What is ctfmon.exe? Is ctfmon.exe spyware or a virus?

How to fix ctfmon.exe related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your ctfmon process
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3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: Alternative User Input Text Input Processor for Office

Product: Windows

Company: Microsoft

File: ctfmon.exe

Security Rating:

When you run a Microsoft Office XP program, the file Ctfmon.exe (Ctfmon) runs in the background, even after you quit all Office programs.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ctfmon.exe.html 
Ctfmon.exe monitors active windows and provides text input service support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard translation, and other alternate user input forms. See How to uninstall CTFMON.EXE

Note: The ctfmon.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In other cases, ctfmon.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with Security Task Manager.

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Ctfmon.exe activates the Microsoft Office Language Bar and the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor. Alex
it was a virus on my machine. I found it outside the windows/system32 folder Dan A
Can either be part of the language bar, or part of spyware. Alcy
If you are using any of the IME language pack additions to the NT or XP operating systems this will be on your system. If you are unsure whether it is malware or not you can use Spybot S&D to toggle it off to see whether you notice any performance change (ie malfunctioning foreign language input), before deciding whether to remove it completely. NormalScience; Webmaster
It's a pain to remove the legit one - you have to read the MS knowledge base, just stopping in MSconfig often doesn't work.  See also: Link Emma
Part of MS Office. Difficult to get rid of, but if not a resource hog, not bothersome  See also: Link Paul M
it could be spyware. also if delated from the xp service pack one files, you are warned that windows could become unsable. Scott
I know that it interferes with playing encrypted DVDs using RealMAGIC Holywood Plus card ... why is this so? lala
It causes my pcs to intermittently freeze up
I know that Ad-Aware doesn't like it Kris
this file runs in the background even when I uninstalled microsoft office
i found this file to be the cause of my computer lag problems. Andrius
yes its activate in my computer first time using ie it cause my ie error . BiJiQ
when it runs at start-up I cant connect internet via ADSL. I clean it from start-up section and I can connect easily a a erim
this file keeps XP from loading completely, I have to stop its process to allow icons to continue to load Jason
Windows system-file.. pls. read added link!  See also: Link administrator
File can be a necessary file for some Microsoft Office programs, or it can be viral. If you're unsure you can delete the file, and you will be prompted to reinstall it next time you run a Microsoft Office program - you then know you have the non-viral file installed. GSC
Some times my Windows XP is very slow and this file is the responsable Nelson
I do not have installed Office XP and ctfmon.exe is running in my windows XP Nelson
It cause my pcs always access HD, at win98 go to sys information ,disable ctfmon.exe at startup, then rename ctfmon.exe to another name. Its work at my pcs. Andre
Ctfmon.exe activates the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor (TIP) and the Microsoft Office Language Bar. Ctfmon.exe monitors the active windows and provides text input service support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation, and other alternative user input technologies. Removing the Ctfmon.exe might cause problematic behavior in your Office XP programs, so removing it is not recommended. To prevent Ctfmon.exe from running, follow the steps on the attached link to MSKB.  See also: Link CraigC
This file like many annoying Microsoft files can be easily removed by deleting it from its folder and within a few seconds creating another file or folder named the same in the same place. If this causes a worry at all just delete the file or folder that you created to block it out. I found this works for this file Blownaparte
Ctfmon.exe activates the Microsoft Office Language Bar and the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor. -- that's no right, I not use office and I haven't installed it recelently (I use StarOffice) so I don't think that is a Microsoft Office component SeTZeR
it just activates the language bar... not soooo dangerous Mau-BR
Office xp file, can unistall, read link:  See also: Link Tiagorl
I've had multiple PC complain about CTFMON.EXE on shutdown, failing to shut down properly and hanging the box. I will be removing it from this point on!  See also: Link Jeff Ellman - Integration Technologies, Inc
Many people confuse the legitimate CTFMON with the trojan CFTMON - make sure you read carefully. It's part of Office XP and not at all dangerous. It doesn't have any effect on performance either. Trying to remove it will only screw things up, so live with it. Dave C
There is another file with the same name. Its a keylogger program call Family keylogger. Could be dangerous if you did not install it. Defult key to unhide it is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F. Nemesis
I have office xp running on w2k advanced server. I frequently got blue screened when using Word,Terminal Services, MS Outlook, and IExplorer. (problem with the ntkernal the blue screen said.) I also notice bad lag in word just before the crash when i ctrl and drag something. I have since removed ctfmon.exe from the run section in the registry (backed it up first :P just incase) and no more word lag or blue screens. And i havent come across anything I want to do that removing this file seems to have messed up. Dude
when trouble with internet or any other process not running at normal speed I delete it from memory and then the slow operation works fine. I believe in my ase it is used to interfere with my work or backup operations. Hard to shut off. Usually loads when an office or IE window opens but pops up on its own when I am having difficulties. I believe it is hacker related. Larry
eaiest way to disable in WinXP...click start-run...type gpedit.msc and click ok...in the window that comes up, navigate to Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Software Restriction Policies\Additional Rules...Click Action\New Hash Rule...click browse and select the ctfmon.exe file...click ok...log out and in again and it will never run again me
I've stopped it from running using the task manager over and over again, but it just keeps coming back up. My PC has seriously slowed down, but that's about all it's done. Norton doesn't see anything wrong with it and none of my spyware/adware stuff does either. I've actually deleted this file and everything and it just won't go away! Emily
most of this type of .exe files are harmless if in doubt, do not delete them, quarantine it paul
This is a part of Office XP and Windows XP. It's not dangerous, as you've no doubt read already. Additionally, it's not entirely necessary unless you're using speech or handwriting recognition. I have removed the file from starting on my system and suffered no ill effects. Justin Ellis, Trainer, The Computer Workshop, Inc.
To find out , doubleclick it in Security Task Manager. All the information pertaining to the originator of the file is there including what it's for. Dustproof2
I had the viral one. It caused major la isues and I disable it from the startup Rodger
Annoying. Uninstall vie MS instructions, links are given at several places above! Mike
it's always in the background, safe system file usually mike z
it is an office file, running backword
family keyloger :D probabily Cupydon
Not a virus but USELESS process Yarik
Microsoft, but not needed.  See also: Link John
 See also: Link Mattin
See the link from Microsoft Knowledge Base. However, what Microsoft says here is not true!!! MS Office has never touched my WinXP Pro computer and I still have CTFMON.EXE and it runs automatically.  See also: Link Peter
Microsoft office File if in system 32 otherwise do not know, in my case it was in system 32 folder but i deactivated it just in case Mr.Dude
this file is a pain for gamers, or anyone who always requires 100% of their cpu performance, it caused my comp to lockup and chugout every so often Mike
I have SpyBot S&D and there is a warning message that informs WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CTFMON.EXE as a parasite related Guillermo
Can be either MS Office XP Startup Process or a spyware/adware/malware CoolWebSearch process DJ
The average person does not need this at all and is annoying and may cause problems with other programs to dissable it Control Panel - Regional and Language Options - Languages TAB - Details BUTTON - Language Bar BUTTON (under "Preferences") Select the "Turn off advanced text services" check box. Gary
I found a keylogger named ctfmon.exe It records all key pressed in a file ctfmon.log Ovidiu
I have never installed Office XP, nobody else uses my computer. And I have that file, too. nofear2k
This file is the most UNDANGEROUS file in the whole wide world... ctfmon aint hard to shutdown. It's simple. Start windows in safe mode go to system32 folder and remove ctfmon.exe. Then go regedit and remove all keys belonging to ir (HKEY users and local Run keys)  See also: Link Sn0WDr4gon
Part of Microsoft Office Language Bar and the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor.. uses such a nominal amount of resources it's not worth your time trying to get rid of it. Dan Booth
I had installed the Spanish language keyboard as an option, but CTFMON was interfering with a web-cam driver (huh?). Not dangerous, but annoying. SeamanTom
Seems it stopped my ADSL connection to work ok. I desintalled the file (as per instruction given in other comments), and now it is working ok. I hope I will not experience any instability as described by Microsoft. Galaf59
I do not have office installed, but this service exists!!! aly
some times it slows my pc and IE SDK
Its a virus. My computer had pop-up, slower run, and freeze or tilt every moment. I kill him and the problems disappear. Medico_dc
as far as i kno there is a file ctfmon.exe that has to do with microsoft office programs such as microsoft word,microsoft powerpoint,etc. if u right click it then hit properties then the information on it pops up. on the tabs there should be one called version.click it and read the info on it. it should say sumthing like copyright microsoft corp. and stuff. so this is cleary not the one. maybe its cftmon.exe not ctfmon.exe. yet ive never heard of the trojan cftmon.exe dave has so however we may have gotten sumwhere today.....wat did we learn. CTFMON.EXE is with microsoft word,etc and CFT.EXE terrell
i try to close the language bar and it goes away then returns a couple of minutes later. Even when I delete the process it still returns. So I don't like it and it's made by Microsoft whom I totally do not trust!! anais
When spooling a DOC file to print, it went to 99% of the CPU usage and after printing the document it remained at 99% until I rebooted. CKS
Office file: not a resource hog, but a process hog. Easily turned off: go to control panel Regional and Language Options Languages Details Advanced check box "turn off advanced... voodoodoctor
This file is needed for Voice Recognition. If you have the microphone taskbar loaded then this will be active. Gravity
My startup has been running very slow lately. When it gets to the welcome screen it freezes at that point and will not move any farther. So everytime I press crtl+alt+delete and what do you know ctfmon.exe is running. So finally I tried ending it and my desktop loaded up instantly. Now I have to use ctrl+alt+delete to end it every time I boot up my computer. Can someone help? Neil
This file appears after installing the Microsoft SpeechSDK. Unless you are using speech recognition software it isn't neccessary to run it. jon
END it. everything else will be fine. MK
it runs in background, starts on startup and it's impossible to disable it from starting normally. Spybot S&D identifies it as malicious software/spyware; it doesn't do anything useful, no program specifically requires it, so i blocked it and never had any error requesting it to run or anything of that kind, but instead less processes in task manager (: Serge
If it is in the system32 folder nothing is wrong but if its outside that folder it is probably a keylogger as Cupydon said
can be removed by tweak-xp tools, remove it from the autostart menu, waste of memory and resources, nobody needs it. anonymous
This is used by Office Xp por Input reasons.. u can just search this file inside microsoft knowledge DB. But there is a new virus called Win32.GMSteal. A that infect this file... and hijack your web browsing with myie2 avant browser and maybe others.. EZ trust antivirus clean this file but u cand manually delete it..  See also: Link Turko
If this runs at system startup or login, it could be this worm.  See also: Link Chuck
Yes is an office file ; and to get rid off it just remove the item from the system configuration utility  See also: Link oZ!! (HP tech support)
Ctfmon.exe monitors the active windows and provides text input service support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation, and other alternative user input technologies. It's an ever annoying helper tool that comes rather unexpectedly at times and liked by nearly nobody. Javed Iqbal Lodhi
And if you find this service running or located outside \windows\system32 folder, then it is not the normal system file, you might want to scan your computer and get rid of it. Just in case you want to stop the service, if that is the normal service, control panel -- regional and language options -- languages tab -- details button -- language bar button and from there, disable it Javed Iqbal Lodhi
I am not sure but diabling this file speed up my Internet access (dial up using GPRS), I am not sure why? Narinder Sahota
Its a geniuine window process although there may be some trojan/viral variant of it if you have ability to set process prority set to low if high and if it returns to its original priority then its malicious Tony Stark
Win32 system file. Its a geniuine window process it occours when you want to direct text from a web page directly to HD on a text document. There may be some trojan/viral variant of it if you have ability to set process prority set to low if high and if it returns to its original priority very quickly then i would say its malicious Tony Stark
may have been replaced by one from a scumware program to use to host it speedball
It is a windows file. Uninstall office if it's a problem. Ach y fi
Not dangerous but annoying. difficult to remove in my system... Daniel
If I understand MS correctly, you need this if you use the language bar to switch between keyboard layouts (as I do), or use other special input methods (speech recognition, etc) TGN
Seems to be office releated, disbled it in msconfig and everything works still well. Ron
This causes a conflict with the latest version (8.0) of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Scansoft recommends disabling the process - follow the directions posted earlier. Jon
Virus ALERT ! My symantec say it to my
it seems not be spyware... hans
This file was in my windows\system32 directory, on a machine without Office installed. Ferry Heemsbergen
It is some program installed with microsoft office and monitors the files associated with MSoffice for indexing etc. MrIndia
It sometimes (not on all computers) causes failure of MIDI devices - this is important to musicians - I just disable it in the startup using msconfig Len Henderson
csrssu.exe and ctfmon.exe files are copied to c:\windows\system32 with CAPITAL letter file. These files are trojan to open backdoors of PC. Somebody pls tell me how to remove them. SY
Ctfmon.exe monitors the active windows and provides text input service support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation, and other alternative user input technologies.  See also: Link John
I had a nasty trojan which installed ctfmon32.exe - a big problem which self-replicated when I deleted it. But I also had the genuine ctfmon.exe in the same folder (no '32' in the name) which was fine. Don't confuse the two names. Tim
ctfmon.exe is used to Inject a DLL named msctf.dll into all running processes. The msctf.dll resides within the System32 folder and is used to hook all WH_??? messages generated. I have hooked the API calls from msctf.dll and found that It hooks the keyboard, mouse and windows shell. Why, I don't know. As this is a trusted module installed by MS, I assume it is safe. But I also consider anything that hooks the keyboard to be a potential risk.  See also: Link Anon Developer
I found while surfing the web, a popup that asked if I would install this y/n. after accidently accepting by mistake. It changed my Active desktop, to some kind of spyware warning notice, put pornography links on my desktop and hijacked my browser start page. I found the infected file to be in memory, though, it was previously /system32/ctfmon.exe, now infected. So I attempted to delete only to find it recreated itself again! Then after afew reboots and removal attempts, at shutdown I see a window popup titled "Microsoft.corp.#" freezing up. (an trojan access attempt running hiddenly?)  See also: Link Beware
simply use winpatrol 9.0 to disable it. u can always enable it back if u encounter any trouble. Ralf
System file :P Diego
I know that everytime it came on it fragged my Internet connection... I slapped that bitch with a delete and haven't had a lick of trouble since. Scirocco GTX
I have Microsoft Works and not Office installed on here. Might be part of Windows Update. It is in windows/system32. Causes a moment of lag during startup but does nothing else. Does not appear to be Spyware, Adware or virus/trojan/worm. Im staying Neutral due to the amount of lag it causes on my Laptop which does have Office. Systems with 256MB RAM will suffer more that systems of 1024MB (mine) Rahkin
Slows my entire system and dsl connection, as soon as i end process with task manager everything is ok again! definately move where viable. Roy
WinPatrol noticed it being added to Startup after I added speech recognition via Add/Remove Programs -Update Office XP Dennis
Every time I delete it from the "Run" area of the registry, it re-appears. I installed Ad-Watch, which reports ctfmon.exe trying to be put back into the registry whenever I reboot my PC and run an office application. Joe
I run both Office 2003 and Windows XP SP 1 and ctfmon.exe is automatically loaded. If the file is stopped or uninstalled, speech recognition stops working although you can still train the system. The file on my system is only 13k bytes in size but uses 444 kbytes when running. Bill
if you go to search and search for msconfig.exe once you find it open it, look trough the different tabs until you find one with a lot of processes on it that u would usually find in your task manager (alt+ctrl+del) go down until you find ctfmon.exe disable it, when requested, (after closing the program) restart, should never bother you again. mick from australia
my ctfmon.exe is for my japanese language pack that was installed on a fresh windowsXPpro it's been there ever since.. Never run Office before and never will. Open office is much better anyway. ctfmon in some cases is just language pack. Frank_Castle
I don't have microsoft office xp and it is runig on my other users proccess. hi
If you installed Unreal Tournament 2004. You may have also installed the Speed Redist. as well. Check Add/Remove programs for speech enabled programs. midfingr
This file is both harmless and dangerous. A variant of coolwebsearch (one of the worst spyware out there) now uses the legit ctfmon to fiddle with IE explorer (not sure exactly how). Also other forms of spyware and malware are begining to use ctfmon.exe so if you don't use the legit applications of ctfmon then disable and or delete it. crazyed
it is incorporated with the "my doom" virus going to check it out this arvo, be back with info soon mate. Micky d!
its part of the office suite and cant be disabled through msconfig as it writes itself back again. follow this doc..its easy to get rid of,  See also: Link nanoman x
Installed as part of sp2 CTF Loader Company Microsoft Corporation File version 5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158). This is inside the C:\Windows\system32 file Christ67
on my computer this is a virus, too, you must use win tasks adamoles
Had Spybot resident running while not connected to the net. It wanted to install once installation of OFFICE 2003 finished. It may log your input, but its not spyware. Eddie
Gets installed by other programs besides office. My XP laptop had it installed when I put on the new Delorme Street Atlas USA 2005. The "alternate input" in this case is the voice command to the mapping program. Anyway, be aware that other programs besides Office install this file. Phil
This file also takes control of com1 serial port cavu
when i deleted it, it came straight back... files dont usually do that bleh
It is an Office Program that isn't harmful. But it can't be easily removed and it takes up lots of memory.
I know a couple things... 1) I don't have Office installed on my PC, and 2) that ctfmon.exe keeps coming back like a zombie. It is disabled as a startup item in WinPatrol, but everytime I start Internet Explorer it tries to restart AND add itself as a start item. Clearly that is not the behavior of a benign MS program associated with a software suite that I don't have. Unfortunately nothing I run, Spybot, Norton AV, Spy Sweeper, Ad Aware, or Pest Patrol will identify the file as anything malicious. So for now I just live with it disabled and use Firefox.
You just search for ctfmon.exe in Start/Search and delete the files that came up. Ignore the warnings. I use dial-up and my connection was average 5kb/s, now its 6 SpyDoctor
I had spy ware and the I tried stopping processes while online...when i stopped this process the connection as working fine....I guess it is intergrated with spyware....my best advice is to rename it and keep it somwhere else other than the original folder....and if it is required by the system u can rename it back and put it in the original folder....cheers Roshan
It gives gives my trillian program and eror if I open outllok before signing on...It just started a couple days ago, and ive had office 2000 on this comp for over 2 years withno problem......did a search for the file and deleted everything..even the regs....it still comes back and causes the same problem.....I do think its a virus of some sort Tread
If you find it outside the sys32 directory, then it's most likely to be a spyware program (normally keyloggers) moumen
WARNING: If you enabled ability in XP to type in more than 1 language (and switching between them using the Language Bar), then if you use MSCONFIG to remove ctfmon.exe from the startup list, you will no longer have the Language Bar available. Even if you later re-enable ctfmon.exe in the msconfig startup list! (Only System Restore can bring it back.) Bill
I never noticed it to be a cause of a problem. My Computer runs fine. I just removed it from startup anyways to make start-up fast as possible drale
http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=282599  See also: Link Anomimous
If you use 2 or 3 languages with Ms office XP , ie English, Greek, Italian etc do not stop it from running 'cause it's going to take away the language bar. It does not use resources if you do not use use speach recognition or alternative text input. It is not really a problem unless you've caught some kind of virus, spyware, or malware. There is a parasite with this name from CoolWebSearch hijacking your system to Slowsearch.com according to Paul Collins Startup List. With Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware SE Personal, Spywareblaster and AVG antivirus plus a firewall you'll have no problems Eternal Light7-Systems Admin
i tried romoving it or/and deleting it .... it just comes back .... spybot reported that it is a spyware, I also notice that everytime I open my internet explorer another ie comes out leading to filhost.com with random banners. I tried using me's using software restrictions and man IT ACTUALLY WORKS!. So if you are not sure about the ctfmon.exe on your system you can use me's removing process and if your office runs berserk you can always go back to the software restrictions and enabling it. P.S. Dont believe every word that Microsoft says only half of it is always true sliverboy
System hog. I deleted it by setting up in command line "del c:\windows\system32\ctfmon.exe" and then in my process manager, End tast a few times as it keeps popping up. Then at some point it will take a few extra seconds to load, thats where I take the advantage to hit Enter on the command prompt to delete the file. And it's gone. Then you can delete the referenced file in your registry. Jeremy
i went to the microsoft sit and it explained how to remove it and what it was; it help's user text imput alough it seems some addware use it for there tool bars and can be a target fo viruses/ spyware it seem's the only way to be sure is to try geting a new ctfmon file or getting rid of it  See also: Link Y
Legal Windows file (in System32). It displays Icon for languages in system tray, if you allow it in Control panel, Language settings. However, it isn't necessary to run it, because different keyboards can be switched with Alt-Shift or Ctrl-Shift without this file too Mirek
The legitimate Microsoft File is Safe, the Spyware file of the same name is Not Safe! Deleting the legitimate file won't help you. You need to delete the spyware version pretending to be the real version. They have the same name. Scott
Throw of all security from file and uncheck it to prevent startup in Msconfig. Won't startup anymore after this and saves lots of trouble killing it the by Microsoft suggested way. No negative result experienced with this tric! Perry
Can be removed from task manager using a registered version of registryfix.exe. Still will disable it from running in the background and will only be utilized when using specific office products.  See also: Link SpyGirl - PC Tech Support
After reading user comments, realized that recent problems I was having with my pc (e.g., freezing, hanging, erratic Spybot behaviour,etc) may be caused by ctfmon.exe. ligit or otherwise. Not Martha
Some spyware programs use a file with the same name so that it appears to be the legitimate process started by Office. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isnt. Steve
I had no problems using office, but today my AVG anti-virus detected it as a virus, after deleting it with AVG, 2 new ones were detected fm0210
Don't install speech and handwriting support when installing Office XP to prevent. If you don't have office XP it is a virus!
my AVG 7 shows me that ctfmon.exe is a virus, probably its a right (no matter if it cames from Microsoft) Ariel
running on systems with no problems scooter
It was spyware, no doubt, bcz it created other programs e.g. addxa.exe, loaded into the start list, put some entry in unistallation list and much more. I decided to quit it from task manager and deleted from system folder together with start list. It was fine except the folder bcz the program quickly was recovered in few seconds. I cleaned PC with MS Spyware program and Spybot Search&Destroy. I use Asian language pack so as I guess whenever the pack starts it will either create or run this program. Perhaps it was infected with some spyware and when I deleted I hope a new copy is already fine. chsh
CTFMon is involved with the language/alternative input services in Office XP. CTFMON.exe will continue to put itself back into MSConfig when you run the Office XP apps as long as the Text Services and Speech applets in the Control Panel are enabled. Not required if you don't need these features. CTFMON can be disabled from Control Panel, Text & Speech Services Ed
Harmless or harmful. Depends on the contents. My ctfmon.exe has a length of 15 360 bytes, MD5 hash value of e8e7ce0d379630e7b0015e48fa90499b and version information 5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158). Never installed Office, but it seems this process gets installed by service packs etc. which M$ fails to tell you or gives you wrong impression. Mika
This is official, and a part of the alternative languages and alternative inputs package from Microsoft. If you don't input in multiple languages, or don't need accessibility help, uninstall those programs and it will go away. As with all critical processes, it is often imitated by those virus writers who deserve to get a (biological) virus.  See also: Link Colin Jensen
CTFMON.exe comes with the computer. It is normally just a regular file that your computer uses, but it can become infected, therefore infecting your computer. Mine is infected, but not a dangerous infection. Just an annoying one. Kel
My system (XP SP2) used to take upwards of 60 seconds to go from the windows loading screen to the user log-on. Removing this file has reduced that delay to 4 seconds! No negative impacts on removal (so far!) GaryD
It re-copies itself to de registry, even after deleting it with spy bot several times. Spy bot shows it as a virus but in reality was only a windows program running in the background. Sakacaca
For anyone who wants to disable this or any other process temporarily to check if it has a negative effect, I recommend "Startup Cop" found at PC Magazine Utilities  See also: Link Mike
i deleted it but now a pop came up that says that windows stability might be affected but i dont know hat to do with it now moises
Im not using office but ctfmon.exe is running always but i think its not dangerous, what MS can do with this file?? sabapathy_80
when i connect to internet some program closed my Nortan anty virous, i stoped ctfmon.exe aftar that no prb bsss
It not harmful program. It is loaded during startup of windows if you have change the language setting Halo
Its stops my Media players from open videos but as soon as i end its task they open fine Mikey
found 6 running. opened in note pad commented out the contents. runs fine now foolofit
I delete it from registery (RUN- Regedit) , systems shut down MELISSA
It's an essential Part of Win XP Tablet PC Edition!!! Matzix
i can't disable it from msconfig, cause my RAM full Hery Iswanto
Be careful the legimate file is in system 32, all other versions could be viruses It also wrote to the MS config file but did not have a description in the command line. First delet from MS config, restart windows and delete the file Mark
The official office XP version is harmless and not a system hog, normally. but only needed if you use more than English and need the language bar, or alternative input, such as voice recognition. However, the same file name may be viral or spyware. If encountering problems, remove it from startup list configsys, run an online antivirus prog like housecall and a spyware remover like adaware or spybot. These will remove the spyware version if it's not actve in startup. If this is a legit Office file, it will be returned next time you use the prog. Ceruleancat
A keylogger found in 6 places on my computer Davy
Hallelujah! I've been havin' problems up the ying-yang for MONTHS since rebuilding my new system and I just determined that ctfmon was the culprit! The current, active window would lose focus and a few seconds after realizing the cursor wasn't moving (if I was typing) and/or the buttons and menus were disabled I'd notice NONE of the open windows were active, and I'd have to click sometimes 3-4 times in the window I was working in to make it active again--plus the system in general ran like molasses. If you don't need it: DISABLE IT! Steve
It causes my (creative)Dxr3 Card to not function when running. Disabled with MS step-by-step. Now everything works fine. Luke
Every time I start Internet Explorer 6 or open User Accounts from the Control Panel, ctfmon.exe tries to run and add itself to the system startup. Once it is running, it messes with my IE 6 connection settings, changing my username and dialing number to long strings of digits. I killed the running process and deleted the ctfmon.exe file under my WINDOWS\system32 folder, but it just re-creates itself! I can't stop this thing, and it makes IE 6 useless - I'm switching to Firefox and hoping that will help! Erik
Caused my machine to freeze up, ages to redraw windows. Anubis
I-ve two ctfmon.exe running on my pc at startup one is ctfmon.exe and the other CTFMON.EXE. I think one is a virus or trojan Klaus
Annoying. All I have loaded is Outlook. No office. XP Pro user
Was conflicting with Medrite system on my PC, severe lag. After eliminating it, the problem was solved. Kasey
warning from ZoneAlarm john
With Office 2003, ctfmon.exe also enables a notifications area icon that provides Outlook-Exchange status information. Regards some of the msgs above 1) the MSFT KB on its removal - crap - just delete the reg key that runs it 2) it's common viral practice to replace the MSFT ctfmon with an infected file. If only an MD5 keyed BOM was available for product distributions. Don
This file is also started (can be set to Manual and full functionality is still garanteed) by a Program Call from Creative Prodikeys (due to the Alt Inout Device stratedy available from Cicero Loader aka ctfmon.exe --- ALSO, due to the same inout style, any screen-scraping remote control programs will invoke ctfmon.exe, such as gotomypc, citrix Pan Drowse
It will appear when you have more than one keyboard language enabled in the Windows regional settings. Scott P
I know that this is part of MS office.....but there is also something else that starts ctfmon.exe to run in the background and start with windows.....see I type in english and thai...and on windows xp....the built in "Regional and Language Options" uses ctfmon....if i enable any languages...it starts ctfmon.exe but if i disable the languages, it stops ctfmon.exe Gramercy - Tech Support
I run MS Speech Recognition input services. This file is found in the expected location, x:\Windows\system32, and causes no issues, performance or otherwise, on my machine. Its memory footprint on my machine is 4.78 MB paladin
Ctfmon.exe activates the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor (TIP) and the Microsoft Office Language Bar.  See also: Link Dazed & Confused
Using in XP with no problems. Those with lag issues most likely do not have speech/handwriting enabled or something similar. Definitely not a virus. Diffie
text input service support!! long live japanese convert!! banzai
It's not necessarily part of Office suite- appears when you use international keyboard setup , to allow input of accented characters Intl_KB
you can safety remove it from startup registry Luca
I removed it and want to get it back Kanan Abdullayev
 See also: Link Mario
Prevented my computer getting hold of an IP address. Kept me off the net for a week. Has to disable it from msconfig. Juzza
My computer input used to lag every 15 seconds, problem gone after I killed this process Anthony
Well, there's INEFFICIENT Windows programming for you!!!! Try LINUX!
its a completely unneeded process that takes up over 60MB of memory and slows down everything! John Smith
The EXE was registered to load on systen startup, only after installing a second languege. It is responsible for the languege bar so it makes sense. If you think it's a virus, delete it and office will reinstall it, that way you'll know for sure it microsofty. only 3MB RAM, no CPU.  See also: Link Asaf
I don't even have microsoft office, and it kept causing my computer to freeze when I connect to the internet. stickman
ctfmon.exe is a filename that is also used by a Keylogging Software known as Family Keylogger. Now it has the ability to hide itself from Task Manager. You will find in C:/Windows/System32/CTF. The folder, of course, is hidden Sachin.
Follow the Microsoft procedure to uninstall, and then delet everything you find with the same name manually and/or using SpyBot. MadEdd
Found it in system32 stopped the process then deleted it.Office runs fine without it.not sure if i think its spyware but it seems suspicious. Rob Sharpe
this file is also included in zone labs firewall  See also: Link jeffrey
just a mennace: laggy spy-ware www.bummer.co.za
this program blockes usage of the hardware Creative Encore DVD DxR3 card for playing DVD/mpeg2 on hardware card. Bob
Thanks for the tips neuber ... very helpful site for me!!! I got ctfmon.exe off my task manager by control panel regional and language options languages tab details advanced tab system configuration select turn off advanced text services for east asians for xp pro. trial and error
That anything with "MS" is a virus magnet and automatically doubles the cost of computer security.  See also: Link MyD0j0
Caused massive slowdown. Deleted it from the startup menu on WinPatrol, then deleted it from the registry. CPU now runs fine w/o problems. WeirdFetishes
SpyBot SD states that it's coolwebsearch related. I think this is incorrect as no other adware application picks this up. I have a clean install and it's just a windows conponent. nipper
i was getting popups while it was running, and although it wasnt anywhere on my comp (i checked after removing msoffice), i havent had a popup since i ended the process john
was installed before that I install Office, & make my computer very slow and bugged (15min to start Winrar...). All return good when I disabled it. Koko
this particular file delays window activation when i log in with my password(sometimes up to 5 mins. i try to uncheck in the start up but it get checked again after the 2nd reboot. i dont't know how. steven
I tried to remove it, and it kept coming back. I removed microsoft office completely, then removed all instances of both ctfmon and ms office from the registry, and it STILL came back ! i deleted it from windows /system32, and it STILL came back ! Even renamed it, and another one came up. To get rid of it completely, delete the ctfmon.exe from windows/system32/dllcache as well. Then it will ask you to put in the service pack 2 disk, but just press cancel. it will be gone ! Danny S.
This file stops Command & Conquer working propley stop the file running to make it work propley The Commander
this little .exe is preventing me from starting my OS. i do not have office installed and yet it runs. i disable it in safe mode but it renables it self. and my system only lodes when it is NOT running
family key logger--i found this in my system32 folder (hidden file) after someone installed family key logger on my system..best thing to do is unhide hidden files and go find it..i xray
Both a Microsoft legitimate process and the name of a keylogger. Look closely at the system32 folder. The legit file will be there. If, however, you find a "CTF" folder in your system32 directory, you've found your keylogger. Pretty simple, use AntiVir or a similar spyware checker to be sure. Peter
uses unnecessary memory and pop up the handwriting and speech recognition tool unnecessary amol
Used For Dictation, Etc, in Office 2003. Do not delete this file because you will not be able to use the Dictation, Handwriting , etc, functions in Office 2003. It always shows up as a "Keep - Do Not Keep" when WebRoot SpySweeper loads with Windows XP and or manual initiation of SpySweeper. For some odd reason, I keep telling SpySweeper to keep it - However, it comes up every time I reboot and WebRoot SpySweeper is loaded with Windows XP. Gary Rogers - Author
Used for logging... Remove if not installed by a user on your network, Kent
This is a common file which alot of virus developers use as part of their virus. The main exe is a windows facility text input service BUT....has been known to be overriden to be used as part of a malware application. The best way to counter act this is to look at the symantec website which provides you with full detail on all registry keys that the virus infects as well as the exes that are affected  See also: Link Nightrider
If it's in a following folder "%Windows dir%\System32\CTF\" then it is a Family Keylogger... i use it all the time to see whats happening MY computer. it's very handy if you need it.  See also: Link Sombody is spying you.
My opinion is that Ctfmon.exe is not dangerous. My spyware adware and antivirus programs do not declare it dangerous. Stinch
If its located in the System32 folder, then its from microsoft. If its not in there, then get rid of it. George
I'm using ChineseStar XP on my Win XP computer, which is a chinese text input software. After using it's Inteligent Spelling feature for several month, ctfmon.exe will try to be naughty, what I do is I delete the custom phrase database at "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\CStar\csime\pyuser35_CstarXP.dat" file and let the program to create a new one, then everything is allright again. So I think ctfmon.exe is not a problem itself, but it is other unstable program that make it to cause trouble. Genes
This also is installed with the game Unreal Tournament 2004, and is part of the text-to-speech feature, and appears whenever u use international keyboard setup for typing accented characters, also part of Microsoft Office's speech recognition, be careful if you decide to uninstall it, if you have any of these programs or accesories it will change how they work if uninstalled Keifer
It's used in "advanced text services". usually appears in some custom versions of windows XP. Sammy
I reinstall windows about once every 6 months and always dread installing office cause it installs ctfmon.exe and mdm.exe which (IN EVERY SINGLE GAME) causes a significant drop in framerates... while the game is running, if i kill those 2 processes then my frames return to their normal rate. Its very consistant like that.. making it a useless process for a gamer. AdDiCt
all i know is that spybot says its a "CoolWebSearch_ parasite related - hijacking to Slawsearch.com" tony
This is a macrosoft virus that causes lost focus of foreground aplications. I advice you to delete it. :) Magman
Office XP has *never* been on this computer either, but ctfmon.exe is there. But after digging around, I discovered that Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer uses this process too!  See also: Link Mr Scott
As long as its in the windows/system32 folder its safe...it does create a globe shell hook,Get message hook and a CBT hook but its safe Frank
Useless, remove at start up to boot up ur comp faster Sree Gogineni
It DOES affect performance in certain manuevers you do as user.. For example when deleting temporarly internetfiles and when configuring the startmeny, cleaning recent file list and so on. Very disturbing process. Not a virus or spyware but indeed a useless function. Linjalen
Causes some CDs not to be read along with other programs in msconfig startup. Comes from various sources so no point inhibiting it in startup. AJS a bit miffed
Annoying; I try to shut it off, and it keeps coming back. D-t-R
This file is only dangerous if it is found anywhere else other than C:\windows\prefetch or system32. aswell as being used by MSoffice it is also used if u have the language bar down next to the task bar which allows you to change your keyboard to a different language. It also uses basically no resources. if u have issues with it crashing or freezing your machine you may have a virus or spyware using the same file name. Gerrard
CTFMON.exe is harmless and is part of MS Office. However, a virus/trojan or adware/spyware can easily overwritten it and replaced it with its own file. If in doubt, use free online virus scanners or spyware/adware detectors. Bruce
ctfmon.exe was stopping some programs from closing on my machine. It took me 3 tries to rid myself of this little pain. Bill
It's used by Office XP/2003 and it's not a big deal. BenJordan
When loaded, it tends to slow down all other running processes. It can be loaded at Windows startup, when any Office/Outlook application is started, too. I removed it by deleting ...system32/ctfmon.exe, disabling in msconfig, Security Task Manager, delete ALL registry keys containing ANY reference to "ctfmon" and lastly, and seemingly most important, boot PC into Safemode with Command Prompt, navigate to C:/windows/system32 directory and delete the file "ctfmon.exe" - This should prevent the file from ever loading/appearing again when Windows/Outlook/Office/Internet Explorer are started. chadat259
I tried to remember how ctfmon was setup on my computer. Then I remembered it installed automatically during installation of Unreal Tournament. WWW
can be dangerous if you don't have spyware or virus detection programes but is still a resource hoge on some systems. dameon1313
Deleted this file from start up using msconfig, then uninstalled the MS language bar component as per instructions from MS, but still runs at start up. Annoying and slows down start up. Gippo
I never use OfficeXp stuff on my PC, and never had ctfmon.exe running, it recently started running after I installed IE7 beta.... I try to keep my processes to a min so this process was very annoying and used unnecesary memory, so I finally found this to deleted. I don't have use for that on my PC so there's no need to have it, plus it does'nt cause system to become unstable, if you don't use OfficeXP than it's safe to unstalled it. ~JSV
Suspicious; seems unnecessary. Deleted from running tasks without problems GofM
The file "ctfmon.exe" comes into my Task Manager everytime I open it up. I usually just ended the task and it would go away. After a few months, I realized that the file kept returning, so I figured it was a type of Virus, Spyware, or a Trojan. I had problems with my computer before due to Spyware, so I figured this was a bad file. However, I did some research on it, and I found out it wasn't supposed to be there. It never did anything to harm my computer though. It only bothers me when I constantly have to end the task so it doesn't use up unnecessary RAM. It hasn't done any sort of damage.  See also: Link Ken
If you don't like executibles that reappear after you delete them, try deleting any of your Outlook Express files... hit refresh and watch them one by one, pop right back into existance...now why would a mail client application act wormy? Secret MS transactions? They can keep the email client installed ( i have a way around it ), but they can't keep the operating system from getting corrupted LinuxInductee
open task manger (ctrl + alt + del) see if the process is named ctfmon.exe or cftmon.exe, if cftmon.exe it is a virus (open your antivirus product and scan) if it is ctfmon.exe then open control panel regional and language settings languages tab details advanced check 'turn off andvanced text services'. doing this is the fastest way of disabling ctfmon than uninstalling it and having to find the xp cd again. ps: this won't create office problems and just ignore microsofts instructions to REMOVE it and do it this safer, faster and much less complicated way. It worked perfectly for me! Andy
As already said on this page, this is always installed with office. It could however also be a virus. To be safe, disable this (you can't just disable it with msconfig but look at instructions elsewhere on the page) UNLESS you are using speech to text, handwriting recognition or a tablet PC. Patrick
Wouldn't let my screensaver run. And I think it had something to do with the language bar always coming up on startup. Got rid of it. It's not necessary anyways. Office 2007 beta runs fine. Sarah
default bloatware with the only purpose in running as default is make you buy new hardware Panic
This has been slowing my system down considerably. Once gone I have had no issues at all. It's also annoying by it's persistence in trying to reinstall if not deleted properly Jon
Just turn off advanced text services and its gone, at least for me Kapa
Ctfmon.exe monitors the active windows and provides text input service support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation, and other alternative user input technologies. This should not be removed. I do not understand why users on this site are saying it's dangerous. Removing the Ctfmon.exe might cause problematic behavior in your Office XP programs, so removing it is not recommended. 2006 Microsoft Corporation.
Removed at startup and increased the performance of my computer (Dell Latitude D610). Run Office with no problems. Also run Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0.2 and seems to be much faster. Josh Hiller, Denver Colorado
It is truly a part of windows but only if it is in system32/ctfmon.exe. I've closed the process and found no real system instability however if I'm not sure what will happen in the long run. Alejandro S
who ever says this file is a trojan or dangerous is a mongoloid xD READ PEOPLE Apostacia
It is a keylogger and backdoor named "troyan-backdoor-sapilayr". It also created a great deal of lag. Zom-B
Part of Microsoft Office XP Justin
CTFMON.exe is loaded on my computer at startup. i installed startup optimizer and it showed up as a trojan, which a memory footprint of 16 kb ronotron
Turn off: Control Panel- Regional and Language Options- Languages Tab- Details- Advanced Tab- Check "Turn off advanced text services" Steve
In my situation it was just a memory hog, taking up 5 or so mb for no good reason. Dan
It is mostly office 2003, Office Xp and probably recognition software - Yet there is a Trojan called ctfmon.exe and is suspectable on Norton Int Security apps - comes in the from sometimes as a redirector trojan/spyware - you should leave it unless you notics it redirecting a common web page - email page mostly likely redirects it to another page - Other than that it is not dangerous - unless it is a spyware - Normal Comes on when using MS active sync and Office products - so keep it might need it - or can remove it and maybe no ill effects at all... DC 10
Ctfmon.exe running on my system no office ever installed. ctfmon.exe *32 also Running on system BiLL Rulez
ctfmon.exe is continually trying to gain access to internet (every 4 seconds), I've set zone alarm to block it, while I work out how/if to get rid of it (zone alarm reports it as 'eMule'[not program I use], but it is ctfmon.exe that is the agent that it points back to). * I've checked a windows installation where ctfmon doesn't try to get net access, and the difference size 4mb/15kb, rather than 8kb, and location. mal version installs to windows\prefetch,+ system32\dlg.. it all seems to be a rogue form of 'eMule'? fistula annais
ctfmon.exe is obviously a useful program for microsoft and for hackers. It is too useful in this case which may present a problem to some people. I do not run anything that needs this program, I have it disabled under msconfig, and I have most addons for IE7 disabled, but it still reactivates itself with IE7. If this is the case with you, make sure to go through the steps to delete it, or someone may be watching you! O_o klw
It is installed with IE 7 also. Seems microsoft couldn't get it on enough computers with Office so they expanded it. I went to the control panel and removed the language bar from the 'regional and language options' and everything runs smoother and faster with no problems. Tom
Hey i think the virus use this file to monitor us. It is like too user working at the same computer at same time. Alok Singh from Mozambique
This file appears to be causing a 1 1/2 minute + delay at start up between the time my Wallpaper appears and the desktop icons show up. Without it the delay is less than 5 seconds. Tom
There should be one ctfmon file located in windows/system32 and its safe... however there seems to be a spyware that is almost identic to eMule program which creates a folder "dlg" in system32 folder. The .exe files is named "ctfmon.exe". It uses cpu time and bandwith to download something... havent been able to figure out what.... but found this piece of crap program when it tried to download files up to 32G big!! The program creates automatically two exeptions in windows firewall tool and allows itself to connect... ive also found many regkeys related to this particular spyware... Vicks
I do not, nor ever have, Microsoft Office installed on my Machine. I belive this is undocumented Microsoft spyware. Steven
That it is not dangerous under normal circumstances CuttheCrap
all i have is home edition xp.tonight windows installed updates and added updated ie 6 to ie7.it asked me to restart and i did but couldnt get on the internet wihtout running a proxy for an ip.then nothing would load my puter kept locking up.i checked task man and there was this process on my puter.its never been there before and i cant get rid of it,i deleted it from sys 32 and on restart its back,i tried the regional langauge thing but still there,how in the hell can i get this satan spawn process from hell of my computer. partiboi26
It's for the language bar. when i first saw it i thought to myself "there's a jamacan capture the flag game going on in my computer!?"
It is separatly closed by windows task manager while you shoutdown the XP based system Mohamed
Having loads of problems at statup with it.. if you DO find it somewere but system32... it's a virus, so get rid of it if it's not in the right place. if it is... well that's life.. blame OFFICE Edwing Blackzenith
See the removal procedure in CraigC's link: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=282599 If you have installed a keyboard layout other than 101 (default English US), and even if you are not using it - just the fact that it's installed, then ctfmon.exe will run.  See also: Link JohnM
this file is to do with text services. if you havent specifially chosen to install this or used text services in any of the windows products and you have this then it is most likely spyware. this was very hard to get rid of because whatever i did, it kept coming back however i tried going into control panel, then add remove programs, then into your microsoft office package, now go into customize and find the file about text services, now choose to install this. i just did this and it looks like the ctfmon.exe is gone
I don't even have MSOffice and ctfmon.exe is on my machine... Microsoft Defender said that it ships with the operating system, it's name is "CTF Loader" and that Microsoft Defender permits it. (Mine is located in the system32 folder.) JD
Quite an annoying file. I didn't have Office before I got rid of it, so it may have been malicious despite it being located in system32. To get rid of it forever, get it off of your start-up through registry, then restart in safe mode, and delete it in system32 and dllcache. Anthem
It is just spareing memory in case of using office
ctfmon.exe will start showing up in your task manager if you've recently upgraded to IE7 (the new, MS tabbed version). Just follow Gary's directions way up there to disable it. Tim
This file is NOT dangerous, it is 100% safe. But i do know when i disable it my computer runs faster. Chunder
When this file is stopped at startup it does make my system load much quicker, also I have not found that it stops any of my ms office programs from working apart from speech recognition, but as I do not use this it don't matter to me. But please beware of other files called ctfmon that are not in the system32 folder. Dave
this file even after deletion, pops up a micrsoft office installing it again and not finding the file..... so remove old version of Microsoft office.... use 2007 version..... delete ctfmon.exe from a hidden folder, put it in address bar C:\Windows\system32\dllcache ......fine  See also: Link Blade
Three people on here Nailed how to STOP it from running ."graercy-tech support", "Jaed Lqbal", and "trial and error".
It is a simple file used by MS office to work with your text input S. Daniel
This got installed when I installed my Speech Recognition Software THNDR143
Is an Alternative User Input Text Input Processor (TIP
This File Is Installed With XP. Original File Is Very Harmless, Although It Is A Popular Target For Spyware And Viruses Since It Is A Default Windows File (Always There). It Is Enabled By Some Software (UltraMon Etc.) For The Multi-Lingual Support. If You Remove It From MSConfig And It Re-Appears, Then You Are Booting A Program Which Requires CTFMon. You Will Sometimes Notice The Language Bar Keeps Appearing On The Task Bar. This Is Because CTFMon Is Being Re-Enabled By Another Application.  See also: Link AcidX
Part of MS Office and also added during the IE 7 install if you choose the clear type option. Wally
If you dont want it running, go to Run and type in RegEdit where you can disable it. Be very careful not to change anything you dont know about in there as this is the core of your computer! Here is the path to disable ctfmon.exe from running in the background HKEY_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Simply right-click ctfmon.exe and delete it. Hope I helped someone. Adam L Morgan
Part of Microsft Office Jordan
ctfmon.exe slows down my PC. So I use Zonealarm and kill this process everytime it starts. hackmysoul
I had no apparent problems with it whatsoever, but after doing a little research, and finding so many potential imposters for it, I decided "why chance it?" and I opted to remove it from the Startup list, but otherwise left it alone (did not delete or disable it) JUST IN CASE something happens later where I must get it back. Since I don't use OfficeXP anyway, it just seemed like one less thing for my system to worry about at Startup. W T WASP
This application is trusty, not a trojan, and virus!! It's a windows system process. Don't listen any body who told you: "This is trojan", if their problem in this application, it's only in their mind. UnderSky
i want to delet this file [ www.usuc.us/2/popup/1.ph?=john-p ]plz can u delet this file it alway come when i open internet explorer nirmala
When you use a tablet, this program is (I believe) the one that monitors windows for text boxes and brings up the little 'keyboard' balloon, which when clicked will open up the input panel for handwriting, on-screen keyboard, etc. It sounds like it does more too. Adabiviak
it is neede for voice recognition  See also: Link Pupkin
I've run into too much squirrely behavior from ctfmon.exe in the past, When upgrading ie to v.7 on an XPreinstall, launching IE tries to add ctfmon.exe as a starup process. I tea-timer before anything else in order to monitor and deny such changes. (I run firefox and _no_ office on that box) Orbit Rain
I have microsoft office and works and i haven't even opened them since installation and yet ctfmon.exe is always there on task manager using up 584K of memory usage. Is this normal it's getting very annoying! David Jones
Just check the file's date stamp to find out when it got into your pc. For me, if I find it too recent and differs very much with the rest of windows system files, I can always safely delete it =) sherry zak
It seems to cause lag and when i stop it thru task manager it seems to restart after i open an explorer window ( , Y , )
File Download - Security Warning Do you want to save this file NAVCANCL Unknown file type from IEFRAME.dll When tried to open internet explorer, this is the message i got. Mukul Sharma
This file is a typical Micro$oft screw-up. It is used for the language bar. You sgould be able to disable it, howerver, I have found it will be re-enabled somehow. It does cause conflict with many games and especially CD/DVD copy protection schemes like SecureRom. This file was responsible for a empty tool bar on my task bar that I could not get rid of. Disabling it and then rebooting fixed the problem. But, it eventually turns back on, whenever a process expects to see it. Possibly Office apps always expect to see it, and when an Office app is run, it re-enables without your consent. Shinsa
If The File Is In The System32 Folder It is Not A Virus. It is Used By OfficeXP Programs However If It Is Outside The System32 Folder It Is Probably A Virus Alex
If you have Office 2000, you can disable ctfmon.exe by renaming the file.  See also: Link Ibennia
Process Guard is always catching cftmon.exe trying to register itself as a startup program. This is irksome about Microsoft as I don't even have Microsoft Office loaded! Donna Harrington
i dunno anything but it is not dangerous  See also: Link Link ctfmon.exe
On install ZoneAlarm set the send mail allow flag against this file. Why should this program need this permission. I'll follow the links to the MS KB and remove it from my PC. I don't need the features it provides. Mark
It's a major part of text-input services for Windows apps, especially in Office and, more importantly, the language toolbar. I personally use four different languages on my computer, so this file is ESSENTIAL. Especially for East Asian language users (with a non-EA version of Windows), this file is very important for multi-language support. On the other hand, if you aren't using more than one language and you don't rely on Office's text services (minor things, anyway) then KILL it, it just eats up processing anyway. Especially for any games, I usually have to kill it when playing games. XD Teh Mastah Cheef
it can be found on c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386, not dangerous, easy to remove... Daniel Furlan Carobrez
Magman. ctfmon.exe is NOT a virus! Lee
If you want to turn off ctfmon do this.Start = All Programs =Control Panel = Select Date,Time,Language and Regional Options Then select Regional and Language Options. Click on Languages = Select Text Services and Input Languages = settings = advanced . Chevk Turn Off Advanced Text Services. It won't bother you again. KoalMan
It's unnecessary. Disable it from starting automatically by using a start-up viewing utility or just do it manually by editing the registry. Dethklok
I know that it isn't needed for booting the system (Windows XP). Plus, I deleted all instances of it from the registry (after backing up the registry, of course). Then I looked for all instances of it on my hard drive (there were three [3] and I changed the extension (.EXE) to EXT and so far it hasn't done a thing to the system except to help my IE (7.0.5730.11IS) open MUCH faster. It would seem apparent that ctfmon DOES affect the speed with which my computer can access the Internet. Since I do not use any Office programs on this computer (use it to build web sites) I doubt I will miss it. BTWebWorks
I removed this from startup... Office programs works without problems. Anom
Use This Information Below To Disable ctfmon.exe, Sorry. Go To The CONTROL PANEL - Click On REGIONAL AND LANGUAGE OPTIONS - Now Click The LANGUAGE Tab - Now Click On The Button That Says DETAILS... - Now Click On The Button That Says LANGUAGE BAR... - Now Make Sure All Four Boxes Are Un-Checked - Click OK - Now In The TEXT SERVICES AND INPUT LANGUAGES Window Click On The ADVANCED Tab - Un-Check The Box Under COMPATIBILITY CONFIGURATION And Check The Box Under SYSTEM CONFIGURATION - Click OK. PRESTO. Works For Windows XP Running IE 7.
When I shutdown window, always a ctfmon.exe "End Now" box show up ,asking me to end or cancel the proccess !! Tom
I do NOT belive the statement from MSFT that this is related to MSFT Office. I have NEVER installed Office on my computer. Just did a fresh XP install, and this thing still shows up Bender
CTFMON.exe is a name used by EMule as mentioned by fistula annais and Vicks. Look In C:\Program File\system 32\ dlg to confirm. The icon is that of a donkeys head. Buzzer
spybot search &destroy tells me this is a trojan virus resource hog . steve
Viral Network
This file is simply the language tool bar displayed on the start menu bar. It comes default with Windows SP2/Office. If you have neither installed, or notice that there is a sudden decrease in productivity/popups. A virus may have binded its self, or created a fake cftmon in a non-windows directory. My suggestion is to just run a virus scan, and trace the file back to its directory. Andrew
Make sure it's in your system32 folder.  See also: Link Baba
ctfmon is installed by Windows, NOT Office. I installed XP to a formatted partitiion and, before I'd installed any apps, ctfmon was there, running in the background. OK! while I'm sure it's used by Office for changing input languages, it's essentially a Windows file for input options. I must have English & Thai kb input options on my PC, so the language bar is active, therefore ctfmon must be running. I don't understand why there is so much talk (even from Microsoft) about it being an Office feature, when clearly it's a Windows feature. JoJo-Raz
Not dangerous at all. Just right click your taskbar, then disable the language bar. johnny
This file is need to start an accounting software package called Pastel. It is the link to start or stop the workgroup eninge. In certain instances it is a virus.Check out the link for more clarity. Also you need to know what software is using it before you can make a calculated decision.  See also: Link Wallie
Ctfmon.exe is a program for all office programs, it records your keystrokes and other misc data apparently for the language tool bar, it does, but it does also send it's data to microsoft! disactivating it can kill your office programs, depends on what you prefer office or privacy Chaos
this file is part of ms office and is standard set to run when windows boots up. i found that if you delete it from the start menu windows seems to start a lot faster then it would when active.didnt see any differnce to any other applications when run.all in all "IF IT AINT BROKE THEN HAVE A FIDDLE ANYWAY". CHRISI
CtfMon is the application that is responsible for keyboard input history into your browsers and so on.It enables us to easily retrieve written words from the past especially in browsers. On the other hand if i were to try and explain it controversially, i would say that it is a virus, a trojan, a spyware, installed on every single pc in the world as a way for the Secret Services to keep an open eye on everyone out there in the world.But it surely isn't. Mastermind
in startup menu spybot s&d said it could be worm or virus/ tried ending the process deleting the file even shredding it but always returns/ it seems to take up alot of virtual memory/ can run programs more efficiently w/o it until i restart windows/ i dont how anyone can say exactly wtf is going on with all the shits in your computer, can you see it? ctfmon
This is a trojan if it weight's over 15 kb..search all variants of file and delete not 15 kb weighter mEDIUM
I have Win Xp sp2 installed with no history of Microsoft Office. I now have cftmon.exe listed in my start up. My puter has been taking much longer on starting up normally on the Windows XP splash screen takes about 15 sec there. I recently went to run/msconfig and looked in startup and disabled ctfmon.exe and my computer is much faster and I noticed nothing has been corrupt from removing from start up list. Danny
To clear things up ypu don't need Microsoft Word to have this program, It also starts up when you run Wordpad (a program that is installed with Windows XP) and maybe even notepad
Harmless, but disable it if not using it (control panel - Regional and Language Options - Languages tab - Details button - advanced tab - check "Turn off advanced text services" check box). From Microsoft popup help: "Text services require computer resources and can affect performance. Remove any services that you don't use." anoniphile
Its safe  See also: Link Dreads
I have only Windows XP Home Edition loaded on my PC and yet ctfmon.exe started AFTER I installed Microsoft Windows updates. MB
once it was caught by my anti virus as potentially unwanted software.  See also: Link krunal odedra
This file is the most disturbing file on the whole PC. It keeps coming back like a virus, even when u delete it from the system 32 folder. If deleted from msconfig it still comes back, and trust me, it is not the virus ctfmon, even though it act like one.. It does not take so much cpu power, but when you try to erase last used files from the start meny for exampe it takes VERY long time.. If disabled from task manager everything runs smooth. but the damn process just keeps coming back like a frickin ZOMBIE!!! Luckily with windows vista this is not a problem.. I Hate It
I picked up this trojan at school on my flashdrive. I first realised it when i tried opening my drive and norton antivirus deleting two files named ctfmon.exe. then i had access restricted to my drive. i had to rightclick and explore the drive to access the contents. i also realised that the process was running itself in the background and was also in the startup menu. by the time i did some research on it... my laptop and home pc were both infected. norton has no real solution cuz the files werent really deleted. every other antivirus i use is useless against it or doesnt recognise it. shaney
It's part of language bar of Windows Xp, not Office, look out, it's diferent of ctfmon32.exe that's a spyware. I tried in a new, all ne computer Jorge Jimenez
Causes my XP to run out of memory/resources virtually making it non responsive when it was doing nothing , I would come back in the morning to find the PC frozen, forcing me to do hardware reset in order to reboot.I lived with this problem for years before finally figuring out it was the culprit. It can be disabled in "Text Services and Input Languages" by turning off advanced text services Sebastian
Stops America's Army from loading into PB enabled servers and causes a general protection fault 5N!P3R
as soon as you go on the net ctfmon.exe jumps into action, if you have spybot teatimer running it will cach it and stop it. to compleatly remove it from your pc --- 1/ end proses in task maneger 2/go into run type : regedit (ENTER) click on edit (top left) scrol down to (FIND...) type: ctfmom click ok, every time it find's a ctfmom entry (DELET IT) keep doing this untill all entrys are removed. 3/ do a search on your pc in all files for ctfmon, enything it finds DELET !. 4/ REBOOT "ITS GONE" Windows mite warn you a file is missing or been replaced and to isert the windows xp disk Ignor it. The coffin dodger
CTFMON.exe is harmless and is part of MS Office. However, a virus/trojan or adware/spyware can easily overwritten it and replaced it with its own file. If in doubt, use free online virus scanners or spyware/adware detectors like virustotal.com  See also: Link Rahul
McAffee On Demand Scan deleted four of it from diffrent folders but notfrom system32. It was on CAPS and small caps names. Ex.: CTFMON.EXE and ctfmon.exe. And Identified as Trojan at that. Lorkanov
If this file ,"ctfmon.exe" , is in the "system32" folder, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if this file is in the folder "ctfmon" then you have a problem. Unless it was installed by you on purpose, the file is a keylogger. Most antivirus/spyware/malware programs have it as a threat if it is in the "Ctfmon" folder. To get this file to stop, first you must open "My Documents" and go to "Tools Folder Options". Click the view tab, scroll to the bottom of the list, and uncheck "Use simple file sharing". Now, go to the folder where the file, is located. Once there, right click on the file and select "Properties". Go to the "Security" tab and select "System". Check all boxes under the "Deny" catagory for System. Apply, OK. Open Task Manager and end the task "Ctfmon.exe". Voila!! Now ever the system can't access it. Taskkill /im "explorer.exe" /f
Was getting loss of screen focus for 10 seconds or more occasionally while playing Bioshock. I unticked ctfmon startup in msconfig and the problem was solved. I'm not sure if there was a direct conflict of any sort but would bet on it just slowing everything down. twIIce
Monitoring of text input devices (keyboard) Sgt. Franich
cftmon.exe is just a Windows Process, though it is classified under user and not SYSTEM. Cookie Monster
It's some auxiliary recognition program of Office - however hard to remove, even if you don't need it. So the "normal" ctfmon.exe is harmless but unneccessary. Sometimes a virus camouflages as ctfmon.exe - so keep your antivirus and Spybot Search & Destroy stuff updated and you'll be safe. Dude
There are two types of ctfmon.exe files. The Office XP file, and the keylogger ctfmon.exe file. You should just delete the file and see what happens. If you notice faster performance, you just got the keylogger off. If some files don't start, you will need to reinstall ctfmon.exe again. The Computer Cricket
It's annoying. I got rid of it by entering the Language bar on my toolbar and changing the settings. Dylan Fortune
I had the same warnings from 'Spybot-S&D' about 'ctfmon.exe' being related to virus (or CWShredder or something), and used 'HijackThis' to have it removed from registry.  See also: Link V
NOT ESSESENTIAL! Delete unless you use Handwriting recognition or speech recognition or other "Advanced Text" services J. Edwards
This is what's causing a need to close 'CiceroUIWndFrame' at times, when you shut down Windows. If you ever see this process lingering at shutdown time, now you know from whence it came! Jadawin
Use system RAM 4924K upto 29000 KB and more! For what reason Microsoft? I did'nt even install MS-Office. Ran Mann - consumers whatchdog
i turn it off,, then i tried to open ms office and etc,, my pc is doing good, so it is ok remove that! it just using memory...not a virus or spyware.. jessie
This file has installed automaticly on each hard drive on each partition in false "recycled" folder and kept running from "autorun.inf" file at each HDD. I don't know exactly what it is, but since I tried to remove it my games and bigger programs started to crash my computer. Even reinstalation didn't work, it's still somewhere within my service programs, dunno which Tom Ignatius
ctfmon.exe is causing me not to be able to access my second hard drive . can any one pls tell me why . i have formatted my pc and i dont have office on it so . im also using kaspersky antivirus. skidso
downloaded yahoo messenger, got ctfmon.exe. cant rid it with msconfig. drives spybot and me crazy. Noel
it is not a virus; there is a trojan that disguises itself as that program, though, called "ctfmona" with an "a" at the end fred fred
SpyCatcher said the ctfmon.exe it found in c:\windows\system32 was really "Family Key Logger". I don't have MS Office installed on this PC so i guess it is right. The date stamp was 8/3/2004. File size was 15,360 bytes. It was running in TaskManager so i killed it, moved it, and renamed it. AdAware and SPyBot both missed it. Navegante
It slows down my system. When I try to "End Process" at the task manager, my system turns normal. But I often encounter errors. Albert, Philippines
Can be installed with language bar, which is sometimes activated after updateding windows. Easy to turn off. Control Panel Regional and Language Options. Then under LANGUAGES tab click the DETAILS button. New window will appear. Select ADVANCED tab then check box "Turn off advanced text services" (this is for anyone who does not have office XP and does not need advancd text services) BloodyHarbinger
the ctfmon.exe can be remove without any Problem. There is a Programm for it. Sorry for my Englis. Klick the Link below for more info.  See also: Link Herzi
Have not installed Office either, but do have MS development tools (Visual Studio) that install MS Office development components. It's most likely part of this install. Would not be surprised if it is also part of other MS products. Eric, Pittsburgh PA
Causes crashes and lag. I do not have the luxury of uninstalling Microsoft products in hopes of torpedoing this bug. Your links are useless. To everyone who belittles people attacked by this .exe: your arrogance is offensive. Lupine
you can remove it with the ctfmon-remover. Then the prozess cant start Automatically. The Prozess can make your computer much slower. For more info look the link. I used this little programm and my computer is much faster now. So when you dont need the ctfmon.exe remove it. Sorry for my english Iam from Germany.  See also: Link Herzi
It's a real resource hogger, whenever I play fullscreen/3D games, they lag as usual, but when I use *normal* task manager to close stuff that runs in the background, it says that ctfmon.exe is taking about 30,000k paging memory, but all the other files are at about 300-3000 at max. *Except the game, duh! The game is normally at about 50,000k, but that's normal* The weird thing is, it doesn't take that much memory even if I'm using Office. I had it ages before office too, it was always there, in the system32 folder. Riam Fairbank
If the file is causing your computer not to run correctly, then its a file acting as ctfmon that is really a virus. If It is the real one, it is a 1 mb program, if its giving your performance issues, then your computer is so old that it belongs in the dumpster. Robert
The file CTFMON.exe constantly appears inside the hidden folders RECYCLED. The only problem is that it seems to have corrupted some of my programs. Chris Murray
If you have your doubts over this process you can stop it running on startup by downloading and running Autoruns from the Microsoft website. You can then uncheck the box for ctfmon.exe Chris
It is required for Alternative Input Text and whenever an Office program is run. ferrari
It is Run from C:\\Windows its Harmless it is run from another directory its a Virus etc Unknow
It is s necessary file and used by ms-office programs knowing that,
I could switch off this service (which is into system32 folder, and only in this case) by following steps. Go to Regional and Language Options in Control Panel, then Languages, Ditail, Advanced and there tick off Turn off Advanced text services. Paul Se
It always shows up in my flashdrive, so I guess I have the virus type AnonyDESU
The file is indeed a part of Microsoft Office. Was present in my startup user entry, deleted it, but then re-registered itself when I opened Word. Seems to cause no problem on my computer, so I am going to leave it as-is. Ben
After starting Windows, this file is responsible for freezing my PC for like 5 mins. It also shows error message when I try to take it off startup Benjamin
Can be infected by Trojans - CiD adware for example. Rob
This file (the legitimate Office one) is installed with IE7. Maybe Microsoft think we all want to browse the internet with handwriting recognition??? iffy
This file slows down almost everything you do on your PC. Try to delete most recent files on the start meny for example. Do it with ctfmon.exe running, than try it again when you have shut down the process in event manager.. The experiece differ pretty much between the to variants Bruskens Tid
I know there are way to many stupid notions posted about this file on here. If your ctfmon.exe was a virus then it got infected because your system was infected, the file itself is not a virus. If you think it is then you have a lot to learn. As for what it does specifically I suggest a trip to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/282599 and it discusses exactly what it does. As for bloatware, well if you don't need this then maybe it is however the process uses only 5MB of memory and there are a multitude of other unneeded TSRs that use far more. Disable it if you don't need it.  See also: Link RCM
It locked a folder preventing me from renaming it. Previously I had an issue with acrobat PDF reader locking up a PDF in the same folder after unsuccessfully performing a search inside the PDF. Krunchy
There's one in windows\system32 for office the second in c:\recycled\recycled as a virus plus c:\autorun.inf AND entries in the registry pointing to the virus version. My own research do it yourself and use ClamWin antivirus Oonly Bonly
i think it is some form of virus or spyware but should be removed underdog
its outside c:windows, i think its virus SD
it is a parasite variant, according to hijackthis analyzer! it also stops flyff from patching itself correctly, causing gameguard crashes Christian
User Input Text Input Processor. Venkat
i dont have MS office, and its on my PC, i end the task but it keeps coming back! bigbob
This file can be good(but can also be bad) .Sam.
This File Is Part Of Windows You Oversly Downloded Something And It Gave You That Virus Alex Begginer
Something in my computer tries to change "ctfmon.exe" in to "CTFMON.EXE". Spybot advised me not to allow it. I do not have more info Edwin
Spybot S & D/TeaTimer program freaked out when I started my PC after being away for four days. Shortly before I left I did reinstall OpenOffice but I have been using that program for a few years now. After reading I believe this program is NOT a virus. I do use the language bar in the system tray. In anycase, I ran a normal virus scan and nothing as usual. I use Avast, Spybot S & D and Firefox with noscript. Math
if ctfmon.exe is on system32 folder, it is SAFE MS file. If it is anywhere else, it is a VIRUS (malware). MaikUniversum
Ctfmon has a keylogging fucntion which I know because Suymantec "confidence online" product displays the fact that it is blocking the keylogging function. I do not have this symantec product but would like to be able to block the keylogging function som it cannot be co-opted by malware. Joseph
look. im using on screen keyboard. so i think its important for me to say this. first... i have never owned office. secondly... i have had this stupid thing repeatedly over the years. thirdly... my pc's lag out on websites because of this proccess. i know its ctfmon.exe, because when i kill it using the task manager, the lag gos away. oh i got more. btw it likes to come back. sounds like spyware or something to me. after i kill it, i usually have to kill dumprep too. RCM...shutup... your not helping. i do wonder if it might not be another program with the same name. minishi
Advanced Text Services, it may be a virus, spyware, or malware disguised as the legit file ctfmon Guangzhe
This is simply the Advanced Text Services module. Regardless if it can be infected or not (As the majority of windows can effectively become infected) I don't see why people keep giving this any form of rating above 1. See RCM's Post. GameCharmer
Ctfmon is the Microsoft process that controls Alternative User Input and the Office Language bar. It's how you can control the computer via speech or a pen tablet, or using the onscreen keyboard inputs for asian languages.  See also: Link Rajendra
Not malware, nor a spyware. Just useless Win prog that simply doesn't do about nothing Truth
it is also launched by WordPad that comess with windows, and does not terminate when you close WordPad. also, going to (control panel - Regional and Language Options - Languages tab - Details button - advanced tab - check "Turn off advanced text services" check box) does not get rid of it. internet explorer also starts ctfmon. jun
Like an appendix, it is harmless (allows you to use East Asian characters I believe) but could easily be infected. How to remove it for Office 2007 in the link (check out the second to last post).  See also: Link CaptPoco
usually, this program is not a virus. If you don't have microsoft office installed (use openoffice.org, it's better), it's almost certainly a virus. God
Not dangerous, takes under 5M of your memory, doesn't affect a thing Known
You can at least keep it from loading at startup, by removing it from the registry key "Run". It won't load until you run Office, then. Ditto MS Chat (until you run MS mail apps). Kurt Hagadakis
Appears on systems without MS Office. Has been impliated in at least three major exploits that I am aware of involving major botnets. Is some type of helper file. Dave the IT Guy
ctfmon.exe if a background program in MS Office Xp. It is harmless but other virus takes it advantage to reciprocate on this program. Rono Nelson
I use MsVista, never Ofiice touch my PC, and I never use any other language, and f...ing ctfmon.exe always self-load to startup after use HDD on USB! Why?!!! AdamSL3
ctfmon is not a dangerous application. Just let it run or unregister the dlls that handling ctfmon or the "easiest way" delete the file if you're not using Office XP. :p  See also: Link MyName
GuysGuysPLZ- this has been around years before Office XP,circa1995, It&the OS grew- I code- ctfmon is built to assist the communication protocols that uses the interpreter and to process text/input/etc. so other applications/hardware can access quick\effeciantly*ex-You open word and type a paper, now you hit print/ctrlP/??. Thats what this lil guy IS, and you want to remove the poor li'l fella, the binary does save some very valuable TIME and a touch'o (badly needed) RESOURCES it keeps the correct paths and communication process' openED or mapped I spied1st in +95-,lookup HP-5P drvr installer K S Coleman-MS/Unix*SA-SD-AD *stixw/nix*
IObit Security 360 detect this file as Backdoor.FakeAlert Am1LOm3gA
This is the controller of the Language Bar. Uninstallation could be neccesary, or deactivating the startup of CTF Loader. COHA Systems, Inc.
useless, causes system hiccups while gaming, wanna remove the legit but can keep it from reappearing? make a copy of calc.exe, rename it to ctfmon.exe after deleting the original ctfmon.exe make new ctfmon.exe decoy readonly. I do it all the time when I find a rogue program and cant get it to stop coming back, replace its exe with calc.exe. Murderer of Hackers
go to control panel - regional and language options - languages tab - details - advanced tab - then check "turn off advanced text services". ctfmon should be gone. It was causing printing delays in an oral surgery software. Jerry
This B.O.S (CTFmon.exe) Not a very dangerous file , The File beaing installed In microsoft Office 2003 -- 2007 and open office , and CTFmon is the file who open's Doc & Docx Files in Microsoft Office, and in Open Office will run at startup (XP)  See also: Link shadow
ctfmon.exe is a part of microsoft office programs!! ITS NOT A VIRUS! maybe those people that thinking ctfmon is virus is that uhmm may incountering another spyware,trojan,worm etc... jack
I don't have MS Office installed, however I have it and my computer is slow ever since I noticed it on my startup. Jonathan
ctfmon is not a virus - it's an MS Office component (useless for most people) which provides speech and handwriting recognition.. Some viruses pretend to be ctfmon.  See also: Link Jane
malwarebytes malware remover has ID'd the ctfmon.exe on my computer as a Security Hyjacker- it disables my virus software, firewall, system restore, etc. I have removed it many times and it keeps finding a way back into my system. Hkey Local Machine\system\microsoft\Windows NT\current version\image file execution options\ctfmon.exe Sondra
this is legitimate office exe check its hash and/or size to be sure it is the safe one otherwise delete
This program runs on every computer that I have inspected Bill
slows down my computer
It is not much dangerous. Biswarup
Part of Microsoft Office when found in System 32 folder.  See also: Link me
The MD5 hash of the genuine CTFMON.exe that runs in windows/system32 is (MD5: 5F1D5F88303D4A4DBC8E5F97BA967CC3). Check the MD5 hash through a program like Spybot Search & Destroy. It's also common for multiple instances to run at once. Personally I've deleted it from the startup list before without any negative consequences regardless of what Microsoft say. Eddy
Removed by going to control panel, reginal and language icon. See link.  See also: Link Stacy
Ctfmon.exe is the file that is responsible for controlling the Alternative User Input technologies. It starts the Language Bar component (in the Systray) and remains running in the background even after you quit an Office XP program. It also starts each time Windows is started and remains in the background, regardless of whether an Office XP program is started.  See also: Link carl
Its in system 32 and only system 32 on my computer, tottaly not dangerous!! Rawr
often confused with it's viral cousin (ctf.exe is legit MS process although not really tied to MS office Apps, I use open office by Open office.org and have no MS office products installed and it still ran as a process. YOU can read more in MS knowlege base article, however it's a little lengthly. Go to control panel. Select Regional and Language. Select languages Tab in text services and input language box click on Details button. In new window on settings tab, go to Preferences box select language bar ion new window deselect advanced alternative text services. This will turn off the process. Chuck
It doesn't meet the requirements of a good product although it is a genuine MS product. It is part of the Office suite, and other proprietary office products like Adobe don't make un-removable startup progams! Bill Szweill
Belongs to a virus named: "RECYCLER" which locates in the folder of the same name, this virus helps steal personal information and modifies the windows registry.  See also: Link Kenji
Some people keep repeating that this file is not dangerous, but I say any file I use a secure file wiper to remove, and it regenerates itself IS DANGEROUS. I understand that there is a legitimate one for Windows office, but that one is not the one I'm talking about. I went through my whole registry after it continued to load after deleting it. I stopped it in the task manager first. I had 6 instances of it in my registry. I deleted every one of them. Searched windows, hidden files, and there it was again. It starts back up after you stop it in task manager too. I haven't found a solution, YET Betty
This is not only a part of Office. This is a part of Windows XP. For those of you who are saying you have it, but do not have office installed it is because this is a part of Windows XP as well. Office is just the main program that uses it. It may be a virus/trojan/spyware in some cases. The links to remove the non-virus/trojan/spyware one are listed many times above. Jennifur Pawson
go to control panel - regional and language options - languages tab - details - advanced tab - then check "turn off advanced text services theGreatEastern
ctfmon is not a virus - it's an MS Office component (useless for most people) which provides speech and handwriting recognition.. Some viruses pretend to be ctfmon parminder singh
Essential for windows.if you disable it or delete it the MMC does not work Xphell
Ctfmon.exe monitors the active windows and provides text input service support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation, and other alternative user input technologies. Information to remove on microsofts site at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/282599  See also: Link Potencia
Got a folder RECYCLER with undeletable content and have been browsing the web for a solution. I found there are TWO versions on my PC: one in lower case "ctfmon.exe" the other in upper "CTFMON.exe" I have a feeling the lower case is the proper Microsoft version, while CAPS-one is Spyware; right-clicked to see properties: "ctfmon" is in Windows/System32, has a proper copyright character in 'version', modified same date as created,"CTFMON" is in different places, and shows modified when you last ran your PC!  See also: Link Sue
This file is for Office, but McAfee corporate stopped it from registering to autorun after one of those "you computer is infected and we can fix it scan" hijack pages. The page that poped up used AVG as a coverup so dummies think its the real deal and its ok to run it. If you see the pop up you are already screwed because at that point it has already installed unless you have a stop anything type antivirus. So you know what it trys to do: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exe \REGISTRY\USER\S-......03\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ctfmon.exe Common Maximum Protection:Prevent programs registering to autorun Action blocked : Create Racer X
It's automatically installed with Windows XP in 'windows/system32/' however the only programs that ever use ctfmon is just Office. Just open services.msc and turn ctfmon to disabled. David
it's part of WIN XP,it's part of MS Office,but in some cases like my mate has , viruses or/and malweres use it to aatack your PC but making it looking innocent, scanning your HDDs to infect ther files and/or even STEALING your data... konstanty
Seems like it's a component of the Windows XP system. I ran scans through Emsisoft, Malwarebytes, and TDSSKiller as well as Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool and none of those programs claimed cftmon.exe to be a virus, trojan, adware, worm, or malicious in nature. Like some of the comments before mine, it can be associated with a virus because it will be hard to detect it if it's named after a component of the XP system. Aaron Yi
This software file has been tampering with the computer, and made everything laggy. If you belive that this software file is safe and relyable, then make sure that it is, If it isn't then delete it ASAP.ctfmon can be a dangerous application if it's a fake identification. (scam) (thats what happend to me) JOE 345
After reading the comments i think that it is the microsoft language thing because i have one at the bottom. Dave
My language bar dissapeared and when I run ctfmon.exe then it came back. So in my case by runing prosess I solved my problem  See also: Link dango
I'm in complete agreement with Kenji as it is a virus. Read his report.  See also: Link George
CTFMON.EXE Belongs to microsoft office, and language bar, usually for switching your keyboard to type in different languages. If you are having problems removing it, if you don't need it it free's up about 8 MB of ram and doesn't start up anymore if you run CTFMON.exe Remover and follow the instructions it gives you.  See also: Link Mitch
To disable the file, click Start/Run. Type msconfig and click the Startup tab. Uncheck ctfmon. Restart your PC. That's it. Ady_Cyrus
My Billing server always using XP and the ctfmon.exe always run as usual. My Av*ra does not detect that those one is a virus. Sullivan
This is a part of speech recognition and Microsoft Office, not a virus. Your mom says so.
On every bootup, ctfmon takes 99% of cpu and the computer almost `freezes` until I `end` the task from task manager. i renamed it to ctfmon1.txt but on the next start it was there again. generally, no other harm done. tom6670
it is coming again and again,even after repeated deletes from the task manager. All other programs are getting delayed execution due to presence of this. Its allowing other spyware .exe files such as jxdrive32.exe, aon32.exe entering from internet when connected and other temperary files into the computer resulting the slow speed of machine. srikanth yadav
To disable the file, click Start/Run. Type msconfig and click the Startup tab. Uncheck ctfmon. Restart your PC. That's it Start
I'm running XP 64-bit edition, and it is running out of C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64, which seems reasonable given the OS. Eric
Does not require MS Office to be currently installed. It just hangs around. Located in c\i386, and System32\, System32\DLLCache, ServicePackFiles\i386 in Windows\.  See also: Link Al Breeck
system requirements Windows 7 Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 (including 64-bit) RSThomas
Ctfmon.exe is a system file but if you find the file in anx other location then of course it is a virus.Use Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (the best antivirus software all over the world) .It will automatically delete or quarrantine the file.If you need more suggestions use tuneup utilities 2012 and uniblue speed up my pc software to get your pc in top shape (full performance) . Habib Ashraf
Sometimes it a virus, sometimes its a language file from Microsoft office. Pinkie Pie
Click on Start. Click on run. Type MSCONFIG and enter. Click on Startup. If ctfmon box is checked, uncheck it. Thats it, PC speed back to normal. Patrick A Kavanagh
Unless you use the language bar, get rid of it. Even when located in the proper folder, it causes internet connectivity problems. The Microsoft site details their preferred "blanking" procedure. However, I removed it outright and experienced NO instability (unless the absence of the language bar can be considered instability). This immediately cleared up numerous connectivity problems. Microsoft's attitude is wholly unacceptable: having garbageware running all the time just "because" is piss-poor practice, as well as being highly suspicious. Somebody should have a look under the hood to see what this piece of crap is really doing. Since it runs even when nothing related to the language bar is concerned, it has more than one purpose, and one that Microsoft doesn't want to give up - or reveal to the public. Foo
can not delete ctfmon.exe because it says I need special permission. It is located in user-windows-system32.
The process is defined as the program CTF Loader.  See also: Link david scott
i have win8 and ctfmon is located in C:\Windows\SysWOW64. alekss
to disable this ctfmon.exe goto start menu and then click run and search msconfig and click startup bar and uncheck ctfmon.exe done! Gian angelo
ctfmon.exe does present in my Windows Task Manager (ctrl+shift+esc) when I am using my old XP. ctfmon.exe seems to be used/useful in Win 7 processes anyway the ctfmon.exe cannot be found anywhere in my (Win 7) Windows Task Manager, and my Language Bar is still lying perfectly there. Some websites has tried using ctfmon.exe in Win 7 to solve some technical problem. (e.g answers.microsoft.com/)  See also: Link John
It is Used it Microsoft Language bar. Useful when using Asian Languages. (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)  See also: Link S
very dangerous. It is spyware pretending to be a system file. It causes bad lag, and takes information, monitors the handshake, and locks certain files down which only the "specified administrator" gives permission which is not yourself.BEWARE!!!!!
It took 95 gpu usage and was in roaming map under marcomedia
In Windows 7, this command did not appear in the registry. Consequently, I could not get the language bar to appear at the top of the page as I could in Vista. I use the bar constantly to switch between languages, so it was a big issue for me. Placing CTFMON in the registry solves that problem. I am not aware of what dangers using this exe command might expose my computer to. Perhaps to spyware running in the background. An entry in "answers.microsoft.com gives detailed instructions about ho and where to place CTFMON in the registry: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-performance/language-bar-missing-from-taskbar/bbff6b32-e4f6-4237-b4d3-255a067c2bf2?auth=1. However, I recommend that no one except an experienced user attempt to alter the registry. A mistake could make your computer unbootable. NevadaBill

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