What is LogonUI.exe? Is LogonUI.exe spyware or a virus?

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Process name: Windows Logon User Interface

Product: Windows Vista/7

Company: Microsoft

File: LogonUI.exe

Security Rating:

LogonUI.exe implements the graphical user interface shown when a user is asked to log in to the local machine. This is a core component of Windows and should be left alone. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/logonui.exe.html 

Note: The LogonUI.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In other cases, LogonUI.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with Security Task Manager.

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  • 680 users ask for this file. 46 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 20 users rated it as neutral. 9 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 12 users rated it as dangerous. 11 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

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Active when you use Remote Desktop to connect between 2 PCs sl1200
Windows-Anmeldebenutzeroberfläche Wasek
This is the windows welcome screen interface! Takai
My PC won't exit normally, with a logonui error msg. I discovered, in the following dir, C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temp\WER97ed.dir00, the file "logonui.exe.hdmp" (1,184 kb), Is this a worm, etc.? HELP!!! Henry
This file contains graphic interface to be shown when user login on the LOCAL machine. Only NT based systems have this file. Diogo Lavall
Its for the Logon Screen where you enter your passwort wh1ch 1 can hack =) r0Ffl!
i know it reboots your pc , you used it so many times , who doesnt? kotje
Welcome Screen Interface. itbei
Critical to welcome screen login, but windows *should* replace when deleted - If corrupt, can cause computer to be unusable Cdn Tech
If it's in \windows\System32 it's the Welcome Screen Logon Service, if it's in another directory is probably a malware! Usually, in a windows session LogonUI.exe is not active... Framp
There are malware using this filename, but if it is not detected by antivirus it's probably just windows logon screen which is safe. File should be in windows\system32 if safe.  See also: Link Johnny
its the file that windows uses to show you the screen that los you on to your account
Windows-Anmeldebenutzeroberfläche WEBA
i found logonui.exe is send your private document to third person okky
This is the logon screen. Lexource
C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temp\WER97ed.dir00, delete this one anon
it's windown logon screen sami25
welcomes screen for windows NT (xp for example). it is also used when shutting down the computer. Devoney
UI stands for user interface. In electronic terms, this means "what you see". It is also known as GUI (the G being Graphic(al), which means it has more than just text (the terms are now interchangeable unless you do not use Windows.). Normally, you will see this program running if you have your OS (NT-Based [XP]) set to be able to see the log-in screen. I have mine disabled, since I like to be able to press my power button and see my desktop in 3 seconds. It will probably run, reguardless, if you attempt to change users/accounts. Skylor Wold
verursacht ständig Systemabstürze Bruno Rings
seems to be a worm in some cases, i have a laptop with about 200 instances of this running, sone logonui.exe, and some logonui .exe (note the space) darkcat systems
Yeh startup screen ke liye hai. Khatra nahi hain aur ghabraney ki baat nahi hai. Subhodip
The original file is a core and is essential for a smooth boot. Frost
logonui.exe is a system process relating to the Microsoft Windows XP user switching screen. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated  See also: Link Hacka
window logon UI ,mine is from P.g :intall block:wrong with black list i made with Handy cafe ,they block when not connect Lan Lrukfia
it is user interface thru which we can interact with winlogon Preeti
like the name says, it's the logon user interface. Definitely essential Nick
my pc encountered logonui.exe error and now it dsnt let me log in to my account. I hv to work on safe mode.....no other option left. a.sh.
it is errorr this stop starting window
it is very harmful considering the OS one uses. The media centre edition of windows can't withstand it for a second. The pc doesn't boot. Kofi Asante
Go to C:\windows\system32\logonui.exe....and if it is located as logonui.exe please change it as logonui.exe as logonui.old ...After this change it may cause to system restarting .
if that kind of problem is occure try to start ur System in the Safe Mode and from Safe Mode Choose the System Restore. It will be solve the problem. This is the malware which can stop the working of the system. Harshad Mahant
ended it and system seems ok Col.
This is Windows Logon manager,which logon your PC. M.AZAM
can be virused and you won't be able to boot and you really have a problem. stiffinger
This .exe appears mostly on non-operating system drives. It disables the option for showing and hiding a certain file. It automatically installed once you plug any removable storage media. It's simply irritating coz ul find delays in opening a certain drive. aivez
This is a system file. Howver, if it is found outside of System32, it is a virus. Joeybob
It is the pie making function of Windows 7. It controls login screen and is not danger.  See also: Link Liberator of Grapefruits!!!
it seems that i encounter about that logonui.exe it will appear to your screen and the problem is i can't terminate it or debug.it seems that it was a insane virus .it will not show the starting window nathanael bumidang
Its safe and essential. If you remove it, then you have to logon each time you start windows, this file does auto login. Palash.
The file is needed to boot to any NT-based system
This file for welcome screen Rajesh kumar sharma
Try using a multi user windows environment without it - all you get is a black screen
People must remember that there IS a legit file with this name. So if you find it to be suspicious or your anti virus is saying its infected then its another file with that FILENAME. Viruses usually use a filename that sounds safe or sounds like a system operating file. This is to confuse you. The reason being to confuse is to stay running knowing you wont delete a system file (if you do your fried) That being because the real file lies within system32 folder. A culprit with exact name file will more than likely linger in a folder on your users account Shibbee
IS oviously a windows system files Anom
logonui.exe is program login to windows shulljail
This file for starting graphic X windows Bpehruz from dushanbe_shuldukcity
you see this executable run right when you system starts shutting off.. check your task manager dontxtrip
if this comes up not allowing you to log on, u just need to keep turning your computer off and on, also presing F8 until you see "repair your computer" then run the first two scans/tests. this is how it was fixed for me ! on a windows vista Justin . D
System file  See also: Link Pussy
It appears to call up rasplap.dll Farny
its safe as long as its in the system32 dir jos
it is a logo for screen or you can say a welcome screen
This Is Windows Graphical Interface When A User Logs off, shuts down or switches user. If Not In The System32 Directory (the Place Its In) It May Be A Virus, If So Run Startup Repair And It Should Fix It On Windows 7 And Vista. Tom Zsinko , At TwoDudesOneMine
It is a system file code_war_509
LogonUI.exe is safe as long as it's in the system32 dir.  See also: Link Matt_Coastland
LOGONUI is a program to open up your user interface. As well there is a loggoffui as well just to determine that you log on or log out. as well as a shutdownui i perhaps to think. If the file description is microsoft etc. in your System32 it's safe. If its on anywere else. Your kid of screwed! Anonymous
LogonUI.exe iihad 2 of them 1 C: after using hiremsboot cd program robert
this file is not dangerous at all it is related with the logon it's just nothing to worry at all anand
LogonUI.exe may get stuck in the background if you disabled require password upon wake. To get the process to stop, simply lock your screen then unlock it and check your task manager. Voila! Gone. Kitty
I cant even get past the start up screen. It says diagnosing disk, then it says: repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour. And it does that every time without showing my screen and if it does it freezes after 2 minutes! Please tell me how to fix this because I haven't downloaded anything and then that happened. Then it says file 00000001 is not in your computer, click to terminate. Lolorous
Its a windows file for the login screen. Stiverino
The process is to the log off screen i think? It always pops up when i turn my conputer off so. Stiverino
Its the logoff screen Stiverino
PC will no longer start normally or in saved mode and comes with this message: c:\windows\WinSxS\amd.64_microsoft.windows.gdiplus_cc_6595b64144mf1df_1.1.7601.18455_none_2b283fd671e9bf4d\gdiplus.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. John
it is usually part of the windows operating system karianne
it is a core file for NT Based systems (Windows, Linux). tampering with this file may cause problems with your pc. rofl

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