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Prozess Name: Alternative Benutzereingabe für Office

Produkt: Windows

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: ctfmon.exe


Wenn Sie ein Microsoft Office XP Programm laufen lassen, läuft die Datei "ctfmon.exe" (Ctfmon) im Hintergrund, selbst nachdem Sie alle Office-Programme beendet haben. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/ctfmon.exe.html 
Ctfmon überwacht die aktiven Fenster und bietet Unterstützung für Texteingabedienste wie Spracherkennung, Handschrifterkennung, Tastatur, Übersetzung und andere alternative Benutzereingaben.
Der Prozess CTFMON.EXE bremst vor allem ältere Systeme merklich aus, dort sollte man CTFMON.EXE deaktivieren. Wird der Prozess durch den Internet Explorer installiert, kann er unter Systemsteuerung/Regions- und Sprachenoptionen/Sprachen/Details/Erweitert "Alle erweiterten Textdienste deaktivieren" ausgeschalten werden.

Wichtig: Die Datei "ctfmon.exe" befindet sich im Ordner C:\Windows\System32. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, handelt es sich bei ctfmon.exe um einen Virus, Spyware, Trojaner oder Worm! Überprüfen Sie dieses z.B. mit Security Task Manager.

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Kommentare über ctfmon.exe:
Ctfmon.exe activates the Microsoft Office Language Bar and the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor. Alex
If you are using any of the IME language pack additions to the NT or XP operating systems this will be on your system. If you are unsure whether it is malware or not you can use Spybot S&D to toggle it off to see whether you notice any performance change (ie malfunctioning foreign language input), before deciding whether to remove it completely. NormalScience; Webmaster
"Ctfmon.exe" aktiviert den Texteingabeprozessor (Text Input Processor = TIP) "Alternative Benutzereingabe" und die Microsoft Office-Sprachleiste.  Siehe auch: Link Vampire
File can be a necessary file for some Microsoft Office programs, or it can be viral. If you're unsure you can delete the file, and you will be prompted to reinstall it next time you run a Microsoft Office program - you then know you have the non-viral file installed. GSC
Ctfmon.exe activates the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor (TIP) and the Microsoft Office Language Bar. Ctfmon.exe monitors the active windows and provides text input service support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation, and other alternative user input technologies. Removing the Ctfmon.exe might cause problematic behavior in your Office XP programs, so removing it is not recommended. To prevent Ctfmon.exe from running, follow the steps on the attached link to MSKB.  Siehe auch: Link CraigC
This file like many annoying Microsoft files can be easily removed by deleting it from its folder and within a few seconds creating another file or folder named the same in the same place. If this causes a worry at all just delete the file or folder that you created to block it out. I found this works for this file Blownaparte
Ctfmon.exe activates the Microsoft Office Language Bar and the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor. -- that's no right, I not use office and I haven't installed it recelently (I use StarOffice) so I don't think that is a Microsoft Office component SeTZeR
Überwacht jeden Tastendruck auf dem Rechner...gut oder schlecht entscheidet der, der es installiert hat oder auch nicht ! Mick
Many people confuse the legitimate CTFMON with the trojan CFTMON - make sure you read carefully. It's part of Office XP and not at all dangerous. It doesn't have any effect on performance either. Trying to remove it will only screw things up, so live with it. Dave C
I have office xp running on w2k advanced server. I frequently got blue screened when using Word,Terminal Services, MS Outlook, and IExplorer. (problem with the ntkernal the blue screen said.) I also notice bad lag in word just before the crash when i ctrl and drag something. I have since removed ctfmon.exe from the run section in the registry (backed it up first :P just incase) and no more word lag or blue screens. And i havent come across anything I want to do that removing this file seems to have messed up. Dude
when trouble with internet or any other process not running at normal speed I delete it from memory and then the slow operation works fine. I believe in my ase it is used to interfere with my work or backup operations. Hard to shut off. Usually loads when an office or IE window opens but pops up on its own when I am having difficulties. I believe it is hacker related. Larry
eaiest way to disable in WinXP...click start-run...type gpedit.msc and click ok...in the window that comes up, navigate to Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Software Restriction Policies\Additional Rules...Click Action\New Hash Rule...click browse and select the ctfmon.exe file...click ok...log out and in again and it will never run again me
I've stopped it from running using the task manager over and over again, but it just keeps coming back up. My PC has seriously slowed down, but that's about all it's done. Norton doesn't see anything wrong with it and none of my spyware/adware stuff does either. I've actually deleted this file and everything and it just won't go away! Emily
This is a part of Office XP and Windows XP. It's not dangerous, as you've no doubt read already. Additionally, it's not entirely necessary unless you're using speech or handwriting recognition. I have removed the file from starting on my system and suffered no ill effects. Justin Ellis, Trainer, The Computer Workshop, Inc.
The average person does not need this at all and is annoying and may cause problems with other programs to dissable it Control Panel - Regional and Language Options - Languages TAB - Details BUTTON - Language Bar BUTTON (under "Preferences") Select the "Turn off advanced text services" check box. Gary
This file is the most UNDANGEROUS file in the whole wide world... ctfmon aint hard to shutdown. It's simple. Start windows in safe mode go to system32 folder and remove ctfmon.exe. Then go regedit and remove all keys belonging to ir (HKEY users and local Run keys)  Siehe auch: Link Sn0WDr4gon
Seems it stopped my ADSL connection to work ok. I desintalled the file (as per instruction given in other comments), and now it is working ok. I hope I will not experience any instability as described by Microsoft. Galaf59
as far as i kno there is a file ctfmon.exe that has to do with microsoft office programs such as microsoft word,microsoft powerpoint,etc. if u right click it then hit properties then the information on it pops up. on the tabs there should be one called version.click it and read the info on it. it should say sumthing like copyright microsoft corp. and stuff. so this is cleary not the one. maybe its cftmon.exe not ctfmon.exe. yet ive never heard of the trojan cftmon.exe dave has so however we may have gotten sumwhere today.....wat did we learn. CTFMON.EXE is with microsoft word,etc and CFT.EXE terrell
i try to close the language bar and it goes away then returns a couple of minutes later. Even when I delete the process it still returns. So I don't like it and it's made by Microsoft whom I totally do not trust!! anais
My startup has been running very slow lately. When it gets to the welcome screen it freezes at that point and will not move any farther. So everytime I press crtl+alt+delete and what do you know ctfmon.exe is running. So finally I tried ending it and my desktop loaded up instantly. Now I have to use ctrl+alt+delete to end it every time I boot up my computer. Can someone help? Neil
it runs in background, starts on startup and it's impossible to disable it from starting normally. Spybot S&D identifies it as malicious software/spyware; it doesn't do anything useful, no program specifically requires it, so i blocked it and never had any error requesting it to run or anything of that kind, but instead less processes in task manager (: Serge
This is used by Office Xp por Input reasons.. u can just search this file inside microsoft knowledge DB. But there is a new virus called Win32.GMSteal. A that infect this file... and hijack your web browsing with myie2 avant browser and maybe others.. EZ trust antivirus clean this file but u cand manually delete it..  Siehe auch: Link Turko
Ctfmon.exe monitors the active windows and provides text input service support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation, and other alternative user input technologies. It's an ever annoying helper tool that comes rather unexpectedly at times and liked by nearly nobody. Javed Iqbal Lodhi
And if you find this service running or located outside \windows\system32 folder, then it is not the normal system file, you might want to scan your computer and get rid of it. Just in case you want to stop the service, if that is the normal service, control panel -- regional and language options -- languages tab -- details button -- language bar button and from there, disable it Javed Iqbal Lodhi
Its a geniuine window process although there may be some trojan/viral variant of it if you have ability to set process prority set to low if high and if it returns to its original priority then its malicious Tony Stark
Win32 system file. Its a geniuine window process it occours when you want to direct text from a web page directly to HD on a text document. There may be some trojan/viral variant of it if you have ability to set process prority set to low if high and if it returns to its original priority very quickly then i would say its malicious Tony Stark
I had a nasty trojan which installed ctfmon32.exe - a big problem which self-replicated when I deleted it. But I also had the genuine ctfmon.exe in the same folder (no '32' in the name) which was fine. Don't confuse the two names. Tim
ctfmon.exe is used to Inject a DLL named msctf.dll into all running processes. The msctf.dll resides within the System32 folder and is used to hook all WH_??? messages generated. I have hooked the API calls from msctf.dll and found that It hooks the keyboard, mouse and windows shell. Why, I don't know. As this is a trusted module installed by MS, I assume it is safe. But I also consider anything that hooks the keyboard to be a potential risk.  Siehe auch: Link Anon Developer
I found while surfing the web, a popup that asked if I would install this y/n. after accidently accepting by mistake. It changed my Active desktop, to some kind of spyware warning notice, put pornography links on my desktop and hijacked my browser start page. I found the infected file to be in memory, though, it was previously /system32/ctfmon.exe, now infected. So I attempted to delete only to find it recreated itself again! Then after afew reboots and removal attempts, at shutdown I see a window popup titled "Microsoft.corp.#" freezing up. (an trojan access attempt running hiddenly?)  Siehe auch: Link Beware
System file :P Diego
I have Microsoft Works and not Office installed on here. Might be part of Windows Update. It is in windows/system32. Causes a moment of lag during startup but does nothing else. Does not appear to be Spyware, Adware or virus/trojan/worm. Im staying Neutral due to the amount of lag it causes on my Laptop which does have Office. Systems with 256MB RAM will suffer more that systems of 1024MB (mine) Rahkin
Hier ist mehr im Spiel als ihr denkt.Ctfmon.exe ist ein Ueberwachungssystem, nur getarnt als Microsoft Office Bestandteil. Mit dem Taskmanager in die Quarataene damit ! Frank the Cracker
Die ctfmon.exe ist ein Programm das zu Office gehört. Sie überwacht offene Fenster und dient der Spracherkennung, sowie der Zurverfügungstellung alternativer Texteingabegeräte und der Spracherkennung. Im übrigen kann das Programm auf dem PC sein, obwohl man gar kein OFFICE XP hat. DataFighter
Dieser Prozess ist zu 70% immer der grund warum mein system hängt mach ich ihn weg, läuft alles super. Weg damit ! Slacer
Nicht mehr wie andere. Ich habe einfach REM_ vor dem ctfmon.exe eingegeben, jetzt kommt dei Nervensäge nicht mehr. Problem scheint gelöst. Hali Buaya
just a mennace: laggy spy-ware www.bummer.co.za
Wenn sich die Datei wie oben beschrieben im Ordner /system32 befindet kann mann diesen Process trauen aber nützlich ist er beim Windowsstart nicht daher sollte man den Process in den folgenen Schritten ausschaltn: /Start/Ausführen/ msconfig (eingeben) /Systemstart/ ctfmon deaktivieren (Hägchen abschalten) / OK / Neu starten. Um das auszuführen sind Administratorrechte erforderlich. flopo
Meine Datei "ctfmon.exe" befindet sich im Ordner C:\Windows\System32 und trotzdem findet es als "family keylogger Commercial KeyLogger" Viktoria
Wird übrigens nicht nur durch Office XP, etc. installiert, sondern auch durch den IE7. Lösung: Unter Systemsteuerung/Regions- und Sprachenoptionen/Sprachen/Details/Erweitert das Häkchen bei "Alle erweiterten Textdienste deaktivieren" setzen. Nun wird es nicht mehr automatisch gestartet. Max Meier
Viral Network
Ist zwar keine Gefahr im Stile eines Viruses bzw. eines Trojaners (von meiner Seite) aber eine unnötige Prozessauslastung -- weg damit ;)
Kann gefahren los im msconfig deaktviert werden, wer sich in der Registy auskennt kann auch nach ctfmon.exe suchen und dort löschen Andy2002
slows down my computer
Kann man in der Systemsteuerung unter Regions- und Sprachoptionen - Sprachen - Details - Erweitert - "Alle Textdienste deaktivieren" abschalten. Scharnold Warzenegger
Einerseits: genuine Microsoft file. Andererseits: was heißt das schon? Ob mich Bill G. persönlich ausspäht oder ein anderer, macht auch keinen großen Unterschied. Auf 1 Maschine ist die CPU-Zeit im Taskman unter 1 Sekunde, auf der anderen über 30 (nach durchschnittlichem 8 Stunden-Tag) - in beiden Fällen also keine große Sache. Trotzdem weg damit, auf beiden PCs. (eng) CTFMON = WTFMON Actual slowdown varied wildly (between 1 and 30 sec in 8 hrs, no big deal) - so I killed the task on both PCs. ЯoxxoR :P :Ь :P
Hatte in grauer Vorzeit mal XP Pro SP3 auf meinem Pc.Der hatte genug Ressourcen um mit der ctfmon.exe gut zu laufen. Trotzdem hatte ich sie abgeschaltet. Das empfihlt sich nur für User die nicht regelmäßig z.B. das Office Paket in mehreren Sprachen brauchen. Sei geerdet, Grüßling
Die datei macht den PC erheblich langsamer. Eine Hurensohn-Datei ist das! YasinBakacak
ctfmon.exe unter XP verursacht manchmal ein Problem beim Herunterfahren. Abhilfe schafft die korrekte Sicherheits-Einstellung unter "Eigenschaften von ctfmon.exe". Die Datei wird i.d.R.vom aktuellen Benutzer gestartet. Daher in "Berechtigungen für Benutzer" nur den Wert "Benutzer" (Lesen, Ausführen) eintragen. Zugang zur Einstellung: Extras + Ordneroptionen + Ansicht + Einfache Dateifreigabe verwenden = deaktivieren. didi1936

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