What is dwm.exe? Is dwm.exe spyware or a virus?

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Process name: Microsoft Desktop Window Manager

Product: Windows Vista/7

Company: Microsoft

File: dwm.exe

Security Rating:

One of the new features in Windows Vista/7 is the Desktop Window Manager (DWM). It responsible for the graphical effects such as live window previews and a glass-like frame around windows (Aero Glass), without draining your CPU. A DWM-capable graphics card is required to enable the 3D effects, as well as Aero Glass. (In older Windows Vista Beta versions, the DWM effects are controlled by the User Experience Session Management Service, via "uxss.exe".) You can increase your computer's performance if you switch to Classic Mode (turn off Aero Glass and Animations), or reduce your screen resolution. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/dwm.exe.html 

Note: The dwm.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In other cases, dwm.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with Security Task Manager.

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  • 11933 users ask for this file. 188 users rated it as not dangerous. 16 users rated it as not so dangerous. 35 users rated it as neutral. 8 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 47 users rated it as dangerous. 13 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

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used for aero but takes a hella lot of resources. Vista Beta 2 x64, 64bit PC3200, 2gb of ram, Nvidia &800gt 256mb Dozier
Only a Windows Aero process for Windows Vista Nick
It can sometimes be heavy on CPU/Memory usage as it renders or runs out of resources. Ending it once will make it auto-restart itself - ending it again will make it permanently go and make the system use basic window management Max
An important part of windows vista.
It uses 3X the memory of the next closest application J Tregre
It's a file that uses quite a lot of RAM but is harmless burnsie87
Uses up to 5% CPU, needed for vista UI effects Josh
used for displaying smooth graphics and effects in vista Miguel
Used For Aero Process for Vista w59cb83x
Inhibits the Fireworks CS3 Program Sam
Microsoft Desktop Window Manager Greg
uses up ram but i think its needed bozy
Cancel the Visul themes and U`ll be fine, Yea it takes a lot of RAM! GeorgGG
Windows vista desktop manager  See also: Link Alkampfer
Used to draw video effects to the video card buffer. Requires DirectX 9 compatible card. Uses roughly 10% of system resources. Yoshi
Aero, indeed eats a lot (50MB). However this could include mapped video mem (like X under Linux) Marco
takes too many resources for my liking even though i have 2GB ram.  See also: Link Taurus
works just fine with embedded graphics on dell c521 with 1.5gb ram Steve
Appears to use around 60MB RAM on a basic load. If terminated, Windows Vista's Aero theme disappears and reveals the horrible Non-Aero theme. DWard
It's for the Aero-fearure in Windows Vista. Alex
It doesnt use much at all without Aero turned on sotek.com.au
I have a E6600/8800GTS and it doesn't cause me much resource loss Ibrahim
Steuerung des Windows Aero Prozesses  See also: Link kevlar
rated as neutral, becasue it is dangerous, if you want to run any program that uses a lot of resources. Possibly make the program crash... Darren
It really doesn't use that much memory in comparison to things like virus programs Matt.H
eating memory.... Ripa
My AVG got him during the making of the virus Peter Geisberts
takes about 65 - 70 MB of RAM, Very Resource hungry. umer
Running Areo is like Running a 3D game. It will require huge resources. abhijit
vista as it says bb
its what gives windows vista the great look and cool functions but if you don't have alot of memory then can be a problem. dan
Runs the visual effects of Windows Vista Jaren
Aero Glass needed only...
Window manager for Vista. Not harmful, but does take up lots of resources. Dirk
it seems to run and run an run my comp. never stops ticking over on startup davy d
Uses 40K of mem
Vista feature. Not a problem. It's clean. Danny
I am a Microsoft MCP and know this file poses no danger if you kill the process and windows aero turned on your screen will flash and aero will be turned off right then. This do not use alot of resources. If you are not using Vista and you have this process running that is NOT good run your AV software dennygee
dwm.exe is a Desktop Window Manager from Microsoft Corporation belonging to Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. dwm.exe is the Desktop Window Manager and is responsible for the graphical effects in Microsoft Windows Vista operating system such as 3D effects, live windows previews and windows transperancies. The Aero interface in Windows Vista can be quite taxing on system performace on certain computers and you can switch it off or reduce the screen resolution to increase performance. Chris
Windows Vistas Aero-GUI. Not dangerous unless located elsewhere than %systemroot%\System32 Christian Meinhold
not at all dangerous...unless your computer is about to overheat i suppose Sil3nt
As said above, but the system resources for Aero aren't as high as people thing. It's more like 1.5GHz with 512mb RAM and a nVidida 6600 or higher (or equivalent)  See also: Link Eddie
hogs tons of sys memory
DWM.EXE is the Desktop Window Manager in Windows Vista John
Want Vista's pretty aero glas interface? Then don't kill this process. As has already been pointed out, it has no danger apart from sucking system resources. Stan
It seems to be the only app using processor time when the pc is idle.. Alex
This is one reason why Vista needs atleast 1 gig of ram to run, just switch to a different display and your fine Raven596
This is NOT a virus--exactly what the other comments say "For Windows Vista Aero" NerdBoy
ok, it uses a helluva lot of ram and cpu, however is not dangerous. it seems to be responsible for alot of the rendering to the screen, and if it breaks, it will cause alot of programs to crash randomly. all you need do is end process and it will restart it self. matTronHaxloL
DWM uses a lot of memory and CPU usage in Vista however you do not have to end it in order for it to stop using memory. You can simply shut down a lot of the processes that the DWM file is using. Click on the start button, right click on computer and choose properties. Click on the Advanced System Settings link to the left; this will bring up the System properties window with the Advanced Tab chosen. On the Advanced Tab there is 3 boxed areas; Performance, User Profiles and Startup and Recovery. From the Performance boxed area click Settings. Uncheck any boxes on Visual Effects tab. Spectacular Stuff
Very dangerous file, because of high usage of graphic card resources. Can lead to graphic card failure. linuxUser
It is harmless, but you'll get more performance by turning it off Al
Windows Home Premium 64Bit Aero Process Licht
This program is very important to vista. (Hint: WIndowsKey + Tab, or hover your mouse over the app's name in the taskbar)
used for vista graphics
This file is required for Aero to work. demasa
It uses roughly around 64MB of ram on my system. To disable under certain programs (ie.Games) adjust the program to disable Windows Themes before launching. This frees up the resources you may need to run said program. Eric
Process used for Windows graphics processing on desktop windows; average CPU usage: 10%, average memory usage: 44,172KB Chris
Yes this isnt a virus i think it only could be a hidden one, but i think its the windows aero style ... so turn off aero and it odesent exists or keep it on and see the aero effect . Goordon
If you need the shiny cool new bling-bling features of Windows Aero, this is one of the processes you need running Patrick
Uses a lot of RAM but it is harmless and a part of Vista Aero Glass. Jan
It's the Windows Vista GUI--it's what makes the GUI pretty, but, uses a TON of memory nuggits
Apparantly it allocates high preference to CPU LOAD M4rxis
Vista Aero File Zeloguy
Vista Aero Mikepike
it eats lots of memory... Brijesh
Provides windows glass effect (and other gui stuff). Uses resources but not a big deal. You can stop the service if you don't care for the visual effects. Munkey Butt
used for aero - change to "vista basic' and save 200MB of ram Drew
uses a lot of memory when windows aero is on, a little when it isn't add
Everyone claims that this is resource heavy. Well, after just testing, I was sitting at 41% usage from a 1 GIG stick of DDR2 RAM with Aero Glass on. Without, I dropped to a whopping 39% while on Windows Classic... Yeah... now THAT is resource heavy... _
It crashes the system if the machine is running out of memory, this happens on a 2G RAM machine, Best thing to do is Upgrade from Vista to XP Pro. Alejandro
You will lose the fuzzyness of you turn it off, might as well be using XP Austin
doesnt do anything bad.. it wont even hog my cpu.. just was curios
Uses a lot or resources. This should be something that should be disabled unless you have a lot of memory. tony
Not integral to the opeation of windows, can be ended without problem if you need additional resources Kr0sf1r3
it takes memory, and lags internet explorer jose
The more windows you have open at once, the more memory it uses poop
vista proccess for visual effects  See also: Link asfasfsdfsf
Used to display aero user-interface in windows vista. Erik
Safe - just high CPU Usage. Disable Aero Theme in settings if necessary. JasonO
Certainly not a risk but a bit of a resource hogger Moose
Consumes massive amount of RAM BigRedDog
it uses 10k memory :S abm
Controller for Windows Aero; uses alot of memory. Not required; disable windows aero if you want to free the extra memory.
Windows Aero process which makes vista look pretty. Go to themes and cheese "Windows Classic" to free up that memory.  See also: Link bite
The File can get stuck and eat ALL your memory Resources end the process and it will restart on it's own. Jigga
It can cause havoc with the mouse and touchpad on an Asus laptop  See also: Link
Uses high amount of RAM, should only be on vista as it is used for the Aero graphics. DarkMessiah
It is a useful part of window's push to become more like a mac, but it takes up quite a bit of ram, but aparently it won't be "draining my ram." Blunt
Very active process with at least 1-2% CPU utilization all the time. 1947Yankee
Its using 50+ MB of RAM of my 4GB!! Vista is a memory whore!! SiliconSamurai
essential for windows vista visual effects etc and lol uses little resources on a true vista compatable computer ^_^ morgz
vista component kris
Uses more recources than anything else i have running Sincity
CPU hogger! Bret
Part of the Windows Vista graphical environment  See also: Link Jesper
It causes heavy cpu usage. I did as Max said and ended it twice and it went away and freed up 30% memory usage instantly. Eric
NOT IMPORTANT!!! Uses LARGE amounts of cpu memory. If you are constantly having nagging lag problems with vista, go to Run services.msc and find Desktop Windows Manager and disable it. It's only used for the high-end graphics of vista. Your pages will look completely fine w/o aero, and you'll live without the Flip 3D. Mike
its the desktop window manager for vista caleb
Its harmless, a big part of the new look in Vista; Windows Aero jay1971jay
Microsoft Integrated Management. It assists windows vista in organizing and catagorizing files and programs. It is a part of fast searching program which is general turned on. However disabiling this service and fast search will not affect the performance of the computer and will only add minimal time to seek files and folders.  See also: Link Trevor Goble
Uses a lot of RAM, but its complusory, carful if you stop the process, could lead to a BSOD. Adhi
It's safe but a memory hog even on my 4GBs of RAM I tend to end the procces(End it once and it restarts it self, end it twice and poof, it's gone) Freak2121
Its desktop for vista manager  See also: Link meir
it's not infected but it slows down your system Cthulhu
dwm - Desktop Window Management. Controls the Aero effects in Vista - harmless. Craig
windows vista 3x software uses it to render graphic during runtime. do not end this process since windows will not run in optimize conditions. edponce
Its for Windows Aero, Not Needed, But Makes Vista Look Better, Uses Alot of Memory, Your CHoice! Alex
As before mentioned this is part of vista aero, which I don't recommend using unless you have a state of the art machine that can actually handle it. This mean dual core or better ddr2 or better and 4 gigs of it or better. This will cause older computer's running vista to behave very poorly and to lag during app launching. Magus
it's for windows aero and can take up a lot of ram.  See also: Link coldroll
Do to task manager and right click on dwm and change the priority to normal. techwizz
Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) is the compositing window manager that gives you all those pretty effects in Windows Vista: Transparent windows, live taskbar thumbnails and even the Flip3D switcher.  See also: Link JASON GOODWIN
vista and windows 7 window manager, and it is crap, it keeps growing and growing, just like the winsxs folder. i am tired of this , if i stop this explorer grows infintely. memory and CPU hoggers bill gates
It takes a lot of RAM and makes your computer slow. If you terminate it, the Windows Aero theme will disappear and you will be left with a very ugly theme Joe
Uses less than 20MB of memory, a drop in the bucket. A Pentium2 would bog when running this app, though a modern computer should run it like butter.. Calm down! Ram is cheap, 2GB is plenty for Vista unless your an idiot. I have 4 and don't use over half. - Though if you have a really cheap GPU/CPU setup this program may slow you down - Thats why cheapo computers are sold with Vista BASIC! A $20 GPU will run Vista AERO flawlessly, stop crying because you bought an IGP. I built a budget box and Vista runs beautifully, more refined than XP so long as you have proper drivers.
Its used for Aero. If you like design, keep this. If not, block it. It doesn't really matter when i use it, because i have 4gb ram. YAY! Ben
dwm.exe on windows 7.... I shut this down, and i did not lose my areo theme. I still had it. I shut it down while shutting down random process i knew were not needed. My desktop was just showing up black. After shutting it down it allowed me to see my full desktop... IDK if i just have a bunk wanna be or what but do be aware there is a possiblity that this can be a under the DWM.exe name. Troubled Beta Tester
eats allot of system ram for producing Aero3D Vista effects yasis
it is looking every goddamn 2sec on my harddisk for data makes veeeeery long searchsequences on the HDD heads resultung in everlasting very irritating HDDnoises on the laptop uses 3% processor activity each run BUT runs continue buddy
dwm.exe is the Desktop Window Manager and is responsible for the graphical effects in Microsoft Windows Vista operating system such as 3D effects, live windows previews and windows transperancies, The Aero interface. Henrique Souza from Brazil
Vista Aero gs93
also used in windows seven, i'm testing the RC fooguy
Windows Desktop Manager. A memory hog yes however only in Aero Mode... Switch to Vista Basic dropped 45k of memory to 1k, no point in ending it unless you can't spare 1k of mem :) iMik3
You need it if you dont want desktop looking like Windows 95  See also: Link Dummy's Guide
Its eating so much memory/cpu Mikko
Win32/Rootkit.Agent.ODG trojan
A windows application used for Vista effects and graphics. Harmless but it uses quite a bit of resources. Bob Saget
On my system it seems to be responsible for the flickering of the taskbar. Killing the process structure of this process solved the problem. GrayGhost
It makes my Presario c700 to hault completely afer about 2minutes of load. Not under safe mode it operates just fine. Will be disabaling it. Carl Weisenauer
It is safe Erik
It is a Windows application, although i killed the process and NSOD didnt come up. I found out tht McAfee Anti-virus caused it, it was a trojan dannyboi123
go to System Properties Performance Settings uncheck 'Enable desktop composition', That will clear up 25,000k or more of your memory. detox
A windows file. but it eat so many RAM. kernymi
dwm.exe same as explorer.exe its built with tape and glue and stuck to your Desktop visual system. (Vista= Allways requires HIGHER ram, it's written in plain english on the product assuming you didn't download it for free) :P
Vista Aero, Shut it down twice in a row in Task Manager and it is gone. If you like it so much set the Priority in task manager at lowest to restrict usage. MOSS Music an informed n00b
dwm.exe = Desktop Windows Manager. Microsoft uses it as a process for the Vista Aero (transperancy).But sometimes it causes crashing of programs which use lot of resources like graphics or RAM... Remove your Aero style the process will not cause a problem..  See also: Link blustre4k
Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) is the compositing window manager that gives you all those pretty effects in Windows Vista: Transparent windows, live taskbar thumbnails, and even the Flip3D switcher that you can disable and replace with Switcher.  See also: Link devilak0s
This is desktop window manager service that is a part of the operating system (Windows Vista and above)  See also: Link Rajesh
Although it is not a security problem, it causes incompatibilities with some applications (e.g. Thunderbird). If you find that windows in some applications repeatedly cycle to the front when you have lots of windows open, then try disabling the 'Desktop Window Manager Session Manager' service. This will of course disable Aero. Note that switching the Vista theme to Basic does not completely switch off DWM or solve the incompatibilities that it causes. David-Sarah Hopwood
Aero System
caused hanging of computer. takes lots of resourses: 50MB Nataliya
in xp this file be a virüs. but vista it isn't DWM=desktop window manager. sometimes dwm is harmful... mert
Its just Vista Window Manager... nOOb
Windows Aero in vista and 7 clay
This proccess only becomes a resource hog for me (on my Vista rig with 4gig of RAM) after I open Internet Explorer. Using Firefox instead of IE seems to prevent whatever causes DWM to start misbehaving. Cosmic Dave
accesses monitor, likely to assist with screen shots- for hacker access though a Microsoft process 50cents
AERO an Windows larsgrefer
RAM usage may vary between 60 and 500+ MB / Problems are usually NOT hardware or system resources related, terminating and restarting the process does not solve anything. Bjorn R.
No need of it. Just disable it.  See also: Link Freanky7
Non-essential Windows graphical effects feature. Resource hog. Sometimes causes certain programs to flicker "Not Responding".
need for ehanced win 7 visuals yo moms
It's Windows Desktop Window Manager, totally secure file, just it's memory-hungry, because of aero shit Off
This is the Desktop Windows Manager. It is responsible for running Aero and toher desktop compositing effects in Windows Vista/7 JTango
Its not dangerous, it just makes the tranparancy, live window preview and other stuff. It takes out about 30 to 50 megabyte depending on how many windows you have open. Nahiyan
Desktop Window Manager - Windows internal Funktion, used for Aero Desktop Herias
Eyecandy for Vista and Windows 7. It will use a lot of ram/cpu/gpu. If you don't mind to a smiple theme with no eye-candy you can kill it, or turn it off.  See also: Link Jennifur Pawson
AVG keeps tagging it as having a virus, i keepp moving it to the virus vault, again and again and again. anywone know what to do or why? laurie
Windows Aero Engine. If you closed it using taskmgr, Aero will be disabled. Apprentice
assosiated with display element, upon conneting my computer to another display device dwm has ever after modified my contrast to be too bright, cannot revert without ending he process.
on xp system it is a severe backdoor vitus noted by microsoft security essentials  See also: Link nogard0
If running on XP, this is probably a virus - XP doesn't run Desktop Window Manager, so this only applies to those running versions of windows before Vista and 7. Otherwise, it's probably fine.  See also: Link Simon Field
if DWM.exe is somehow created in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp...i assume its a virus/worm bob
dwm.exe showed up on my XP machine. Clearly a virus trying to be mask as a valid operating system file. CharlieR
Could be a virus in hijacking internet to port 50370. The file hidden under this name could be found on Temp directory.  See also: Link tudor
Some virus' can be named dmw.exe, if you have 7 (and I think vista) and you have two in the processes, one is a virus. Micro
two versions of file, one is vista desktop window manager, one is a virus. both can be running Eriji Potanabe
Is a virus if running in XP, or if it is not in the system directory upstatelabs
In XP dwm.exe IS A VIRUS!!! Look to see if you have C:\Documents and Settings\(Your Name)\Local Settings\temp\dwm.exe and C:\Documents and Settings\(Your name)\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\shell.exe on your computer. If you do, you are infected. Read the posts at http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=64468.0 to see how to delete it. I used the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.46 from http://www.malwarebytes.org/ and got it of my system. Then I followed the advice to uncheck the proxy box in IE and now I'm back to normal.  See also: Link Pauly
It's not dangerous. It controls the awesome graphics on your desktop and stops the trails when you drag windows around your desktop.  See also: Link Robby
virus, gbot downloader, verify the location of the file and file date details. jd
On Windows XP it is overwriting my FF prefs.js file and corrupting my proxy settings Miagi
even on vista basic with my 1 GB of ram it tries to hog up resources. Janucrio
In XP it can be part of trojan, in application data folder Dave
It's called Desktop Windows Manager - it's not dangerous at all, just applies with themes and stuff Anonymous
It kept freezing my computer until i turned it off Darky
it's a virus and dificult to remove too Nity
Desktop window Manager
dwm is the composting window manager that gives you all those pretty effects in windows vista. dwm doesn't use up much memory while the areo is turned on. Ashleigh
It's safe and doesn't have any virus or something like this Vahid
Multiple viruses. Two trojans. Plenty of malware. and this process seems to be at the heart - when i terminate it - it restarts even though AVG apparently removed it. (2011 edition) BK
DWM is a harmless process, I, being a laptop user, reccomend going to basic when on long trips the cpu usage cut is helpful. Unless you have a low cpu/ram computer, keep it running. Wyatt R.
Im sure if it is running on Vista or 7 its not a problem, But I have XP and it is showing up. AVG is saying its a Trojan Jboxer5
Part of the compositing desktop manager for vista/7 Eats RAM over time sure, but what do I care i've got 16 GB :-) Derp
In Vista this service only uses around 1MB of RAM when using the Vista Basic or Windows Classic themes. When using Aero the RAM usage can jump from 20MB up to 60MB at times. You can turn it off in the Services if you want/need to. se7six
This program creates spikes in my CPU usage (20%-100%) and it slows down all programs. Francis
dwm.exe is a process which automatically executed by processor during booting.It is used for effects in vista & 7.If a duplicate file is running also then it is definitely a VIRUS. FAISAL
Manages Windows Aero: If your system cant handle it turn it off or get a better machine. Do you want your PC to look "cool" when not using it...or work? I spend way more time using my PC than looking at it. Rik
Easen up people, it's no virus, it's your lame anti-virus programs and all. get AVAST or ESET or anything normal like that.
mine hijacks my browser, until I TASK MGR END PROCESS it. TOM ALCIERE
Desktop Window Manager,Windows 7 file. Karan
It's freezing you PC I don't have name :D
This is the window manager that gives you all those pretty effects in Windows Vista and Win 7: Transparent windows, live taskbar thumbnails (that you can resize now), and even the Flip3D switcher to name a few, among several others. This file is part of Windows and is safe.  See also: Link Exsosus
Some times, when all visual effects is activated, computer can hog memory. Only one of the "Visual Effects" is the main cause of this. In Norwegian, this is "Aktiver skrivebordssammensetning". In English it could be something like "Activate Desktop mixing" but I don't really know English name for this. Morten Brendefur
Original dwm.exe is as said above desktop windows manager. But, same name is used by trojan/downloader Deewomz,. In my case this spyware is stealth downloaded in IE (the best is I am using FF, but have installed IE) some vietnamese page, nguyen or something. Most AV (kasp, MBAM,Super AS) will NOT detect it, but WSE wil detect it if it is spyware. In my case, file was in x:/windows/Desktop Manager/dwm.exe. Right now I am scaning full scan with WSE, then I will know is it removed or not. My OS is Win 7. I've noticed when running Ccleaner that my IE int temp folder is always about 20MB and I am not using IE at all. After that in CCleaner I could look how folder is bigger and bigger after every Analyze untill reach about 20MB. My main AV Kaspersky 2012 did not detect it at all.  See also: Link Brajka
Microsoft File // Running the Aero Desktop themes on Windows 7 without clogging up much of the CPU usage, if duplicates are running OR it is not found in /system32 then it is considered a virus. balon
Desktop Window Manager. Runs the Aero theme on Windows 7/Vista.
83 MB on Win7. No Harm to OS. Rolf
Desktop Window Manager. Runs the Aero theme on Windows 7/Vista. Yahya
if a customer has a slow laptop try disabling this, it has just turned a barely functional laptop into one functioning satisfactorily
My dwm file is under the Windows folder but its size (120,320) corresponds to a variant size listed for files under the Documents and Settings folder. Bruce
its for the aero theme, any modern pc (2012-2013) wil not notice a performance decrease however older systems can notice a diffrence. especialy older laptops with integrated grapics (onboard ie intel integrated grapics etc etc) turn of aero themes and dwm wil stop using resources but with u dualcore or better 2g ram or better and an external grapics card the slight drain(read unoticble) u wil get a great look. noticble is that it wil eat more cpu if u use more than 1 monitor, on this old lappy it can get to 20% cpu (hooked to a 1680-1050 and using the laptops own screen aswel) (celeron m 1.8 ghz lol) dave van loo
simply got to Personalize and turn it off by choosing windows basic instead of aero, blam fixed and disabled
My dwm file had 50MB and caused my idle i5's usage to go up to 40% idle. Win7. Ian
I have rated it as dangerous because I found an infected version running on one of my PCs. Thanks to Christian Meinhold's comment, I did more searching. I found it was asking for permission to contact a strange IP address, didn't live in Windows/System32 folder and had a porno image for its icon. Checked with latest Norton Internet Security and it passed security, so I then did a system check with Norton Power Eraser and ONLY THEN did I get warnings that this particular version (a Trojan masquerading as dwm.exe) was unsafe. The important thing about this program is to check that it lives in the correct folder. Don't be fooled by its name, check thoroughly if you have doubts ;) coolstream
dmw.exe*32 is a trojan (deewomz) designed to appear the same as dwm.exe - a legitimate windows aero file. In my case it pretended to be some sort of Firefox executable - I think that may vary from person to person however. If you end its process in windows task manager it just restarts. If you right click/open file location (leave the window open), then end the process, then delete the file from the open window, it seems to stop it. Just remember to scan you system thoroughly with a top malware scanner/virus checker, to eradicate any other viruses it might have loaded onto your system. Dave
WVista, W8 system process - It's used to create all those Aero effects (transparent windows, etc.). To turn off just rightclick your desktop, select personalize and switch to style which doesn't use Aero. Can cause problems on scrap-quality computers.  See also: Link ATL
It pretty much just handles the graphics as from what I know. Your cpu can rest once it's disabled. PotatoKig
Runs Aero in Vista/7 and Aero Lite in Win8. MRK
This file is completely fine... If you think it's taking too many resources on your computer then do: Hold Start+R (Start = the Flag on your keyboard) then type "tskill dwm" without the speachmarks.  See also: Link Clix
Can be virus or not, Virus can be any process, you need to investigate about it Wizard
There is a virus called dwm.exe and a legit windows proccess called dwm.exe. So be careful John
Windows Desktop Manager don't disable it is Aero Affect if you disable it you won't have aero affect Anthony
Even in Windows 8.1, the Desktop Windows Manager is almost always on the top of the task manager list. It's not demanding that much memory (22Mb), but it's demanding a lot of CPU 4-10% in average. It is very noticable when I move stuff around, especially between to screens. Zweibart
dwm.exe is used for transparent window borders. dwm.exe makes Windows 7 look like Windows 7 instead of Windows XP. Can be safely terminated if it uses too much RAM Jonas
Im Running an HP Probook 4320s with reformated once windows 7. dwm.exe is in System32. And it is using about 10,328K, almost a GIG Michael
tries to get into my bank account every week kenneth
Windows Aero
This is a Windows process. You need it for Windows to work. It's what makes the Windows appear. Not dangerous!!! Codica
This process is responsible for Windows Aero theme, but is very resource intensive
It is a window manager. Uninstall it or disable it at your own risk. How would you like to have no titlebars on your apps, and not be able to launch or switch between apps? canine828
I have this on my windows 10 same with xps veiw Chris

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