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Prozess Name: Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework Host Process

Produkt: Windows Vista/7

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: WUDFHost.exe


"WUDFHost.exe" ist Bestandteil von Windows Vista und Windows 7/8/10. Einige Treiber laufen in Windows Vista/7 im User mode (z.B. USB Treiber), insbesondere in einem Prozess namens WUDFHost.exe. Siehe User Mode Driver Framework für eine technische Referenz. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/wudfhost.exe.html 

Wichtig: Die Datei "WUDFHost.exe" befindet sich im Ordner C:\Windows\System32. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, handelt es sich bei WUDFHost.exe um einen Virus, Spyware, Trojaner oder Worm! Überprüfen Sie dieses z.B. mit Security Task Manager.

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Kommentare über WUDFHost.exe:
Service Datei Windows Vista Bernhard
Diese Datei existiert u.U. auch unter Windows XP
On XP computers in c:\WINDOWS\system32\ tim
Zune USB driver Tinface
Also part of WinXP, this is a helper app to support things like virtual disk drives (e.g. SanDisk Sansa c240). If you unplug your device, this process will stop, and it will start again when you replug your device. If that's happening, it's _probably_ SAFE. Normally occupies 3 - 4 MB of RAM. A Different Bernhard
It basically connects certain mp3 players through the USB port. The same process can be used to connect the Zune, ZEN and even certain iPods. Not dangerous, unless you encounter large memory usage. If this happens, unconnect your mp3 player and reconnect it. Comp. Geek
Windows User-mode Driver Framework Host  Siehe auch: Link Guy-dude
As "A Different Bernhard" said above: "Also part of WinXP, this is a helper app to support things like virtual disk drives (e.g. SanDisk Sansa c240)." I have several sansa devices and when attached in MTP mode via USB, I see an instance of this process for each attached device. Terminates when the Sansa is removed. Uses about 4 MB of RAM wooster
Ad-Aware Free notes this as a "WNAD Ad Client. TwistedHumor. I'm running Windows 7 (Also like Vista) and I do not a own a Zune nor am I using any virtual discs. Ad-Aware recommends to Quarantine it. Not a virus, adware. TedM
nothing but I have vista at home and xp sp3 at work and realized microsoft had taken quite a few of the processes as well as security enhancements and integrated them into sp3 (not well mind you) I would imagine if you see that and your running sp3 thats most likely why
Samsung YP-S3 MP3 Naow
Nervt beim USB sTick Dirk
From what I have seen it most of these comments it is a .exe from most MP3 compatible USB devices thus so I see it as not a threat however I could be wrong it showed up only recently when I plugged in my Insignia Kix mp3 device and when disconnected the .exe turned itself off. Zan
Same as others (Sansa USB) Jimbob
suddenly appeared with a window update, and won't disable, and i am using Windows XP 2000. Randomly pulls resources even when system is idling, lags system and more than likely is an excuse for forcing people to upgrade UpsetwithMicrosoft
Showed up after i installed my Samsung P2450H "Rose Black" monitor. I keep good track of whats installed and not and this was installed with the monitor so i call it safe if you installed a Samsung monitor too. Alex
Vermutlich mit Samsung Kies installiert (für Handy) Lässt Winamp abstürzen Benny
It showed up yesterday when I installed Sansa Clip firmware updater. CPU usage 100%. Running XP SP3. I highlighted the process in Task Manager and watched it disappear/end as i unplugged my Sansa Clip. Only location is system 32 folder. Al
Windows User-mode Driver Framework Host  Siehe auch: Link Unbekannter
If you dont have iTunes installed, Windows 7 will launch this instead when you plug in an iPhone. It gives you access to the phones picture directory. I believe one process runs for each memory card you plug in as well. Eric
It appears this file is present in all windows versions from XP onwards, on my system it keeps trying to reserve 20GB of RAM, apparently certain drivers require it, it seems to consistently use up large amounts of RAM though, even when idling. Adam
Came to me with Chromium 19.0.1042.0.zip Upon double clicking the application in the extracted Chromium, Avira removed two files. That happened three times to me today. It wrote in two folders: in D:\MSCache\B65.tmp (you must delete MSCache folder) Status: Infected Quarantine object: 52c7de64.qua Detection: TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen3 Source: C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Windows Driver Foundation\WUDFHost.exe Status: Infected Quarantine object: 4aa3f12c.qua Detection: TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen2 Both are 'MALWARE'.The term "TR/" denotes a trojan horse that is able to spy out data, to violate your privacy or carry out unwanted modifications to the system. Also it adds a scheduled task. As said the The WUDFHost.exe that is Windows OS component must be located in System32 folder. Tarig
WUDHost.exe will hide. Very very hard to find. It steal internet connection along with changing your network. Ive been looking for the file for years....I just found a place its says its listed in. There will be many more host files with it. WUD will steal configurations and empty out every one of ur file folders on your pc. It will also put parental controls on your act which leaves u only the read and write. no downloading, uploading, opening system files, ...it basically leaves you with nothing. It says its windows but never believe what u read. Found it in resource monitor. Click on overview tab. WUD puts proxy settings on ur connections. It does this even if the dont use proxy settings is checkec. I could go on and on about the damage WUD does to your whole computer. Every bit of it....If u can't see any system files but only empty folders thru out ur system... i ran diagnostics and diagnostics turned to a report over 8 feet long after printing. heres a few lines of my report i ran after my configurations were taken and left me with empty file folders again PJ
windows service user
File will run when the computer is connected via MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) to another device. Mediates the exchange of multimedia files. Harmless, sometimes even necessary. It should not take too many resources. Deihan
This file is a windws process that indexes all media to add it to windows media player - the service is cpu intensive,but on completion it should standby and resources return to normal. It is Possiby too cpu intensive for notebooks not using 15/7 processors, Even 17 laptops will report 30% cpu use over 8 logical cores - so this is not light to say the least. EMC
Agree with Another Berhnard, this is on XP and is present when Galaxy S2 plugged in and removes itself on disconnection. I think it messes with my keyboard though, I get things like that happen when it is running and not when it isn't. Mike Russell
Memory hogger Gokal
uses TOO much CPU! Nick
I have been suspecting a neighbor of hacking all the devices on my network. This exe kept re-appearing after killing it in the task manager. After changing permissions on the file, I heard someone from my neighbor's home conversing about how they were now not able to get in to my computer. THIS FILE IS USED FOR SPYING!!! Todd
Ok so I was a little worried about this when I saw it pop up in my task manager. So I looked it up online read some comments and did some testing. I have found that it only pops up when my KindleFire or my Samsung mp3 player are plugged up and turned on, so I'd have to say that you shouldn't be too worried about it unless you don't have something external plugged up. Mandi
Wenn ich meinen USB stick reinstecke beginnt wuldfhost.exe , verclsid.exe und explorer sofort zu reagieren und transferiert alle system und user profile Daten sogar an den TOR Browser geht es ran um Daten zu sammeln. Hab ein Protokoll über die Spionage. Peter

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