What is svchost.exe? Is svchost.exe spyware or a virus?

How to fix svchost.exe related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your svchost process
2. Run Windows Repair Tool to repair svchost.exe related Windows Errors
3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: Host Process for Services

Product: Windows

Company: Microsoft

File: svchost.exe

Security Rating:

"Svchost.exe" (Generic Host Process for Win32 Services) is an integral part of Windows OS. It cannot be stopped or restarted manually. This process manages system services that run from dynamic link libraries (files with extension .dll). Examples for such system services are: "Automatic Updates", "Windows Firewall", "Plug and Play", "Fax Service", "Windows Themes" and many more. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/svchost.exe.html 
At startup, Svchost.exe checks the services portion of the registry and constructs a list of services that it needs to load. Under normal conditions, multiple instances of Svchost.exe will be running simultaneously. Each Svchost.exe session can contain a grouping of services, so that many services can be run depending on how and where Svchost.exe is started. This allows for better control and debugging.
If the process svchost.exe uses high cpu resources, it is mostly due because the service "Automatic Updates" is downloading some new Windows update. But having a 99% or 100% cpu usage could be caused by downloads due of some hidden malware on your computer. Some malware like the Conficker worm changes the Windows Registry so that svchost loads the malware .dll file. In this case you only see the authentic svchost.exe process in the task manager! Use our free Svchost Analyzer to find such malware.
See also: Microsoft reference

Note: The svchost.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In other cases, svchost.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with Security Task Manager.

Virus with same file name:
Symantec Security Response - W32.Welchia.Worm
Symantec Security Response - [email protected]
McAfee - W32/Jeefo
Microsoft Conficker worm

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Service Host Process for services that are run from DLLs Alex
Microsoft Dienst Tino
In my computer runs a hidden version of svhost.exe, reallly is a lite version of serv-u ftp server, this serve runs on tcp port 65000 Pere Arroyo
It all depends which ones u have if it uses more memory than explorer it is a parsite if it dosn't its all gd. God
When I Try To End Process Message Appears System Shutdown In One Minute..., Save Your Work In One Minutes. Jay Wad
makes loads of copies of itself static
SVCHOST.exe keeps trying to go on the internet, thankfully my firewall doesn't allow it too. Brian Clemens
Worms like MS-Blaster target a bug in svhost.exe. It sends a special packet. The packet has to be formed specially for 2K or XP and, if it sends the wrong one to your system, causes svhost to crash, which can force a reboot or make you lose copy/paste functionality. Svhost itself, though, is NOT a virus. A virus wouldn't announce itself with a nice error message stating its name. Troy
Disabling unneeded services will reduce the count of these.... It is exactly what it says... loads a service dll into memory... you can block or allow external or local traffic depending on exactly what service it is running, you might not want to allow traffic for some of these, but you may want others, danger level depends on what it is loading and what access is allowed by your security software and settings  See also: Link Jason
It can host a lot of viruses. It recently opened its arms for win32.Hidrag (a.k.a. win32.Jeefo).  See also: Link Dj_Cobra
It is supported by Microsoft  See also: Link Radd
It allows Windows Update to run in the background using BITS.  See also: Link rupweb
There are copycat virus' that have the same file name,even worms.I'm staring at one now that housecall found thats in the common files folder.So be carefull people. Tasha
I have 5 svchost.exe (System) runing on my processes, one of them are using 25000 K i dont know why, does somebody know? and i got 2 other svchost.exe The one is Local Service and the other is Network service :S XambeR
its taking 100% cpu .dont know what
Sometimes, it uses 99% of my cpu occupation, so I have to reset my computer everytime it does that. Iordachi Adrian
i cant copy or paste files..mouse clicking doesnt work i cannot drag file, it peaks at 100 percent of CPU usage and is locked there until restarted petrorig
It will take all your CPU procent in runing future proceses installed after it's arrival BBY PAVEL
I have four copys of this program running at the same time and my cpu-usage is at 100% all the time,it does do something minämies
microsoft dienst
It's very, very annoying, I have to restart my computer every 20 minutes, it makes links stop working, and makes it impossible to do alot of stuff, is there a way to get rid of it??? Michele
svchost is required to operate your PC. Leave it alone!
Once again, this program is required by windows to run. If you terminate a certain instance, it WILL cause windows to shut down and restart. See the microsoft description below.  See also: Link Terry
It could be a harmless system file, or belong to SpyAgent key logger  See also: Link dsa
using this exe, some applications tries to connect to internet and due to the multiple sessions of this exe, the whole system slows down. Even switching between the windows is very slow Raj
This is one of the some svc host programms. If terminated, unleash the RPC Procedure..  See also: Link Shio
Trojans can run under this name as well as genuine versions of svchost.exe Alex A.
caused major problems with windows XP not loading correctly
MS says this is a generic server that handles interprocess communications. It can load multiple instances of itself to hand bundles of related processes. It is an ideal alias for trojans, worms, and viruses. To see what processes use it, use the "Run" button and bring up a DOS terminal and enter "tasklist /SVC." Dr. Dee
I have 3 of them running. The are Local Service, Network Service, and System. I also get about 20 minutes online before the pc just shuts down. I run XP Pro on an old AMD Athalon 800, with no probs. This just started, so I suspect 2 of those are not supposed to be there.  See also: Link Alan
aparently it is a vital process for Windows so its better to not mess with it. However sometimes it will act strange and start consuming memory, this has only hapened to me a couple of times then I ran an antivirus and since then everything has been OK A friend
While it may be Ok if in it's correct location ie under System32, be very careful if you find it located in either Program files or Program Files Common folder. If in that location it is a worm. Jim
Yes, svchost's multiple copies (wierd) on my computer keep trying to access different servers. I use Zonealarm's firewall and thanfully it blocks these attempts automatically Qasim
causes me grief at times, will use 95-99% of CPU resources, for up to 20 minutes after boot up. I will show up to 3 of these in my task manager, but only 1 takes the power. Mike
Svchost.exe DOES NOT need access to the internet. I would suggest that Brian run a spyware or virus program immediately! Tribune
svchost uses a total of 40MB in 6 different tasks.... that's funny... 3 system, 2 network and 1 local
I know that my Panda blocks 400 attempts daily, and treats it as spyware. lefty_whiz
It causes your to computer to kind of crash since it is using 100% CPU Jonathan
used 100% of CPU: 2 on system: McAfee got rid of the nasty second one Brian
mine also keeps trying to run when I connect to interent fi
it won't let me access the internet G-unit
This is one of the most annoying (alongside ctfmon.exe) of the windows processes. Why do we need 5 of them running simultaneously? I know it doesn't use many kbs but its still annoying. ?Ricardo!
it can be virus with the same name like windows system process. Be carefull at removing it. Dont remove it from registry CLSID keys. gzibret
a new dial up connection can't created even existing one not open.
If you more then one instances of this file running check the file folder with STM
is a windows file to run seperate program dll through it doestend to load on the memory when a process doesnt end properly,you can end it and it will restart .if it brings up the windows critical shut down counter, goto to :start/run and type shutdown -a and this will kill the counter. kcmidnight
I have 5-6 svchost.exe files, They are using too much memory velid_lav
I have the Gaobot worm, I can't get rid of it, and I think svchost.exe is also involved... :( did anyone find a solution?! cri-kee
it is relationated with the virus troj_istzone.h or .b it blocks the Internet conection there is also a version called svchostes.exe but this one is not as dangerous as svchost MJN
when i close the svchost system will shut down vibin
I'm using XP Pro/SP2. svchost is constantly accessing the internet. If I stop it with my firewall, my own email program cannot pick up email and MS IE works very much slower, if at all. Iain
check security log in event viewer of administrative tools from control panel.most logs should have no events.mine has authentication projects and logon processes.Not Good. dtg
This describes Svchost.exe and its functions. Svchost.exe is a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). jayfox
it has something to do with VIRUSES! it drove me nuts for 5 days,I was scanning the machine with a lot of other antiviruses and antispyware programs,and I found a lot of stuff,viruses etc. Norton detected one that avg free did not,a backdoor trojan
this file is started when i start my computer and can be seen in "startup". It slow my pc and other programs that i run. Muhammad Abid
It takes up all my CPU Anonymous
I have 2 versions on the company laptop. One seems to be a fake. Eggs
I recently found this file keeping my system up to 80% busy constantly. It was infected and made my system run at a snail's pace. Clearing it up with lsp fixers saved the day. Caligoiel
you can not download the updates!!! ugrasena
it uses 26.8Mb, but it may flutuates. when i put in an external storage device (eg. CD, external HD), rundll32.exe just keeps looping itself and makes the computer super slow. But, when i close (end task) that bad svchost.exe, everything went to normal, except no sound. 3 seconds later, that bad svchost.exe run itself again... Preator66
There are four of these on my comp. They combined are taking up over 34MB. My comp. is running at 100% all the time
constantly get an error message saying that generic host process for w32 services etc. i simply go to C:/windows dir and delete svchost.exe 35.5kb. it only last for a couple of hours before regenerating. How do you keep it off? Kilamanjarofakushka
Norton advise me about the c:\windows\system\svchost.exe is infected by a Trojan, but I cant delete. any help? Cruiser
svchost.exe is a windows file, while svhost.exe may be part of a virus. Ghost
Uses 100% of CPU when a Network Process is working, Am able to Shut off Process and CPU % returns to 0. Unable to tell which service is causing this networking Process to start the svchost file. Tanis
i have personally had svchost in every possible place on the computer. on many ocassions its permisions were bloked, which makes the game so much more interesting ivan
i get a physical memory dump ??? ne one can help plz i got 6 SIX copies of this thing running i go to end process and itr shutsdown my cpu Tweak
I have 6 instances running, the one making me suspicious is the one taking up 22,800 K. What do I do about this? Why is my CPU usage at 100% this is bothersome! Kitsune_Baka
system process. no danger if you have a safe system serge
Resource's waster ! Do we have-to live with this one ? ;-)P cyberblob
it's a vital part of windows and creates flaws in the security. its an essential but very dangerous file. Sharvil
This is a useless website that provides a place for people to voice their comments, whether useful or harmful. M
holy crap when i installed zone alarm... everytime i try to play my games or turn on any programs my computer crashes ... i also keep gettin w32....viruses. andi couldnt figure out where they were comming from. zonealarm
harmless see support.microsoft.com si fi
I just ended task on the one that took 99% cpu and puter running fine for the moment Spyra
Eats up resource and provides open door to various unwanted ap.'s and cpu drainers. Needs to be reworked to include less CPU calling. Dave B.
This should be the Windows RPC service. It is also required by javascript and vbscript, so if you remove it, webpages and folder views will look strange and not work. Unfortunately there are several viruses, worms and trojans that either disguise themselfs as this file or actually use a security hole (RPC+DCOM) in the real microsoft file to take over control of it remotely. (the MSBLASTER worm is an example) Make sure you have the latest security patches from MS. (Why the hell did they make RPC a required system component anyway!?) Prophet
Every 5-10 minutes Norton Internet security keeps telling me that a low risk program (svchost.exe) is attempting to access the internet. I have tried many times to have norton allow, configure, deny access and still get the same alerts! Chris
it's supposed to be in the system32 directory, I have a copy in the windows directory which is 124k, the one in the system32 folder is 12.5k, I
People be Careful. Go to start, run, type: "tasklist/svc" and see where these process are running from...with a little investigation you will find out which ones are not in the system32 file in windows. Tiggerboyee
its what your video card runs under and its not dangerous if your running windows xp and close it your computer will look like windows 98 tomas berrum
It runs fine on my computer but I block it from the net anyway Scott
I think there's ONE good one and the rest are crappy viruses or the like. I'm havin truble w/ this one---I got the one minute b/s message too. Geester 314
infiziert massenweise .exe dateien U.P.
check it isnt scvhost.exe as this is a trojan. svchost.exe is a microsoft program and is not a trojan/virus but can be attacked by other trojans. you will usually have as many as 5 running at the same time-this is normal. i recommend using norton with all updates. ad-aware adwatch and if you still have problems find a forum and post your hijack this log someone will help you. they are good like that! iamevl
I just blocked an incoming attempt from an ip originating in china which tried to connect to all adapters using some port
it's running 5 times in my windows taskmanager. :S 3 times system local service and networkservice. (win server '03) yoon
Don't know if it links somehow with CISVC, but ever since disabling "Indexing" this 100%CPU issue dissappeared for me. Ian
generic host process speaking shortly. Any way if you it is somewhere else except /system32 delete it. If you got problem, run win in safe mode, then delete. Dont worry.
if ur cpu is running at 100% it could be a trojan or a worm try the link google and typ on search windows trace remover is svchost.exe running 4 different times thats oke its part of the os but the trojan or worm is using that system to hack ur pc or is already downloading files!!  See also: Link Alex Raptor
May be a virus if file is present somewhere else than system32 folder  See also: Link Delwin
XP gives more info if you type "tasklist /SVC" at command prompt  See also: Link James Balletta
A strange and annoying M$oft program, yet another reason to go Linux.....I keep it blocked for internet access, yet sometimes I find that Mozilla Firefox cannot connect to any sites unless I allow svchost.exe internet access. I try always to block it's access  See also: Link
run cmd and go tasklist /svc and you'll see all the apps this "service" is running laughing
This file is used for networking and communications! if removed or blocked by a firewall then there is no more internet connection and nothing will work. This program is very dangerous. It allows any DLL including AOL AIM and other programs to access its communication ports. My firewall has been picking up incoming connections on ports I don't even use and that would be considered spyware or virus. MS better get their act together with security or else they will have more lawsuits on their hands from companies being broken into due to a faulting communications program. We have no control!  See also: Link BrainScanMedia.com
svchost.exe is a brilliant execuatable that prevents your computer form being inundated with corrupt files and internet bugs. It does this by utilizing existing 32 bit DLL's and Norton antivurus code Boris Beckham
What a little pest this thing is. First of all, is it scvhost.exe or is it svchost.exe? I've had a LOT of problems with this little file. Basically, scvhost.exe keeps causing 2 pests to recur on my machine. I can remove these pests using Pest Patrol, but they just keep reappearing, esp on windows startup. So I disabled the scvhost.exe under the Startup tab in the system config utility (msconfig) and this seems to have done the trick. Kevin Wilson
It Seems pretty Necasary (excuse spelling). Pisses me off though because i have about six running and gamers are very nosy about whats using their RAM OGK - spAzo
I delited all SVCHOST.EXE's and now on windows start up it asks me for it in ..\windows\svchost.exe I cant find it anywhere O.o NewsLetter
svchost.exe takes 99%-100% of CU usage...it is a virus...visit  See also: Link bendzins
If you get the RPC System Shutdown...do Start - Run - and type "shutdown -a" (for Windows XP) to end that process...although..it is a "needed" component for windows to run..so maybe you should leave it there? I dunno but it keeps multiplying and making my pc slow as hell... Marzwar
its so dangerouse. all of my program that I compile in delphi has this virus.I say it again! it's dangerious!!! loghman
svchost.exe when running 100% , it means you are in danger of being exploited at that moment. try to restart ur pc.. but only a matter of time your pc will experience svchost.exe 100% again. internet is full of hackers and worms. better have antivirus running when experience 100% of svchost. very common got trojan in ur pc already. this svchost.exe is very vunerable to exploit and attack. it is very lousy product when dealing with internet. andrew
these file can be deny access to internet. must be deny, else your pc will got 100% load (you are being exploited, there are files being x'fered into ur pc under your nose) . if you force shut it down using 3rd party application, then your pc might not function properly, like what they said, auto shutdown in 1 mins (use cmd , type in shutdown -a to cancel that auto 1 mins shut down), or you might experience file explorer can't do copy , move... right mouse click got problem...etc.. weird sort of problem, at least the person who tried to exploit you failed. you still can continue to use interne andrew
used by the OS as multiple processes. never had any problems with it. andrei
Super place for trojans Volod
It slow the computer in a way you can't work, it corrupt exe files Tarek
Critical System Process - LOL Jay Wad - you can avoid the automatic shutdown when that message appears. Simply type shutdown /a in the run box and the autoshutdown process will stop. Usually you'll find that you no longer have sound (or other capabilities). Svchost will run for MANY programmes, if you keep your sys clean with AV and Antispyware/Antitrojan scans, then you've nothing to fear. Gasur
my virus scan finds and removes some svchost-caused trojan at least once a week and at most a few times a day. What's the cure? On-Access Scan mode. With a good firewall and a virus scan running simultaneously, this should not be a problem. Do not mess with svchost, as you may damage your computer or force it to shut down. svchost itself is not the problem, it's the virii, trojans, worms, etc. that mimic its name you need to worry about. Erika
svchost.exe is sort of like rundll.exe except is for running some services instead of running DLL's.  See also: Link Craig
It is a Windows file, but is annoying in that you can have multiple instances of it running and sucking up RAM resources. Don't try to end the process or you could end up shutting down your computer Barb
I have 7 of these running on my computer..One uses more memory than explorer..Virus scans find nothing though...I only have one of this file in my computer when i search. Alan
there are four files of the same name SCVHOST.EXE and they shoot up the CPU usage to 100%.This makes normal offline working also horribly slow. Added to this is the RPC error system shut down in 60 seconds. While spyware guys have their reasons, it is better if they realized that many of us use the computers for earning our bread working on the system (doing taks like editing and typing data) . So Please stop this cynical and sadistic kind of programmes. Rao
svchost isnt dangerous at all...but viruses take advantage of it. do not mess with the prog itself, if you are havin problems then try to find worms i.e. sw
It takes up all my CPU....
there is a virus but the name is diffrent: scvhost c before v
Takes up alot of memory! KiLLa
very important file for windows AWAIS
it makes my internet all solw and pausy and msn wont sign in Bob the man
I have tons open, but just three copies, one in sys32, the update, and a "prefetch" file Paradox
If it is scvhost or spoolsrv32 or spoolsrv.exe then it's the AGOBOT VIRUS removal is easy John Moody
There's a normal file and one with the same name, but is a worm. It keeps coming back and sucks all your CPU power Mashira
I find the one run by "network service" starts using up all of the processor power, slowing down the internet or stopping it sometimes. Tom
Easy to contract, even with some virus & Firewall protection, Hard to remove! Ony clue your infected is the svchost.exe running CPU cycles up to 100%. Prometheus
the message appearing that your computer is going to shutdown in one minute is due to a virus infection .the name of the virus is sasser worm . microsoft has released the patch for it and it can be obtained from its home site dt
I'm reading that this can run in multiple instances, it's running seven seperate times in my task manager and when I ran a search for tis exe It only comes up in two places: c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386 ...something aint rite here!
All I know is it slowed my computer down and my spyware identified it as malware. My computer techy deleted it from multiple locations in the drive and in the directory. I hope this works. It renamed itself in my windows temp folder every time I restarted the computer. Starlite
Dependent on it's location, it's either a genuine part of the operating system (ie it's in c:\windows\System32 folder) - otherwise it should be deleted. I recommend that the registry editor is used to search for references to any other instances of this file, and those references deleted. Leave the genuine file alone, though! Wobbledoggy
The real thing is a critical OS piece that may legitimately need to perform an Internet request on your behalf. It is also a common name for malware to try to masquerade. If you have problems with this file, shut down, take a few deep breaths, when the PC is about ready to load Windows again, start tapping F* to boot in safe mode without networking. Search for all files named 'svchost' and delete any outside system32. Shut down and do a normal boot. Goyo
This file is not dangerous if signed by microsoft corporation. but there are copies out there that may be a viruse. Everytime I boot up my cpu is at top (97-100%) and its only one that are hogging, its svchost.exe. I have stopped it but it keeps starting up in every bootup. For the time, I just have to spend 70 seconds (takes long time with 100% cpu to get up the task manager) to stop it from taskmanager! I do not like this process and want to KILL it! but, no way to do that! Lars89
I have three versions of svchost.exe (system) running in task manager and one of them is always above 35,000kb and each time I end the process it comes back. I just ran Symantec Virus scan and it says I have 6 detected viruses all of which are in svchost.exe(system)... Randy Lahey
svchost.exe is harmless. It's just used for hosting programs / information. If you have a virus that appears to be svchost.exe, it is most likely a virus using the name svchost.exe. It does make copies of it self, however it only did this when I pushed my PC to the limits of memory and hosting. Pete
It tends to get infected pretty regular in my experience. Another badly designed file. Sphinx
Retrieves the serial number of any portable media player connected to this computer. If this service is stopped, protected content might not be down loaded to the device. Wizord
system file, which once infected with spyware will slow down ur computer. U cant stop this thro. task mnger. Cos it restarts itself again and again . manvir
I too was having the 100% cpu usage problem whenever I started up IE. My problem also may have been linked to indexing. I switched 'DNS Client' to manual using the XP component services manager and now I have no problem. I suspect the CPU usage thing may be more a software than malware problem--potential XP service pack 2 glitches. John
Its a secure file you can trust Joe Koe
If svchost takes up 100% of cpu it is a virus. If you click see also: Link it will ask you if you want to download the software for this virus.  See also: Link Afeek
Get removal tool at this link http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.welchia.worm.removal.tool.html Afeek
c:\windows\system32\SVCHOST.EXE is a VERY important file required for the proper operation of your Windows. Some of the links already pasted will give you details on why it is so critical. Now if you have a file with the same name 'SVCHOST.EXE' in a DIFFERENT FOLDER, any other folder apart from system32, THEN and ONLY THEN could it be a cause for concern. So just run a file search on the file on all drives including all system and hidden folders, and if you find any instances of this file in any folder other than windows\system32, then delete it immidiately. Mr Duckk
i don't much about this file but i agree that it affects your CPU usage. I tried to disable one of them since i was running a couple, and it shut down my computer...
if it gets on to your internet files it doesnt' let you to go on some web sits
About 100% memusage:It is most likely the rpc worm. If you didn't have a service pack installed, your system would've bootd automatically, but because of your service pack installation, this msblast worm will just reserve 99-100% of one of your svchost.exe. You have to go and apply a patch KB823980 (msblast). You can google it e.g. "index of" msblast - 1.2MB file called WindowsXP-KB823980-x86-ENU.exe for xp at least should do the trick. If you are patient, you could go find it from the mazes of microsoft.com too. There is also a virus called scvchost.exe in addition to those already mentioned Ville N
the file isnt bad, its just that MS. Blast has the same names in different directories... i stuck with that virus i dont know what do to, i formatted my comp about 5 times... and its still there, i didnt even connect to the internet and i saw the Svchost.exe on task manager, I do end process or end process tree and i it shows the "shutdown
i have two of them running on my pc when searched i get only one
i have 5 or 6 on my cpu... it doesnt slow it down at all! i have an AMD athlon 2400+ and this process never slows it down the slightest, my computer used to be slow... but i cleaned up all the spyware and it sped up alot... also most spy ware programs dont pick up all the spyware... make yourself a list of all your running processes then investigate the folders they are in and their signatures which usually give you alot of hints as to what should be running and what shouldnt. my computer runs at about 0-4%. and regularly check the processes that are running to make sure you dont have anymore. mick from australia
i deleted it svchost, but in need. how do i get it back Brown
it needs to be on my computer jon domico
If your system is slow it is not because of svchost. It is because you have spy/ad ware, you are trying to runn to many apps at once or because your system just plane sucks. The majority of the people here say to leave svchost alone, so... JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. kikoku
7 times in my task manager, 4 times system (cca. 35M of memory), 2 times network (cca 7M of memory) and once local host (6M)... b0b
alright, ive got 4 going, and my pc is suing 3 % of its usage percentage, therefore svchost.exe is a safe file Chris
Uses 100% of CPU and blocks other pending operations. When I stop this svchost.exe my processor occupation goes straight down to normal level and my PC works normal again. Evert
if your runing XP and svchost.exe is in c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe leave it alone, but if your on any other OS make sure you delete it might be a IRC backdoor used to scan/upload to other peoples pc.
using 97% of CPU time.. sean Yee
No danger. See Microsoft & Symantec. Bomvelt
Very dangerous exe takes whole of CPU can't delete or diasble makes the performance of m/c almost zero. Guranteed its a virus Shatadal Mandal
As "God" said, "...if it uses more memory than explorer it is a parsite if it dosn't its all gd." -- my svchost.exe uses about 14,000K while explorer uses 9,000 -- should I be worried? and if it is a parasite, what do I do? is it still necessary then for the system to run? also, it tries to access the internet... Anastasia
I have 2 of them in my System Network Process and 1 in my Network and 1 in my Local Process. Which ones can I safely delete? Rainay
I have 6 of them running all the time on windows XP when i close them they make my computer look like windows 98 an its horrible. Not a problem with CPU usage, highest is 7.938k Mistah
If it needs all your CPU usage, then go into the Taskmanager, right click it and end it. Then the PC will shutdown in 60 sec. To stop that, you need to press start, run write cmd. Then a Dos window appears and you can write shutdown. Then it will stop and you can go on. The link below is in german!  See also: Link Martin
Normally safe but can represent a disguised parasite. To prevent shutdown after ending this process, in CMD prompt run 'shutdown -a' Marcus
It stands for Services Host. I have 3 instances of this file running, 1 is in Local Service and 2 are in Network Service. But as I know what it is I will share it with those of you who are getting worried. The process in Local Service Is my System, The other 2 in Network Service are my other 2 systems which are networked therefore 3 systems on a network 3 Services Host Processes. 1 svchost per networked user. See, not that difficult. As always, if in doubt close it, but you WILL lose network access and your system may become unstable Si UK
OS Part  See also: Link Julio
Everytime I start my computer, appears a message that says "svchost has generated errors and will be closed by windows" I was opening the task manager to stop it but now I can´t open the task manager Davin
This file really fadeup me, cuz its slow down my system speed, and some time it irriates me too much when its disable my copy paste option ,and all the time i have to restart my system Nida
It hosts multiple services, and it seems to fork multiple copies of itself to handle those services... ok so far nothing wrong with that. But now I've seen a weird 'jerkiness' problem when playing movies or games, and one of those svchost.exe processes jumps to 100% cpu momentarily... it is also using a lot more memory than the others. I havent yet discovered if this is a virus installed as a service, or just some badly written service that got installed as part of some other junk.... Neko
Stop complaining about symptoms and start looking for causes. svchost.exe cannot be deleted. use task manager and show the PID, then use tasklist/svc to identify which services are using the PID in question. My 100% usage was being caused by my DNS Cache complaining about using a large hosts file. I disabled the DNS client service and the problem is gone with no side effects. This was nothing to do with svchost.exe rather the service that svchost.exe was called to use. Ben
It is not spyware or a virus if it is in Windows/System 32. Don't block it! If you block it, some programs might not work (including Mozila Firefox). I don't know why it used 100%of the CPU because it didn't on my computer. I will respond again if I find out. It is not bad if there is more than one running. For XP, follow the link for more info.  See also: Link Pi
This is taking up 100% CPU memory at times and you couldn't really tell between the fakies and the real. A real headache! Have formatted my PC twice!
These processes uses alot of memory and it has it's reasons.It usally causes high percentage CPU and ends with a crash. you can try and delete etc, but i suggest you get an expert you can cause more problems. Been affected
Every time i start my computer this file takes all the memories and makes my PC slow Max
This file is dangerous because it links to others exe files so that if you delete it, it will not allow others programs to start; and when you shut down your computer under windows XP, it shows you an alert message saying that an error occured while trying to shut down your computer because of svchost that is still open. Last week I got a huge virus attack an I accuse that file to have its own responsibility of that. Lonteo
attempts to connect to a hacker site. My firewall did let it happen. Bruno
It sucks my cpu 100% but srangely i can still write this, anyway i hate that it is so easy to take advantage of and I am having a real problem taking care of it arrg! l0d1z
5 or 6 instances of this proces tunning, slowing down my system. If i want to shut down the proces, system will shutdown in 60 sek. - shutdown -a then it stops but i can't close all instances The Bad Guy
I run Norton Internet Security 2004 on my machine and yes that TCPSVC thing is trying to listen to 4 ports. That started since i went to XP SP2, but then I turned on XP firewall too and that thing is trting no more to connect. I run Norton as well.
It is used to operat different network processes for Win32 , so this is a necessary system process , although it is a multi-process ,and eats a bit of virtual memory too ...So leave these processes operating , but if you have any suspicions on `em - scan `em with some adware\Spyware tools ...ANd don`t try to manually shut `em down ! It will interrupt different network processes (depending on what processes are the svchosts up to in this moment) ... Vlad
it takes up a lot of free memory in your ram *+*dj_mc*+*
The Windows Update use it and need internet access.  See also: Link K34
It Helped me understand a lots of procces on my computer and now everything is clear Jeepy
windows process, no dangerous kindlyss
Incredible, there are people saying a program which takes 100% CPU is normal and harmles! Go Linux. and see the difference. mygale
I have 6 instances of it running on my task list, 3 of which are User Name "SYSTEM," 2 of which are User Name "NETWORK SERVICE," and one which is User Name "LOCAL SERVICE." Matt
My sysyem seems to vary between 4 and 6 instances of svchost.exe running. as i write this i am only running web and antivirus and mine suck up 40mb ram but mine use NO cpu unless i do something like open an explorer page which takes about 2%. (not sure of cpu usage at boot time as i have a swift pc and its over pretty quick) im sure its "essential" but i would rather have a full processes list which i can tune on an individual basis not this, 6 instances with several services running under each :( GiGaBaNE
The timestamp and size of legal copies of svchost.exe is as follows: 2001/08/23 11:00 PM for XP SP1 and 2004/08/04 12:56 AM for XP SP2. In its property pages, it should list "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services" as its description. Other than that then it's a virus. Check if you have other 'illegal' or 'invalid' copies of svchost.exe from your system then destroy them or rename them safely in safe mode. Loloy D
i know that it is a normal window process that is hijacked or something. EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IF YOU READ THE STUFF ABOVE. what i want to know is HOW DO YOU FIX IT? i've run mcafee, adaware, spybot, avg antivirus, and none of them fix this problem. is there a way to stop it? please help [email protected] jacob
What if svchost.exe is located @ ServicePackFiles/i386??? 'Cause I'm looking out 4 the cause which makes my PC shut down when my game.exes grow upon 100.000 K - like GTA-VC, Vietcong, FarCry, Anstoss 4 and so on. Really annoying, my AntiVir can't find a virus, but it shuts down frequently. Raouf DenkDas
my system got slow very much. I noticed that svchost task tasking total system resources regulary and sytem becoming very slow when that is happening. Network cable unplug and and plug in back doent wok on my pc. I ran symatics welch.exe, but coldnt find any sort of worms or viruses Salman
Rated 2 as the original is not dangerous at all. If you think you have a virus that is disguising itself as svchost.exe, then double check it's source directory. If not in c:\windows\System32\ then stop the process and run a virus checker. Run more than one ind to be sure. ConcreteMonkey
It is a generic process for enabling dynamic-link libararies, I am not sure but ending any of these processes will result in an AUTOMATIC RESTART in 60 seconds. If you notice anything named this under the user SYSTEm or NT AUTHORITY, DO NOT END IT.  See also: Link Jamie McGlynn
I think that svchost.exe is a virus even if he is stacioned in windows 32.He slows the speed of my internet to 1.1 kb/s.Please give me an advice what to do.Greetings from Serbia and Montenegro Marko
I think, this is a spy for microsoft too. And when you lock from internet, you can't use the internet. So you must enable to this exe to access the internet. I think this is very dangerous.
Why the hell is it always trying to access the net? if i let my firewall permit it, "windows messenger" popup ads start appearing on my screen. Are there some spyware imbedded? CY
It is open more than 3 times. Try to close it, close the wrong the computer shuts down, shi* windos, but try "shutdown -a" it helps, greetings from germany Hans
It's an integral WinXP system service. There may be multiple instances running and it is used to manage other services loaded in the operating ststem  See also: Link Cruoris
this file has the routines for dcom connections and is verrz dangerous becouse anybody can connect to your commputer on the dcom port el rumano
when i worked on my friend system i saw this message "system will shutdown in one minute" I installed the patches then it disappear Madhu
I have too many instances running of this file on my notebook, right now 7 !! Some of them use to much of my system resources. Mystic-Danny
block it in your firewall andeverything will work fine. Yes its a windows system tool and a damm microsoft spyware. PowerUser
It can be dangerous. Download a security task manager and that will help clear u some problems Joma
How big are your svchost.exe files because if it has been affected it would change size Gooterz
sdbot trojan / virus is causing 100% CPU utilization and paste facility disabled and raj
necessary for normal functioning if you suspect it is a virus do a virus scan
frisst mir 100% cpuleistung! und ich hab einen 3.6Ghz, dat is net normal! cheers
There is not a clear explanation of what it is, so it's dangerous lin chu chin
System doesn't boots and takes all resources and CPU gets hanged Gunjan
it causes my pc to shut down, im losing business coz of this.. Jowell
Keeras täiega sitta, üks neist. Siim
It makes computer run very hard Gingis
svchost its not dangerous and i have a pentium 2 350 mhz and 256 meg of ram and my cpu its at 100% sorry guys the scvhost its not a virus so if you want to reduce it put a antivirus like panda and download xoftspy , adware registry repair , registry mechanic ,pc onpoint ,,system mechanic and much more can help and so you can disable some many thing on msconfig and the services.msc for reduce cpu and ram and if you dont know what disabled download the blackviper so take of what you do its at your own risk you can break your pc so i hope of what i said its helping you all thx and welcome see DeDiCaCeX
The Svchost.exe file is located in the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder. At startup, Svchost.exe checks the services part of the registry to construct a list of services that it must load. Multiple instances of Svchost.exe can run at the same time. Each Svchost.exe session can contain a grouping of services. Therefore, separate services can run, depending on how and where Svchost.exe is started. This grouping of services permits better control and easier debugging.Note: In other cases, svchost.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! farstrider
It is required by Windows to run...however there could be another programme with the same name that causes trouble. I'm not sure when I checked I found two of them one under LOCAL SERVICE and the other under SYSTEM and they don't use much memory so I guees some people have been going to some bad sites or just have stupid people sending them email...I had a computer without protection for a year and had no security trouble, so I guess you're all doing something wrong Mattue
First off, I'd prefer if they coded their operating systems with a lil more care. I mean, why shouldn't I be able to kill off -any- process and prevent it from running? I can bloody well kill the kernel in decent operating systems. Furthermore, I gots an infection, windows/svchost.exe (should be in sys 32) and I can't put a stop to it pernament even using microsoft spyware. I use windows only for gaming, but still. Bloody stupid operating system. Bruce
If SVCHost is using too much memory and/or cpu resources, you can deselect some services that are practically useless in "Services" under "Administrative Tools" which in most cases is available in the "Start Menu" Read descriptions, and use your descression as to whether you ddem the process unneeded. Some services such as "alert" and "messenger" are commonly used by adware and are, in my experience, never used otherwise. Null
I found SVCHOST.EXE-2D5FBD18.PF located in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch (28kb), Type: PF File, dated 8/13/2005 (my local date). I deleted it, and it's sitting in my recycle bin. Does anyone know if this particular file is legitimate or illegitimate (meaning safe and normal or unsafe and abnornal) for my computer. I'm running Win XP sp2 Ver.5.01. I'd appreciate any info/assistance on this one. Thanks in advance. Terry E.
All of you blaming SVCHOST.EXE dont understand that its a event handler for windows! You're basically saying 'its my computers fault that i got infected with a virus'. If you terminate your SVCHOST, you've basically shot your computer in the foot. and its not going to run anywhere after that. Having odd SVCHOST behavior is a symptom of a problem somewhere else, so keep on looking. Doom
I have 6 svchosts in my task mangr. 3 say SYSTEM, takes up 2,200K, 22,600K, 2,200K. One's under LOCAL SERVICE. 1,350K. Two are under NETWORK SERVICE. Uses 1,300K. Is ther a chance that theres a bad one in there? is hte 22,000K legit? also i cant get hte tasklist/svc thing to run. what am i doing wrong? -- processor takes about 10-30% of mem power. wats up? carib
Someone Help me out, If you have any info email me at [email protected] plz, I have 5 of these running, 3 are under 2 kb, and 1 is just under 12kb, 3 are system, 1 is network service, and 1 is local service, i also got this keylogger that keeps coming back, could one of those be involved? The key logger is called E-servillion *something like that* Molobolo
When my internet connection through DSL times out and I can't get on the internet I run netstat from the cmd.exe to see the connections then I check my processes running in the task manager and end all svchost.exe occurences. It will send me a RPC shutdown timed at 60s I type the line shutdown -a at the cmd prompt at have happy internet sailings:) chorney
I know that if I its is C:\ WINNT\SYSTEM32 and I know this thing is very tricky for example I tried to rename it and it let me do it and then I tried to delete it and it also worked but after I tried to empty recycle been it removed but the file just poped up again in system 32 folder so its really a cracker in your system I don't know what to doe Michael
A remote administrator program called: BEAST (2.06 or something like that) and a trojan called ACEBOT use scvhost.exe to exploit bugs in a computer in order to gain control over it. there tell tale signs are the high cpu usage, and Dr. Watson program running. just google any problom you have to find a way to fix it...  See also: Link Erik
Congratulations Mygale on completely missing the point of this article. To clarify; svchost is only a dangerous CPU and memory hog if you have a virus or trojan that is posing as svchost (or conceivably some other major problem with your installation), *otherwise* it is resource-friendly, normal, and harmless. Jayel
I think that when svchost is allowed to be an internet server(default option in ZoneAlarm) can be dangerous, I got 4 viruses and spyware, but blocking that option in Zonealarm, my mozilla and IE didn't work, in Zonealarm I selected manually "allow Mozilla internet server", now it works. fm0210
Svchost.exe is a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). Necessary system file; no problem if it has access to the internet. BUT, there should only be one file, and must be located in C:\Windows\System32. Otherwise, it is malicious. Flavius
a virus uses Svchost for it's own (unknown) purposes, normally you have 4 instances of svchost running udner process manager, ending the process does not help at all, it simply hangs your computer until you hit the restart button. Run an updated antivirus scan to get rid of it Vhailor
svchost.exe is normally a critical system file. if its causing problems, do a virus scan AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE RECENT DEFENITIONS! if you have outdated defenitions your scanner may not pick up on it. if you still have problems, get an expert to come to your house. Jcw87
svchost.exe is a windows componenet. Trojans target this file and put themselves into it, or name themselves after it. Common problems include mouse-clicking problems and high CPU usage. Use an anti-virus scan to find the problem, then delete the sucker. Nick
Be afraid. Trojans hide themselves in the scvhost file, so when you boot your machine the virus is always launched, and you cannot shutdown the proccess. Run Norton and problem solved, but it is still a pain and should be watched Jack
Its a resource hog yes but if its only in the right directory its completely harmless even though its a system hog if your playing a non online game simple unjack the internet it will bring its usage down Sturm
I have 6 copies running, most using a small amount of ram Only one use arround 45 mb of memory and it anoying. All copies have one or 2 processes running. One has 12 of them I think. Pretty weird. Waxxie
Got this problem with this file jumping in task manager from 0% - 90%,up and down a couple of days now. but it got fixed when i updated windows update a couple of times... with the custum update... Sciader
in this moment stolen all my Ram!!!! svchost.exe 27.995Kb arrrg!!!!! another four instances are stolen more ram (3mb per process aprox) in total more than 39 Mb of ram Roid3.0
To stop system shutdown after closing svchost.exe , open the command line and type, shutdown -a and press enter. Shutdown will stop immediately. Silwer
create while cannecting net work and uses 100% of cpu, we can't work on line, even thoug the discountinued the network connection steel the file uses 100% cpu BHASKAR
well its not dangerous but it can be i had like 5 of them running and i was getting reboots n sht haha....and i had a wohle bunch and it was this name of it Kain
this is a microsoft file that will consume a lot of bandwidth, but can get on the net safely. I use netlimiter PRO to make sure it doesn't take up too much
This file actually stops your ass from being hacked by the "blasterworm" virus . By shutting svchost.exe down, you are just inviting people to hack you. cisse
try using ( /run/shutdown -a ) to stop rpc procedure of 60 second then oppen up your firewall block all in and out traffic from ports 135 , 445 Death by sin
it runs as soon as winxp starts up.i am encoutering several disturbaces related to this virus.system often shuts down santosh patra
it is takin up all my cpu resources whenever i cnct. makes everythin very slow. hv 4 instances runnin right now. archi
Safe BUT some Litmus backdoors rename themselves svchost and imbeds itself in your registry. Anthony
Tasklist /SVC is not working for me on XP Home ..... DTS..... http://www.jobs.co.in Chicago Geek
Not much, for further information, visit, www.google.com or the link below  See also: Link Vikkythegreat
if tihs file not in windows/system32 then its dangerous vijay tiwari
amazing. people still crow about linux. Try BSD! Edward
important for windows OS.... DesertICE
not dangerous.. let it be
This is extremely dangerous because it hides itself as a integral file that should be there. But it's actually a modified copy so it's very difficult to diagnose. It also has a lag time, can take up to a week to appear after your computer is affected. People at work should be especially careful, I got it after my coworker (who's profile was infected) logged onto my computer. Lulu
Considered not dangerous because it's from Microsoft, but as you can read above, it can be infected by spyware or viruses. Right now I have 6 of them, not taking up all my CPU but some games don't start anymore (and they did before). 3 are SYSTEM (5k,9k,21k), 2 are Network (3k,4k) and 1 is Local (4k). It's frustrating as no virus scanner I've used so far can find anything... I consider this annoying because it’s not clear which svchost I can end, without it making my pc unstable. I can do nothing on my PC and yet it will still run 6 svchost processes, even when I disable my network card. rosana
Part of the windows system, but called by MANY viruses/worms. Usually under 10MB in the task manager, anything larger than 10MB, I end manually on systems with suspious files. Astral Computing
im just know is regarding DLL it make my pc hust.. Kah Hoong
Normaly this File is Fine, But I'm Infecited burning 100% CPU and lagging out my PC
100% cpu usage, cut/copy/paste doesn't work, Hyperlinks in a web page doen't work and lot hell of problems goutham
I see many instances of this file running, though that is natural and the Lsass behaves pecularly Ispita
It adds my network connections another gateway which I cannot delete .Only by Zonealarm, I must deny some internet connection demands. Ahmet Özgen
its taking 100 % of cpu when i run microsoft explorer Azazel
consuming up to 100% CPU time, extremely difficult to establish true cause Alan
Microsoft Antispyware (Beta1) System Explorers module shows a lot of the svbchost loop back to from all kinds of spyware such as adclick adserver etc etc. PitStop
It takes about 92% of CPU usage and does not allow other programme to start until the computer is restarted. it starts working when cpmputer is commected to net. Apurba Roy
This is taking up 100% CPU memory at times and you couldn't really tell between the fakies and the real. A real headache! Have formatted my PC thrice! Praveer Sri
this is a virus if it is taking up 100% of your cpu to remoce it, disconnect all of your internet activities and go offlien and search for svchost and delete everything that is not in the folder system32 moosa
To see where the process is running from, open Command Prompt and type tasklist /svc  See also: Link
it is a generic windows xp file that can be used by spy/mal ware gk_
If you want to know exactly what his process is running/started, go to control panel- administrative tools- computer management- service and applications- services Look at the automatic processes that are started. Click on each one and bring up the properties, it will show you the process its using on automatic startup such as svchost.exe and the extension it runs with it such as the -k option. Most are normal and needed for the OS to function properly, some are not. Such as the IR Port- this can be safely turned off here or in another location. The OS needs 3 or 4 of these to run by default Rad Had
open taskman view selectcolumns then select all columns. Next find the svchost running with 1028 VMsize - DON"T stop this one (needed by windows). Safely stop all others. If I can figure out how to prevent the re-startable svchost I'll let you know. Excellent link below...  See also: Link Andysails
I found a virus inside this file. the virus was Backdoor.Ranky  See also: Link Alfredo
It is necessary to run windows as well as it may show slowdown ur pc if it is a worm. To distinguish this, when u feel ur pc is slow much, check the task manager for ur cpu performance and if the cpu uses 100%, think that one of ur svchost.exe contains a worm. so just delete that particular big sized file. it can be ok. the other related processes will be ok Jojan John
There seems to be a lot of confusion about SVCHOST.EXE. I'd like to clear this up a bit. SVCHOST is part of Windows. SVCHOST is like a valet. All it does is run code. In some cases that code is standard, Microsoft code, some cases not. It can run anything, including viruses. Often it runs important system services. Chances are, you will have between 3 and 5 instances of this process running on a standard installation of XP or 2000. That could be healthy, or not. The process in itself is harmless, but it can be used for harmful purposes. Investigate further with virus and firewall software. Adrien
svchost is needed to establish various network connections, the 2 lowest PID are os critical. The others you can kill but with risk that the program using the network connections will malfunction. There are trojans related to it but most likely you had what I had... a large hosts file (C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.) Check whether you have a file above let's say 10 Kb. Hope this helps DYNAMiTE
Part of Windows that can be used by virus attackers. Jackit
It seems that SVCHOST.EXE is harmless and does not get infected in anyway. However it has a loophole which causes attackers to copy and run files on your local harddrive aswell as cause the 100% cpu load. Again, it doesnt seem as the file is infected or harmful, it simply is a gate to get spyware on your machine. To fix the problem, install the official microsoft fix that closes the loophole.  See also: Link Biohazard
This is part of Windows Khurram Butt
Impossible to work within a system without this exe , if you try to terminate the exe , the system will shutdown , but it consumes a lot of memory, but with the basic reason that operates the main programs Dustspell
Hey!!! SVCHOST.EXE comes with your XP OS period! It's necessary to run safely...leave it alone. A Clean XP OS has 5 or 6 SXCHOST.EXE processes at first boot. AGain...leave it be! Sakatoya
Windows uses this to run groups of services (which is why there can be multiple instances). If kill an instance that is running a critical service, you'll probably have to shutdown your computer. Some viruses install themselves as services, which is why it is sometime mistaken as a virus. If you have windows xp, type 'msconfig' in the 'Start Run' box, and try disabling some of the non-microsoft services. Computer Engineer
This file, as a part of the windows operating sysyem, is not at all a security issue to your PC. This process does however like to open several instences of itself and may consume unnessecary resources. I would not reccomend that you try to end this process as you will cause a mandotory shutdown of windows. This does not always happen with each instance of the process but it is impossable to differencitate between the ones that will cause the PC to shut down in Task Manager. There are several worms that run under the same process name. So watch Out!  See also: Link Link
This is a important windows services running program. There is actually only one copy in C:\Windows\System32\ . There maybe upto 7 svchost running . This is normal .CAUTION: 1)search for svhost.exe in C:\ , if there is more than one files (leave the files in C:\windows\prefetch and C:\windows\dllcache , they are backup files. ) , then there may be trojans residing. 2) if thereis a trojan , the svchost maybe occupying nearly 100% memory,topping ur cpu too. 3) If there are files like scvhost.exe(sCv instead of sVc , do a search with input "s**host" ) there is a trojan. otherwise, Fine Kavin Amuthan
I've Got 5 of Them Thay Lag THe PC Heaps when im on the ADSL Network but when i disable the the network connection thay don't lag the pc GRT1
Uses lots of CPU Somethief
No clue, but never uses CPU in my case. HOWEVER: I seem to have 3 of them running side by side, so can't rule out any trojans etc. My computer hangs five times a day, but for now chosen to listen to those saying "harmless Windows utility"........ alf
I also have seen this seemingly be the cause of my CPU being at 100%~ and I think it may be because of a Dr. Watson file .... something that loaded with a winamp download. DJ Twilight
This file is using 38000k memory on my computer, and even using security task manager, svc.host doesnt appear anywhere, only on the Task manager, but it doesnt tell me where it's located,help... aristocrat.
WICHTIG! Schreibweise. (Check the spelling!) svchost.exe = Systemprozess , scvhost.exe = Virus , svchosts.exe = Virus.  See also: Link Qit
not dangerous its a windows thing drew
I have several svchost.exe's running on my computer and everytime i try to open a page on the net or right click on a text file my computer freezes up for about 2 minutes. I also have a "nsvchost.exe" running and it looks very suspicious. Does anyone know about this file and how to stop it? Josh
i have 6 of these running in task manager is that good? beat maker
This process sucks my whole memory, Microsoft should do checks to make it memory affordable. Noman Shaukat
I had this virus for 2 days. Then I just ran Microsoft Antispyware, it found it, deleted it, restarted, and wallah! NP ( it cannot be deleted manually) World of Beer
If you are having problems than your anti-virus is crap. Goto Avast.com and download the for home edition, it is free and tons better than all the big name programs. Just make sure you register it!  See also: Link jason
virus C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft Shared\Web Folders
Service Host Process for services that are run from DLLs , it needs more attantion , coz it also can be a virus Sunardi
it took a lot of cpu power but i searched for it and found 3 of them. deleted everything but the one in the system32 folder. works perfekt LordArsonist
I have got 6 processes, and one takes to 100% of CPU usage. I can not close it. Adul
There seems to be several of them. The one that uses the greatest ammount of memory seems to be used for music. If the process is killed Windows Media Player will not function (sounds still work.) Another one will shut down the computer after 60 seconds if the process is killed.
Svchost.exe Its an MICROSOFT file, is not dangerous, If you end this process, it will shutdown your pc (because this process controls the other processes) svHOST.exe may be a virus. You can have multiple instances of svchost.exe.  See also: Link WichoMX
-- I have found a fix for this 100% cpu useage problem! -- I Write it down in a small website in german and english! Visit --  See also: Link Xellx
This file is harmless. It can however be easily mistaken for other well known virus files such as svshost.exe or svhost.exe, but the files under the name of svchost.exe are perfectly clean files. Em
uses 100 % when a virus parasite uses name of genuine looking svchost.exe of the system Bminhas
don;t allow it to acces internet Sabi
nothing but I have 6 instances of it running at all times kal
Just fixed my svchost 100% pulsating problem !!!! I tried everything, then turned off Microsoft Windows Autoupdate. Immediately my usage went to 0% and stayed there !!! It works..... reggaeboy
It can be both a harmless program that allows your system to run (if you end process in your task manager it will shut down your computer) and also a virus/spyware that will utilize your resources and make it go to 100% thus slowing your computer massively. In your Windows Task Manager, if you have multiple then be suspicious because one of those svchost.exe files can be your problem. I had 4 running. 3 should be max. I found which one was using up the most resources (around 15k) and killed it.
Plz Tell Me How t o remove svchost.exe its eating100% cpu and somtimes Pc Atomaticully restart. Ravi
the one that takes up the most ram does connect to the net and sends info to someone for some reason...
For certain if you are running an Unregestered copy of Windows XP this will Eventually be a problem for your PC. It actually is a critical system file that cannot be turned off,but can easily be exploited Easily by Hackers ,Trojans and maybe even Microsoft. From my Expierence it will take your PC to the Microsoft Website without your permission if you are not running a Firewall to Disallow it. The Microsoft Programmers are Brilliant but this is clearly a Huge Security Weakness In Windows.I recommend a Firewall and disallowing acess to the Internet. Pc Advisor
dont ever mess with it Krishna murthy
it slowdown the sys Nitin
Virus or system process. As virus it hides it self under this name! It can do what ever the programmer wanted it to do! As virus it is mostly running under some user name. If you find svchost.exe that is too young for your system (see creation date) rename it and delete it! Janne
Have several svchost running and im supposed to have them. (no infection) but lately one of the are using quite a lot of process memory. Any ideas boys and girls? Morten
Not dangerous, but it kills my ram and CPU. I mean I am running a stock dell..it's already bad enough. CURSE YOU MICROSOFT!
It can be dangerous, is linked with the W32 blaster worm. in normal conditions it isnt dangerous. theres a patch to stop it being hacked by the W32 blaster worm
I am running 5 svchosts.exe programs CPU is at 100% usage,.. it is a virus,.. I am posting from second PC,.. the other is trashed. pilot
Ok now I am weee!!! Todd it.... I. C. Weiner
svchost - windows component. Integral to the system. Trojans get in and call themselves scvhost in most cases, or they just hide in the actual svchost. Causes mouse-clicking problems etc. AVG Free gets rid of it straight away on a scan. Bob
Its...Windows service host. mine crashed but it didnt make windows restart/shutdown AngelSL
Most svchost.exe's are around 14KBs and are all in the C:/Windows/system32 folder. I had running out in the open in the C:/Windows folder and not the System32. This one also appeared in my Processes List in all caps, "SVCHOST.EXE" and was running under my User instead of System, Local, or Network Haden
Uses 100% of CPU and blocks other pending operations. When I stop this svchost.exe my processor occupation goes straight down to normal level and my PC works normal again. If you can, under "Computer Management" "Services and Applications" "Services" disable "DNS Client" reboot and should be good to go. Mark
everytime i open pc , 5 svchosts pop up in task manager . i can kill first three , but last two cause system shutdown . it must be a trojan and malaware , erase from pc shoryuken
shared host process for XP services (To find out what services are running under the svchost process open a command window(run cmd) and type "tasklist /svc" without quotes. Use this in conjunction with task manager & service PID to make sure one instance is not a virus Zeno
I've got like 6 of them running. When i search i find just one file in c:\windows\system32....Is it just one file runnign multiple times? Or are 5 of them hidden? CGC
the more entries into the Task Manage you get the better your computer is running. They're like vitamins for your desktop man. Enjoy :) T-roy
Integral for windows of the NT versions to run billy
bastad doesnt allow me to copy files. This is the second time i got this bastad - last time - i had to completely reboot my pc! simon
Unbelievable. svchost.exe is simply the process that manages .dll's. My system has 6 instances running. Thats the way it's supposed to be. As you add software that contain .dll's you'll inevitibly get more instances of svchost.exe running. If svchost.exe starts working at 100% it is not the fault of this harmless essential program. It is the fault of the .dll that has been loaded into it. Run virus/antispyware scans and if that fails start uninstalling recent software that you've added to your machine. blib
I think that the 4 "SVC Hosts" running on my HardDrve takes "RAM" away, especially for playing "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004" David98
i have 6 svchost open, all from system 32, but one in my service pack (same for CSRSS), is that a problem? Dan
sehr gefährlich fgg
i´m sure only what this archive is in my compter and the nod32 tell me that, and tell me what it is with oder name like A345679.exe or some like that. Lio
The file itself is rarely dangerous (although it is always possible that a virus will masquerade as any common file). It is normal to have more than one svchost process running. However if it is using very large amounts of CPU, it may indicate a problem with an unrelated service, since svchost's purpose is running .dlls. DON'T just end the process, as it may cause your computer to crash!!! Miss Dipsy
my windows xp taskmanager high prossesing ramesh kumar rameshk240
this file is crap it is both dangerous and not all u have to do is find what it is runing i have four runing and i have no problems killercrouse
i believe that this is a terrible thing even if so it is necessary, what has happened to me is 17 copies of this satanic program run and each one clones itself as well as explorer. this seems to me like a terrible problem... Cyndershade
svchost.exe is the DLL server used by local state and federal agencies to montor all of our browsing habits. It loads files thru RPC's and will re-load or crash system if removed. Upthemtn
i m getting this error and they are about 3/4 files in my task managers processes Sheem
If i remember right, Sasser worm acts the same way. Shuts down windows within a minute. Well, my internet connection and windows works fine, even if I set this svchost.exe as denied with my firewall. Raven
After doing a Google search on it, I know that the svhost.exe in the System32 folder is a part of the OS. I do not use a network at home and therefore I use ZoneAlarm to block its access to the internet. It appears that a program can hook into it and misuse it. So in my home enviroment, it is a security risk. In a networked computing enviroment, it is necessary. However, it most likely should not need access to the internet unless being used by the Windows Auto Updater. Charlie Chan
If is in C:\windows\svchost.exe is a virus! (how to remove it? it always start again after detele.apears there). if it is in C:\windows\ssytem32\svchost.exe is ok. cause is a part of windows!  See also: Link AbadBoy
its a file that lods services ok chech for more details u can see itv in system 32 svchost and the prosses in task manager  See also: Link ajoy mehra
I have a svchost.exe masked virus that I close when I start the computer using CTRL ALT DEL because my CPU usage in 100%. After closing it, CPU usage goas to 10%!! Can I get some help in getting rid of it?  See also: Link Florin
you can run "C:\ tasklist /svc" (Win XP Pro) to determine what services are using each svchost.exe image pip
Do you run any antivirus program or even firewall, most of them has autoUpdate features and usualy you're keeping them on? Even Windows has an AutoUpdate. svchost is just the envinoirment for dynamic link libraries, and it uses some kind of stacking system - when one svchost process exceeds normal memory usage other dll's load in different svchost instance. The thing is that when registeried, all dlls use reasonably small amounts of data but with time (windows startup) they try to do some operations in one time (check for auto updates) and this event causes svchost to extend in memory...
its integral to the system so don't touch it, if you see it and its not in the System32 folder thats a virus and that can be easily removed Tragic Vision
Necessary sys file, but is used for exploitation! PS - Stay away from "Winamp TV", and be careful of Winamp plug-ins!!! Crackhead
I have six of these running and so far, no bad effects, Even so, I have blocked it from accessing the Internet, and my dial-up connection runs a bit faster as a result. HX
its a killer. its using all 4mb of my internet connection constantly. i am using firewall and spyware removal program but still nothing seems to work. if i block this file from accessing internet then no other program will access internet. in my office i ve a great network and this file never accesses internet there. i have this problem only at my place. dude
Hey gang, If you have probs w/ this, look on this list for "GOYO' and take his advice! Worked for me! I´m on XP Pro SP2 w/ Athlon1300 Goyo, U da Man!!!!!! Also, go into ur firewall & block "svchost.exe" from outgoing transmissions!!! Crackhead
It's a normal program that works with Windows xp Un español en Nueva York
I have 6 svchost.exe programs running in task manager, and for some reason I have to disable the one using the largest amount of memory or else when I connect to the internet my computer self distructs and shuts down. But when i do close it down sound drivers fail so no sounds work. This is very annoying and only started recently. I dont' know what is going on with it. A
it will restart the system automatically without bootin fully Sreenivas
Do not, I repeat, do NOT terminate svchost.exe from processes list. You need it for many other background services. The application is responsible for launchig most services in Services.msc and you should never interfere with any instances of svchost.exe or services.exe you might see listed in Task Manager. Instead use services.msc in a command prompt to start or stop a service or choose whether or not a service is started automatically when Windows starts. Maur
The instance of, "trojan, bearing name of svchost.exe", on my computer was blocking my Task Manager form even coming up. i am supposing to stop me from terminating it from doing what ever it was doing to my computer. i experienced no other dilemma with this one. of course it had not been fully executed i feel, norton antivirus (definitions as of 4/16/06) caught it in action and took it out. now the task manager works fine. got the same problem do a scan with norton with the latest definitions. Tommy J
it doesnt take so much of memory, but still i think 5 of them should not run simuntaniously, does any body have a clue why it happaning nitin
well... seems to take a freaking wtf kind of memory of 29792 k... no really wtf? not taking any cpu though, so is it really a problem? tehjapkid
Vital to MOS George
although it is a process of windows, it can also be a very big pain in the neck if you have it in any other folder. oh my god its jackie chan
It keep showing up as a virus under AVG scans as ??chost.exe AVG says it deletes it but shows up after every scan. Lou K
The people who complain about it using 20Meg of their memory have it easy. It grows to over 200MB on my system... But it's busy - there's lots going on. The real svchost.exe is OK & needed. devo
It is actually using lots of CPU (I have 512mb ram) and the file uses 60%, so that slows down my computer... :S It could be a virus (@the same name as the standard windows service-executable) So it could be a virus or it is just a build-in windows executable... Just use a virusscan!!!  See also: Link www.atcbox.com
Most are in my WINDOWS/system32 file, but one is in my "System32" file. Could this "System32"file be a bug or something? richie
I have 5 of them on my computer. Three are in the system folder. And two others in two completley diffrent folders I'm pretty sure that they should not be there. But then again some people said we should have at least 5 of them. Im pretty much confused at the moment. Emo-Ness
It IS needed, dont delete or try to remove it, it is used for windows to operate efficiently, However you DONT need it to talk over the internet dont allow it to connect if u dont want to, but if ur a gamer and want to host games you will probably find that you need it, as for viruses get a good anti virus :P its snot a virus its just a tool :P kinda like a door... well you need a door in your house... it lets you get in and out right? but it also lets bad ppl in :( but u still need the door dont ya? :P dont delete it. KrisWald
not that big of a deal unless it has mass cpu usage often dizny
It's actually a system file, that even should not be removed. However, if it's using %98 of your cpu, that means it's infected. One detail: if you terminate svchost.exe, your computer crashes. But if you terminate the infected svchost.exe, computer turns to normal. open source
I Run Computer Associates.Firewall; Set it up so it asks me to confirm every web access condition. So, when I initiate a web access; if CA jumps-up and says SVCHOST is trying to access the web; in a certain profile; I know it is OK, because I just got done starting that access profile; and. SVCHOST is carrying that request to the web. So I click ALLOW. But, if I get a CA alert when I haven't initiated a web request, then something is trying to use SVCHOST. I will click the DENY button and CA will not permit the web access. ALXN
This file is critical to the operation of Windows. If you terminate the wrong one, an auto-restart countdown will begin. To cancel this, go to Start: Run: and enter "shutdown -a" (without the quotation marks) then press enter. The auto-restart will end, and you will know not to terminate this one. All other instances may be terminated, however this may have an undesired effect on your computer until next reboot.
u guys must have some crappy comps ? i have 5 of these running an no probs.... laptop?
When i close it, my system bootsup immediatly...but i need to start the windows audio service myself cmonyow
go to run, then type cmd, copy and paste this " Tasklist /svc ", and you can see whats running under svchost.exe, i found atleast 3-4 suspected virus programs, not a hundred 100% if all those were viruses  See also: Link
Part Of Windows XP jessis
svchost isnt dangerous to any degree, this file is supported by microsoft. the only way this file could possibly be harmful would be if a virus has attached itself to the file. but if thats the case the virus was already in ur computer, not straight off of svchost. ;)  See also: Link Chip
Its dangerous depending on what its used for. Right now i notice 2 or 3 svchost.exe's on my process list. Some are used for running your internet connection others are used for.....you guessed it, SPYWARE etc. So be careful and save all your data and stuff before killing this process. Snake Solid
i have about 5 svchost.exe running on my tast manager. i don't know if it is a virus or a system tool. can someone help me. tnt
this file is easy to get rid of... Just do a search on Once you find it's path, make sure the file isn't located in a system folder or ant folder that looks really important because if you delete that one, chances are you delete the wrong one. Then if you try to delete it now, it'll say the file is read only or currently in use and cannot be deleted. No big deal. Start windows in safe mode and delete it. It should go safely into the recycle bin. After that, run a virus scan on your computer. dudee
svchost is used also for DNS IP address resolution in Windows XP and so you shouldn't block for outgoing connections direct to your ISP dns luke
I got 5 of them and Services and Controller application is an essential part of your computer's operating system. It requires full access to the Internet. If it is not granted full access, your system might become unstable and crash or reboot. Leo
Usually it is harmless but if it takes CPU it is often a virus. danny
Well, it can be bad and good. Follow this rules to know if it's infected or not: 1. If it gets 100% after your computer completelly started up, it's BAD and 2. Scan for Svchost.exe. If it's on any location BUT your system32 folder, it's BAD (also scann on scvhost.exe (C before V), sCvhost.exe IS a trojan/virus/etc for sure. Glad to help. Svchost.exe = Microsoft BadProgramming
svchost.exe is a system process belonging to the Microsoft Windows Operating System which handles processes executed from DLLs. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. If you are having problems with this file you may be infected with a virus that has taken over the system process. this process should not at all use 100% of the system clock cycles. Mediarocker - IT Administrator
A key process in that insidious virus known as Microsoft Windows. In order to alleviate this problem, you must format your hard drive and install Linux. This is the only solution to that world wide conspiracy known as Microsoft.  See also: Link Linus Torvald
I also stopped 'DNS Client as John suggested but when I started up my Wireless network it popped up again. Phil
It copy other svchost.exe too.In my processes i have 4 svchost.exe !?!? RistoP
another really annoying program, ive got about 10 of them running at one time penguin
Do you people all throw away your good china dishes because you have rotten food on them? SVCHOST.EXE runs "other" services. If one of those services is corrupt, broken, infected or fake then the process list will show svchost (running that bad service) acting strangely. Shutting down svchost because is akin to throwing out your toilet because your too lazy to flush. Erik P.
I have found it in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ Start Menu\Programs\Startup Folder. I have deleted it once but only in safe mode. This in my view is some kind of virus or spyware. I wish the clever bastards that do these type of things would use their brains for doing something creative or useful rather than causing people to waste time correcting their stupid actions. dez16v
it can run essentially anything, and CTRL*ALT*DEL doesn't say what. If it's causing a problem, get SysInternals or something that can show what threads a process is running Dan
Lately my Win2K PC's svchost.exe will use 100% of the CPU time, as others have pointed out. This even happens after a reboot. Normally I just put my PC in standby, and when I wake it up, svchost.exe will be consuming 100% of the CPU time. However, in 5 to 10 minutes it goes back to normal, for me anyway. If it stays at 100% longer or forever, there must be some other problem. The OS will not let you terminate it in Task Manager. But once afer trying, it immediately stopped hogging the CPU. Microsoft should lower the priority of this task so it doesn't bog down the OS so much. Ed
Don't wory if it is in the folder "ServicePackFiles" Windows updates are stored in that file and it should not be dangerous Eren Aykın
when I try to end this process, it warns that my computer will shut down in 1 minute. Son Ngoc
Just an annoyance, doesn't really do much, just gets your antivirus annoyed! Carlos
It is not a virus or parasite. Other posters have motives in mind. I have modified my host file with this sites file http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm. When you do this you have to shut off your DNS client. You go there by typing in services.msc /s in your run window. Just stop /disable the DNS client. Trust me this worked for me. TRUST ME
Dont worry W32 Jeffo will herase you if your antivirus is enable. Its not very harmful.Keep watch on your processes.You can disable svchost by servises.Copy and paste"%SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc /s"this line in run.and see. ruchit47
this file on my laptop also contains the Windows Updater and for some reason my laptop cannot update HOWEVER this process keeps trying (with the auto update engaged) trying up 100% of my processor,,turn off the auto update and it goes back to it's normal 0% Clay
My PC would hang for several minutes after bootup. Culprit was a dll file put there by Trojan Remover, more than 1 MB. Deleted the software and all is fine now. Someone said it before me: watch out for (recently) installed software. Look for exceptionally large dll in system32. Yumika
Sometimes it's dangerous, sometimes it's not. You really don't have to worry unless your performance is att 100%. It should be safe, but sometimes it can be running viruses.
Svchost is a legitimate windows file and is needed to run. It can however become infected or tagged with virus's. Draylynn
I noticed svchost.exe was hogging CPU (up to 100%) and IExplore.exe was also jumping up and down with the CPU. Read somewhere that the Windows Automatic Updates can cause this. I turned my Automatic Updates off and the problem was fixed. Also noticed that an extra svchost.exe was getting started (without a 'User Name')... this also went away. MikG
Most probably you will get the problem after installing an HP Printer. All well known antivirus programs could not help you. Run "msconfig" at Start Run and click Services. Then Click "Hide Microsoft Services" & search for HP services. Uncheck the boxes with HP service drivers one by one-PmlDriver HPZ12 see if the problem disappears (You don't need to restart but must close the Applicaton Error message window after closing the "msconfig" window.) If all this doesn't help try to uninstall your HP Printer and ask the world's leading printer manufacturer for this unresponssible product issue. The Persian
Massive RAM/CPU Cycle hog when loading the Windows Audio service (Don't ask why!). I have to manually kill the process then start up audio from services.msc on startup. Annoying - but deffo not a virus
There is one copy you can disable in the services, it has to do with the network for printers and such. Schreck
Its a vital component of the operating system Dan
svchost.exe is a safe Windows file, svchost32.exe is a virus Mike
(Loads service Dll's to memorie), and you better check to see if you need it or not, aka "running a service that you just might needs".. You tards who think everything is a frigen "Virus" need your heads looked in too, because none of you are right about most I read.. If it's a frigen Virus, and most are old ones you all talk about in all these, they will be found by spyware from being tested on- lin-- For free!, or get your own protection and do it... Boot problems are most of you on Dad's very cheap computers, buy new for Gos sake.. Don't fallow what these kids say.. Wow!! (sigh) Rico..
it's not the file svchost, it's the programming....try deactivating all of your automatic updates...windows, antivirus, spyware etc...and the problem of svchost consuming all your processing time goes away.....why I don't know but it does.... twk
While a legit process, it can host/hide malicious services, which are not easy to track down for non-nerds. I think the fact that all services behind it present themselves to the firewall as "svchost" creates unwelcomed ambiguity that's easy to exploit.. teaCup
For the most part this file is safe. There was one occasion we had at my school (IT Shop) where we had a similar process running called "scvhost". The main difference being one letter, and a whole lot of trouble. See link for more info.  See also: Link AJ
window,s file , can be a virus name mak
Svchost.exe is a genuine needed MS file however it can be used in "bogus" form to attack your machine. I always block incoming UDP (&TCP) from svchost.exe. I have five running normally but they are all instances that start from within my machine - not ones that come in as svchost.exe from nefarious sites. Bonzo
Everytime i see a post like this I cry for noobs everywhere. LOL
WTF! this damn thing has 4 under system 2 in network service and 2 in local service! all of them but one is under 5000kb... one however is taking up 145,416kb! I dunno if its safe to end it.. i can tell its not suppsed to be there but i dont wanna screw the hell outta my computer! joe
You people are dumb, this is a required process that controls windows services and DLL's. The scvhost.exe (as opposed to svchost.exe) is a virus and should be removed.. I think this is where confusion comes from. It's not uncommon for you to have multiple instances of this running, and is REQUIRED to run your PC.. It does not shut down your PC after 20 minutes of being online.. that's a virus, get a scanner or use a free online one like Trendmicro Chris
If I end the LOCAL SERVICE one of these, it pops right back in there. If I close the SYSTEM ones - particularly the one using 19,000 K, it shuts down my puter. Annoying, but seemingly unavoidable. Don't delete it! spider
In my Sister's computer one instance of int takes 99% of system resources. Since it's Duron 700, it almost freezes. She simply terminate it in TaskManager, and the problems go away. It's fresh install, so I don't know what's happening. Lukasz
Dangerous, SVCHOST.EXE? Complete nonsense! It is mainly the program which allows contains all most of Windows services! If you think I'm nuts, see support.microsoft.com! Although I have noticed that on some occasions that it drains 50% of CPU availability on my Pentium 4HT system!  See also: Link Jamie McGlynn
The one entitled svchost.exe is the windows process. BUT I know there are lots of spyware out there hiding as SVCHOST.EXE suggest you run spy sweeper and ad-aware as they are the best on the market. Stay away from major nasty Norton as its a virus in itself! Seriously it mucks up your machine and once you install Norton you have to buy it every year. Personally if I had Norton on my machine I would format my hard drive to kill the most nasty program in the world! I work as a PC tech and people bring their machine in for us to try and remove it!! Keith23uk
It takes the name of an important Windows XP Process. It usually takes up more memory than the real process. If you try to end it, it comes back up. Usually, ending the process tree should fix the problem of it popping back up.
This a generic service that runs DLL files, there can me more than one running, should be located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe  See also: Link Serovectra
the number of times svchost.exe appears in task manager all depends on how many services you are running, to stop services got to Control Panel-- Administrative Tools-- services
There is meant to be more than 1 copy of it, and it can access the internet to gain access to updates. But, it can be used by viruses. But, it is extremely likely that it is a virus if it uses over 90% CPU usage. Todd
svchost is safe, but some are bad. Take a look at the username when you check your processes...if the username appears as the user's name, and not something like "system" or "network service," then it's most likely spyware or a virus. King
i have 6 svchots.exe ... 3 on system, 2 on network servcie, and 1 on local system ... what can i do? Ryan
I have six of these running. Not a likely risk if there isnt much CPU usage I guess Lukas
Most probably you will get the problem after installing an HP Printer. All well known antivirus programs could not help you. Run "msconfig" at Start Run and click Services. Then Click "Hide Microsoft Services" & search for HP services. Uncheck the boxes with HP service drivers one by one-PmlDriver HPZ12 see if the problem disappears (You don't need to restart but must close the Applicaton Error message window after closing the "msconfig" window.) If all this doesn't help try to uninstall your HP Printer and ask the world's leading printer manufacturer for this unresponssible product issue. Farhad (the Persian)
I have 6 svchost.exe running at one time, with no problems. I going to take a guess that if yours runs at 100%, then it is probably been bugged by something. Chris
Turn off your Windows Automatic updates under My computer/ properties. Mike.C
It can host viruses, but it's not a virus. It comes with windows XP (and probably 2K aswell). JoerT
This is a needed program, but sometimes it uses 100% CPU in regular periods. Ending the eratic process stops this. When it goes to 100%, the computer starts to slow down... 100% CPU
it's a windows system file, I have both the best protection spybot and adaware with a sygate firewall and NOD32 antivirus. No detection of virus or trojans. Brian(pc tech)
When it starts to consume 100% CPU, I use Task Manager to kill the process. Never saw negative consequences of that. efimpechat
I'ts part or running XP. As soon as this hunk finally throttles itself into being useless with this (among a hundred other vulnerable and system-sucking things MS puts in) I'm gonna go Linux with the next setup. It can't possibly be any harder than having to continually re-boot and search for help in forums where no-one knows anything. And good luck getting MS to help when something they designed turns out to be garbage (like 99% of the time)
this file will effects on tcip network protcal stops network flow in and out kiran
i got 6 of these runing at the same time using lots of memory no one
I had recently started to have trouble with svchost.exe taking up CPU time and using up progressively more memory as it ran on both of my computers. I understand the use of svchost.exe and found that Microsoft admits problems and that 100% CPU use and memory leakage are two of them. I also found that turning off automatic updates was supposed to clear the problem but I could not turn off updates since the choice was greyed out. While you can go into the registry and turn updates off, I found that freeware from www.theorica.net does it for you. James Streator
Windows task. As said in the main description it's only dangerous when not found in the system32 folder. Craig
msi board conflict with latest xp/sp2 update  See also: Link thebirdman
SVCHOST.exe file is not dangerous but same named file SVCHOSTA.exe is dangerous it is non Microsoft file. Chandresh kesri
i found svc.host (generic) in system 32, which i believe to be normal--but i also did a search for that file, and found it in "pf" (pre-fetch) file, and i believe that to be some type of spyware. after i deleted it from that location, i stopped getting the error message that i was getting previously. i was constantly getting an error message something like "generic svc.host has encountered a problem and needs to close." theestever1
You should only terminate this process if it's running over 20k in memory usage, Do not terminate any ones under 20k, svc's over 20k cause your computer to run slow. And was more-than-likely created by a P2P filesharing program designed to steal anything you store on your comp and put it on their program. Andrew
The original file is completely safe, it's from microsoft. I have sometimes as many as 5 svchost.exe running at one time, I have never gotten any alerts, and I'm using the same stuff as the people who said they got the alerts on. If it has a misplaced letter, end the process, at the moment I have 2 running, both are in all caps. I feel safe right now, they're using 0% cpu, and about 25mb RAM. ^^
This is not a virus it is part of windows xp there is a problem with the service here it the update to fix it do not try and delete it  See also: Link Troy
This is what is causing my computer to crash! I cannot stand it - I was fine before it came along and now my computer is constantly crashing - I feel like throwing my whole computer out! Christine
svchost.exe is a generic host process that can be used by the operating system for many different things. To terminate an essential one of these will come up with a message saying you have to shut down in one min. This process is very susceptible to virus, trojan, and worm activity. There are very few ways to fix this problem - best chance to get rid of it is to performa format reinstall of the operating system. If you don't want to do that, moving the process into quarantine, or blocking any outgoing/incoming packets to/from this process via a dedicated firewall program. Kyle
i have a few in system(fair enoguh) but then i have 2 in network and 2 in local O.o qweqweq
i found out that svchost.exe likes to run up my cpu's when and only when this process starts. "mags support cdrom.exe" i don't know what it came from or how it got here. But i did a search and found two files called mags support cdrom.exe so i manually went in and found them. I don't remember where they where... But i sent them to the recycle bin and the cpu's have been in the normal range. can someone please tell me if i should fully delete it from the computer or just leave it in the recycle bin? Rick
svchost.exe is quite harmless usually, however i got infected with svchosts.exe which is a nasty little trojan and won't delete even with norton... help? Salz
Actually there's been a bug relating to SVCHOST that wasn't properly patched until Feb 20, 2007.  See also: Link TravisO
Usually it spawns services for windows, like sound and utilities, but may also spawn viruses, and some viruses are named the same way.  See also: Link Bill Gates
This process eats my RAMs. It uses 89 RAM and CPU almost 100% usage... Then I turn it of everything is coming good and my computer becomes more faster..
svchost.exe is a generic process used by different DLL's. The reason it's running so high and taking the space is because of a present issue with MSupdates/windowsupdates. Microsoft has found this recently, especially when you have office2000-up installed. It is an error with MSI.dll that causes the CPU usage issue and so many apps of svchost. Check this website's main page for a recent detail of the fix and a little bit of the issue: http://www.pctroubleshooting.org  See also: Link Kentrik999
It's a legit Windows file and a legit Windows process that runs Windows core services often under multiple instances. As long as it's located and running from the system32 folder you are safe. David
It's definitely essential to Windows. Don't remove. (link is for Windows XP, search Microsoft for other Windows versions)  See also: Link Darkstar
A normal Windows .exe; sometimes trojans use the same name but have a different file path. S. Park
There seems to be many copies of this file in my processes list and one of them is using an extremly high amount of the CPU!! Mike
I've found 7 instances of "svchost.exe" running on my computer. Don't know wat to do with these useless exe's :( svchost sufferer
Terminating it usually causes system instability (ie. sound stops, networking breaks, etc) Matthew
It looks like the disacle of Windows Update does the trick...I just did it and it works like a dream...I also deleted any SVCHOST.EXE that was not in the C:/Windows/system32 or C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch folder! Rod
It is a bundle of windows services, type in cmd tasklist/svc for more info! Chezlow
It is a Windows process under which several services will run, such as Automatic Updates. Download "Process Explorer" from www.sysinternals.com. Run it, you will see several instances of svchost running. Mouse over the instance that is consuming the cpu. The popup will likely show wuauserv - Windows Auto Update service. There is a hotfix for this service that reduces the scan time it takes for Office products installed.  See also: Link Bryce Canyon
I think this svchost irritates me the most.... after start up it runs 99% and at 80MB... gosh and guess what it runs for 30 minutes before i decided, enough is enough and start my iE... thankfully it stopped after my iE loaded 10 mins later... what ever it is ... .it is STUPID! Bean
Why do i have 8 of these little shits?! one of them is taking up 24mb of my ram! azzza
Please read this: http://www.computerhaven.info/svchost.htm "BEFORE" you complain about this file. Says, having multiple instances of that process is normal  See also: Link Eric
The big CPU hit is caused by a bad MS Hotfix  See also: Link WayneB
some svchost.exe are running in audio. I mean I tried to delete 1 svchost that is running and it consumes almost "100,000" kb on my computer. After that, I opened the Windows media player and the player said that there is no audio hardware found on the system. So I logged of and logged in again. but, when I logged in, that svchost.exe return processing. I let this work on my computer and Idle about 3-5 minutes. Oh! and by the way, when u want to play musics on media player after logging in, expect that svchost will consumes ur computer a lot. check task manager when u play a music. kevin
Several run together ~ one, usually SYSTEM uses all the CPU ~ I just stop it from Task Manager ~ I have never had a problem and by hibernateing the PC instead of turning off It doesn.t even run when i restart the PC. It appears to only run and cause the very annoying problem after turning the PC off j new
When this threat occured...I found that 1. Cannot use Internet Exploer 2. Cannot play any music in Winamp and got this too - 'Error code : 2' and 3. There's NO sound when I play any game in my computer. Netto
I have found a dodgy SVCHOST pretending to be a genuine article. Until i looked at its properities and compared it to the real one that should be there. It kept redirectinging me to websites of its choice and causing many problems. Try outpost firewall freeware, i had my eye on this for some time but couldnt prove it. Until it locked my homepage and task manager i had to find it. All the usual anti virus protection didnt find it and it had been on my PC for 2 months. Enough time to do some damage. Finally outpost firewall found it and proved my suspicions today and we deleted it in safe mode. crazy1 from viruses and spam
This is Wireless Zero Configuration service. Needed if running Wireless networks with Windows.  See also: Link Jen L.
File is a genuine Windows file but some viruses can be masked as svchost.exe. The easy way to find out is to open task manager, and look at the user name for each instance of svchost.exe. All the usernames should be "SYSTEM", "LOCAL SERVICE" or "NETWORK SERVICE". Any other user names running svchost.exe are viruses and need to be shut down bjones371
This process can run .dll files which put themselves in the System 32 folder. Known ones are rqomn.dll and sqrop.dll, which are adware. Vince
Part of windows XP peter
There are two similar programs, svchost and scvhost....notice the vc is flipped around.....the svchost is a part of the windows system, and this is what this page is talking about. It is located i belive in the c:/windows/system32 part of the system, but dont quote me on that....the other one, svchost is a virus, and should be deleted immediately....yes sometimes it takes up a lot of system resources...... comp geek
tasklist /svc will not work on xp home david
Not virus, spyware, trojan, or other if "normal"(Not capital): svchost.exe is OK. meow
Many people say problems if svchost.exe is not in \windows\system32 but I have 3 copies on hard drive and I don't think any are bad, i.e. \windows\$NtServicePackUninstall$\svchoist.exe \windows\system32\svchost.exe \windows\system32\dllcache\svchost.exe John M
It is a necessary Windows File that runs other programs. Five or six instances of Svchost.exe is normal. If a high % of Processor usage is seen you probably have a Virus (trojan, Worm, etc). A good Antivirus Program should find the offending Virus or Malware & your problems will be gone. Not all Antivirus Programs are equal. Avast Antivirus finds Viruses that even Norton misses. Remove the offending Viruses & Windows will run super fast. Install a good Antivirus & "RUN" it in Windows safe mode. You have to be responsible enough to use a good Antivirus Program.  See also: Link Wayne
Windows has a major flaw-admit it. its security. i recommend anyone who often has security issues with windows move to ubuntu from linux. there is a lot less flaws atc it is a free os available from my link  See also: Link mattie_boi
there is meant to be six of the svchost.exe if u have any more then it is likely to be a virus or trojan. the vm size shouldnt go higher than 20,000 and the cpu usage shouldnt go higher than 75% its usually arounf the 0%to3% on a healthy system mattb
It continuously takes up more and more memory until it crashes my computer The German
Listen on port 1026 and 1027 often using the print spooler if you have lexmark printers installed. Block 1026-1027 udp ports if you know whats good for you Jamie Thornsbury
"Tasklist /svc" services run by "5" SVCHOST.EXE on my PC: AudioSrv, BITS, CryptSvc, Dhcp, dmserver, ERSvc, EventSystem, FastUserSwitchingCompatibility, helpsvc, lanmanworkstation, Netman, Nla, RasMan, Schedule, seclogon, SENS, SharedAccess, ShellHWDetection, srservice, TapiSrv, Themes, TrkWks, W32Time, winmgmt, wscsvc, wuauserv, WZCSVC, Dnscache, Alerter, LmHosts, RemoteRegistry, WebClient, RpcSs, DcomLaunch, TermService. Gnosis
svchost.exe is usualy a normal file. Alot of FXP hackers rename their FTP server to svchost.exe. This will explain the connections to the internet. You may never know if the users file is not detected. Andy
SVCHOST is GOOD file. SCVHOST is bad
This File Is Needed Unless it is Corrupt Bud
Some worm hidden in it. my cpu usage 90 ~ 100% all time. now i try to kill it but not found... mancool
I have two svchost.exe processes running at the same time. One is installed in the Systems32 folder and one is installed in the systems32 folder. In the systems32 folder there are a svchost.exe program and a svchoste(2).exe program. I cannot find the System32 folder. This doesn't sound healthy to me. Wendy
As multiple instances of svchost.exe can be run at particular time..so there are lot of chances a virus or spyware (say a simple keyloagger) can be run with same name and no one can identify the spyware as easily. windows is been always vulnerable and it will be so. EteRniTy
It runs many dlls but be careful, i caught trojans running under its name.... didnt like that much :@ cant fix it either unless i find out where the processes are commnig from Ben
I know that it can be very harmful... my freind lost all his e-tax stuff and work!!! but i cant find any thing bad on my system for now!!! Avatar
there is a reason for it having multiple copies: each one runs a different set of processes for windows however if one is located out of the system32 folder it is quite possibly a virus Joshua
I have six of them running on my toshiba Satellite P30 2068 laptop. Thing is that in task manager, my machine is running at 2-10%, so i think you guys are quite mistaken. same goes for my desktop. Sometimes after startup, it goes nuts for a couple minutes sometimes reaching 100%, but I just leave it alone for a few moments and everyhing speeds up to normal. Another thing is that SVChost has never tried to access the internet, nor do I get any incoming port messages, system shutdowns, I have had a few memory dumps but I attribute that to my gaming with my graphics/physics settings too high. Rook
if its in its original form its safe with no problems but it may be infected by many programs/viruses allso for exampleit may broke with some lan emulation programs if they break first jakeri
After a bad block error on a DDS4 tape (Sony drive) svchost.exe was taking ~70% CPU, cured by restarting Remote Storage service. BeefByproduct
You guys are asking for a way to get rid of Svchost, because its reducing usability? Fantastic Logic, getting rid of a critical system process, required for Windows to run will definitely increase usability . QuestionMark
i've got 12 of them running on my vista, 5 on System, 4 Local Service and 3 on Network Service Samet
Microsoft General Service Host / or virus host. To find out which, check what name it is running under in task manager (hint: if it's under your name it's a virus). If you constantly find your processor running high, look for this (unless you're doing some heavy duty work)  See also: Link Jeff
Disabling it in services causes windows vista to blue screen alot, so dont disable it Thabg007
Is totally harmless when you have the genuine version that has not been infected or is being mimicked.  See also: Link ingkiller1
It is normal to have multiples of this process running at once. If, however, you also have a virus disguised as svchost.exe, then it is dangerous. A good clue to determine whether you have a viral svchost is if your CPU is running at 100%. That is not normal. k
This is veri important file, if stopped then your computer will stop working as there are lot of services which depend on this service. If we stop this service the other dependent services will stop automatically,. but the interesting part is that we can't stop that service and if we try to do that we get the "critical system alert" Piyush Srivastava
very very important for windows seb8303
Found SEVEN svchost.exe in my task manager , three being created after I installed an HP printer... their not taking up much cpu though or memory steve
If you try to end svchost in taskmanager, and it starts the countdown to turn off your computer, you can type "SHUTDOWN -a" in the command prompt to abort the shutdown. Colin
You can have a large ammount of these processes running depending on what programs you have installed. Most bundled pcs (i.e. DELL, hp etc.) will have up to 7 when you first turn it on. the reason it uses more cpu on some than on others depends on your start up file, if that is large then programs take much longer to start making this seem like a resource hog. do a search and find it in system32 i386 and .net framework. anywhere else is bad. dmn
When I ended the process some of windows XPs themes werent working, that is to say the language bar had a white box around it, and the windows switched to classic view, however after re-enabling windows was normal again. Aminur Rashid
Svchost.exe is needed to execute .dll files. Its supposed to be there. If you delete it, your system will not run. Not to be confused with scvhost (two letters transposed) which is more than likely malicious Mark
svchost.exe is not a dangerous file. It's from Microsoft and it needs by your computer to run properly. But it eats my memory 13MB, i ran AVG AntiVirus and now I have 1 svchost.exe running.  See also: Link elvis lagrason
i have the sloution for thies prosccer i discovert today you can stop from the the services under name superftech (PcaSvc) stop it and you it will take just 5Kb of the memorey and its will returun to the normall svchost from micrsoft , simply go to task manger go to the svchost.exe how had the most memorey right click on it chose go to sevcies and stop it or go to the service strat away search for Superfitch chose stop and disbale for the account c/windows/system32/svchost.exe netsvc , i hope you Benefited send me an email if need more help [email protected] yaser kamel
It is what it says it is SERVICE HOST!! It host differnt services, processes, dlls important for your os to run. This is not at all dangerous. Dont end process or try and delete. If it is accessing the internet that is normal. Automatic updates is a process under svchost that needs internet access. There should be at least 5-7 of these on every pc using a microsoft os. It is only a virus when its obviously acting up-using alot of cpu or when its located in another folder other then system32. If u want to know what is running under each svchost download process explorer from microsoft. Tullz101
I trust MS, it's something else that you put too much program in it and that can cause slow or infection while download or email. Alex
The file svchost.exe is the Generic Host Process for Win32 Services used for administering 16-bit-based dynamically linked library files (DLL files) including other supplementary support applications. Acting as a host, the file svchost.exe creates multiple instances of itself.  See also: Link Lexington
There are so many instances of this process. So out of curiosity, I wanted some information. Most of the times, my anti-virus alerts me about a process with the same name, and every time, it fixes it. I have had not much trouble with this virus though. Kumar Bibek
Virus Scan can fix most cpu over use with svchost..etc (spyware) M
sometimes a virus, sometimes not it is a valid win32 microseft app, but alot, and i mean ALOT of viruses call themselves svchost.exe. if it's using alot of mem/ram, then delete it if not, then it's the real process :D dash999
Windows XP internal. It's harmless, other than the fact that it crashes from time to time, resulting in any aplications launched after the crash cannot utilize any devices such as audio or network. These crashes and instabilities are fixed by patching windows via Windows Update. You should have 6 of these running. Shouldn't take more than 5%, and if it is observed above that, it is only a temporary peak. If it is alot higher, make sure that it is actually the genuine svchost located in the right place with the right size, and not a trojan/virus, such as scvhost. Jarmund
If you have a few them running they are most likely viruses. Delete them as soon as possible. Brett
Windows generic host process. The reason why it has more than one instance running is that the difference instances of it have different rights, so it's harder to hijack one and wreck your computer. Exerci
This program is a target for many threads and I think m$ knows that. This app should be removed from win
I use procexp.exe (an advanced version of TaskMgr) to snoop on the 4 instances of svchost.exe. The biggest memory hog (118K) has a process tree (children programs) that was running windows update manager. Since I don't regularly update, I killed that memory hog instance of svchost.exe. danceguy
Your supposed to only have 1 running...I have 9-12 at once eating 100% CPU! This is for sure a virus!Try to download Spyware Doctor, and Malwarebytes from download.com those may do the trick.  See also: Link Austin Tierney
It's critical and you need it. Don't delete it.
my computer reboot over again then hits the blue screen so if remove the virus will it stop this sean kelley
svshost.exe is a system file used for various purposes depending on what program calls on it Samo Aslam
This file is very Heavy Some times. ut it needs to run because this is what connects you to internet and your network. Moazzam Saif
All I know is do not delete this file. If you do your computer will start malfunctioning J Jeff
When I chek my task Manager (Processes) I can see more than 8 svchost.exe. are all these suppose to be there at the same time? I'm gussin' these are virus. Axel
File Path(s): C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -file infected. Undetermined clean error, OAS denied access and continued Hanz
I have 9 of them running & am just recovering froma major virus/ a jerk who decided to hijack & hack my PC & it just completely sucks. Shannon
I know few things about this file. Either its a virus, or its just a driver for your system. I have 7 of them, and i know that one is for my internet and one is for sounds. the rest uses about 600-2000kb memory so i dont know about them Veepee
This file is nescecary to run windows. The only type of danger this file poses is if it is a process mimicing a valid version, but there are not bad real sychosts. Check the directory they're in, its bad if its not in the windows directory (System32 under Windows). random
Lol at people who call this a virus. James
it resets my computer every time it showed up. Denis
From a neutral standpoint and experience : Freshly installed Systems have lowercase processes. If any process changes his case looking like SVCHOST.EXE, Explorer.ExE, EXPLORER.EXE, Explorer.exe, SMSS.EXE, LSASS.EXE, CSRSS.EXE, DLLHOST.EXE, SERVICES.EXE, this is at least a suspicious issue to be thoroughly investigated. If you experience such issue and if you have System Restore activated, try to rollback to a date of which you know the tasklist was OK. If the processes have normal case in safemode e.g., the cause is active in normal mode but not in safe mode (means no core service or app) BerndP
Es it ein generic Hostprozessname fur meiner System. It ist very dangerous if you get more than 10 of them which I did and if you do you get targeted by terrorhackers. Das ist sehr schlecht."Svchost.exe" ist ein allgemeiner Hostprozessname für Dienste, die mit Hilfe von DLL-Dateien ausgeführt werden. Dienste sind Funktionen, die z.B. automatische USB-Geräten erkennen oder die Druck-Funktionen ermöglichen. Dienste können gestartet oder gestoppt werden. Nicht alle Dienste benötigen Svchost.exe (nur solche, die per DLL-Dateien ausgeführt werden müssen). Das Betriebssystem startet Svchost-Session Matthew The Sperm
ws process Lora
Svchost.exe is a standard Windows service but it can be exploited by malware. There's a simple Powershell script you can run to figure out whether anything running as svchost.exe is malware/spyware  See also: Link Edward Lansin
I know that My Virus Protection Keeps Saying it is doing Malicious Actions towards certain files of mine.
Originally svchost.exe is not supposed to be a virus but being hacked by any trojan it can overload system process. Hacked Svchost was the reason to reinstall my xp. Now my avast control the file doing well.  See also: Link softwarer
It is required by OS,but in my case and in many other's case here its a virus/worm or trojan.It takes up lot of cpu usage.My comodo firewall blocks it. Reo
I had a problem with a trojan svchost.exe once. First sign of problem was degradation of Internet connection speed to near 0. Found that my computer had several svchost.exe processes running, but one of them was in a non-standard subfolder of c:\WINDOWS *instead of* C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 Also, the trojan svchost had an icon. -- Furry cows moo and decompress. Isaac Wyrd
These are the stupidest comments ever. svchost.exe is part of Windows, not a virus. It could become infected with a virus, but that's a separate issue.
Svchost.exe is an extremely vital part of Windows operating system. Svchost.exe is an important process which executes dll files and locate their libraries into windows system's memory.  See also: Link Sophia
I know it is a file that is required for windows to run properly but i currently have 14 of them running and some of them create folders in my temp folder which are detected by AVG as trojans. Im not sure how to check which ones are "real" or not but other people reading this should be cautious about this file. Nick
It runs in winows task manager frequently & use less amount of memory it not so dangerous but it needs to be protected from virus Dharmesh (india)
its a core windows file. if you try to quit it, it says its going to shut down your computer. (type shutdown-a into console to stop shut down) random
It is service controller process that manages services Vaibhav D
i used to have 5 running in backround but when i turned on pc today i found 1 that is above every process and another that uses more memory than explorer Aaron Sekeres
Microsoft started moving all of the functionality from internal Windows services into .dll files instead of .exe files  See also: Link M.GiriPrasad
Svchost.exe is an extremely vital part of Windows operating system. It is an important process which executes dll files and locate their libraries into windows system's memory.  See also: Link Alex
This Svchost.exe services take more cpu utilization and make system performance Slow, Suddenly it take 100% CPU utilization and if we go for stop this service we get the message (access deny) or some time pc reboot.  See also: Link Kamal Rawat (India,New Delhi)Netaji Ngr
It is a required process in the computer on all Windows NT-Based (NT,XP,Vista,7) windows. However, it's not safe because there can be multiple copies running making the process potentially dangerous.
I have 7 of them running at once...the one using the most can be safely shut down but it will come back upon reboot. Its a windows exe, but, if it uses too much of your CPU, it can be shut down. Only thing I noticed when I ended the one using th emost CPU is the graphics on taskbar went to WIN98 look. Other than that, all others and the one I shut down are legit. BabyDoll
Important for windows. Manages the dll. James
host processing for windows services stopped working and was closed Art
every time i open my netbook it says "svchost.exe and under the buttons run and cancel"is this bad? Lazaros
It's part of Windows. Dlls can't run themselves; so MS created this to call up dlls due to changes in Windows. You need it. It can be a pain though and is a possible loophole for malware. If you're using a large HOSTS file, then you're probably having the same problem I did. I was using the file from hp-Hosts (http://hosts-file.net) and the file is huge!!! I followed the info to disable the DNS Client and so far, so good. If it still gives me problems, I'm going back to using the file from MVPs (http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm). Hope that helps!  See also: Link Debi
After adding a laptop (Windows 7)to my pc (Windows XP) my pc stated to bog down and eventually wouldn't recognize anything I typed. I have subsequently found out that it is the svchost network services. I tried to end the networking of the two computers but this process always starts up. I have found out that if I kill the network services process associated with svchost I then canuse my computer as long as I need. Every once and a while the process will start up and I have to kill the process again but it has made quite a difference for me using my computer. Richard
nothing to worry about it , if you are using more applications then multiple instances of svchost.exe will be running . sunil.00012
svchost.exe is important.. however, it may be a virus if vc in svchost is switced to cv. Just be mindful.  See also: Link bart
Ha.. this file is a good place for spyware to hide.. I have personally cleaned about 5 machines in the past week here that were hit with a real nasty worm and they all resided in the svchost file, if you stop the process it will shut down your comptuer.. so be careful, I would recomend scanning your machine with Malware Bytes if you have more then 3 instances of this running on your computer Travis
Tis file is not A Virus its only a file from your windows this is the Service Host Process for services that are run from DLLs  See also: Link TheShadow
Svchost.exe is core process in the windows operating system - multiple windows components could run under its name. See link for more details about svchost.exe.  See also: Link Svchoster
svchost.exe file can be stopped from the taskmanager but stopping this will shutdown the computer, this shutdoown can be stopped by using run option, just write down the comman "shutdown -a" in run option then it will abort the shutdown process.  See also: Link MD. K. H. Chowdhury
it can host trojans, spyware, and even worms. But the original file is very necessary.
in my instance, this was a false AV software that kept trying to make me buy it for $60, it kept spamming my desktop about virus' Mike E
Comes with the Microsoft Windows package and is absolutely harmless. Corpsegrinder
if a shutdown in 1 min message appears go to start run and type shutdown -a Maw
I have this file in my main Document folder and antivirus even cannot detect it Ajay (Nepal)
It is a vital part of the windows operating system. When McAfee accidental labeled it a virus, computers could not work James
If your antivirus is blocking it scan the file as svchost.exe is need for windows system to work! It is not a virus though lots of viruses embed themselves into svchost.exe !!WARNING DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE!! ESET Corporation
The folowing file is not dangerous as they think it is.It doesn't make loads of copy of itself,each svchost.exe does it own job,there are much of them but shuting one down and you will notice that computer is running slower than before.Sometimes when svchost.exe crashes you notice you cannot access to internet.This process is not dangerus.Only if your computer is infected by malware which changes registry files of svchost.exe and telling it to download more malwares.In one word its not dangerus while its free of viruses. [SS][BK]G_M
It consumes alot of PC resources and i can not see how this could lead to better control or debuging. i believe this is one of the drawbacks of win32 !! Gemi
Its just another normal system files running in background. i scanned with many antivirus - malware & adware - not a single problem found Alan Richard
It was running McciCMService.exe on my system causing 90% cpu cycle times. Found it in Shared Files under Motive directory. Deleted directory. In msconfig turned off process system.ini which it had an entire section. Also stopped the service in the services section, check mark. Tim OReilly
SVCHOST is a vital process divided in several groups to cater for different Windows services. It is the Scvhost.exe virus which causes the confusion because it is almost  See also: Link Michael
I found eight occurences of svchost in the processes - SYSTEM, NETWORK SYSTEM, and LOCAL SERVICES. One SYSTEM instance runs at 202,140 k Peak Mem Usage. Others range from 3336 Peak Mem upwards. App windows go blank, can't drag n drop, apps take five or more minutes to load, then "hang" and have to be forced to close down. So much conflicting/confusing info - where the hey to start? Security rating '4' 'cos it's such a risky thing to tinker with Lynne
It's a windows process, but a trojan/virus can be cleverly disguised to look like svchost.exe. If it's using over 50% CPU you should scan your PC.  See also: Link Jordy
It is harmless. Pete
The scvhost.exe process is a prime example of malicious applications using close imitations of genuine process names in an attempt to remain undetected on your system. The genuine process name, in this case, is svchost.exe of which there may be several running on your system at any time. As part of the Agobot worm, this process is partially responsible for opening a backdoor access to your system from where third party hackers can control your system, steal personal information, and perform other undesirable and damaging actions.  See also: Link Raven
Svchost is a Windows file sure. Being a windows file its open to abuse & thats how svchost gets its bad rap. Tracking down hat rouge dll is a bitch Bob Fish
The real svchost file is not a virus nor a malware, but rather an integral part of the system. An svchost error may indicate that your system might have been infected by a malware or virus. Since alot of SVCHOST.exe programs normally appear in the Task Manager, this format is often being used by hackers and malware writers for their virus/malware to get unnoticed in your system.  See also: Link Ryan
svchost.exe is a safe process. There is no necessity to remove this process from your system or change it in any way.  See also: Link Lindsay
Not dangerous but annoying as all hell. Micrsoft MUST fix theis process and SOON. It eats over 60% of available memory and makes the PC a virtual paper weight. FIX IT MICROSOFT PissedOffGuy
CONFIRMATION %SystemRoot%\system32\svchost.exe Cannot be scanned for viruses, as traffic needs to remain open. Therefore it is correct to be a trusted application. Leave it alone.  See also: Link
Its part of windows
This is a Windows process.There are not dangerous. hdusan
Well often there are so called 'clones' of tyhis with slightly different spellings or caps in different places. Most of those are viruses but this one isnt. Kevin
Gave it 4 because malware seems to find it easy to hide there. Was running at 99%, killed it and used the '-a' to prevent shutdown. As soon as I did this MS Security essentials found the malware & removed it. Restarted & all seems fine now. Paulio
Svchost.exe is the Generic Host Process for Win32 Services. It is required for windows to boot up at all. If you delete the legitamate copy of Svchost.exe, Windows will not boot up at all. Svchost is a generic executable file that gives loading functuality for essential system dlls. So basically deleting the legit svchost.exe will not allow these dll files to be loaded during the boot process, bringing the computer to a halt. The svchost.exe virus is next to impossible to remove as I had the legit svchost become infected. The advantage is viruses will boot with with Windows using this file. TechWizard86
 See also: Link Smfruikfatari
There's always one instance of SVCHOST.EXT on LOCAL SERVICE that consumes all the processing time on both of my two AMD Turion processor cores. Windows 7 x64 with Microsoft Security Essentials and Google Chrome. Scott
Examples of his can either be altered by or run by, or be malaware. I have two examples that sem to be running as administrator run programmes andam having to turn assorted services on manually (like win audio) as generic host process for windows reports its closing on startup. Microsoft update doesn't work at all. Rootkit detectors/some anti-viruses will remove the causing rootkit/viruses, but nothing seems to repair the damage. Given so many people have it why can't microsoft just publish a patch to restore uncorrupted files or put some software out to remove malaware variants? jp
svchost.exe sometimes is virus and not..... Hanif
The Svchost.exe file pate is located in the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder. At startup, Svchost.exe checks the services part of the registry to build a list of services that it must consignment. There are many instances of Svchost.exe can run at the similar time. Each Svchost.exe session can contain a grouping of services. Therefore, separate services can run. Zaptech Solutions
found eight occurences of svchost in the processes - SYSTEM, NETWORK SYSTEM, and LOCAL SERVICES. One SYSTEM instance runs at 202,140 k Peak Mem Usage. Others range from 3336 Peak Mem upwards. App windows go blank, can't drag n drop, apps take five or more minutes to load, then "hang" and have to be forced to close down. So much conflicting/confusing info - where the hey to start? Securi aaaa
It replicates when you try to delete after you've left it there, I have 10 running, very vicious, hard to get rid of and goes unnoticable until you actually mess around with your computer. Found out I had it since 2008 and it caused all 4 of my crashes, and 3 of the 5 trojan and 2 worms. Pretty horrible, wish I knew where I got it from. Irma
I had this problem. but I solved it...to solve this problem go to this link.  See also: Link kashem
svchost is a required program to run DLLs. Many times, lock-ups are actually caused by explorer.exe which, if it runs out of memory - will hang a system. In this case, bring up the task manager and then kill explorer process. Then click file- New Task and type in "explorere.exe". That will restart explorer. As others have said - System Mechanic is a good product as well as CCleaner, Deframentor, and Recuva from Piriform. Also, Device Doctor will help insure you have the latest and greatest drivers for your system. Mark
it uses my internet connection and continuously downloads. This happens even if IE is not open! Ian
they're slow down my net :( thingamajig
when i end application on taskM my PC restarts in 5 sec veton
The lib svchost.exe if infected will bring up some bad shit stay connected to internet at own risk Dos_User
I recommend looking at when the file was created, it should be created around how old the computer is unless you bought a new version of windows. I also specificly block it with a firewall to. Bango
It is kind of normal infact. A needed file, most of the people who delete it. WILL Soon realise, they actually needed it. So i recommend you to let proffesionals do their job. ErictheMan
svchost.exe is a `wrapper` [more properly, a `virtual machine`] that provides NT AUTHORITY_SERVICE user ID and access privileges to processes engineered to run as a Windows Service. Nearly any `valid WIN32 application` can be run as a Service if the process includes the necessary `hooks` to enable it. Unfortunately, this also includes just about any virus or worm. Look more closely and use a better tool, such as Process Explorer, and Process Monitor [from System Internals.] Carefully weed out programs running as nominal `service` level applications, and force them to run under ordinary user credentials and without the `service` designation that gives them improved CPU access, and higher status in the pecking order for physical resources such as memory, storage devices and IO streams. Dr. Clark
This is from my research of svchost.exe  See also: Link Kimmiko
turn off automatic updates, the svchost.exe that gobbles you resorces is usually linked to this spittle
it´s a "link" file that programs use to get to internet conections, ( games,windows,msn,skype, ETC ) it "can" be a virus thoe so "go to file" and look what program is using it. if you are not sure about it then you should try rebooting the computer in safe mode. play the games u want and look if the "host" start´s.. if it dont you might be infected. M0rph
In short, svchost, intergration MS program that works on the internet, alows others w valid certificates (computers) to communicate with your machine. It also has other services, that function in simular. In reality, your computer does not need this service or program in order to function. It is possible to control ports and Ip numerals that it communicates with by good firewall, not windows firewall. MS is abuser of good morals, Fact is, MS uses these behind scenes programs to benifit themselves, claiming security by these services. Permits others such as google, to make insubordinate currency from manipulation big part of theft scheme economic today . It is inside the systems32 folder under various names. But to see that program in your services, it is actually multiply of itself under some those different service names, such as "security center" or "shell hardware detection" service. Caution is advised for those that have not good computer literate skills, to manipulate with this program at all. Fire wall is easy way to gain control for those types, but they must configure firewall. see pctools, can be obtained free from cnet. One may obtain tutor from us, that wish to visit, at truecarpentry. see us through search engine.... Just because someone wears certificate badge, does not make them a cop.  See also: Link
it is a windows system file, but there is sometimes a bug where it uses tons of memory. be careful of the name, scvhost.exe is a virus, svchost.exe is not(the virus has scv, windows service host has svc (the names of windows processes usually have a name based on what they do)) CyberToor
svchost.exe file which is a windows system file and resides in c:\windows\system32 directory .if this file is infected with a virus then this memory resident program consumes more and more memory and cpu and pagefile resources resulting in poor system performance.cannot remove this file manually as it is a system file and system may not boot if removed. if infected use avg antivirus free or mcafee stinger as both can detect if that file is infected with trojan or rootkit guru
I have 9 of them lol artY
It is a windows system file, but there is sometimes a bug where it uses tons of memory. be careful of the name, scvhost.exe is a virus, svchost.exe is not(the virus has scv, windows service host has svc (the names of windows processes usually have a name based on what they do)) guccihandbag
svchost.exe x 6 – You may have more than six appearances of this process or less. It’s there multiple times to handle processes executed from DLLs.  See also: Link heckteck
Guys, svchost.exe is on every computer. In fact you probably have multiple copies of it running. Roughly speaking it's a wrapper program that runs all sorts of services for Windows. These can be good services or bad services but there are usually a LOT of them. It's possible one of these services is slowing down your computer and it's possible one of them is related to a virus, but there are also a lot of them that are very useful. You'll need to determine WHICH service in svchost.exe is the culprit. Run msconfig to disable ones you don't want. Jimmy
Yes, svchost.exe is a needed part of windows. Certain viruses or rouge programs run and cause your cpu to run at 100%..... Usually you go under the processes tab and the first svchost.exe you can close, But you probably should reinstall your os J
This file is very highly process consuming...sometimes it take more than 10-15K memory from the primary one..some times the process can restart itself after you end the process... appi02
Just noticed this the other day. My computer is usually flawless, but something weird started happening... Windows XP Service pack3 was trying to install, but failed 3 times. Since then, svchost.exe is constantly going over 200,000, until I end it. All that happens is the appearance of my browser goes old school for a few minutes, then svchost starts running up the process again, and again...It seems to be internet related. My modem lights keep flashing, even though I am online...And there's that annoying churning noise in the computer, like something's really goin to town in there.Tried at least 4 "remedies" nothing's worked so far. I've tried that KB update but it says the version installed is newer than the update itself! SMH...going on Day 3...wish me luck! :/ Ms. Me
SVCHost.exe is an essential file. BUT - If it is located anyplace except %system%\system32 Then it is most likely a virus.  See also: Link Dr. P Sullivan
The original Svchost.exe 'created date' shows that it was created at 2008, when I got the computer. And the fake one which is the virus shows it was created this year. So I must have gotten it from somewhere, except everytime I get rid of it with Malwarebyte Pro it is still there. And deleting it with Spyware Doctor makes my computer not work completely, saying it must restart from a restore point, only to bring the virus back. It's a nasty little thing.
Svchost is not the same as Scvhost! Svchost is Windows relevant Scvhost is a virus! Anonym
I have 6 svchost running and my internet and pc is really slow. I tried so many softwares to check and clean my pc of viruses and malwares but the problem is still persistent. I am running the analyzer and it has the warning message... Janice
If it is spelled correctly within your task manager it is not dangerous. Only if there is a misspelling we are dealing with something dangerous.  See also: Link Bastiaan
Weird, but this is one of the only exceptions to Window's restriction on complete filenames being unique. (as in "C:\folder\folder\file.extention.") I have several instances of the file residing in the same location, with unique sizes. While not dangerous, it is somewhat odd... Leviathan
I find that this takes 100% CPU but after 15 to 20 minutes it returns back to normal CPU usage. During this period of 15 to 20 minutes I don't do anything on my LT. It started in my LT especially when it goes to hibernate and when restarted again. Ramesh
This process mostly used for support background process  See also: Link TARUN TCT
windows process josh
Its an essential program used by windows to run, if its terminated in the task manager your computer will shut down automatically, my computer runs 6 svchost.exe programs at once and they use barely any cpu, just to say, its essential for your computer so dont delete it theking
Seems to be running all the time now. Probably causing on-line duties to slow down rather than speed up. If I end process through task manager have to reboot computer to get on-line again. Paul Kelly
often highly annoying and relates to bugs and failures with other programs using it
Windows needs this to run. It should be kind of safe. Elijah
it is blocking me from copying files from pendrive to computer
Its an essential program used by windows to run, if its terminated in the task manager your computer will shut down automatically.
t uses 99% of my cpu occupation, so I have to reset my computer everytime it does that.
If deactivated your computer will d/c from the internet josef

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