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Prozess Name: Windows-Verwaltungsinstrumentation

Produkt: Windows

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: winmgmt.exe


"Winmgmt.exe" ist eine Kernkomponente der Clientverwaltung in Windows. Dieser Prozess wird initialisiert, wenn die erste Clientanwendung eine Verbindung herstellt, oder läuft ständig, wenn Verwaltungsanwendungen die Dienste beantragen. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/winmgmt.exe.html 
Windows® Management Instrumentation (WMI) ist eine Komponente vom Microsoft® Windows® Operationssystem, das Verwaltungsinformationen und Steuerung in einer Unternehmensumgebung ermöglicht. Mit Hilfe von WMI kann man zum Beispiel im Netzwerk Programme auf anderen Rechner starten, oder die Ereignisprotokolle und installierten Programme auf einen anderen Computer abfragen.

Wichtig: Die Datei "winmgmt.exe" befindet sich im Ordner C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, handelt es sich bei winmgmt.exe um einen Virus, Spyware, Trojaner oder Worm! Überprüfen Sie dieses z.B. mit Security Task Manager.

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Kommentare über winmgmt.exe:
Windows Management Service, contains the WMI repository Alex
core file john smith 3rd
Thsi Program try to connect to the following IP "" with that Name "36.67-19-131.reverse.theplanet.com" on Port "6667". I see it on my Firewall. I research that there are two Task running with the same Name but ist was a bit different. One is called "WinMgmt.exe" an the other is called "winmgmt.exe" The once with the uppercase m is the Systemtask that was explained from Alex. But the other one do that what I say above. Bully
bringt mir immer nur fehlermeldungen? hermannado
Without it system info will not work, MSINFO32.EXE is disabled, it is required if you want system info to work. Why it pops on, it is collecting info about the system. It can also be used to manage remotely on a network. It changed a lot since W95. Rob
This file is safe if within windows\system32 if you have a problem with it try uninstalling recently installed programs because it can be launched automatically by windows if your application requests access to the WMI vincent
Was suddenly running in my system after installing 'Windows Install Clean Up', from the MicroSoftWebside. It slowed down process-speed dramatically. After removing it via regedit and a restart, all's ok. It seems I don't need WINMGMT.EXE in WIN98! Rini
all i know is i downloaded microsoft antispyware and didnt validate my windows after install WinMgmt.exe is trying to connect to the internet, i believe this microsoft seeing if you have a cracked copy of windows. anyhow im not letting it access the internet. Bear
It shows up in a Xoftspy scan as a worm. I looked it up in Google and it shows it as something created by sun java. Webm is the folder it is in, web business management or something like that. I am not sure weather or not to have Xoftspy remove it, going to ask my bro who woks at M. The Minus One
seems to be same as above just pops up and says it has generated an error and i must close down the computer but when i do it doesn't change ... when i leave the computer on overnight it the message pop upquits popping up but I don't like leaving the computer on all night. kathi
WBEMCNTL.exe aufrufen und restart abstellen micele9
Some additional files seem associated with winmgmt.exe. There is an winmgmtr.dll. Also, these files are located in "SYSTEM" not "SYSTEM32" on my computer. SYSTEM32 appears to contain mostly drivers, and the ONLY .exe application in SYSTEM32 is regsvr32.exe. I'm running WinME on this computer. escudo
HERE IT IS! All of you have seperately pieced together the "WinMgmt.exe" Microsoft blowhole. Yep, you won't find much on this thingie because it utilizes Java ( The Minus One ) to port your file system tree to a Microsoft server. This introduced the idea of the next Microsoft OS- codename LONGHORN. Download Jetico Personal ( my fave ) or any other firewall to interrupt traffic - and, yes, it is integrated into the os (2000) so that if it is removed, the os must reboot- retrieving the file from a *.cab( like a zip ) file on your hard drive. Delete the .cab file and imagine having to reload W2k. [ARB1D3_[00L3R
The file is used to generate management scripts, ostensibly by system admins. It appears some trojans/viruses can manipulate it, so if you see it loaded for no apparent reason, you have a problem. If you're not on a network or if you're running Win-9x, I'd personally rename the file to c:\windows\system\wbem\winmgmt.ex- ASAP then restore if you ever genuinely need it. Chances are it's helping viruses reinstall themselves "as if by magic". My money's on a CWS-variant using it to work its wonders.  Siehe auch: Link Greg Fox
This info relevant only to Win9x - my guess is that it's a piece of standard windows kit, not used in 9x, and some other purpose is being met using it. I would rename rather than delete, but again I stress only in 9x. Chances are a trojan IS using it to log/download/etc. but it would appear to be part of windows originally. Does not appear to cause any problems if you rename it (eg. to winmgmt.ex_)  Siehe auch: Link Greg Fox
Part of the core o\s. It often utilises high CPU. this is because of the WMI subsystem and slow I\O to the disk. Toi increase system performance, follow the link and do as suggested. Also, disable the Indexing Service. in addition, if you have an "on-Scan" virus checker, exclude the indexes from being scanned.  Siehe auch: Link Matt G
Microsoft monitoring activity, shut the process down then delete the corresponding files. No harm done. The files come from Windows Update or newer versions of Windows. System and System32 should be 'uncluttered' just like temp folder or recycle. Ben Whittaker
Systemfile Volker Becker
If you don't want WMI to restart, go to Services and disable Windows Management Instrumentation service. If you want instead to switch it to Manual, go to Recovery page and select Take no Action instead of Restart the Service. Leo
it opens up each time i log into my system, and after a little while my system starts rebooting, i have to repeatedly close up this error messagesevery other time and before i how it the system starts rebooting charles opoggen
i have ME as well and it appears in my c:/windows/system/Wbem folder, same as escudo. although mine appears to be called Winmgmt.exe, is it meant to have a capital w? or should i consider removing this as it may be allowing trojans to restore themselves? Rooza
This is part of WBEM Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) is a set of management and Internet standard technologies developed to unify the management of distributed computing environments. WBEM provides the ability for the industry to deliver a well-integrated set of standard-based management tools, facilitating the exchange of data across otherwise disparate technologies and platforms Dale
"A core component of client management. This process starts when the first client application connects, or when management applications request its services." "The original winmgmt.exe from Microsoft gets placed at C:WINDOWSSystem32winmgmt.exe . if you find it anywhere else then you should be suspicious for sure."  Siehe auch: Link Nick
Have OS Microsoft Me. After adding Norton Internet Security I could not shut off winmgmt and it iterfered with defrag. Recently I downloaded "Connectivity tool" from Symantec and it entirely deleted winmgmt and everything seems to work just fine without it! David C
I installed VMware Player on one PC on LAN and soon after it was asking about IP of another PC and that PC's firewall poped up notice about winmgmt.exe which I allowed since I believe it is associated with the VMware Player program. vanDivX
winmgmt.exe errors can be cleared from the repository folder, stop the service and then delete the winmgmt.cfg file, shut down your computer and then turn on...make sure it's a shut down instead of a reboot! Tom Andrews
I found in Process Explorer that this file pops up after using Firefox for an extended period of time. When it does, CPU usage goes to 100% and commit charge skyrockets, rendering the system incredibly slow and unstable. After I terminated winmgmt.exe in Process Explorer, my system returns back to normal. Nicholas
After installing ZoneAlarm and activating the firewall, WinMgmt .exe wanted to access the internet. Dont know why, but I disabled the access without any further problems. Still dont know why and what data the program wanted to send. powermax
When it's a problem: I click an internet link and web page starts loading, but never finishes (clicking refresh = same result). It's in the close program dialogue box (ctrl+alt+del), so I "end task". When winmgmt ends, so does the problem (web pages load fine). No clue why it happens, and am very tired of it. I've got some fear about deleting winmgmt file, and wish I knew whether removing it will affect my computer negatively. Will I be able to boot up next time? Be able to access my email? Will the earth blow up??? Someone *PLEASE* provide a link to a web page that shows how to resolv Ontario, Canada
My company has this installed on all systems for remote management and system checking. All I know is that as a non administrator I cannot remove, disable or restart this process, yet when it runs, it chews up to 98 % CPU and basically grinds my computer to a halt.
Win2K Process. Occurred after i switched the GPU brand and didnt unistall the old GPU driver. Permanently loaded the CPU (athlon XP 1600) to 99% every time even, every user even logged in as Admin. Vanished after uninstalling the old obsolete Drivers. - check your Hardware/driver conflicts verbal kint

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