What is system idle? Is system idle spyware or a virus?

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Process name: System Idle process

Product: Windows

Company: Microsoft

File: system idle

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The System Idle Process indicates the percentage of time that the processor is idle. This process is a single thread running on each processor, which has the sole task of accounting for processor time when the system isn't processing other threads. In Task Manager, expect this process to account for the majority of processor time unless the system is very busy processing. In other words: it is normal to see a a high cpu usage of the system idle process. The system idle process has always the PID 0 (Process Identification) in the Windows Task Manager, otherwise it is malware. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/system%20idle.html 

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Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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Internal Windows idle process
internal windows system process
Sometimes this process seems to send on port X, because the process (sended on port X) was just closed. Heiko
Completely Normal Aaron
It's the process memory that you have free to be used
Simply an auto-process used to mesure the CPU Idle (100% minus the sum of all tasks cpu usage ). It is useful to trigger low-priority processes or activity planned when user is not at the PC. Being Part of the kernel it's not based on any file nor it can be infected. lOnDoN bRidGe :
Completely harmless Lore
Its a Keylogger Nico
It is the CPU Usage % Remaining while other processes are running, If other processes like synTPEnh are using 100% of machine CPU it wont be displayed. I removed synTPEnh (touchpad system tray icon) from msconfig (Start - run - type: msconfig - startup tab) and it freed up my cpu buy 99% Kurt Lane
Whenever you look at something the system idle process kicks in. It shows your comp is working properly & is no threat what so ever! girlsrus21
Measures Idle process
It stops all other processes and the pc dosn't respond geoffo
An Auto Process that indicates resources (Memory) availablity. Cedric
CPU Idler
It monitors how much of your CPU is available Sharon
this file is annoying but its harmless Juan
it stops ur cpu and makes ur computer stops working in the case of shared users brook
When a computer is Idle it will have a high System Idle process under the CPU often in the 90's. This is completely normal for a computer as it waits for something to do. If you leave the Task Manager open a program you sill notice that the System Idle process decreases its CPU usage. It will be high when you are doing something little, browsing a simple webiste. When your doing something with more CPU, like downloading music, running JAVA it will take some CPU off "idle" and use it for another program" there must always be 100% CPU running. john20
Its a normal process that make an unusefull infinite cycle to mantein the syncronization of internal CPU core Loris
it's the cpu % remaining  See also: Link william jara
Do not disable this! It's just doing it's job...  See also: Link Leif ronnback
that shows what the cpu is actualy NOT doing, means the more u open applications the less it will go Musab
System Idle Process : An option in the Windows XP Task Manager that indicates what percentage of time the CPU is currently doing nothing but waiting for work. If no applications are running that the user is aware of (although there may always be some tasks running in the background), the percentage can be in the high 90s. therearesomerealbastardsherebuti'mnotoneofthem
System Idle Process is the mechanism that makes "multiprocessing" computing possible. You see, the way computers were designed, it was necessary to create a "Master" process, from which all others would be descended. This is also known as a Kernel Process, or PID 0. It is the first thing the computer loads, and if it doesn't exist, then when the process currently occupying the processor ends, the computer stalls forever because the cpu is waiting for a program to run. In the old days this was fine (one program ended when the cards ran out; when that happens you put in a new stack of cards)  See also: Link Christopher Verlo
Windows reqires this to run, its nothing more than a counter monitoring the "idle" bandwith of the processer. geoffo obviously doesn't have any PC knowlege... Face
Well I believe that it is obviously spyware. Bob
It is a backdoor into your most private parts  See also: Link Goatse
why does it use all my processing power and also it uses my internet connection making it difficult to browse the www this needs looked at ? dave
shows processor usage, does not let processor to get hot by giving it a vorthless job - do nothing
It's connected to the IP adress from the lan; port 1854. Centurion
This Process goes though and cleans up you system. It is completely harmless. If you have your computer on for a while it may kick in to free up some memory or something of sorts. Note: It doesn't just tell you how much is free. It is actually doing something. Adam
It's just a hassle, not dangerous. Church
Standard system psudeo-process that does nothing
Honestly, from what I read on other forums, u people are absolutely right. However, the strange thing is that my SIP never used to use so much of my CPU. I admit that I tinkered with my PC a bit, so I'll have to solve that on my own. My point is that my SIP NEVER used to have such a high process. I used to be able to have my PC sit with task manager open and my CPU percentage would be 0%. MONGO
it shows remaining Percentage of CPU Ram Prasad
the more cpu this uses the less the pics using. IDLE means not moving or not using. so system not being used means theres is more memory on the pc. if it is higher, the pc has more memory. the less it is the more u are using your pc. gusangus
Although it is unstoppable in any way, it does absolutely no harm what so ever, probably just to show CPU availability. Jamie McGlynn
Takes 16 K of memory (extreamly good) and is part of every computer. Without this, you're screwed. b20
Don't disable this process...it's not harming your computer or anything...it reads 99% when your computer or internet isn't being browsed
this figure represents how much cpu time has not even been requested by anything you are currently working with  See also: Link Terry
Shows what the processor is not doing. or CPU available. Ethan
Master" process, from which all others would be descended. This is also known as a Kernel Process, or PID 0. It is the first thing the computer loads, and if it doesn't exist, then when the process currently occupying the processor ends, the computer stalls forever because the cpu is waiting for a program to run lucky01
just read the first post on the link  See also: Link
clean up, make more space, delete all folders, files, cookies. Disable system restore click apply, then restart the system, enable system restore. Now your computer must be clean, check windows task manager.(CLEAN) friend of john?
It's like folding at home. It's microsoft's distributed client to find the answer of 0 divided by 0
windows signed Asher
If you open task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) if you are an xp user. Once open click on the performance tab at the top of the window . Here you see your cpu usage displayed, if you double left click on the green meter it will switch to a better view. depending on what applications you have running i would usually expect to see the cpu below 10% when you are not doing alot. Eden
It's a windows process. I tried closing it down and then my computer didnt work. I just restarted and it went back to normal. You should only have one process named system idle process under task manager - if you have more, run a search in your computer for system idle process and delete anything not in system32!
idle prosess for cpu Rob
Essential to XP's correct operation B-rad
If CPU usage is low and SIP is high than it is "1 not dangerous" as SIP does measure the idle. However, if both CPU usage and SIP are very high than SIP is "5 dangerous" since the machine should not be very idle and very used at the same time. Without proper context, I'll give SIP a "3 neutral". 01chan
It runs background processes like services, defragmenting, and basic devices. It also manages energy of ur cpu. When it is at 99% that is how much it frees up to cool down or reserve to save energy. If it is at 99% u have 1% cpu processing power, but if u increase the cpu need it will un-reserve the parts and its cpu "useage" will drop... Mr. 31337
Cant disable this anyways
High (98%) avg cpu usage William
It uses CPU once you start to use certain programs Germ bag
This just tells you how much memory or how much computer usage that is free. If it is running at lets say 95 Mem Usage. Then you have programs that are using 5 or your computers memory usage. This is not harmful Cole
System Idle Process only monitors the percentage of processor not being used by any other program.. It is not dangerous.. If it shows 70% under "CPU" that means you have 70% of your processor not being used by some other program.. Joseph
Harmless process which is needed by Microsoft Windows XP to be able to have the multiprocessing ability for computing Hapciu
Where Windows OS puts idle CPU power Connor
the problem I have with it is that you cannot assign it a lower priority but right clicking on it as you do the other processes, if it were only a measurer then you should be able to assign it a low priority because it is would be nothing more than a system measurer. Since you cannot change its priortiy it seems very fishy to me. David Morris
Default Windows Process. Will appear to be using high percentage of CPU time when system is idle. Mark
Resource Hog that interferes with foreground applications Wesley
its wat detects the cpu everything is taking up i think... anyways its harmless even though in task manager (not the virus scan) it shows it taking up alot of cpu. it doesnt take up any cpu at all i dont think franticfantom
its wat detects the cpu everything is taking up i think... anyways its harmless even though in task manager (not the virus scan) it shows it taking up alot of cpu. it doesnt take up any cpu at all i dont think franticfantom
In Windows NT-based operating systems, the System idle process is the system idle task: it tracks how much of the CPU's time is being utilized and issues the HLT instruction to cut the processor's power usage. The percentage of time spent in idle can be seen in the Windows Task Manager. Brandon
it show system idle Train
this is a internal counter not a process. it indicate that during cetain time how many time your cpu is ideal can not kill Dhaval Bhatt
A CPU must be using all of it cycles each second. Because programs running on it in Windows do not always use 100% of these cycles, System Idle Process kicks in and puts some very light work on the CPU to keep all of its cycles used. See? Not dangerous, absolutely critical part of an operating system. It absolutely does not hog system resources as if another program needs them it releases the CPU cycles that are needed. Arb
it slows down pc and task manager shows system idle process sushant
omg... i'm not sure some ppl even know what "idle" means... this is NOT a process; it just shows how much cpu-time is NOT used (- free, empty, idle) dmo
No comment. Known file. Needed. Wittson
Its safe proces.If we disable it systam might failure.Its proces who control cpu usage.Thats mean he dont alowe cpu to do every proccess in same time and to finis it.Its for safe of you pc.Do not ever end it
High (90%) cpu usage Leon
This file is a virus it's a keylogger sending infromation through your network and past your firewall to cyber criminals if it;s not taking that much cpu at the time but you see it in your proccess then its dorment which means the cyber criminal ist doing anything to ur pc but in the long term this virus will delete system files copy them and even steal or sell pirated software off your computer thegman pchacker
It is the CPU Usage from Windows NT-based OS. Medium 40% CPU Usage Angeluz_Villaluz
Its a Simple system idle, no spyware not a thing. you can use it to see if you do have somthing fishy it will have low cpu. check to see if other processes Drum00 from youtube
its supposed to show the balance of c.p.u resource left opver from your other porocesses. .If you could add up all the %ages shown in task manager .processes at any one time they should be 100% (or thereabouts. The problem is when the computer becomes unresponsive, and or, freezes . And task manager shows you that your system really is "busy doing nothing. !"Why is this? I'm sorry i no not. I came here looking for an answer. Luddite
harmless... just a way of representing that the computer has nothing to do. Dan Lewandowski
it is a system file. system idle process chandra
I'm Programmor, And I'm using win7 and it still haves it. It isn't any dangerous. You will see that it isn't afacting your CPU at all. If your using the CPU gaget on your desktop you see it's below 10% when your doing nothing. It's just somthing kernel matching with programs. The higher the better beqause its 100% minus the cpu usage of programms open! so skype is using 5% the idle is 95% Jack Black
This thing is really good! The higher CPU it runs, the less CPU is running. I think it's the process that keeps the computer from running at 100% CPU all the time! Andrew
a cpu is never completly off when its not being used it runs 0 s and 1's simple calculations to keep it busy and ready to have more thrown at it thats what system idle is when its at 100 percent ure cpu is idleing not being used if its at 40 percent then you have 40 percent of the cpu to spare on more tasks web pages etc..  See also: Link monk89
it take lots of cpu memory
It's always say 90-99% idle Ahmed
go ahead and end it.you won't touch it again.do it while your working!!! dontworryaboutit
Mandatory process - in spite of seeming to consume your entire CPU, note that its usage will drop if something else is using the CPU. In other words, it is the % of the CPU that isn't seeing use. RedShocktrooper
Not a file or process. It is the percentage of CPU availability not being used by anything. Should normally show some percentage but can drop to zero if your computer is really busy doing stuff. If it is constantly zero, your computer may have too much software running at the same time.
System idle shows what of the processor is not being used, it also keeps the unused space occupied so when another process needs that space it is already active and the process that needs it can just pick it up and start using it. Shutting down system idle will crash windows. Bob
it shows how many process are not being used in the cpu Kenny

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