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Process name: Task Scheduler Engine

Product: Windows Vista/7

Company: Microsoft

File: taskeng.exe

Security Rating:

This is the task scheduler service under Windows Vista/7/8/10. It is responsible for keeping track of tasks set to run at a time predetermined by the user, and to invoke them when necessary. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/taskeng.exe.html 

Note: The taskeng.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In other cases, taskeng.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with Security Task Manager.

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Its not dangerous its CTRL+ALT+Delete the task manager. If you delete it you cant click CTRL+ALT+DELETE anymore. Tried it with another pc and it wasnt fun i cant see what Programs in running on my PC now. So dont delete it! Vibox
its part of windows Vista
to taminate time meaiford
It's A resource hog disable and by services and disable one of it's dependicies aslo you cant DEFRAG your HD if you do this =X Toomuchjuice
taskeng.exe is a Task Scheduler Engine from Microsoft Corporation belonging to Microsoft® Windows® Vista Operating System. Task Scheduler Engine is responsible for running certain process at pre-defined times.  See also: Link MB
my firewall asked if it could acsess to internet
Theres two running on my Vista. How big should the file be? One is about 200kb and the other is around 1,000 kb. please help.
its not CTRL+ALT+Delete, if u end the process itll start again, it doesnt make it easy to delete, my advice wud be if ur having problems with internet or somthing, delete taskeng.exe, and if deleting it causes problems like these folks say(who arnt very specific on wut it does), then simply restore it from your recycling bin Joel
it was made by an evil corporation to take over the world by spying and stealing our pornz! =O FT
Its Task Manager file.Remove it if your system shows to you Qaiser Raza
bloody annoying. this is NOT the task manager for vista, 'taskmgr.exe' is. this is a fun little virus that redirects your browser to some queer website/s  See also: Link aaron
This program is used like cmd.exe if ou run .bat files with Windows Vista's Task Scheduler Thomas
Everytime this file is running in my PC, a weird sound/music starts. When I close it at CTRL+ALT+Del window, the sound stops. Hagane
taskeng.exe, when not located inside the windows registry, is probably malware. I had a lil problem, but since I stopped the process and deleted the file, nothing's happened so far. Delete the wrong taskeng.exe, however, isn't healthy for your OS. Dicey
taskeng.exe just appeared on my XP SP3 system after windows updates (8/12/2009) but may not be related. It does not have version info. It attempted to listen on a port in the 31000 range and was caught by my firewall. It resides in the "Application Data" folder. It appears under the HKCU Run registry entries. Tim
das is ne systemdatei omg die ist vollkommen harmlos außer sie ist bei euch wo anders gesavt dann ist es wohl möglich ein virus die anderen reden bullshit no comment
Its a program and it crashes henk
This is the file that handles the CTRL+ALT+DEL menu for vista users pandaboy
It's not dangerous at all. It's a Microsoft file that is used for Windows Vista. I suppose they can take up some memory if many pop up. It's used to schedule tasks. If you are paranoid and think you are infected, I suggest using anti-spyware/anti-virus scanners. It is suggest that you don Dan.
I know Its not dangerous and its not a virus, its simply a schedualer of tasks, i have no idea were aaron is comming from
@aaron: there's always a chance that malware is disguising itself as Windows components, always check the path. Taskeng.exe's proper path is in System32 Maave
First i see someting says taskeng.exe and my processes stops working java stops and firefox.exe stops abd much more . Kris
If you have the Problem with to much .exe's, just check if the computer is to hot! This saves your computer to burn! GTAVC
Task Scheduler Engine From Microsoft Corporation AKA Windows schedular. Not required to run on startup. P.S. aaron you have linked to a post which does not include this process.
This is the CTRL+ALT+DEL controlling process. If you stop it or delete the file on Windows Vista or older operating systems, the computer will do nothing when you do a CTRL ALT DEL. On Windows 7, which I use, i can stop the process, because doing a CTRL ALT DEL will get you to a screen with a lot of options, including Change Password, Logout, etc. And quitting this process will not prevent you from doing the ctrl alt del. BTW you can open Task Manager by right clicking the tray and selecting Open Task Manager MalkKnight
I just installed Windows XP pro SP 3 1 day ago, after installing some programs I found TaskEng.exe in a folder called Sys32 in "My Documents" and My firewall caught it trying to connect to an outside source multiple times. I did a virus check on it and its clean. But I'm still paranoid by the fact that it attempted to connect to an destination so many times... Below is a link of the SS I took it attempting to connect the an IP...  See also: Link Dave
It is a virus we are all talking about 2 files 1 from windows and 1 from the virus, how easy can it be to use the same name than a windows core file ? anyway the file(virus) wasnt locaded in mine windows map but in a other map whit almost the same sub maps dirk
This file is not dangerous. In fact, it's part of the Windows 7 Task Scheduler. Corey
Task Scheduler Engine via Microsoft, used to schedule automated & triggered tasks inside the windows environment. You may see, change, disable/remove the tasks that the engine runs via taskschd.msc and clicking on Task Scheduler Library (Admin rights may be required, disable tasks at your own risk)  See also: Link z7
it's part of the automatic task scheduler from windows Angry Hobo
Windows 7 process initiatior. Initiates processes for HP Support Assisstant and Defrag.exe. Deletion may cause computer malfunction.
I have two that show in the Task Manager processes list. When i check the file path i only see the one path to sys32. Any ideas??? Richie
It's Windows scheduler, allowing my HP laptop's to run its "HP Advisor" system check and providing relevant advice.  See also: Link Lucia
This is very annoying, and a resource stealer. Turn it off / Delete it if your PC is laggy. It isn't dangerous, But its not the task manager. Task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) Is the taskmgr.exe file. The taskeng.exe Is a Task Scheduler engine. For updates and stuff, i think. Just turn it off, and do updates manually, as your firewall will update itself. Nick
It is part of the task scheduling system. If it is stopped, tasks you set will not run and windows may not log on correctly Willowbe Wanderby
This file is safe. For every taskeng.exe you have running, that's one task that your OS has set to run at a predetermined time. For example, if you are set to defrag your computer as you restart or at 2 am, you will have one taskeng.exe. Some viruses hide themselves as taskeng.exe, so if you see one with a large size and in a file besides System32, you should run a scan on it. Jackal
taskeng.exe is a Task Scheduler Engine from Microsoft Corporation belonging to Microsoft® Windows® Vista/ Windows® 7 Operating System. Task Scheduler Engine is responsible for running certain process at pre-defined times so it is obviously not advisable to remove it.  See also: Link Keys
Use Process Viewer, its free and way better than Task Manager joe
This file seems to start a string of dll32's ie. PHPZVK.dvb -- this file appears. It continues to grow (the dll files) till the internet no longer works. David
Add on: This does not interfere with logging on and such. It interferes with scheduled tasks like you would set in Windows 95/98. It is supposed to be on your computer. Nick
it's part integrant of pc. don't remove!!!! alberto
i know it slows your internet way down. It also causes computers to lag. mr knows it
taskeng.exe is the task scheduler engine... aka Scheduled Tasks.  See also: Link momywiw
Its a process that queues processes and calls them, relax people. Paul
If found in C:\Windows\System32, it is an integral system file. Some viruses disguise themselves as taskeng.exe (Task Scheduler Engine), however, so if found in a different directory with a large size, it may be dangerous.
It is sometimes a virus. Constantinescu Andrei
could be used to host malware, however could also be used to contain task scheduling DLLs related to Windows 7. Use process explorer to examine the DLL and Handles (opened files, mutex , etc ) it has in order to inspect anything suspicious If it consumes too much CPU, dump it and inspect it and then kill it
i used control alt delete after i deleted it on task manager and it works normal my computer doesn't see it coming up any more Infinite65
Run's timed app's !!! past in run: %SystemRoot%\system32\taskschd.msc /s And you can alter these app's (funny pages,urls, updates, etc.... LD_Viper
Don't delete this file if its where it should be. (Sys32). It will slow things down if you're on the net and its running. I temporarily disable it with Winpatrol. Should only be one instance of this running, if you have 2, it could be Malware Etc'. M. Smythe
I deleted after heavy trojan behavior, no more problem, no Windows program ask where is taskeng.exe, I live without taskeng.exe one year without any virus or trojan suspicious problem, after I deleted jast told, thamks God, no more problem, simple delete and forget all problem, yes its part of Winds but unnessesary mariska mama
its task scheduler sam
When used in conjunction with the at.exe command, both of which run with system level privledges, a bad guy could do all sorts of nifty things, like allowing lateral movement within a network.
It's meant to be a task scheduler. It can be used to set up all sorts of automated things in your system. But of course it can also be a loophole for all sorts of fun and funny viruses, such as "potato farmer", which lags your system by putting HUGE files named potato on your desktop, or ones that play creepy music when you don't want it to, etc etc Sigontu
Wenn ich meinen Läptop starte kommt nicht immer aber ein um das andere mal taskenp.exe ,da ich nicht weis was ich dagegen machen kann Schließe ich das Taskeng.exe .Dann springt mein Lätop nicht an und es dauert einige Minuten bis er wieder läuft.Wie kann ich das entfernen? Wer weiß das ??? Hermann Könning
it was part of a virus for me, scan it and remove david
...it starts other tasks... Vinni
that a black screen appears and I feel as if I am being spied on Terry
This came up recently after one of the updates on my pc... not sure if dangerous, but I end task it, everything is fine. BoB
(deu) Die Datei wurde bei mir von AVAST! als Virus gemeldet. (Eng) The EXE was found from my Avast! as Virus Matrixlord337
Comodo firewall blocked it. 2014-12-13 06:13:58 Terminate Process C:\Windows\System32\taskeng.exe Target C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cistray.exe Webby
Its a normal windows file, but there has to be viruses that hijacks it. So yeA Stiverino
Why do I have two of these? One says it is scheduler, but the other does not. I ended process tree for the (not) one and many tasks went away as I was looking at the page. Rae
it is a normal process of vista and is not reccomended to deleate it.
It shut down my computer without my permission. I used the task scheduler to end it and is still causing trouble. I can't remove it no matter what anti-virus scan I use. Rosette
taskeng.exe opens as a black window on my screen on its own and then closes automatically. Y v
It opens suddenly. Then closes automatically. Ali

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