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Process name: Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation

Product: Windows Vista/7

Company: Microsoft

File: audiodg.exe

Security Rating:

"audiodg.exe" is a part of Windows Vista/7/8/10. System services like audio drivers run in different and isolated login session from the locally logged-in user in Windows Vista/7/8/10. This ensures that content and plug-ins cannot be modified by other applications (e.g. by spyware). www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/audiodg.exe.html 

Note: The audiodg.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In other cases, audiodg.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with Security Task Manager.

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Looks like if you kill it, you're audio dies. So basically, I'd suggest not to terminate it as you can't run it again like just another program. LC
Its MS's new isolated sound system for Vista. Completely harmless.  See also: Link Webb
Takes a hell of a lot of my small sempron mobile cpu, bout 20 to 80%. only seems to be when i listen to audio Andrew
User audio file - can be disabled  See also: Link Robert
"audiodg.exe" is a part of Windows Vista. System services like adio driver runs in different and isolated login session as the locally logged-in user in Windows Vista. This ensure that content and plug-ins cannot be modified by other applications (e.g. by spyware).  See also: Link Ben
harmless, just a audio device process hazz
Read from the following link  See also: Link zanderqin
Located in System32 opens a network port for listening!
MS Windows Vista Daniel Beer
Located in System32 opens a network port for listening! Syrix
In windows 7 it Interferes with being able to use other codecs - want it removed Martin
Vista audio controlling module program. Don't kill it, your sound will most likely die until you restart. boriz
I'm running Vista Home Premium and I found that if I shut it down it starts up again after a second. I suppose it is required for audio and since you can't shut it down there's no reason to worry about it. Entropy
Its an audio drive. You terminate it = your sounds dies.  See also: Link Tony
No it's not dangerous. Just a pain. Actually I have a realtek AC'97 card and i run Vista. If XP was originally on your computer, go to your manufacturer's website and download the original driver and install it. I did and haven't had any probs with CPU usage since. Also theres another audiodg.exe file I found and deleted and it still works. C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-audio-audiocore_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7057.0_none_e70945b52097c0f0 Cheers mates!! Tom
this file uses a hell of alot of Ram. 1GB+ I don't understand why Josh
audio component in vista  See also: Link Ray
If you killed it and want to start it again, go to control panel, services and restart the service "Windows-Audio". CC
This causes a HUGE lags to my computer when playing some games or watching videos... ScienceWalrus
It makes sound come out of nowhere.. like a normal video, people talking about something and stuff.. except theres no vid, just sound outta nowhere! Chung
can be hijacked by a win32 virus KM
To reduce its CPU useage turn off any playback enhancements eg room correction under speaker properties. Harpritt
This file controls audio output in Windows Vista, if you terminate, you're sound will terminate as well. If this happens, fear not, a reboot is not required. Press and hold the windows key and tap R, the run dialog will come up, type in services.msc, and scroll down and locate the "Windows Audio Endpoint Builder." Right click this and click 'Restart,' problem solved! QuantumFluxx
Itīs not dangerous and run only under Windows Vista.  See also: Link Dirk
Itīs not dangerous and run only under Windows Vista.  See also: Link Dirk
why is it hitting all my I7 quad processors upwards of 40% when i havnt listened to adio for 8+ hours? thomas
System service, just a driver really, though dont understand why its taking up a whole 100% of one of my cores on my i7. serious overuse
Not Dangerous - Uses quite a bit of mem. space though, not sure why it does that but if you kill it you have no audio. Kind of a pain, would like it taken out. Haydn
runs audo wallter
This file is not dangerous in any way it is just another windows file just like any other it might take up some cpu usage but if it is 99% it might be infected and also this file was removed using a test version of windows vista and pthhh it removed all of the sound and it couldnt be run again had to reinstall windows vista dont remove the process its just another windows file doing its job Jake
It's annoying as hell and possibly infected, it started playing randomly about 5 minutes ago and freaked me out. Had no clue wtf was causing it. Nester
In the last couple of months (Jan/Feb 2010), if there's a video on an IE 8 page (even before you attempt to play it), the screen goes gray-white with the "clock" (spinning circle) showing. I noticed at this time through task manager that if you stop audiodg.exe the screen clears but then no sound. So something is wrong with this file at least in the way it TRIES to work with IE 8; very frustrating. ANY SOLUTIONS WELCOME !! Richard
Disable audio enhancements in the advanced tab of your sound device in control panel, this will reduce its cpu use dramatically. ke$ha
it was using 25% of my cpu constantly, ended it's process and went to youtube and started a video. The sound worked and audiodg.exe went back to using 00% of my cpu. Virus maybe?
initially all my videos and sound were not responding when i turned on my comp.but when i terminated this process in my windows 7 sound came out of nowhere so i hav a bit different experience can anybody explain.and the process start automatically again.dont hav to restart nano
Audio driver needed by sys, but it is a pain uses alot of mem...solution is to disable the 'enhancements' in playback devices. Acidorphan
Uses a lot of Ram! H. Hendringer
locks up my pc occasionally closing kills audio but restores pc function hate it but cant change it matt
audio drive on an Acer Aspire One lusagad
Its just something added to windows 7 and vista to run usb audio devices and some other things using an inbuilt driver in the operating system. Harmless if you have a fast system but if you have a slow processor and are playing a game or movie with a lot of sound channels it will cause a serious performance hit towards your cpu... MS needs to either optimise its performance or cut it out all together.. Xander
It's a Driver for Aduiosystem and it's not dangerous. Emanuel
May not be dangerous, but seems to have a memory leak, seen it more than once over 300k of memory used. Josh
I've done a pretty good reserach on it and I believe this is the final conclusion to its use: end the process and restart it in File - New Task and enter its name audiodg.exe because by doing this it will reduce your CPU and/or RAM to normal. It will end your sound but only temporarily if you restart it again. This program always runs in a PE (Protected Environment) to protect any audio content that may require DRM (Digital Rights Management). It also has an extensibility model for third party user mode component's, such as audio processing objects.  See also: Link Catherine
it's an audio component of vista. no harm! Mike
Audiodg is indeed a virus, right click go properties, and check the signature, "Original file name:Audioadg.exe" trojan hunter
It's a sound driver for newer windows versions, try disabling speaker enhancements it it's using too much CPU or RAM. Paul
I agree, itīs not dangerous and run only under Windows Vista. Essen bestellen
Everything everyone else has described, I agree with Chung however, in that its a "audio" file wherein you hear "voices". 600 years old
harmless, just a audio device process  See also: Link Bill
Basically a fancy audio driver. May have an original filename of "Audioadg.exe" or "DeviceGraph.exe" (two older filenames used during the development of Vista). Present on Windows Vista and 7. It contains modules to run 3rd party code for specific audio devices (svchost.exe does not support running 3rd party code in the manner some sound cards would require, hence the new program). Harmless, but will consume resources to support multiple audio streams and any audio effects enabled on your computer. YellowApple
regularly uses 100% of one cpu on my windos 7 system DavidR
It is a pain to my cpu, way too much cpu usage, should be optimized. Alberto
It isn't dangerous; all it does is graph the amount of sound generated from your speakers, those people who say it's a virus are just trolling... Ed
Uses 90% cpu with loud noise. Quntum Flux did not disable. Norton scan says safe. it is in system 32. Theodore
stops trojans interfering with audio codecs stEph
it is so simple to solve this probelm you just click control alt delete and then start task manager you will see software playing name audiodg.exe you have to control very cufully this software is coming and runing away but dont play any audio player you will see its coming with performance local and the memory is 10,and some figers it will stay about 10 scound emeditly click on it and click on end process the problem will be finish David - Belgium
I'm not sure exactly what it does, but it causes hell lots of problems in my sound output. Sometimes every application that uses sound output just get stuck and doesn't respond. I realized that it's because audiodg.exe and if I shut it down from the Task Manager, the sound output is back in order and everything related is responding again (the file just restarts, but doesn't crash the sound again). Radioactive Grandpa
It is used for sound, but also it's needed for DRM. Take a look at the link.  See also: Link Ricky
It seems to be rather harmless it only uses 1-3% of my CPU and not that much RAM. I suggest possibly getting a better computer if your having problems with it. You computer is probably to old to run Windows 7 and if you do have a new computer I suggest running an Anti-Virus scan. You probably have a virus using it's name. DraconicEpic
Not dangerous - standard audio component in windows vista.  See also: Link Mike
This is not virus this part of windows7 Human
If you're having trouble with AudioDG taking up too much cpu, this link is very useful and informative. It fixed the issues I was having with media lags.  See also: Link frank
my computer say high cpu usage and unknown amount of usage. Is this a virus. Nortons is what says unknown amount of usage but at the same time my lap top starts making a sound as if its over heating when theres no reason for it to be over heating anna
Makes my processor hot, hot, hot. Just disable audio enhancements, and then it should be fine. name
process explorer shows this having 'invalid handle'. Trying to find out if this is broken or normal.
If causing performance issues, check that you're not using an EQ Lawrence
uses 55% of my 2.4 ghz processor + 3 gb ddr3 RAM!!!!! but when i terminate it nothing happens.. audio is fine the..... Nitol
I had high CPU usage frequently until I decided to try setting the audio quality the same way for playback and for recording. Try it. Annorange
All I know is it is a total pain, it amounts to a denial of service. Panda 2011 keeps alerting me the program is modified and is trying to connect to the net every now and then. I have permanently denied permission to it and svchost exe and have had no more suspicious activity on my pc. I am convinced it is a trojan. I have no problems with audio. Am running win7. Kill it. It is a backdoor through windows that appears harmless but isn't. dabar
Set to your sound playback and recording quality to the same value to avoid high CPU usage. Anorack
audiodg.exe controls Windows 7's sound department. This process is not at all dangerous, and calling it a "trojan" is completely false. Benjamin Corey Faure
Frequently get warnings from Norton of high CPU usage, always 100% on my Win7. Steve
it is using a lot of my memory and i keep getting a warning that i have high usage monitor jacki
Process frequently being hijacked by w32.virut.trojan. See link.  See also: Link Frank
It's not dangerous, however it can chew into your CPU Time something shocking if you continuously have music going. Don't disable it, else your audio won't work until next system reboot. nobot
i scanned this with the latest Avast free antivirus and no threat found. uses 0% to 1% (occassionally peaking at 2%), and i have the crappiest PC imaginable! the smallest thing slows uses a lot of CPU. i don't see any threat AzzDawg
This is the Audio Device Graph Isolation service, a part of Vista and 7's audio services. The real audiodg.exe is harmless, but like any file it could be infected. If it's not doing anything, it should be fine. The worst that can happen by ending it is your audio goes out, restarting your computer would fix that. FrederickE
It's part of Windows Media Player Digital Rights Management  See also: Link Larry Stevenson
Check when it was last modified. If it was last modified recently, it's probably infected. But if it was last modified a long time ago, such as mine being 2010, then it's fine. DaemoN67
Landed here when I got a notice from Commodo that audiodg.exe was trying to open IPv6 connection. Didn't catch the target address, sadly. Michael
Audio processor. Uses a good chunk of CPU time but isn't dangerous. Anon
this is not normal, this means that win 7 is apparantly not properly developed yet, atleats in my opinion, audiodg.exe using 400mb mem and no cpu, is sitll bad .
When I kill it, I get a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION bsod. Mike
Windows Audio Device, runs when certain sound applications are used like Teamspeak3. Solution to CPU % increase: select Windows Audio Session for Capture and Playback device. Ben
its hard to delete and has a rather suspect name..therefore its gotta be up to no good. audio plays fine without it..get rid of it (if you can!) marke
Its most likly safe but if you disable or suspend it your sound doesn`t work. so its probobly best to keep it. Daniel B
While it might not be a thread. It clearly has some sort of memory leak associated with it. It uses over 1 gb of ram on my 8 gb system. I can't even begin to imagine the length of the audio it has cached in the ram to consume so much. Chris
Interferes with other audio playing drivers such as DisplayLink audio ant
Listed as Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation in Task Mgr. Needed for some programs to run. Can block through firewall if needed.
Right click your speaker icon in lower right, click Playback Devices, dbl-click whatever has green check mark, then, under Enhancements tab disable all sound effects. Done! Wally
In Windows 7, when running audio or video player software, CPU usage will reach above 80% instantly. This phenomenon is caused by " audiodg.exe " process. Sometimes, high CPU usage by this process might lead to fake crash. This can be caused by the "Enhancements" under "Speakers Properties".  See also: Link icelaptop
Not a dangerous file, it's part of Windows system lol. It's just problematic. Incompatible with many code sources... unfortunately... It's worth cheking it for viruses though. What I'm sure of: it doesn't run well when you install your own audio effects and configs. It becomes easily overloaded with few devices and parallel running processes...  See also: Link Vevey
mine is somehow involved in an infection as it randomly plays some movie line until i kill it. when i do...i lose all my audio and have to reboot. hh
Manages audio for Win based programs. If audiodg is stopped or killed, you cant hear any sounds. You can restart the service: Win+R (Run), then type "services.msc" and restart the service "Windows-Audio...". Ati
My Norton security says that this file is safe. It also says that it's from Microsoft corporation, it was released 2 years and 8 months ago and that alot of the users from Norton use it. Thats all I know, im trusting Norton. Steven
It may have been created for audio purposes, but I am positive that it can / is being manipulated by viruses and malware. It is being used as a jump point and heads straight for sys32 files and HKr/lm. I had 2 learn this the hard way after 4 systems on my NTWK were crashed. All scanned from AVs and scanners came back clear. Had to piece through logs from multiple sources. All signs point to hazard. Program Itself don't believe is a malicious. Just has holes that can obviously be exploited. Beware batch hooks / BHOs Yoda of Hard Knocks
its not safe from spyware infection kinda stupid of ms to make it so we can't touch it all they did was make it harder to fix if it is infected. virus writers will allways find a way to do it and when the user can't touch it lookout thats a recipe for disaster
actually, you can re-run this process after you terminate it by right clicking on it and selecting "open file location" in task manager before you terminate it. then, when you want to run it again, go to the windows explorer window that popped up when you selected "open file location" and click on the highlighted executable file. Josh
Suspecious Talib
Use a ****load of ram but isn't dangerous fee
On my system, the audiodg keeps trying to 'inject code' into other processes (a function windows allows for trusted programs, as with reading memory of other programs and many other security holes, although it is probably as designed, although also used illegally by the security state) Robert
Malwarebytes detected it as a Trojan.FakeMS Trojan
type "sc stop audiosrv" in the command prompt. there, no more audio dg. Tuffy
it uses like 0.5% cpu fjsdofjaslfs
I ended the process because it was taking 100% usage on my CPU. And I wasn't using anything that required sound. Terry
Executable is Signed by Microsoft Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation Process Nick
Safe. Unless you are getting serious drag on your memory and/or CPU from the executable (audiodg). In that case, make sure your Playback bit rate and your Recording bit rate settings are the same AND at the lowest setting (generally CD Quality instead of DVD or Studio Quality). These settings can be found under Control Panel Hardware and Sound Manage Audio Devices Playback/Recording Properties Advanced Default Format. You're welcome. :) Josh from Austin
It's weird cause it shows up with no info other than the processname, but when I killed it, I still had audio, but not on my headphones. Torgeir
 See also: Link
visit page below but do not take survey  See also: Link Bert
keeps using 98% to 100% of my cpu- even when I am not using any audio!!
Stopping the process does not cause the audio to die. while it it running it uses a lot of the CPU causing the keyboard to lag on my Windows 8.1 machine. John
Appears safe but was using 1.5+GB memory. Chris
Bs it's for audio lol
Is necessary to listen to anything, but at times takes up to 25% of my CPU. Other than that, it doesn't cause any problems. Ben
When I tried to delete it, it denied me access. :O Elijah
It makes beeping noises and plays ads MW
uses too much memory Jeff
Safe as described above. Excessive CPU use may indicate a problem with the drivers for your audio device/hardware. Reinstalling or updating those drivers may resolve the issue. jF
Opens ports to the internet block at firewall level! bill
ehh... it wont close with task manager unlike most programs, seems suspicious to me
When i stopped the process from taskmgr.exe, the audio didn't work anymore(i have fixed it later ofc) Personally, i think this file is a necessary audio file for windows 7. Benali
Rogue Killer marked the file as a virus Sheila
If you have Cortana in listening mode this process is active. Cortana needs access to the internet to operate, that is why it opens a network port. Once I turned off "Hey Cortana" the process stopped and went away. Jim

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