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Prozess Name: Windows Explorer

Produkt: Windows

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: explorer.exe


Dies ist die Benutzeroberfläche, die Sie als bekannte Taskleiste, Desktop und andere Funktionen der Benutzerschnittstelle sehen. Dieser Prozess ist nicht so wichtig für das Laufen von Windows, wie Sie es möglicherweise annehmen, und kann vom Task-Manager beendet (und neu gestartet) werden, normalerweise ohne negative Einwirkungen auf andere Anwendungen. Allerdings sieht man bis zum Restart von explorer.exe weder eine Startleiste noch Desktopicons. Nach dem Restart kann es sein, dass sich einige Programme nicht mehr im Systray neben der Uhr befinden. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/explorer.exe.html 

Wichtig: Die Datei "explorer.exe" befindet sich im Ordner C:\Windows. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, handelt es sich bei explorer.exe um einen Virus, Spyware, Trojaner oder Worm! Überprüfen Sie dieses z.B. mit Security Task Manager.

Viren mit gleichem Namen:
W32.MyDoom.B - Symantec Corporation
und andere...

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Kommentare über explorer.exe:
Windows Program Manager Alex
This is the Windows shell (desktop, file browser, taskbar etc), closing it is not recommended. However, if the path is C:\Explorer.exe, it's a virus. (Due to lazy programming, Windows does not look in a specific path for this file. If it finds it here, it'll launch it instead of the real shell.)  Siehe auch: Link Inuyasha
Harmless Microsoft stuff.  Siehe auch: Link Vegeta
I think this is best explained as. This process is windows, at least so far as most basic users are concerned. This is the only file windows can't run without. Here's a link that will tell you how to find out what version you have, and make sure you have a microsoft registered version.  Siehe auch: Link Magus
With your firewall set to High Report Level when your "Explore" your Hard drives this program tries to contact groupo mundo's port 21 in Mexico! But WHY does a Visual Artist Company need to receive info from our computers? (XP Only) A definate permanent block on this one in firewall  Siehe auch: Link The Wizard of Emerald CIty
explorer.exe started to use 98% of my CPU. I found out that it was some downloaded mediafiles that caused it (films). I opened the task maneger and moved my mouse over the files and it went sky high. So I just deleted the whole folder without touching the file. It really worked. Peter
Windows Komponente valu
There are two Shell in Windows one is CMD.exe and one is EXPLORER.exe. Windows uses HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and under this key a string defined Shell includes this file. If you remove this file name and put CMD.exe and when u restart your computer next time Winlogon will open only Command Prompt and you will not see Start Menu Nirmal Sharma
sehr wichtig für ein grafik betriebsprogramm Frank Wassner
thats b.s. explorer.exe is no virus spyware its what your desktop and folders run under and its not the only one that your computer cant run with your computer cant run without win login.exe kernel32.exe rundll32.exe i know more then all of you and im only a 13 yr old computer genius tomas berrum
Using System Task Manager it was a 64% risk and this was the text found in the file "Could not start Event Logger." And I keep getting pop ups to sites even though not surfing the net. Which are also mention in the text above, However it is in the system32 directory what do i do? and again using system Task manager only 1 explorer.exe shows up there is a Windows and Internet Explorer but only 1 Explorer.exe AND using the Windows Task Manager there are 2 an explorer.exe and an EXPLORER.EXE Lastrider
what to do if it IS in the WINDOWS folder (not system32 or something else) and cpu use is between 70-90 without a reason?! it doesnt stop eat my cpu when i open the taskmanager. there is really no reason (2600xp) Janis
Can be used in totally undetectable background mode by Spectorsoft Spyware to report all of your computer activities to someone who has locally or remotely installed Spectorsoft Spyware on your computer on purpose at your PC or by email of an .exe file which causes the keylogging-system monitoring software to be installed without detection, not even in the Task Bar when it is operational. Spectorsoft installs about 20 hidden files and if any are detected they appear to be Windows\System files. SpyCops AntiSpyware can find a few of those. jeffc333
bei winme liegt die explorer.exe im windows-verzeichnis!
Could the file be a virus even if it is placed in C//windows folder... what size should the explorer.exe be,,, mine is 981 kB (1 004 544 byte), thought first it had something to do with SP2 but it hasn't, not for me at least. sMartin
I picked up some spyware and my computer would not boot up...it would crash everytime. SO, I made a boot disk and went into the windows folder. Lo and behold there was explorer.exe, only its create date was the time I had been on the web. So, I promptly deleted it. However, now windows will not work at all and I am starting to worry that I deleted the real explorer.exe. Frustrated
explorer.exe is the default shell for windows. It IS NOT vital for explorer to be running to use Windows. And it is possible for explorer to chew up 98% percent CPU, if it starts behaving badly. If you open the task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL), you can kill explorer, and use the task manager to start and stop programs. Since the shell that windows will start is located in a registry string, you could run any program as the shell (notepad, cmd, Quake III Arena, etc.).  Siehe auch: Link spacemarine
unter Wichtig steht standardmäßig C:\Windows\System32 = genau falsch - siehe eigener Hinweis auf Symantec Corporation: explorer.exe sollte nicht in C:\Windows\System32 stehen, nur in C:\Windows\  Siehe auch: Link
i want to thank peter for his input, I have managed to extracteverything but one bad avifile from my shared folder in emule, to a new folder. and deleted the old one. so now the flick and my problem with cpu being consumed, has gone. thanks, Peter. marietta.
some films from emule makes explorer.exe use all the cpu available. it happens when i open the folder of incoming stuff from emule, and scroll down to the file in question. the minute it hits the screen cpu is skyrocketing. do i have to reinstall emule? i cant get rid of the films. marietta
explorer.exe is USUALLY the windows file manager but people can easily modify it to contain malicious code, then have it copy itself onto your computer, to fool you into thinking it's the real explorer.exe, so don't listen to the 'genius' tomas berrum LOL Dan Bishop
After downin sumfin my pc restarted with the message, explorer.exe is damaged, reinstall windows, as i reinstalled windows in the same c-drive it was still there the message, i had to install in onto the d-drive Ravi
es verlangsamt mein pc extreme indem es sich über meine rams her macht und sie so gut wie überlastet das lämpchen vom pc ist am dauer leuchten sobald explorer.exe sich einmal dran macht! Vulkano
it got to with avi file and if they are very big it will happen just open your task manager and then end process now go to the top were it say file here is were you restart explorer.exe your task bar will come back up and it will stop the use of the program using 50%, just every time i open a very big avi file, hope this help. hardcore
Dictates user desktop settings, taskbar settings, etc. Can either be in C:\Windows\System32 for Win2K or C:\Windows for XP. If you have an IDS, make sure explorer.exe is not included in any blocking or deny policy, unless it is not in any of the previously-mentioned directories. If an IDS blocks explorer.exe, it will wreak havoc on a user's desktop, especially for Windows XP. If an IT tech is not informed that the IDS might be causing the problem, he/she could be led to believe that the OS needs to be reinstalled. Just a warning. calexander
Dictates user desktop settings, taskbar settings, etc. Can either be in C:\Windows\System32 for Win2K or C:\Windows for XP. If you have an IDS, make sure explorer.exe is not included in any blocking or deny policy, unless it is not in any of the previously-mentioned directories. If an IDS blocks explorer.exe, it will wreak havoc on a user's desktop, especially for Windows XP. If an IT tech is not informed that the IDS might be causing the problem, he/she could be led to believe that the OS needs to be reinstalled. Just a warning. calexander
Explorer is problably not a virus! lol... Even if its like 1000 kBs... Mine has about 44000kB of memoryusage when it runs and it doesnt hurt the speed of your computer very much, but you should get worried if the caps are wrong because that can meen that its a virus or some other shit like that... Dadda
My explorer is constantly crashing, windows says that the program has to close due to a data excution prevention thing, in the error report this file is always included... explorer.exe.mdmp, in my task manager explorer is EXPLORER.exe, i have scanned for explorer and i have 3 explorers in he windows folder. one in /windows, 2 in windows/servicepacks/i386, 33 /windows/softwaredistrubution/download/6ca7b3a8efd5a9b6f87fff395a2eb989, i am thinking that there is a virus/trojan which is trying to use explorer o do something, but the DEP prevents it, i have scanned my system but i have found nohing lucas
i got some kind of virus now that constantly starts up my system files, including files like Nail.exe, Explorer.exe and some other files.. i ran a whole bunch of virus, adware and spywarescanners over my computer, but it couldnt fix the problem.. anyone who knows more about this? --- and to Max: if u close down explorer.exe, just press ctrl-alt-del again. in the "file" menu you can start new processes. just make it start explorer.exe again and your desktop and start menu are back =)
I open the task manager on windows XP and I see two explorer.exe. They are both the same no caps lock on one of them. But every few seconds, one of them uses all of my system resources (CPU). When I terminate one of them, nothing disapears. The name just comes back in the list and does the same thing as last time. I terminate it again, but it still comes back. What do I do? My computer freezes every 4 seconds for 1 second and it's driving me crazy! TJ
Windows's files management software 1337
I have posted a fix here...  Siehe auch: Link Matt
GANZ HARMLOS... Nur beachtet einfach was da ganz oben steht, also: Die Datei "Explorer.exe" befindet sich im Ordner C:\Windows\System32. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, handelt es sich bei Explorer.exe um einen Virus, Spyware, Trojaner oder Worm! SyndroM-666
ohne explorer.exe gibts bei windows nur den schwarzen schirm.  Siehe auch: Link niemeyerstein
Bei mir überlastet dieser Prozess das System!!! Fabian
Die File ist in C:\Windows, nicht system32. Hatte anfangs no Internet, deswegen keine vire!
Explorer.exe befindet sich standardmäßig in C:\Windows, und NICHT in C:\Windows\System32 !!! Klimsch
ACHTUNG!!! befindet sich bei XP in c:\windows und NICHT in system32!!! Püppi
man sollte es nicht mit iexplorer.exe verwechseln. den iexplorer ist meistens spyware..... wilucha
Windows system shell ;)  Siehe auch: Link Kisara
Absolut harmloser Prozess, mit gutem Nebeneffekt: muss man kurz weg vom PC, und will sich nicht abmelden, einfach explorer.exe beenden! die meisten wissen nicht, dass der PC weiterhin voll funktionsfähig ist, und benutzen ihn nicht. wenn mann zurückkommt mit dem Taskmanager explorer.exe starten, und weiter gehts senfi
A windows procces. Jeffrey
Standart Windows Shell Al
Äusgesprochen lästig, bremst PC aus, braucht bei mir 50% und mehr CPU Auslastung changnoi
Diese datei Stammt von Windows wird sie gelöscht hat man ein Problem ;) Steven
ein wenig pcFreak
Windows Explorer Someone
Original core Exlporer.exe Matthew Enderle
es kusiert derzeit ein virus mit dem namen! Phillip
Obwohl der Windows Explorer separat gestartet werden muss, um z.B. Dateien und Ordner anzusehen, läuft dieser Prozess eigentlich immer. Denn explorer.exe sorgt u.A. auch dafür, dass man Icons auf dem Desktop sieht und die Taskleiste zur Verfügung hat. Lasse
Der Prozess zum Ausführen, spefizische Anwendungen und verwalten der Ordner sowie Verknüpfungen und Anwendungen.  Siehe auch: Link Ligjiron
Datei ist sauber, notwendig u.a. für Startmenüleiste und Windows Dateiexplorer  Siehe auch: Link fw
Gehört zu Windows, ist zuständig für Startmenüleiste und Windows Dateiexplorer  Siehe auch: Link felix
weiseiner warum ich den internet explor nicht mehr öfnen kann?
Das ist ein teil von windows
Datei wird Automatisch mit Windows gestartet Beendet man sie hat man halt kein Bild kann man aber wieder Anmachen :) löscht man sie hat man ein kleines Problem :) Chris
Die Datei öffnet in letzter Zeit immer automatisch die Datei "sys wow 64". Das ist nervig. Hans-Jürgen Hofer
Should never be touched bazooka
winfip 3d properdies

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