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Prozess Name: Windows Search Engine

Produkt: Windows Vista/7

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: mssearch.exe


"mssearch.exe" ist der Prozess für die Suchmaschine in Windows Vista. Es gibt auch eine Datei mit gleichem Namen für den Microsoft SQL Server. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/mssearch.exe.html 

Wichtig: Die Datei "mssearch.exe" befindet sich im Ordner C:\Windows\System32. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, handelt es sich bei mssearch.exe um einen Virus, Spyware, Trojaner oder Worm! Überprüfen Sie dieses z.B. mit Security Task Manager.

Viren mit gleichem Namen:
Troj/Zlob-BC - Sophos
und andere...

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Kommentare über mssearch.exe:
Microsoft SQL Server related. Microsoft Search (for full text indexing), not dangerous Quel Thallas
Microsoft SQL Server related. Microsoft Search (for full text indexing), not dangerous
mssearch.exe is a process relating to Microsoft Windows Server Suite, which is responsible for the catalogueing of indexes for Exchange server and SQL server. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. Eamon
Microsoft SQPKM Service, used in SQL Server and others, mainly used for indexing Damien Jorgensen
Wenn mssearch.exe läuft, und mit Nero eine CD/DVD brenne, wird der Lesepuffer nicht schnell genug nachgeführt. Deshalb kille ich den Prozess bevor ich cds brenne. Dann gibts keine buffer-underruns.
its spyware , your computer might detect it ( mine did) it is bundled with another procees i for got the name. to get rid of it do a search of system32 open that folder and go down till u find it and look for the date it was put on your computer. After that restore your computer to the day before it got on your computer and u should be good. And the reason i said it was a 3 cause it downloads other viruses so get it off asap. Dan the Man who just figure this stuff out
It is a malware, if you want to try this, all you have to do is go to some ads or sex sites. Hernan Crespo
Is part of an extremely bad spyware called "spyware quake". Be careful. Daniel Mercer
On XP machines = spyware Microboy
Microsoft Search (for full text indexing), not dangerous dk
Its an indexing service. it will use resources and depending on settings it can be quite heavy in usage. so you can see a 100% CPU with a lot of pagefile swapping. check out the link for more details to get some inside inforamtion about the service.  Siehe auch: Link Paul Fijma
This is the Microsoft SQL Server component for Full Text indexing. If you have SQL Server installed then you can expect to see it, otherwise it _may_ be malware Gavin
Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server Search. If you are running a server with MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007) the executable for the search engine is mssearch.exe. I see two of these in my Task Manager. Jean-Pierre Fouche
SQL SQL SQL. If you run SQL server, leave it !! myself
Installed as part of MS SharePoint Portal Red Baron
This file is important to Microsoft SQL Server. It is not malware, spyware or a virus. E-rich
mssearch.exe can either be the aforementioned process by Microsoft, or it is malware indeed. Check whether Windows Search is installed, if yes, than uninstall it clearing all indexes with it and check again if process mssearch.exe is running. If yes again, it's certainly malware and running folder should be something like c:\windows\temp\ghtsrvc\. Refer to Antivirus solutions to solve this issue. Harro
Its a required Microsoft Service. Do not delete. Not a malware or spyware. Abhi
mssearch.exe is a process relating to Microsoft Windows Server suite, which is responsible for the cataloguing of indexes for Exchange server and SQL server.  Siehe auch: Link vivek Thacker

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