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Prozess Name: Gebietsschema Tool

Produkt: Windows

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: internat.exe


"internat.exe" läuft beim Start; es lädt die verschiedenen Eingabegebietsschemata, die vom Benutzer angegeben wurden. Die für den gegenwärtigen Benutzer zu ladenden Schemata werden dem folgenden Registrierungsschlüssel entnommen: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Preload www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/internat.exe.html 
"internat.exe" lädt das Symbol "EN" in die Taskleiste, so dass der Benutzer ganz einfach das Schema ändern kann. Dieses Symbol verschwindet, wenn der Prozess beendet wird, aber das Schema kann trotzdem noch über die Systemsteuerung geändert werden.
Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Schemata für das "System" vom folgenden Registrierungsschlüssel geladen werden:
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Keyboard Layout\Preload
Diese Schemata werden von den Systemdiensten verwendet, die unter dem lokalen Systemkonto laufen oder wenn niemand angemeldet ist (z.B. bei der Anmeldeaufforderung). Unter Windows Vista/7/8/10 gibt es diesen Dienst nicht! Läuft hier "internat.exe" handelt es sich um einen Virus oder Trojaner.

Wichtig: Die Datei "internat.exe" befindet sich im Ordner C:\Windows\System32. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, handelt es sich bei internat.exe um einen Virus, Spyware, Trojaner oder Worm! Überprüfen Sie dieses z.B. mit Security Task Manager.

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Kommentare über internat.exe:
Input Locales Traybar icon is used to change regional settings Alex
KB selector KnowAll
It appears to be handling the keyboard locals. Next to the time on the lower right courner you should see your language displayed. In my case its "EN" for english. Ending this process should remove it from the tray.  Siehe auch: Link Carlos D. Garza
there are two versions of internat.exe and the most comon one is as you say for language settings of your keyboard but here is the kicker there is also a internat.exe that is part of a virus/trojan `password stealer abd should definatly be investigated if you dont run more than one language on the pc keyboard settings  Siehe auch: Link wolf on the loose
Definatel;y been having problems with it... Keyboard setting should not be activating the internet. I was forced to block transmissions on my firewall program before deleting it. There are two Internat.exe, and one is a Trojan horse, but as yet i don't know how to identify the other Joseph
If it is the Netsnake virus it will reside in the C;\windows folder, if its a system file it will be in c:\windows\system32. (for XP) Use this to differentiate. Also the good process has a ZIP icon, while the virus has a "?" icon  Siehe auch: Link Negster22
On my computer (Win 2000), the good file in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM has a "?" icon and I don't have the virus so I wouldn't worry about the "?" icon. See the link for how to tell if you have the virus and what to do about it.  Siehe auch: Link Brian
Ist ein Trojaner, schwer zu entfernen dieterpapa
In google suche ist die internat.exe als Trojaner identifiziert worden  Siehe auch: Link MagicMad1337 (m&m)
this have to do with the region options under your control panel try open the region option, then to the input locales tab and uncheck the "enable indicator on taskbar and the internat.exe will dissapear
I have rated this as dangerous to flag up a potential trojan/ password thief. There are two versions of internat.exe. The official microsoft version has a ? icon and is used for keyboard language selection. The trojan has a zip file icon and is nasty, stealing passwords and using e-mail to forward them to the initiator.  Siehe auch: Link machinesurgeon
The one in c:\windows\system32 is related to Keyboard Locales. If you remove all Keyboard Locales except for one, after reboot you'll notice the icon for selecting keyboard language in the taskbar is gone. And the internat.exe process will no longer run on startup. Holf
hello.. dont worry, this is only international keyboard (other than thte default, english.) take it from the doc.. to see for yourself, its simple.. just after a fresh load of w98, you wont see internat running with you press CTRL ALT and Delete (which shows the programs or tasks that are running).. However, when you go to control panel and keyboards and load a new language keyboard (russian, for ex), then you will see internat running, when you press CTRL ALT delete) its as simple as that.. all the best.. the doc..  Siehe auch: Link Dr Ken James
Windows 2000 SP4 - File is in c:\winnt\system32 and c:\winnt\system32\dllcache. Created date SHOULD BE 07 December 1999, 12:00:00. Icon SHOULD be question mark. Loads from HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Bruv1
Das Umschalten zwischen verschiedenen Sprachen (in Deutschland meistens Deutsch = DE und Englisch = EN) wird durch die “internat.exe” ermöglicht. DataFighter
Microsoft provided file is not needed for english windows users. I have sucessfully deleted both copies \i386 (install from dir) & \winnt\system32, windows complianed about a missing system file but works fine after I denied replacing it. ds
just a ms windows file psimon
internat.exe befindet sich im systemordner sytem32(xp) oder system(win98). habe nachdem ich netzwerkaktivitäten entdeckt hatte, in zonealarm nachgeschaut. da wurde diese anwendung als(prototype) enttarnt. habe dann die internat.exe gesucht und (AUCH NOCH) in den ordner "autostart" gefunden. dort habe ich sie entfernt. neu gestartet und die netzwerkaktivitäten fanden ein ende. ich glaube eher an zombie-virus, der rechner auf der ganzen welt benutzt, um daten(viren) zu verbreiten. flyingdutchman2001
bei mir (win 2k) war internat.exe auch dieses programm zur umschaltung der tastaturbelegung aber NoAdware meint darin einen trojaner oder sowas (NetSnake) erkannt zu haben fork
My 1999 good version of internat is 28672 bytes. In win 98, if you install another language support, you may notice the "E" icon in your tray. If you stop the internat process and place yuor cursor over the "E" it should go away which indicates you did not have the virus internat. Scott
in my case the system works a lot faster when i disabled the file from startup options, however, i dunno if it was a virus of some kind but at least i cant see the keyboard icon in the lower right corner of the screen
es ist bei Windows 200o die Tastatur Umschalt funktion, einfach das DE zeichen in der Taskbar anklicken und das erscheinen in den eigenschaften wegklicken. delmonte
Wenn man einen Rechtsklick auf das DE Symbol macht und die Sprachanzeige (Taskleiste) ausschaltet, dann verschwindet der Prozess aus dem Autostart. Nasi
internat.exe is a service to change languaje of keyboard. If you go to Inicio/Setings/ControlPanel/Keyboard-Lenguajes, and uncheck option "Hability icon in TaskBar, the internat.exe service is desactivated. Ü
I think it is a dodgy file and someone is watching what we are doing. I tried to delete the file from Windows/System folder under Windows ME. It deleted and then replicated itself in the same folder with a numvger of deleted files buidling up in the recycle bin. Still trying to find out how to get rid of it permanently. Internat Cat
Here's the scoop. I just installed INTERNAT.EXE from the Microsoft download site. INTERNAT.EXE is now in C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM with a dark blue icon and white question mark [?]. Just right click and check the properties. It shows Microsoft Corporation and other valid data. I now have traditional Chinese viewable to my browser. Some previous posts say the [?] icon says virus. Not so. Joe
I always use mozilla everywhere and internat.exe is never started. Symantec says the virus is 80kb and the original is 20kb. This one is 40kb, maybe a variant. I renamed the file, this is the only way to disable its unauthorized startup. kabayan
One version is good another is bad. If you have a a blue icon on the R/H of taskbar right click it and it will explain what it is, on WinXP/Win98 you can run the "msconfig" command (START RUN) and deselect it from starting up automatically. If it still loads after this then it might be the virus. Will make a page on my site for more resources when I get the time.  Siehe auch: Link Marco
This file can part of virus which my company is still recovering from, be weary check process explorer to see if its running, if so you may have a worm. It is a legit file from microsoft as well, if you are worried you may have an infection delete the file. If you are not experiencing any problems, leave the file Carston, IT
I was suspicious of mine, but copied internat.exe onto floppy from machine that's neevr ever been connected to internet, then compared them using a Sinclair QL and my own "compare" utility, they were the same. Suggest everyone copies their good internat.exe to internat.old and compares every time they feel worried. Matthew Spencer
Nach mehrmals neu formatiert und aufgesetztem Windows ist internat.exe auch im System - demnach wird's wohl harmlos sein Aaron
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