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Prozess Name: Windows-Sicherheitscenter

Produkt: Windows XP

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: wscntfy.exe


"wscntfy.exe" ist der Windowssicherheitscenter (wscntfy ist die Abkürzung für Windows Security Center Notify), der mit dem Windows XP Service Pack 2 eingeführt wurde. Es zeigt ein Symbol in der Taskleiste an, das den Status von Windows Updates, Virenschutz und Firewall angibt. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/wscntfy.exe.html 
"wscntfy.exe" kann deaktiviert werden, indem der Sicherheitscenter unter "Dienste" deaktiviert wird (dies wird nicht empfohlen).
Unter Windows Vista/7/8/10 gibt es diesen Dienst nicht! Läuft hier "wscntfy.exe" handelt es sich um den Rivarts Trojaner.

Wichtig: Die Datei "wscntfy.exe" befindet sich im Ordner C:\Windows\System32. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, handelt es sich bei wscntfy.exe um einen Virus, Spyware, Trojaner oder Worm! Überprüfen Sie dieses z.B. mit Security Task Manager.

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Kommentare über wscntfy.exe:
It might be great for security problems, but - and I don't put appart it's only a problem with my system - since this service pack is installed, my system has become very slow ! It often freezes for split seconds. Because I did not have this trouble before the activation of this window process, I think it is not as good as it would seem. JF McDonald
this file being related to service pack 2 for windows xp is ok. However make absolutly sure that you meet the minimum hardware requirements before you install service pack 2. Also I recommend doubling the system ram requirement for optimal performance. The anoying pop up stuff can be turned of by removing the virus monitoring and using the windows firewall. Jake
If you'd like to get rid of this process you'll want to go into your control panel and then go into the security center. Once in there look along the left bar where you'll see quite a bit of text. At the bottom of this list you'll see where it says change the way security center alerts me. Click on this. Uncheck all three of these settings  Siehe auch: Link Sludg3
Since Installing Service Pack 2, this process was the biggest change. My computer would freeze stop motion ever so often. Since disabling it, my computer speed has been upgraded. We did good without it, don't really need it. Gamer
Finally, just a way to remember that you need 1. a firewall, 2. Windowsupdate and 3. Anti-virus. If you know this, you don't need that service unless you apreciate these little yellow popup messages coming out all the tiime. Laurent
Installing Service Pack 2 will not affect Norton AntiVirus. The Windows Security Center, which is a component of Windows XP Service Pack 2, will be aware that you have Norton AntiVirus installed, but it will not be able to determine its working status due to Symantec's tamper-protection technology.  Siehe auch: Link at work
Dieses Problem lässt sich einfach über eine Einstellung ändern. This problem can be solved by a setting. Gehe ins Windows-Sicherheitscenter und auf der Hauptseite auf der linken Seite unter 'Ressourcen' die Wahl 'Warnungseinstellungen des Sicherheitscenters ändern' anklicken - und deine Wahl treffen. Go to Windows-Security-Center and on the main page on the left side amongst 'Ressources' you will find a statement like 'change of alerts in security center' - and so do your choice. Polar Dragon
Helpful and I think it's good for your system, but is annoying if you have automatic updates turned off, also makes many programs (mostly ones that use a lot of CPU power) not function correctly. I recommend major updating to SP2. BT
Windows Spionage möglichkeit M.Engels
Since i got sp2 it slowed down my system by a lot and it does lag everytime, whenever i try to open any program my comp would just sti there for a few mins and then open it. i think this is totally not worth it. I have no idea why microsoft did even release this piece of crap. HydroManiacR
All I know, is Ive had SP2 for a while, no problems, then suddenly, security center alerts begin popping up telling me my antivirus definitions are out of date, of which I am well aware thanks to the norton alerts i get daily, I have followed all instructions I could find to stop this security center alerts, every time I close the alert it reappears in 5 seconds, My definitions are out of date YES, but ya know what? the only PROBLEM im having is with these worthless, endless alerts, anyone know how to REMOVE security center entirely?
Security Center is good as it helps remind those who are not technically savvy that they need better security. For those who are annoyed by all the alerts because you are running 3rd party programs or simply don't want to know... turn off the alerts and stop complaining. It's simple, go to: Control Panel - Security Center - under Resources (on left) click the "Change the way Security Center alerts me" link - uncheck those alerts you do not wish to recieve. Simple. JM
Microsoft's Security Center, more of an annoyance than anything. To get rid of it, got to Control Panel, Adminstrative Services, Services - then find Security Center and change its startup atttributes to Disabled from Automatic. airfoil
don't listen to those who say to disable it. They either don't know what they're talking about or they are hackers or persons who create viruses that can't get past this security feature. Don't disable it if you want to keep your computer (office) running smoothly. If your computer runs slow... "because of this", YOU NEED MORE RAM. Its not because of this process. internet security saavy
I just thoght of searching about this file when I saw something in my list of processess that I didn't know what it was. Now I know what it is and Kapow! it is gone.... Another MS bull this "security" service. It is supposed to make me feel secure not annoyed. Octi
ok this file always screams at me when i turn off auto update off and it treats that as a problem. for computer illiterate people, they wont know how to turn off auto update so this doesnt matter. it is annoying that i cant turn it off directly.
it's part of Microsofts own form of spyware/tracking/legal XP if you run a dodgey copy you will have several new services like this reporting back to His Gates. Don't know if that's true but all in all XP should be Ditched. All the service packs are about making you upgrade to software/hardware products from their partners in crime
This file/aplication is not harmful in any ways. It is meant to help those who dont know much about computers and such, and i recomend that if you do not know how to turn it off on your own just to simply leave it be. If you wish for the "pop-ups" to stop, simply open the program from the task menu at the bottom of the screen and choose the last option on the far left, then uncheck what you wish it would not inform you about. computer smartz
Not dangerous but annoying to have all those uncessesary processes running in the background. I'm capable of updating my virus definitions and Windows without this reminder. Good intentions by Microsoft, but too "Familiy friendly" and not for more "advanced" users. Inge
wscntfy.exe open port 3752 jinlewis
im not sure this is all interesting but i do know i updated to pack 2 and then all hell broke loose on my pc... ad aware from lavasoft, my spyware detection program has only been working overtime since the SP 2 install... :( Zach
I m not sure if my machine has a virus or if SP2 is the virus, my system has slowed down a lot though since istalling SP2, there seems to be a delay in everything, Security, according to virus and ad ware checkers the system is clean Malc
not dangerous, but is necesary to keep on. if your other programs go down, this one is there to "take over" (hint: DO NOT use microsoft's software as your only AV protection scource). DO NOT disable it. if it slows you down too much: BUY MORE RAM. simple ShAdOw_StAlKeR
garbage microsoft hater
It's a Windows XP Sp2 file......it's supposed to "alert" you, and keep track of your antivirus/firewall, and automatic updates...but TBH, it's quite bullshit. If you know your own computer configuration, just shut off the Security Center service in services.msc - This process will go away. ahoier
this is an tray for Windows XP firewall, when u disable ur firewall or turn off Auto Updates it will appear in tray as well in Task menu. any 1 can pls tell me how to clear it from Task menu & from tray ? Ajinkya_India
Not dangerous, just annoying. If you have your firewall enabled or any other security/antivirus software (Norton, etc.), don't practice any risky internet or file sharing behavior, or manually administer your security, it's relatively unneccesary. Disable in 'sevices'. Tony
sludg3 is right. The security service in control panel is the way to go if you want to close that darn notification off. Safest way for people who aren't too computer literate. I keep everything updated manually so I don't need a program that conflicts with everything I'm doing because it's always on. JackBlack440
It's an insult to your intelligence to have that icon sit there and bug you when you have deliberately disabled firewall or autoupdates, and a chore finding out how to disable the alert. If you were driving a car, this would be like somebody telling you every 5 seconds that your headlights are on.
I don't know about slowing down because of this little process here, since I've always had it. I'm thinking of uninstalling it because of the continuous pop-ups, but at the uninstall window it threatens me that about EVERY program will NOT work from thereon... can any of you tell me something about that? Pat
Part of security centre. Slowed my PC down to a crawl until I installed 3rd part antivirus/ firewall. Once the 3rd party firewall was installed it turned itself off and the whole PC came up to speed IMMEDIATELY. Andy
seit dem Update 2.13 da hirtlitschka
Nicht notwendige Datei. Macht zum anderen auch (einen) z.b. port "3752" auf. Wo man leichter eindringen kann (firewall umgehen). Zum andern, wenn einer ersatzt datei schreibt und sich in C:\Windows\System32 einnistet, überschreibt er die Original datei. Legt sich im Kernel fest. einzige möglichkeit, system neu zu laden. core
Wenn die Datei nicht aus dem system32 ordner kommt "LÖSCHEN!" starke beinträchtigung der Internet Leitung und des Gesamten Nezwerks. Lucas
Sorgt dafür, dass mein VLC immer wieder hängt Jonny
Sah sie heute zum ersten mal im Task manager obwohl service Pack 2 schon lange installiert wurde. Das ist seltsam. Aber die Datei befindet sich am richtigen Ort. Rudi
Windows Security Notification Vivek
This was also the case with my computer also running slow. I had turned the Windows Security Updates Off and still the process was executing and using about 60 to 90 % of my processor. Even the RAM usage was full. Due to this I was not able to surf the internet at all. I then realized that this is a Rivart Trojan which can be detected by the presence of following files: zsys.exewscntfy.exe zsys.exe wscntfy.exe. Locate the above process in your task manager and then right click on each of them and select the "End Process" option to kill these malicious processes.  Siehe auch: Link Alex
macht computer und internet sehr langsam hendl
Schickt Daten an einen Host weiter und aufgrund der schlampigen Programierung stürzt der PC ab!! Anonymus
Die Datei ist bei mir unter C:\ProgramData Ich besitze windows 7. Allerdings ist die Datei versteckt, und wird erst sichtbar, wenn man in den Ordneroptionen unter Ansicht, Erweiterte Einstellungen, sich alle Dateien Anzeigen lässt. JB
Zunächst: wscntfy.exe wird von The Ultimate Troubleshooter" als sehr gefährlich eingestuft. Ähnliches gilt für COMODO. DIe Datei öffnet Ports und unterhält zu rege Aktivitäten, selbst bei abgeschlatetem WIN-Sicherheitscenter. Martin Debent

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