What is wscntfy.exe? Is wscntfy.exe spyware or a virus?

How to fix wscntfy.exe related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your wscntfy process
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3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: Security Center

Product: Windows XP

Company: Microsoft

File: wscntfy.exe

Security Rating:

"wscntfy.exe" is the Windows Security Center Notify Application, introduced in Windows XP Service Pack 2. It displays a tray icon indicating the status of Windows updates, virus protection, and firewall. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/wscntfy.exe.html 
wscntfy.exe can be disabled by going to "Services" and disabling Security Center (this is not recommented).
This service doesn't exists in Windows Vista/7/8/10! In this case "wscntfy.exe" could be the Rivarts trojan.

Note: The wscntfy.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In other cases, wscntfy.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with Security Task Manager.

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  • 1940 users ask for this file. 98 users rated it as not dangerous. 12 users rated it as not so dangerous. 52 users rated it as neutral. 18 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 38 users rated it as dangerous. 14 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

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Since I installed the WindowsServicePak 2 I am constantly annoyed with alerts. All of my firewall and Anti-Virus programs are all up to date. So far it is just bothersome. Elizabeth
Windows Security Center, introduced in Service Pack 2 jacabnan
It might be great for security problems, but - and I don't put appart it's only a problem with my system - since this service pack is installed, my system has become very slow ! It often freezes for split seconds. Because I did not have this trouble before the activation of this window process, I think it is not as good as it would seem. JF McDonald
this file being related to service pack 2 for windows xp is ok. However make absolutly sure that you meet the minimum hardware requirements before you install service pack 2. Also I recommend doubling the system ram requirement for optimal performance. The anoying pop up stuff can be turned of by removing the virus monitoring and using the windows firewall. Jake
If you'd like to get rid of this process you'll want to go into your control panel and then go into the security center. Once in there look along the left bar where you'll see quite a bit of text. At the bottom of this list you'll see where it says change the way security center alerts me. Click on this. Uncheck all three of these settings  See also: Link Sludg3
Added with the install of Service Pack 2. Displays options for firewall, auto updates, and virus protection. Not so much dangerous, as it is ANNOYING. Laura R.
Annoying service, depending on what AV/Firewall you use, it may bother you endlessly. Disable the "Security Center" service to never see it again. Mark
Installed with Service Pack 2. Displays options for firewall, auto updates and virus protection. Not dangerous, but ANNOYING. Laura R.
It is bothersome because i already know i have current antivirus/firewall, this seems to cause my computer to run slower. richard
totally unnessicary for medium to advanced users...if your smart enough to be here, you obviously dont need it.
Ever since I installed SP2 my systems slower and freezes between tasks. George T.
It comes with sp2 for xp, it made my pc slow down quite a bit.
Risky If Not Enabled Roland
It's just annoying! Altec
While the program acts with good intent, it becomes quite a pest. Having automatic updates off, or having your own firewall is considered a "problem". haz3l
It is the windows security center program AKA the firewall you have Joey
Since Installing Service Pack 2, this process was the biggest change. My computer would freeze stop motion ever so often. Since disabling it, my computer speed has been upgraded. We did good without it, don't really need it. Gamer
Makes the system very slow ardi
Finally, just a way to remember that you need 1. a firewall, 2. Windowsupdate and 3. Anti-virus. If you know this, you don't need that service unless you apreciate these little yellow popup messages coming out all the tiime. Laurent
The process for the security alerts (the little shield) - To remove it you can use security wizard to set Windows to 'I have a x that I monitor myself' and this will stop giving you the alerts. Mark Randall
It is part of SP2 and is known to slow down peopels computer.. But, it is not dangerous as such, it is as dangerous as the rest of windows. Joshuadwc
SP2 app. to protect Windows. Essiential for an unprotected PC. Optianal otherwise DonChoudhry
sp2 protection options, shut it down if you know what your doing. TR
unnnecesary and annoying, disable in "service" Strato80
It's pure, utter and complete crap. Avoid SP2.
security center is not necessary for advanced users but anyone below that should leave it running, and is only annoying because you havent taken the time to learn it or configure it properly Microsoft PC Safety Employee
Does collect information on your setup but does not link you to your computer. DominantHeart
just change your preferences in its own options dialog jbon
Annoying on home laptop (xp home), never came up on a pc in the office (xp pro) Angelo
Windows Security Centre Notification Process. It poses no risk whatsoever, its really for those who dont use a firewall etc/ If SP2 is slowing your pc down, clean install it!
If you're new at Windows security, leave it. If you understand how to protect your system then go into services and disable it.  See also: Link Matt
Installing Service Pack 2 will not affect Norton AntiVirus. The Windows Security Center, which is a component of Windows XP Service Pack 2, will be aware that you have Norton AntiVirus installed, but it will not be able to determine its working status due to Symantec's tamper-protection technology.  See also: Link at work
For experienced users, it's an annoyance. Richard Tarzanian
Does not make a computer any slower. disable security center and move on. Dan H.
This file has made my cpu clock speed go from 2.1 to 1.53 Anom
It is just a form of Microsoft sanctioned AdWare & MalWare. Ande Anderson
Another Microsoft attempt to scare users into using only their products! Brendan
Was just annoyed that it's such a random name...gets caught in the hunt for actual spyware.
is directly related to the pop-up for security center, not dangerous at all. If you think SP2 slows your machine down, un-install it. If you dont like the little yellow pop-up, turn it off. Simple. timmy
Dieses Problem lässt sich einfach über eine Einstellung ändern. This problem can be solved by a setting. Gehe ins Windows-Sicherheitscenter und auf der Hauptseite auf der linken Seite unter 'Ressourcen' die Wahl 'Warnungseinstellungen des Sicherheitscenters ändern' anklicken - und deine Wahl treffen. Go to Windows-Security-Center and on the main page on the left side amongst 'Ressources' you will find a statement like 'change of alerts in security center' - and so do your choice. Polar Dragon
no idea on this file but i did find some random named processes since sp2... anyone have an idea on these... rbqjfz.exe and ghgct.exe... any info would be apreciated Chris
Helpful and I think it's good for your system, but is annoying if you have automatic updates turned off, also makes many programs (mostly ones that use a lot of CPU power) not function correctly. I recommend major updating to SP2. BT
It's horrible. But, it isn't harmful, or nessecary. So do what you want. Disabling is recommended for users with slower computers. GenesisExodus
Don't terminate this process unless you have experience with computers and know how to protect your system. By looking at the replies it seems like many of you don't. Arthur Vandelay
SP2 made this 900Mhz PC with Cable run like a 533mhz on dialup on rox ,Disabled Security Center in Control panel and now everythings MUCH better and @ top speed, Thanks Tinysoft
Windows Spionage möglichkeit M.Engels
This program is a head ache I have a solution Delorean
Comes with sp2 and is part of the security center. Not needed UNLESS you use windows firewall or similar services, 3rd party security software does not rely on it unit321
PS2 Security Centre - A pointless piece of junk that should not be in a 'Pro' version. Anybody used to win2k will agree that we are not KIDS and do not need toys Tc
Annoying, the setup is nice for home users, but otherwise its just another process eating up valuable resources... JayMez
Since i got sp2 it slowed down my system by a lot and it does lag everytime, whenever i try to open any program my comp would just sti there for a few mins and then open it. i think this is totally not worth it. I have no idea why microsoft did even release this piece of crap. HydroManiacR
If u have your own antivirus and firewall, this is just wasting system resources, so turn it off. El Tangas
glad to be rid of it, a most annoying "service"
Part of XP SP2 Graeme
So annoying...when you try to end the process with task manager, it comes right back up. I thought it was spyware before i googled it. now it is off and i am happy :-) XXX
An added process from service pack 2 - anytime additional processes are added to your system you will experience some sort of slow down. Remove/Disable it if you do nto need it. JJT Electronic Engineer
Part of XP SP2 - for experienced users it is just annoying and a nuisance Graeme C
All I know, is Ive had SP2 for a while, no problems, then suddenly, security center alerts begin popping up telling me my antivirus definitions are out of date, of which I am well aware thanks to the norton alerts i get daily, I have followed all instructions I could find to stop this security center alerts, every time I close the alert it reappears in 5 seconds, My definitions are out of date YES, but ya know what? the only PROBLEM im having is with these worthless, endless alerts, anyone know how to REMOVE security center entirely?
Security Center is good as it helps remind those who are not technically savvy that they need better security. For those who are annoyed by all the alerts because you are running 3rd party programs or simply don't want to know... turn off the alerts and stop complaining. It's simple, go to: Control Panel - Security Center - under Resources (on left) click the "Change the way Security Center alerts me" link - uncheck those alerts you do not wish to recieve. Simple. JM
Microsoft's Security Center, more of an annoyance than anything. To get rid of it, got to Control Panel, Adminstrative Services, Services - then find Security Center and change its startup atttributes to Disabled from Automatic. airfoil
Turning off gthis file stopped constant interputions of system processes which were seriously interfering with my attempts to record internet radio shows. Charley Froehlich
You don't see it on a server client network. Disable items that seem to bother you. Use a firewall and antivirus scanner doesn't have to be Microsofts BW
Annoying, and probably unsecure (it's microsoft you know)
For experienced users, it's an annoyance. Quimi
don't listen to those who say to disable it. They either don't know what they're talking about or they are hackers or persons who create viruses that can't get past this security feature. Don't disable it if you want to keep your computer (office) running smoothly. If your computer runs slow... "because of this", YOU NEED MORE RAM. Its not because of this process. internet security saavy
I just thoght of searching about this file when I saw something in my list of processess that I didn't know what it was. Now I know what it is and Kapow! it is gone.... Another MS bull this "security" service. It is supposed to make me feel secure not annoyed. Octi
It's anoying to see all the pop-ups by Windows, when this is what I am trying to stop. It's like a parent telling someone not to drive fast, when he/she turns around and drives fast him/her self. Baysix
just configure the settings in win security center by going to recources(the left most tab in security window) and change it any way you want Roman
is only a problem if you have a slow computer, if u have an anti virus and firewall from norton etc, definately disable this service Moz
from microsoft: "Network performance and data throughput may be significantly slower after installing Windows XP Service Pack 2"  See also: Link neatoman
this security center service is very annoying since I'm using an ex-windows firewall and it's continously advicing me. Reboot
its uselles unless you know nothing about computers... basicly tells you if you have antivirus installed no name
I rate this as not dangerous, but very annoying. It is a waste of time and can slow down your computer.  See also: Link
Notifier of feature in SP2. Advanced users would know to disable Windows Firewall and use a good one. Sam
So I guess all you guys use Linux then right, because how dare Microsoft try to educate its users! Josh
it´s a win process, if u use a software/ hardware - firewall , disable this service Barkeeper
knowing nothing but sth. of microsoft is dangerous sometimes without our knowing user
Part of XP SP2 Glenn
Analysis shows a couple of remote terminals hanging off the version I am looking at. It is for snooping, I think. All microsoft software has been set up for remote snooping by ? Concerned Citizen
and by dangerous i mean frustrating. the "Change the way Security Center alerts me." options always return after a day or so. i have to uncheck them again, every day. anyone else have the same thing? jambox
I found that it was not only annoying but ate up tons of memory ! I deleted it and haven't had any problems since! Jack
Microsoft annoyance, nothing more. griifin
microsofts way of connecting with the people that buy its programs with a rather constant and memory hog hello MDW
ok this file always screams at me when i turn off auto update off and it treats that as a problem. for computer illiterate people, they wont know how to turn off auto update so this doesnt matter. it is annoying that i cant turn it off directly.
it's part of Microsofts own form of spyware/tracking/legal XP if you run a dodgey copy you will have several new services like this reporting back to His Gates. Don't know if that's true but all in all XP should be Ditched. All the service packs are about making you upgrade to software/hardware products from their partners in crime
File is not dangerous. Not risky to disable it if you have a decent firewall and antivirus running. It is annoying and uncessary to run Windows Security Centre if you take these precautions. Kat
Disabled Security Center at it fixed a problem a had with downloading SOME files with bittorrent....yeah...the download speed seems much better too! hugo
This file/aplication is not harmful in any ways. It is meant to help those who dont know much about computers and such, and i recomend that if you do not know how to turn it off on your own just to simply leave it be. If you wish for the "pop-ups" to stop, simply open the program from the task menu at the bottom of the screen and choose the last option on the far left, then uncheck what you wish it would not inform you about. computer smartz
Great to learn how to turn off that damned "Automatic Updates are Off" Message.
Not dangerous but annoying to have all those uncessesary processes running in the background. I'm capable of updating my virus definitions and Windows without this reminder. Good intentions by Microsoft, but too "Familiy friendly" and not for more "advanced" users. Inge
It is very annoying for me, but for most users out there who have practically no idea about Internet security, I think they need this sort of annoyance. amorette
wscntfy.exe open port 3752 jinlewis
I hate it it's always closing on me colin
Tray icon indicating update stats for SP2. Not dangerous but annoying. Takes up resources. Reccomend to disable... R click My computer, Manage, then disable & stop under services. Mariano
im not sure this is all interesting but i do know i updated to pack 2 and then all hell broke loose on my pc... ad aware from lavasoft, my spyware detection program has only been working overtime since the SP 2 install... :( Zach
I m not sure if my machine has a virus or if SP2 is the virus, my system has slowed down a lot though since istalling SP2, there seems to be a delay in everything, Security, according to virus and ad ware checkers the system is clean Malc
Added to windows XP by service pak 2. It's supposed to be a security settings GUI, but I find it to be entirely useless and total nuisance. Paul
not dangerous, but is necesary to keep on. if your other programs go down, this one is there to "take over" (hint: DO NOT use microsoft's software as your only AV protection scource). DO NOT disable it. if it slows you down too much: BUY MORE RAM. simple ShAdOw_StAlKeR
To diable this service : control panel / administrative tools /services / security centre / d/click and disable it....hay presto it dont reapear after shutdown GB
garbage microsoft hater
XP "X-tra_Pro.BLm". That thing Slow Down ur PC nahl991406bee
Something is causing IE to stop loading pages after 5 to 10 minutes..started when SP2 was installed van
I disabled the Security Service. Best to avoid if you know anything about securing your system, as likemost of Windows XP, this is just invasive, pointless and a waste of resources. Justin
It's a Windows XP Sp2 file......it's supposed to "alert" you, and keep track of your antivirus/firewall, and automatic updates...but TBH, it's quite bullshit. If you know your own computer configuration, just shut off the Security Center service in services.msc - This process will go away. ahoier
this is an tray for Windows XP firewall, when u disable ur firewall or turn off Auto Updates it will appear in tray as well in Task menu. any 1 can pls tell me how to clear it from Task menu & from tray ? Ajinkya_India
Annoying and not necessary for advanced users. Paul
Notifies the user if one of the three Security options are turned off! NX
annoying part of SP2,goin to DISABLE it .) baachor
Not dangerous, just annoying. If you have your firewall enabled or any other security/antivirus software (Norton, etc.), don't practice any risky internet or file sharing behavior, or manually administer your security, it's relatively unneccesary. Disable in 'sevices'. Tony
sludg3 is right. The security service in control panel is the way to go if you want to close that darn notification off. Safest way for people who aren't too computer literate. I keep everything updated manually so I don't need a program that conflicts with everything I'm doing because it's always on. JackBlack440
its from microsoft... i has to have a problem or a flaw somewhere.... i hate those blasted popups.... SP2 sucks as does this file bob
unneeded service, disable it, go to google ..search for xp services and disable as recommended. I use only 12 services..128m free out of 256m's koodoo
It's an insult to your intelligence to have that icon sit there and bug you when you have deliberately disabled firewall or autoupdates, and a chore finding out how to disable the alert. If you were driving a car, this would be like somebody telling you every 5 seconds that your headlights are on.
I don't know about slowing down because of this little process here, since I've always had it. I'm thinking of uninstalling it because of the continuous pop-ups, but at the uninstall window it threatens me that about EVERY program will NOT work from thereon... can any of you tell me something about that? Pat
Part of security centre. Slowed my PC down to a crawl until I installed 3rd part antivirus/ firewall. Once the 3rd party firewall was installed it turned itself off and the whole PC came up to speed IMMEDIATELY. Andy
this damned file need resources without helping .
Not dangerous per se, but actually does slow my system down, sometimes massively. Just disable warnings in the security center = problem solved. It just notifies you of security center warnings, if your security center is doing what you want it to, just turn this off. espy
Wastes system resource if you have alternate AV and firewall. Intrudes and slows system more than seems reasonable PJ
The file wscntfy.exe is not a virus if it is located in your systems folder. It is designed to give you warnings in your toolbar about your own system security and this will appear as a red shield in the bottom right hand corner next to your clock. Dont get this mixed up with malware as this is not it is just designed to inform you of your current system security if it is under threat, such as having windows updates turned off. If you do have windows updates turned off because you are running a pirated version and do not want to recieve these alerts, go controlpanel securitycenter changealerts Sam.l (aus)
Bothersome file, disable after instaling good firewall.... strangler
Security Update annoying message can be disabled with Regedit: path: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced] and Add "EnableBalloonTips" = dword:00000000 (0). No more messages :) Brayli
After this was installed, my system performance sucked - this is on a 2.8 ghz dual core box, it was chewing up all the cpu for one core. Turning off the security notifications took care of the issue. Thanks microsoft! Heywood
annoying service. if you are an experienced user just get rid of it. Nuno
I don't need those annoying pop-up windows telling me my life could be in danger if I don't turn on automatic updates. My firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware are all capable of updating themselves without any fuss or dragging me out of bed to tell me they've done it. MS should concentrate on the security problems with MSN messenger ans Internet Exploder. John Oldgit
Is _definately_ NOT necessary for advanced users. Disable in services or ask ShAdOw_StAlKeR to buy you more RAM... TheFox
SP2 feature: control for Antivirus + Windows firewall + AutoUpdate wakh.livejournal.com
Service pack2 slow my computer down by 70% of its normal speed... and too much pop up by windows xp updates and some other craps.
Windows Security Center, introduced in Service Pack 2 Diego
The instructions at the top of the page are really good. Raj
Windows security center, it warns you that you must have a anti virus and a firewall. Jimpa
I got infected with this, and it fills my taskbar with the automatic updates icon, and it opens a whole lot of processes named wscntfy, plus everytime an Instant Messaging windows opens, it writes something random.... It's annoying. Cristina
Not dangerous... Useless if you keep on top of your own security, but for the life of me I can't understand why 90% of people who cry about M$ software, still continue to use it.......Learn Linux, buy a Mac or get over it.! ad
Not dangerous, but annoying and certainly not needed. Contrary to what some have said here, this is NOT the firewall itself, or anything like that; it just checks to make sure that such programs are working, it is not one itself. Most people are probably better off with it disabled, but some may find their peace of mind improved by keeping it on. Jeff H
Although it is a big pain with all the bothersome info. It appears you can not remove it. However, this is not so. Open up your control panel and select security centre, from the left hand pane select "Change the way security centre alerts me". You should see a box with 3 check marks, uncheck each one you no longer wish to be notified with. The annoyance then goes away. It is that simple. vulkus
is nothing but an annoyance. Refer to Sludg3 to get rid of it! Lawson
Its one of MS`s ways of saying, "Welcome to Vista" (a faster, more reliable, safer platform). Vista will resolve all of the problems & issues of a soon to be O/S relic, Windows XP. Support for XP will be ending very soon. (as it has for 2000, ME, 98, 95, nt, etc.) A Traveler
It's annoying if you know what you are doing. But useful if you don't have adequate protection. Nigger James
I think it's a Spyware ... it just starts opening connections to many places 8- Checked that by ussing netstart in command prompt. Tryin` to get rid of it ... but it's very hard cuz my internet hardly works anymore Vlad
Slowed win xp sp2 systems with = 512 ram or = 2.2 ghz chip. "your headlights are on" (2) PEST TRAP looks EXACTLY like yellow security updates!
Useless if you have real firewall. Novac
I installed Service Pack2 and since then, even if i have installed the latest AntiVirus software, it bugs me everytime with giving some sort of alerts! NZEE
seit dem Update 2.13 da hirtlitschka
A simple way of removing this annoying alert is by updating your registry (The same can be done to the firewall by replacing "AntiVirus" with "Firewall", use at your own risk): HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Security Center\AntiVirusDisableNotify!=dword:0 if you're unsure about this, google the string.  See also: Link Anonymous
Agreed, SP2 does slow down a PC, but this particular exe has no real impact on CPU usage if you disable the ALERTS. As stated before, if this service is disabled (by simple home users) you could be leaving yourself wide open. My advice is simply turn off the alerts (if you have a working AV and FW) and leave the service running. PsyNusPain
pointless if you already have a different firewall and Anti virus to the windows one, You can tell it to stop alerting you by going to the 'Change the way security centre alerts me' link on the botton left on the security centrer box. tom
Random name? No. WSC = Windows Security Center. NTFY = Notification. Windows Security Center Notification. It's notifying (SP) you of something. Really annoying, and if you end it it just restarts itself.
under win2000 its download from www.reptar.info Michael Mosmann
We received some new ThinkPad R61e notebooks, and performance was terrible when we ran our custom scientific data analysis program (used 100% CPU). We traced it (with the help of this site) to Windows Security Center. Once we turned off notifications, performance was fine. What is weird is that we have tested many computers before with XP Security Center and never had this problem. I don't know what is different. But the Security Center notifications were the culprit. Jay
This basically turns windows firewall on/off. If this process is not working then the red security notification appears in your tray...more annoying than having it. Chojiro
if you want it to go away do this..dbl click that little red badge down by the clock click change the way security center alerts me and uncheck everything, ZOMG!!! look at that its gone, and THERE IS NO WAY POSSIBLE THAT IT CAN SLOW YOUR PC DOWN UNLESS YOU BOUGHT JUNK TO BEGIN WITH, learn how to use google so you can enable/disable windows updates too B.Gates
Not harmful, but very annoying if, for example, you have deliberately turned off automatic updates. And, as others have noted, surprisingly resource-intensive. If you know what you're doing, you can shut it down (in Services) and never look back. Jeff H
this slows down yr pc, and automatically turns off your automatic updates and i cant figure out how to get rid of it , cuz when i delete it , and refresh it opps up again , also i cant end it on task manager , idk lol Derek
Just a windows process to inform you that software might not be functioning properly W C
Not dangerous. But last month I was warned that "You have no firewall", and my Internet is slow (MY COMPUTER IS FAST!). I have a hardware firewall btw. And my ping on a fav. server has increased with 20ms.. And it does NOT slow down a computer. You did that yourself. Technical Freak
The Windows Security Center Notify process notifies you of potential security issues (missing antivirus or firewall, automatic updates, etc.). This process can be disabled through the security center in your Windows XP control panel.  See also: Link $user
i know it states you are infected or will be infected unless you buy their software they link to, it says do you want to block this suspicious software? win32.Zafi.B risk level high, it is a worm trojan prog etc etc and displays a link at the bottom where you are supposed to PURCHASE, AND download their preferred program, if you dont do this it reappears over and over around every 5 minutes. This is extortion as far as i am concerned michelle tidmore
ITS JUST THE NOTIFIER FOR WINDOWS FIREWALL ,,NOTIFIES U IF AUTOMATIC updats are turnd off firewall off etc,this alert can be turned off from control panel-security center-"change the waysecurity center alerts me" thelegionsplayer,from india
can be bypassed if you have payed versions of very good firewall antivirus combinations like eset nod32  See also: Link verreke
Leave it running, if you learn what it it is then you can disable it, otherwise if your too stupid to understand it leave it alone. wohn
not dangerous, just annoying and it might slow your PC down because of the notifications.. V. Alexandrov
This is secruty system warning file (from control center) Nox
Windows Security Notification Vivek
This is a SAFE file. it controls the messages for Antiviruses in to one if it really bugs you disable Start- Control panel- security settings And select "I have an AV i will montor my self" DONE! Wouldnt you'd like to know
The Windows Security Center Notify process. Try XP SP3!Works Better! Admin,UK,London
This was also the case with my computer also running slow. I had turned the Windows Security Updates Off and still the process was executing and using about 60 to 90 % of my processor. Even the RAM usage was full. Due to this I was not able to surf the internet at all. I then realized that this is a Rivart Trojan which can be detected by the presence of following files: zsys.exewscntfy.exe zsys.exe wscntfy.exe. Locate the above process in your task manager and then right click on each of them and select the "End Process" option to kill these malicious processes.  See also: Link Alex
Safe but pointless, unless you actually need saying that u need a firewall. If you don't have a firewall, though - just get one. K. Alexandrov
Windows Security Center Security Alerts (it was running when I had avast! turned off and went away when I turned avast! back on.) WonderN123
Part of Windows Security Center. Harmless, but annoying.
It can be considered as dangerous only if it's in any folder other than Windows\System32, otherwise it's a useless annoyance, as you cannot disable it in Task Manager (it'll keep coming back). Disable it in Control Panel & Services. CW
my computer it`s ver y slow now.. corisor
When not connected to the net, I sometimes disable Microsoft Security Essentials by switching of real time protection and then ending its process 'MsMpgEng' in Task Manager to free up some resources, about 50 or 60k. That is when this little beauty turns up! Hey, If you don't want it, end its process, your computer your choice. Tony
If this is not in the system32 directory, it is a virus!
Properties describe it as Windows Security Center Notification App for Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. It is found in C:\WINDOWS\system32 and also C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386. Not exactly sure of its' intended functions. Verified as authentic Microsoft Corporation product in properties. Dan
it was in myUserName\AppData\Local was using 30% of my cpu on Windows 8 Jack
I'm constantly having to close and reopen an "unresponsive" browser.
trojan, regkey related to non existing audio rara
Sludg3's solution was right on! I advise anyone who is bothered by the icon to simply uncheck in control panel under security icon porky

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