messenger but msmsg is not harmful at all, however, it is prone to get many viruses attach itself to that fie because peopl know you cant uninstall it Computer Whizzzzz
Figured it out. In my case, it was a Norton Antivirus to protect Windows Messenger. Click on Norton Antivirus 2005, Options, Instant Messenger, unclicking protect Instant Messenger gets rid of the msmsgs.exe in Task Manager. But not sure this is a good idea unless there is a way to uninstall Windows Instant Messenger. Shadowbird
To disable "msmsgs.exe" close the process from the Task Manager ( Ctrl+Alt+Del). Then go c/program files/mesenger/ and just rename the two .exe you are going to find :" msmsgs.exe" and "msmsgsin.exe" ( I usually put an "X_" before the name). The MSN Messenger should be not affected Martin
Windows Messenger. If you don't use it it's better to remove it (delete or rename the ?:\Porgram Files\Messenger or delete from the Registry (HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run) qwerty
It could be a part of the Windows Messenger, but, if it not (i.e. because you are not using the W.M.), it's a kind spyware..  See also: Link Paxa
you can always rename the file, it won't load that way. if you need it, you can put back proper name. sharon
your definition for virus is not clear - my msmsgs.exe is located in c:\Program Files\messenger zeero
Check this link: http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_tutorials/Windows_XP/ Rose
Is a part of the microsoft messenger (To uninstall the messenger use XpAntispy)
Mark's solution of going to "Run", inserting info, WOKKED! Thank you, Mark!! Gary
i know my windows messg is disabled and this was running in taskman wtf broomhead
its harmless. its just windows messenger SnypaStarr
virus hoaxes!! please guys, dont teach us to delete windows important files!! other users, please take note that some of the steps are harmful to your good programs!! d0rr
PS Truth Miners advises Turn OFF msmsgs.exe. Enabling it allows anyone online anywhere in the world to pop up Windows on your screen to fool you into taking actions that may not be in your best interest or instruct you to take actions that divulge sensitive info, change your password, link you to a web site. SPAM senders use msmsgs.exe to distribute ads. Disable instructions at Glenda Gammel
After I noticed the file didnt close the messenger, I looked for it with the find command. It was indeed, as people mentioned, the file running "Messenger" Windows messenger. Not MSN Messenger. It had been replaced by a trojan with the same name. Deleting the folder: C:/Program Files/Messenger solved the problem. It tried to prevent me from deleting it by running as soon as the computer started, but I ended the process through task manager and then quickly deleted the folder containing the file, and now I have no problems so far.
It is a file for standard windows messenger NOT msn messenger, but has been used as a virus taking up system time and so on bil77
keeps restarting syrynxx rocks Fingers
depends. There are many malwares that hide as this program (is a fake program) It is supposedly necessary to run certain programs, including the messenger itself. I didn't really trust it, so I deleted it and got Trillian, hoping it was more reliable.
listen rvoltaire and mossepa - if you delete this file and it reappears nearly instantly and you have norton, open norton(I run 2k5) and go to option threat cat advanced uncheck the messenger scan. then open task manager and delete msmsgs.exe.-it should not come back. did not return for me! fonk
it comes back no matter what the hell i do! i end the task, 30 seconds later, it's back! JoeMoron2000
I followed the Norton AV advice and it got rid of it. Thanks. MB
Communications process, required by many Windows components. Is NOT MSN Messenger (named msnmsgr.exe, different spelling). If you delete it, be prepared for system instability and the failure of certain programs to work. DJ
Windows Messenger (msmsgs.exe) Use Add/Remove Windows Components and uninstall it. if you are using Norton Antivirus you must uncheck Instant Messenger protection in order for this process not to run anymore. thegreatnorth
Transmitts net send and Alerter service messages between clients and servers.
The file is not dangerous, serious stop whain it is just Messenger, yes it is right some hackers use this in toyr memory but no, dont trust that the can do it, if the file is about 3.000 - 4.000 kilobyte in your memory it is Messenger and it is harmless so dont trust the newbies who say it is dangerous!  See also: Link AllKnowNerd
Its MSN Messenger... DarkSide
It's Windows Messanger I found this out a few days ago thanks guys :D Just Disable it from running in background thats all I did! it works! Funkup
keeps on poping up very irritating. I erases everyting re alting to messenger, it keeps on poping up HELP anyone THANKS Fernando P
This is the default messenger that Windows XP by microsoft, and Windows 2000 by microsoft, this is a very unsecure file but is NOT a virus.  See also: Link Robert Ketron
not all what looks harmless IS harmless since many trojan/virus/backdoors use standard file names, but they usualy resides in other directorys. So if you want to check you better check WHERE those files are. Have fun! jowunger
My Aunt's computer has this bug, It is not MSN Messenger no matter what these other people say, it is a very nasty ad popping worm, and it's excessively annoying to remove. So far Spybot S&D and Adaware aren't working, but I suspect that Norton will kick it. Mindlord
Messenger is replace by msn messenger witch is better...Messenger options will only prevent from appering in taskbar...there is one simple way to deactivate it...start / run / msconfig / ok / services / messenger / clear the box "v" / apply / general tab will switch from normal to selective this is normal / OK /restart computer / a box will apear / clic the empty box / OK/ you are done. Lucky
This file appeared on my pc and for awhile it was harmless. Then, it made my pc freeze and I had to rebuild my os from the disk. I finally found out that it is a virus or worm of some kind and followed Mark's fix. Now I have no troubles. Thanks Mark! Brian
Freed up almost 9000K as appeared in Task Manager. Harmless or not, freeing up memory and background processes FINALLY is so NICE! Tommy
YES! even if i uninstall my Messanger, it still runing! gill
I did not even have Windows Messenger enabled (Add/Remove Programs - Add/Remove Windows Components). I found this file in many places, but not the system32 directory. I ended the process using Task Manager - the first attempt gave me a message that the service could not be stopped, but after trying again, it did stop. Then I was able to delete all instances of the file. seveninstl
Oops. Anyway, I have the possible Trojan version. I was able to not have it start using Spybot's "Tools". Then I (hopefully) defanged it by removing the exe suffix and renaming it. If nothing bad happens, I can presumably delete it. Caveat: I know squat about these things; I just poke around. corydalus
So sre we saying that there are three separate programs here (windows messenger, messenger service, msn messenger)? WillbeOuttolunch
My active window kept going inactive every couple minutes (very annoying).I could see it was related to msmsgs.exe from task manager.Turning off the messenger protection in Norton seems to have solved it (crossing fingers). Dan
Defiantely uses resources and allows popups to flood your compy, Kudos to Mark from a third of the way down, his idea fixed it, got rid of it for good on my compy, go start/run: RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove Andrew
BTW this thread is for people who want to remove WINDOWS MESSENGER.... NOT MSN MESSENGER.. dont know why people always get these two programs mixed up mykeeX
Micheal figured out my problem. I had an old version of MSN messenger running whenever I started up (unbeknownst to me), and after trashing two of the .dll files in the c:\program files\messenger folder, I was able to end the process in task manager and delete the whole messenger folder. I don't have any problems running my new version, so I think I'm satisfied. Bree
its jus msn messenger so need to worry . to confirm go to RUN --- MSCONFIG--- STARTUP --- and tick mark if u want it to be executed during ur windows starts. another way of verifying it is---- run msn messenger and then press Alt+ Ctrl + Del and then go in applications and processes Tab and u can see it there pratham4u2002
I kill the process and 2 minutes later it's back. I've tried everything to get rid of it, renaming files, anti virus scan, removal from registry but it just keeps coming back, entire local network is infected Arslan
Mark's suggestion works, just type RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove into run and it will be gone. I like to have my computer running only essential processes so this is great. Nasrullah
Someone said Norton AV kept booting it over and over and if you turned NAV's Messenger protection off in AntiVirus it would stop booting. I turned it off and haven't seen it booting since. THANK YOU rvoltaire! Larry
All you have to do is to end the process, and quickly rename the msmsgs.exe file in the Wasser
msmsgs.exe would constantly be in my task man. running the cpu column up to 98. and frequent lockups, or slowdown, decided to google it, and this is where i found my answer, since i've removed it, no problems/lockups/slowdowns :-D Iconoclast
Just as this says, "Did not have before Norton AV. Found after NAV. Disabled NAV-MSN Messenger protection. MSMSGS stopped completely". I have Notron's AV. I have the MSMSGS disabled, yet it shows up in the Task Manager. If I disable NAV's Messenger Protection, the process stops and is removed automatically from the Task Manager. If I re-enable it, it appears again. Dr. Artaud
now i know how to turn it off, but how does it allways put itself back on the ?registry if you dont know that way of turning it off
It makes itself hidden, the normal one is not set as hidden. Proccess keeps reloading til you delete whole messenger folder /program files/messenger Brett P
Seems this file has a wide list of uses. I did a lookup on nortons site and it's listed with a number of viral payloads. The one I was "infected" with points to the domain ads.clicksor.com and then would redirect from there, normaly to partypoker.com but also a few others. Also, windows messager (not MSN) is services.exe, least on win2k. Wokrred
If it keeps restarting after you kill it, do you have runtime virus checking on? If so, look at your Instant Messenger Protections, and toggle off the option for Notifying the Sender of a message virus. In my case, Norton Antivirus tries to keep msmsgs running in the event it needs to popup a warning to the sender. Robert Johnson
the only way I found is delete the file. in order to do that you need to boot in SAFE MODE and delete msmsgs.exe (or just rename it for later use) check
It's the MSN Messenger, you just have to do what's written above & you'll win some space. It should be in C:\Program Files\Messenger folder; if not is a virus! But it's usually harmless (it only steals your passwords). Rennao
My computer has three main logins, two with administrator priv. On the non-admin account, this puppy WILL NOT GO AWAY on shutdown. This just started recently, so it might be a virus, but PCcillin doesn't say anything about. SpyBot and AdAware are similarly silent. I have renamed the offending file -- we'll see what happens. UncaAlby
I have no file on any of my hard drives called msmsgs.exe, yet the task manager always shows it as running. I've checked Services under Admin Tools and Messenger is Stopped and Disabled.. I've looked specifically in System32 and in C:\progfiles\messenger, and there's now called msmsgs.exe there either. Usually msmsgs.exe just sits quietly taking up 0% of CPU time, but every now and then it ups and consumes about 50%-ish of CPU time, so that my computer runs hot and the fan is very noisy. I have XP pro. NAV doesn't complain about it. I'd be grateful for any help with this phantom. Anton
Was using 50% of my cpu, and restarting self. Norton AV was the culprit ryan
Start - Windows Messenger - Options - Untick "Allow me to run in the background" and "Run at startup". It's gone. Don't delete it ! Murphy
I've done everything i could to take msmsgs.exe out of the system and the only way that worked was MARK's idea of running the commannd line : RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove . dont mean to scare anybody but this process download and install a multitude of trojans. i used to to do port blocks using NIS2005 but it keeps on using different ports all the time. caused my XP to crashed and restart with an ME desktop and lots processes working in the background. JOBERT
Its just an MSN Messenger program , totally harmless Danieel199
This is a virus - adds as a hidden system file in Windows directory. Also adds a service listed as "Windows web messanger" (case specific) and adds several keys in the registry for Windows web messanger. Stop the service (disable it), remove any registry entries for msmgs.exe, and for Windows web messanger (you have to edit the permissions for the key and set to allow access to delete them), and stop the process. Brian
was unable to access control panel. after killing the msmsgs.exe process (business pc, no msging software is on it) the control panel was accessible. did not see any other spyware or non-standard software on pc. ed
THANK YOU for the Norton AV advice! I just unchecked the MSN/Windows Messenger box in the Internet options section and it stopped the process cold! I still have some nasty malware on my pc tatobo
rvoltaire's advice was correct. Norton Antivirus has Instant Messenger Protection, but for Windows Messenger it has to hook into the API in such a way that msmsgs.exe always runs in the background. Disabling the MSN/Windows Messenger protection in the Antivirus options gets rid of it. And if anyone is worried about IM viruses, I must point out that you should be scanning all files you receive via IM anyway *before* you open them, NAV just does it automatically for you if the feature is enabled. Aimhere
Ok, Ive read all of the above. When I first started looking for it, my UPC went up 100. Then I read all of them, Ive tried the NAV, and the different folder but the only thig that worked for me is this line : RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove and tou can find the reference at this site http://www.broomeman.com/support/wsdsblwm.html. I rebooted and it didnt came back. Its to weird to be safe Aqua 2
I had set MSN Messenger to not run in the background, but msmsgs.exe was still listed in Task Manager. Found out the Norton AV 2003 was set to scan MSN...turned that off in the options...msmsgs.exe no longer in TM. DML
just makes me have to minimize some games to close the app. once in a while turkishmonkey
this keeps on running even if I end the process from the task manager and it consumes atleast 5MB. It creates confusion because icon's of this file and MSN messenger are almost same. Microsoft should look into it. Sheikh Azad
It's windows messsenger. As the fokes here already told, after you disable messenger as the following link provides, make sure you turn off Instant Messenger Scanning in your Norton Antivirus. Otherwise this proces will continue to run even after you removed the messenger.  See also: Link Aaron Harris Berkowitz
NOT A VIRUS PEOPLE! This is just a old version of messenger that automatically loads at startup and sits in the background. However ANY any .exe file can potentually house a virus inside. For the poeple that have this comming up as a virus, your old version of messenger has probably has been infected (along with several other things on your system probably). So its not the files fault IT IS YOURS. You become infected at one time because you were stupid and ran something you shouldnt have. booya
doesn't go away after renaming the files...sounds like a worm to me! Steve
If Norton is installed: Under Instant Messenger Auto Protect, the check box next to MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger is the root. Uncheck if you no longer or don't care to use MSN Messenger (My version of Norton is 2005) ceenuno
msmsgs.exe is a background app that norton uses to monitor msn messenger. To disable go into norton av options, click on instant messenger, and unclick the box. Gutterfish
msmsgs.exe is the executable file for running MSN messenger which is a harmless program, However viruses can utalize this and can infect the file so that when msmsgs.exe is executed or automatically run when windows starts as many do then the virus would also execute. You need to check the location of your msmsgs.exe file it should not be located in your C:Windows\System32 it should be under Program files in your messenger folder with a file size of 6,928KB. If you have msmsgsr.exe running in your task manager or any other varient such as MSMSGS.exe with CAPITALS then this will also be a virus sam..l (Sydney)
I found the process to still be running even after doing all of the aforementioned fixes. Checked Norton AV options/instant messenger. Deselect MSN/windows messenger. That was it!
By closing it with task manager 'end process', after 5 minuts it is running again, and it's slowing down pc quite much. Ainars
Old Windows Messenger - Not dangerous- IM Client  See also: Link Laster
I also solved the CPU problem through Norton AV! dagurasum
Props to Marks post! TO DELETE msmsgs.exe forever open the RUN dialog box in the START MENU and paste: RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove You will have to reset your CPU after that and voila! eyesquare
A VERY annoying little file. THANK YOU rvoltaire for the sage advice RE: NAV. Thanks also to those who specified HOW to uncheck the protection in NAV! theMGT
Just open it up, Go to the options and deselect "run at windows startup" and "allow to run in the background"
It is always running under 'svchost.exe' and restarts automatically if you try to terminate it. You can never tell what does it do! Alex_the_Stealth
msmsgs.exe is ok, just don't confuse it with msmgs.exe or msmsg.exe ...
Wow, many thanks to rvoltaire for his advice. I disabled Norton Antivirus protection of Windows Messenger and the ever resuscitating msmsgs.exe process instantly and definitely closed. After hours of searching what could cause this process to run, it find the answer in this forum. Keep up with the good work. Detlamnis
I just read most of the post here and tried some of the tips. I first tried What syrynxx said to do and that didn't work. Then I tried the Norton AV option while watching my task menu in windows task manager I saw that once the option MSN scan was turned off the task msmsgs.exe went away. Then norton gave me a warning about an issue needing fixed for scans and I turned it back on msmsgs.exe was once more running under the tasks menu. So for those of you wondering what this is here is your answer it is running because norton is scanning the programs associated with MSN. dr.norm
Look Its as simple as this. msmsgs.exe can be some sort of file that starts programs that start popups and adds. I realized this when I noticed that popups would not occur when I ended this process, and it came back after a few minutes and so did the popups. If you want the solution, delete it with the registry commands as outlined. The whole dll thing. It worked for me, seriously. I havent experienced any instability, and the popups are gone. All these people that think its MSN dont have the problem, and should waste our time posting here. Listen
Seems to be dangerous as from a security standpoint, im unable to remove it even though its suppose to be not a necessary application. if its not necessary, it shouldnt be on the box and it most definetly shouldnt be running in memory Someonewhocares
I recently found that switching from Norton to McAfee has greatly lessened the occurance of this file popping up in Task Manager Whip
Maybe this has been posted, i Don't know so im just going to skip ahead. I'll just tell you what i did. May you do the same, That's up to you, OK. Firstly make sure your not connected to the internet, or you'll get a Message saying another person or program is using this. Secondly Delete both Messenger & NetMeeting Folders in Program Files. WSM Uses C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe to connect to your PC, so make sure you have it on your Firewall as Prompt When Active, or Whatever your Firewall Option Gives you, Im Using Outpost Firewall Pro, Good for showing you Open Port's. Kane The Dork
Showed up after a reboot. My screen was flickering and I was wondering what was going on, then suddenly I got a warning from IE (which I didn't open) asking if it could paste my clipboard contents to a website. Checked msconfig and msmsgs.exe was there and it's directory was listed as C:\Documents and Settings\*USER*\Start Menu\Programs. It was an installer and was not located anywhere else. Task Manager showed a hidden instance of IE which I ended, and I deleted the program. Definately something abnormal, probably dangerous as it was trying to send my clipboard contents somewhere. Othello
i found this program in my task manager yesterday when i by accident clicked on a link in windows messenger. the virus stops me from opening msconfig, regedit, services.msc and other folders. anyone know how to fix this? joe
 See also: Link ali
This can be turned off in XP, Control panel, add remove programs, set program access and defaults, custom option, expand list and deselect the "enable access to this program" tick box. Job Done!  See also: Link gad
Use killbox to delete it :if necessary Ozone
This is not MSN mesenger. MSN is msgmsgr.exe Oi!
msn live messenger appeared to show me as offline to all my contacts though i was online. this occurred 2 times. i think its both times connected with me disabling msmsgs.exe since it pops up and tells me if people eg logged in to messenger, even if i had messenger not running, which annoyed. though it doesnt seem to work without it. if you want to use live messenger, keep it. could that be true? kampfar
Norton uses Messenger to tell you its at risk Daz
If you disable the MSN/Windows Messenger protection in NAV, it stops the process from ALWAYS running. EB64
It's an old version of Messenger. To check this, search for msmsgs.exe and it should be found in the Program Files/Messenger folder. My current Messenger folder is 'MSN Messenger', so it's definitely an old version we're talking about. Rename the old Messenger folder to anything and carry on as usual to see if the thing keeps popping up. If not, and assuming there's no probs with MSN, you can delete this folder. Once this is done run a registry cleaner, such as CCleaner to get rid of registry entries for this .exe, or your system logs will throw up DCOM errors. Problem solved!  See also: Link Solution
It is Windows Messenger (not Live!) and in my case it was used by Norton AntiVirus 2004. You can go to Norton Anti Virus Options Instant messaging and uncheck Windows messenger and it will dissapear. MrColonist
msmsgs.exe (Agobot-Nl Worm)... if this is taking up alot of your CPU, this is the aforementioned virus. Consider it a high security threat AndyDunkers
Completly safe, and it not a virus, it is used by the core system that windows runs from. Joe.voo
I suddenly got lag playing everquest resulting in my toon getting killed and when I logged out and checked processes running this file was one of the major memory users at the time. Stephen Huff
It isn't MSN. The MSN Process is msnmsgr. REMOVE Oscar
Guys everyone is partially right, this file varies, In my case thought it was 'msmsgr.exe' as in Windows Messenger service, but after disabling it still popped up. So tried disabling by going to 'Run' 'msconfig' but after restart there it was. Turns our in my case the above comment by "ceenuno" was accurate. Try all of these and one should rid of this running process for good. It affects usage, net speed, and is a pain. meItedlce
I tried rvoltaire's suggestion to disable Norton Antiviruses Messenger protection. Before I disabled it, I had Task Manager up, and it was running, after I disabled it, it had dissappeared from Task Manager. Thank's rvoltaire! jfc
Discovered: April 24, 2003  See also: Link JoeMama
This is the best way to "remove" Windows Messenger (not MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger).  See also: Link mykeeX
its is indeed for the basic windows messenger, "Techie" was so so so wrong and doesnt deserve to call himself a techie for saying its the windows messenger service located in the admin tools services tool, that itself should get disabled aaaaanyway because sometimes you get stupid pop ups leading to malware websites, god some people are apinfully dumb.. KrAsH
It doesn't run on my laptop, and it doesn't exist on my desktop at all. Norton blows, don't get it and you probably won't have problems ever. If you really cant turn it off and its bugging the heck out of you, burn your essential files to discs then jsut format and reinstall your os if you have it. I've done that a few times, mostly when things get cluttered and I'm too lazy to organize. It came with an XP cd, and I'll probably do it again tomorrow because it's messy. Anyway, once its reloaded, go check out your msmsgs.exe and see if it's there, thus being a normal part of your os. Messy Laptop
Neutral, not dangerous. Only needed for some users. If not need, please not use. Use MSN Messenger. The unnamed/anonymous user comment: true. Yes, it's true, anonymous. :) Process analyzer
Windows Messenger ... not dangerous (if it's the real one, i've also heard of malware which uses the same name). But it can be very annoying because it wastes CPU speed, so I removed it.
It can be several things...most commonly Windows Messenger's exe file or a virus. (If located in the System32 folder) For me it was the normal messenger, but it liked to hog up memory and CPU usage was at 100% sometimes. I Anon
This file is not spyware its just windows messenger, its useless but harmless. Deleting or renaming it will NOT affect MSN Messenger, that's a separate program Kevin
When I do get this dialogue box it always comes on when on Windows shutdown. The the shutdown hang and have to turn the computer of manually. charter
used for windows messanger
youre all a bunch of douches, i just want to know how to get rid of that virus sent to me over msn messanger which i opened by accident.. GET TO THE FREIKEN POINT!!!!! i opens all my contacts and sends them the same thing. royan
seems to be 'normal' windows messenger, but hijackthis picked it out as a "changed 04 object", never before did this... also suddenly Snoopfree detected this file as a keylogger, I had it blocked and disabled the service . strange thing it has now been detected as dangerous if it has always been part of windows messenger. webwil17
this is an idiot messenger of windows usage STK(rwooop)
Some posts wrote "it keep appears in task manager, even afeter disabling or deleting it". This is the real messenger, but it looks that Micorsoft use it to track every User of windows. So it is a Spyware by Microsoft!!. Zayouna
msmsgs.exe is the windows messenger program, but the name is also used to maliciously infect your computer with the ZLOB trojan, or a similar variant. Though the information provided in the link doesn't really help you remove the bug, it does tell you what other files are indicators of infection. I found it to be a good resource.  See also: Link drewcifer
go to task manager end msmsgs process then search files for msmsgs and delete all ,bingo jobs a gooden job
The simplest fix is often the best solution. If you have Norton antivirus open it up and turn off the messange scan wcheli
I have found that the help here has been great, but if you really want to make yourself feel happy, and you know where the virus came from, you can use that to your advantage! like me for instance, i know that the trojan came from an email, so all i have to do is track the email and send it right back to him, or her. The big little man
I had msmsg.exe running in my task manager. I used regedit to find all instances of msmsg and found the source, it was located in program files under messenger and wouldn't let me uninstall. I had to stop all executables for msmsgs.exe, delete program file folder and then use regedit to delete all instances found in the registry. seems (for now) to be lceared up cezen
Yep, this actually worked... if you wanna get rid of it, open up c:/program files/messanger and open up the program and go to tools--- options--- stop from running in background... It really works! NOAHTHEMAN
MrColonist comment was exactly right, msmsgs.exe is part of nortons antivirus and can be turned off by going in to nortons, pressing options, press antivirus, then goto email and uncheck msmessenger and thats it, no more annoying process. D'Spankin Monkey
Although it is Windows Messenger file, but malware script writers have used the same filename to represent a Trojan Zlob. This Trojan opens up your Windows security. See the link here.  See also: Link Rakesh Sinha
My computer was running slow and I noticed this new processes. The code looked questionable so i deleted it and my computer immedietly sped back up Gingi
I just bought this computer and it had this on it msmsgs.exe, from the factory no problems dude.  See also: Link kyler
msmsgs it.s a virus(well part of a virus) if u get msmsgs u can easly get virut infection and once u get virut(rootkit) format is the only option to cure it so beware if u notice your thumb drive has infection than y have this file aswell thumb infection+ internet = msmsgs= lately trough irc chanels u get virut and then it.s bad realy bad Gru
I actually removed it from my start-up and registry and it solved my Google Hijack problem. tb0
Start - Run - Type "Services.msc" Find windows messenger service and right click, and stop. Then right click again, and go to properties, and select "Disable" Gotta love the Ghetto-rig messenger :} Don't delete. Just disable.
If you're having trouble stopping the process, go to Run and open msconfig. Go to start up tab and disable it from starting on computer boot. Kit's Butterfly
this is a config file if it is deleted the system wont run any software abhishekpatalay
 See also: Link jojo
1) Click on Start, Control Panel 2) Double click on Add or Remove Programs 3) Select Add/Remove Windows Components 4) Uncheck Windows Messenger 5) Click Next 6) Click Finish This thread is unbelievable. I lawl at you all. AumuA
spyware, not messenger Jef
(windows xp) i opened msconfig and found this file. I closed msconfig. I then went and opened windows messenger (msn messenger) from Start All Programs Windows Messenger. It opened up the msn messenger. In it, I went to Tools Options Preferences , and removed check mark from run windows msgr at startup. Closed it. Again went to msconfig and found that file was gone. i think in different version of windows msn messenger file may be of different name. This works
this safe but may be risk flew asts
I've found Hidden rootkit (undetectable with antivirus)located in local settings folder in c: DraganIli
Yes, MSMSGS.exe does have something to do with MSN Messenger and live passport signin. You need to first go to MSCONFIG and got into the STARTUP tab and uncheck the box that is checked next to that name. You also need to go into Windows Live Messenger and go into options and turn off the autoload on Windows Startup and also to run in background. Also, if you have Norton Internet Security you need to uncheck the box in the messenger protection tab. This is what is making MSMSGS.EXE to constantly load even though it is checked off not to load. I just did it. I have Norton 2004. BenDair DunDat
I scanned all the files I could find with msmsgs in the name with both Symantec and Malware Bytes but neither program recognized the files or folders with the files as dangerous or infected. Not sure if that means anything but I deleted them anyway just to be safe since I dont use MSN Messenger anyway. Amorie
the one for msn messenger is msnmessenger.exe
HINT: Windows Messenger (msmsgs.exe) may be needed for Remote Desktop Help (RDP) to successfully work. SECURITY ADVICE: if RDP not used turn Remote off (Control Panel - System - Remote) and disable Windows Messenger.  See also: Link Franky
deleted the file... it's slow Cpu usage and internet connection.. it's slow internet connection for 60%.. normal download rate 100kb/s - 4mb/s.. but msmsgs.exe is working.. internet connection slows down 20% - 60%.. for example 500kb/s download, then it will drop to 100kb/s or 50 kb/s.. very dangerous.. i detect it when i end process tree msmsgs.exe.. Acrap
it run in system forever, i like to stop it but i can't dragon001
Have it on my computer since 3 hours ago. Deleted it. msmsgs.exe is a fake messenger that runs in background. I think it is a trojan downloader. maxomaniak
This is a pre fetch program for the windows Messenger service. Or its updates. NOT MSN. I believe that it is that little tiny shield on the bottom of the computer that uses that program for updates. This is set for checking windows updates. So it can give false positives in some Anti-virus software. Frank
This is Windows Messenger, which isn't MSN Messenger. Windows Messenger is an internal Corporate/Medium Business application that works much like MSN does, but requires Active Directory and an Email server to work  See also: Link Snappa

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