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Prozess Name: Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation

Produkt: Windows Vista/7

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: audiodg.exe


"audiodg.exe" ist ein Teil von Windows Vista/7/8/10. Systemdienste wie Audiotreiber laufen in anderen und isolierten Anmeldesitzungen und nicht in der Sitzung des lokal angemeldeten Benutzers von Windows Vista/7/8/10. Dadurch können der Inhalt und die Plug-Ins von anderen Anwendungen (wie z.B. Spyware) nicht geändert werden. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/audiodg.exe.html 

Wichtig: Die Datei "audiodg.exe" befindet sich im Ordner C:\Windows\System32. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, handelt es sich bei audiodg.exe um einen Virus, Spyware, Trojaner oder Worm! Überprüfen Sie dieses z.B. mit Security Task Manager.

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Kommentare über audiodg.exe:
"audiodg.exe" is a part of Windows Vista. System services like adio driver runs in different and isolated login session as the locally logged-in user in Windows Vista. This ensure that content and plug-ins cannot be modified by other applications (e.g. by spyware).  Siehe auch: Link Ben
harmless, just a audio device process hazz
MS Windows Vista Daniel Beer
I'm running Vista Home Premium and I found that if I shut it down it starts up again after a second. I suppose it is required for audio and since you can't shut it down there's no reason to worry about it. Entropy
No it's not dangerous. Just a pain. Actually I have a realtek AC'97 card and i run Vista. If XP was originally on your computer, go to your manufacturer's website and download the original driver and install it. I did and haven't had any probs with CPU usage since. Also theres another audiodg.exe file I found and deleted and it still works. C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-audio-audiocore_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7057.0_none_e70945b52097c0f0 Cheers mates!! Tom
audio component in vista  Siehe auch: Link Ray
This file controls audio output in Windows Vista, if you terminate, you're sound will terminate as well. If this happens, fear not, a reboot is not required. Press and hold the windows key and tap R, the run dialog will come up, type in services.msc, and scroll down and locate the "Windows Audio Endpoint Builder." Right click this and click 'Restart,' problem solved! QuantumFluxx
runs audo wallter
This file is not dangerous in any way it is just another windows file just like any other it might take up some cpu usage but if it is 99% it might be infected and also this file was removed using a test version of windows vista and pthhh it removed all of the sound and it couldnt be run again had to reinstall windows vista dont remove the process its just another windows file doing its job Jake
In the last couple of months (Jan/Feb 2010), if there's a video on an IE 8 page (even before you attempt to play it), the screen goes gray-white with the "clock" (spinning circle) showing. I noticed at this time through task manager that if you stop audiodg.exe the screen clears but then no sound. So something is wrong with this file at least in the way it TRIES to work with IE 8; very frustrating. ANY SOLUTIONS WELCOME !! Richard
initially all my videos and sound were not responding when i turned on my comp.but when i terminated this process in my windows 7 sound came out of nowhere so i hav a bit different experience can anybody explain.and the process start automatically again.dont hav to restart nano
Its just something added to windows 7 and vista to run usb audio devices and some other things using an inbuilt driver in the operating system. Harmless if you have a fast system but if you have a slow processor and are playing a game or movie with a lot of sound channels it will cause a serious performance hit towards your cpu... MS needs to either optimise its performance or cut it out all together.. Xander
Trojaner - geht auf die Ressoursen vom RAM LÖSCHEN über hijackthis (kostenlos) MCSE SUPPORT
I've done a pretty good reserach on it and I believe this is the final conclusion to its use: end the process and restart it in File - New Task and enter its name audiodg.exe because by doing this it will reduce your CPU and/or RAM to normal. It will end your sound but only temporarily if you restart it again. This program always runs in a PE (Protected Environment) to protect any audio content that may require DRM (Digital Rights Management). It also has an extensibility model for third party user mode component's, such as audio processing objects.  Siehe auch: Link Catherine
benötigte Systemdatei, verbraucht bei mir ständig ca. 8 - 12% CPU Leistung (suche nach Lösung bisher ohne erfolg) Siggi
Basically a fancy audio driver. May have an original filename of "Audioadg.exe" or "DeviceGraph.exe" (two older filenames used during the development of Vista). Present on Windows Vista and 7. It contains modules to run 3rd party code for specific audio devices (svchost.exe does not support running 3rd party code in the manner some sound cards would require, hence the new program). Harmless, but will consume resources to support multiple audio streams and any audio effects enabled on your computer. YellowApple
kann gelegentlich 25% cpu(eines 4kern-cpu) nutzen. keine ahnung waumr aber hamlos. folgender link könnte hilfreich sein für die leute, die die 255 auslastung stört  Siehe auch: Link Jürgen
it is so simple to solve this probelm you just click control alt delete and then start task manager you will see software playing name audiodg.exe you have to control very cufully this software is coming and runing away but dont play any audio player you will see its coming with performance local and the memory is 10,and some figers it will stay about 10 scound emeditly click on it and click on end process the problem will be finish David - Belgium
I'm not sure exactly what it does, but it causes hell lots of problems in my sound output. Sometimes every application that uses sound output just get stuck and doesn't respond. I realized that it's because audiodg.exe and if I shut it down from the Task Manager, the sound output is back in order and everything related is responding again (the file just restarts, but doesn't crash the sound again). Radioactive Grandpa
It seems to be rather harmless it only uses 1-3% of my CPU and not that much RAM. I suggest possibly getting a better computer if your having problems with it. You computer is probably to old to run Windows 7 and if you do have a new computer I suggest running an Anti-Virus scan. You probably have a virus using it's name. DraconicEpic
my computer say high cpu usage and unknown amount of usage. Is this a virus. Nortons is what says unknown amount of usage but at the same time my lap top starts making a sound as if its over heating when theres no reason for it to be over heating anna
All I know is it is a total pain, it amounts to a denial of service. Panda 2011 keeps alerting me the program is modified and is trying to connect to the net every now and then. I have permanently denied permission to it and svchost exe and have had no more suspicious activity on my pc. I am convinced it is a trojan. I have no problems with audio. Am running win7. Kill it. It is a backdoor through windows that appears harmless but isn't. dabar
benötigt für audiodienste löschen / deaktivieren nicht empfohlen excalica
i scanned this with the latest Avast free antivirus and no threat found. uses 0% to 1% (occassionally peaking at 2%), and i have the crappiest PC imaginable! the smallest thing slows uses a lot of CPU. i don't see any threat AzzDawg
This is the Audio Device Graph Isolation service, a part of Vista and 7's audio services. The real audiodg.exe is harmless, but like any file it could be infected. If it's not doing anything, it should be fine. The worst that can happen by ending it is your audio goes out, restarting your computer would fix that. FrederickE
While it might not be a thread. It clearly has some sort of memory leak associated with it. It uses over 1 gb of ram on my 8 gb system. I can't even begin to imagine the length of the audio it has cached in the ram to consume so much. Chris
In Windows 7, when running audio or video player software, CPU usage will reach above 80% instantly. This phenomenon is caused by " audiodg.exe " process. Sometimes, high CPU usage by this process might lead to fake crash. This can be caused by the "Enhancements" under "Speakers Properties".  Siehe auch: Link icelaptop
Not a dangerous file, it's part of Windows system lol. It's just problematic. Incompatible with many code sources... unfortunately... It's worth cheking it for viruses though. What I'm sure of: it doesn't run well when you install your own audio effects and configs. It becomes easily overloaded with few devices and parallel running processes...  Siehe auch: Link Vevey
Manages audio for Win based programs. If audiodg is stopped or killed, you cant hear any sounds. You can restart the service: Win+R (Run), then type "services.msc" and restart the service "Windows-Audio...". Ati
My Norton security says that this file is safe. It also says that it's from Microsoft corporation, it was released 2 years and 8 months ago and that alot of the users from Norton use it. Thats all I know, im trusting Norton. Steven
It may have been created for audio purposes, but I am positive that it can / is being manipulated by viruses and malware. It is being used as a jump point and heads straight for sys32 files and HKr/lm. I had 2 learn this the hard way after 4 systems on my NTWK were crashed. All scanned from AVs and scanners came back clear. Had to piece through logs from multiple sources. All signs point to hazard. Program Itself don't believe is a malicious. Just has holes that can obviously be exploited. Beware batch hooks / BHOs Yoda of Hard Knocks
Suspecious Talib

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