What is explorer.exe? Is explorer.exe spyware or a virus?

How to fix explorer.exe related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your explorer process
2. Run Windows Repair Tool to repair explorer.exe related Windows Errors
3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: Windows Explorer

Product: Windows

Company: Microsoft

File: explorer.exe

Security Rating:

This is the user shell, which we see as the familiar taskbar, desktop, and other user interface features. This process isn't as vital to the running of Windows as you might expect, and can be stopped (and restarted) from Task Manager, usually with no negative side effects on other applications. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/explorer.exe.html 

Note: The explorer.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows. In other cases, explorer.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with Security Task Manager.

Virus with same file name:
W32.MyDoom.B - Symantec Corporation
and other...

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Windows Program Manager Alex
This is used file for All Windows OS. Its Microsoft's Own Created File.  See also: Link MEHUL (KANUDO)
Windows owned File but look how is your place ... this place must was in the windows directory, when not it is hacked ! DoNe
As DoNe said..look at where it is: if it's in the windows directory, do NOT end the process or it'll restart your computer or something. . .. Thom Chesshyre
This is the Windows shell (desktop, file browser, taskbar etc), closing it is not recommended. However, if the path is C:\Explorer.exe, it's a virus. (Due to lazy programming, Windows does not look in a specific path for this file. If it finds it here, it'll launch it instead of the real shell.)  See also: Link Inuyasha
Part of the Windows Operating system. This program draws the taskbar and colorful user interface you see while using Windows. If you stop this process the taskbar will disappear. Nathan
Harmless Microsoft stuff.  See also: Link Vegeta
I think this is best explained as. This process is windows, at least so far as most basic users are concerned. This is the only file windows can't run without. Here's a link that will tell you how to find out what version you have, and make sure you have a microsoft registered version.  See also: Link Magus
Only if exist 2-nd process! May be a FAKE Windows shell. In my system it was a porno dialer! Faraon
With your firewall set to High Report Level when your "Explore" your Hard drives this program tries to contact groupo mundo's port 21 in Mexico! But WHY does a Visual Artist Company need to receive info from our computers? (XP Only) A definate permanent block on this one in firewall  See also: Link The Wizard of Emerald CIty
Location of explorer.exe, signed by microsoft, on my machine (win XP) is in C:\WINDOWS folder.
If it is not in the /windows map it can be spyware or a dialer! h2k.nl
Use Code Stuff Starter to start/stop programs & turn off explorer to save CPU ... when gaming  See also: Link RONCO
explorer.exe started to use 98% of my CPU. I found out that it was some downloaded mediafiles that caused it (films). I opened the task maneger and moved my mouse over the files and it went sky high. So I just deleted the whole folder without touching the file. It really worked. Peter
The file is located in WINDOWS folder. If it is in system32 folder, it is a virus/trojan, for example TrojanSpy.Win32.SCKeyLog.20 LOL!!!!
I got unknowing linked to a £1-50 p/min dialer bassed in Vanuatu, & spent hour & half normal surfing. Cost £107 UK Andrew Day
Windows Komponente valu
There are two Shell in Windows one is CMD.exe and one is EXPLORER.exe. Windows uses HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and under this key a string defined Shell includes this file. If you remove this file name and put CMD.exe and when u restart your computer next time Winlogon will open only Command Prompt and you will not see Start Menu Nirmal Sharma
explorer.exe is in C:\Windows on most computers. One of my friends has his win dir as C:\Win2k though, so then this info would be TOTALLY wrong :P Kramy
explorer.exe is a windows system file if found in the c:\windows folder. Found anywhere else it's malware, including the folders system & system32 TJS
This helped me find an explorer.exe file in an XP autopatch directory off the c drive. I renamed the file and my windows explorer shell stopped closing on me. Thanks, budsel83 budsel83
thats b.s. explorer.exe is no virus spyware its what your desktop and folders run under and its not the only one that your computer cant run with your computer cant run without win login.exe kernel32.exe rundll32.exe i know more then all of you and im only a 13 yr old computer genius tomas berrum
Using System Task Manager it was a 64% risk and this was the text found in the file "Could not start Event Logger." And I keep getting pop ups to sites even though not surfing the net. Which are also mention in the text above, However it is in the system32 directory what do i do? and again using system Task manager only 1 explorer.exe shows up there is a Windows and Internet Explorer but only 1 Explorer.exe AND using the Windows Task Manager there are 2 an explorer.exe and an EXPLORER.EXE Lastrider
It could be dangerous if its in C:\system\ or it hasn't got a This Computer icon. Change it into explorer.old if you're infected D.
what to do if it IS in the WINDOWS folder (not system32 or something else) and cpu use is between 70-90 without a reason?! it doesnt stop eat my cpu when i open the taskmanager. there is really no reason (2600xp) Janis
Can be used in totally undetectable background mode by Spectorsoft Spyware to report all of your computer activities to someone who has locally or remotely installed Spectorsoft Spyware on your computer on purpose at your PC or by email of an .exe file which causes the keylogging-system monitoring software to be installed without detection, not even in the Task Bar when it is operational. Spectorsoft installs about 20 hidden files and if any are detected they appear to be Windows\System files. SpyCops AntiSpyware can find a few of those. jeffc333
I have a file names "Explorer.EXE" using those caps. I also have the normal "explorer.exe" Doyle
It's Just you Explorer (which is in Windows included) Ecko
Makes your computer useless
the Task manager in my PC shows 2 explorer.exe files. one is in CAPS while other is in small letters. Certainly one of them is a spyware or a trojan. Abhijit
ended the process as it took too much memory - DON'T DO THIS. now i've lost my start bar and all the icons on my desktop and have no idea of how to recover them. Max
sometimes there could be wrong things going on this file. my explorer go nuts. i cant even copy and paste some big file because this causes my explorer cpu usage upto %100 ox_the_rider
Could the file be a virus even if it is placed in C//windows folder... what size should the explorer.exe be,,, mine is 981 kB (1 004 544 byte), thought first it had something to do with SP2 but it hasn't, not for me at least. sMartin
I picked up some spyware and my computer would not boot up...it would crash everytime. SO, I made a boot disk and went into the windows folder. Lo and behold there was explorer.exe, only its create date was the time I had been on the web. So, I promptly deleted it. However, now windows will not work at all and I am starting to worry that I deleted the real explorer.exe. Frustrated
I've an explorer.exe file that tries to access the internet once in a while. The file appears to orginate in system32, but when I checked its gone? Also, My AV app doesn't report anything, plus ther
It is a important part of the Microsoft Windows Operating Environment. Nate
explorer.exe is the default shell for windows. It IS NOT vital for explorer to be running to use Windows. And it is possible for explorer to chew up 98% percent CPU, if it starts behaving badly. If you open the task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL), you can kill explorer, and use the task manager to start and stop programs. Since the shell that windows will start is located in a registry string, you could run any program as the shell (notepad, cmd, Quake III Arena, etc.).  See also: Link spacemarine
something is up with explorer and its high cpu usage, i have seen it before, but can't figure out the problem. Andrew
Its window, what do you think...
Explorer.exe is a auto-included malware with Windows, and is there for the purpose of making your computer slow. Horza
i want to thank peter for his input, I have managed to extracteverything but one bad avifile from my shared folder in emule, to a new folder. and deleted the old one. so now the flick and my problem with cpu being consumed, has gone. thanks, Peter. marietta.
some films from emule makes explorer.exe use all the cpu available. it happens when i open the folder of incoming stuff from emule, and scroll down to the file in question. the minute it hits the screen cpu is skyrocketing. do i have to reinstall emule? i cant get rid of the films. marietta
deutsch:- es ist in 'C:\Windows' wo es ist eine Windowskomponente. english:- it is in C;\Windows where it is a component of windows. anglodeutsch
explorer.exe is USUALLY the windows file manager but people can easily modify it to contain malicious code, then have it copy itself onto your computer, to fool you into thinking it's the real explorer.exe, so don't listen to the 'genius' tomas berrum LOL Dan Bishop
Windows graphical interface if located in system32 directory mememe
After downin sumfin my pc restarted with the message, explorer.exe is damaged, reinstall windows, as i reinstalled windows in the same c-drive it was still there the message, i had to install in onto the d-drive Ravi
has some host program controling my system. Seems to hide from all my spy and virus programs. I have been after it for a week now & the problem just gets worse Allison
ya whoops i deleted the real explorer.exe also... looking to fix somehow note the create date and modify date are different things Charles
it got to with avi file and if they are very big it will happen just open your task manager and then end process now go to the top were it say file here is were you restart explorer.exe your task bar will come back up and it will stop the use of the program using 50%, just every time i open a very big avi file, hope this help. hardcore
Dictates user desktop settings, taskbar settings, etc. Can either be in C:\Windows\System32 for Win2K or C:\Windows for XP. If you have an IDS, make sure explorer.exe is not included in any blocking or deny policy, unless it is not in any of the previously-mentioned directories. If an IDS blocks explorer.exe, it will wreak havoc on a user's desktop, especially for Windows XP. If an IT tech is not informed that the IDS might be causing the problem, he/she could be led to believe that the OS needs to be reinstalled. Just a warning. calexander
Dictates user desktop settings, taskbar settings, etc. Can either be in C:\Windows\System32 for Win2K or C:\Windows for XP. If you have an IDS, make sure explorer.exe is not included in any blocking or deny policy, unless it is not in any of the previously-mentioned directories. If an IDS blocks explorer.exe, it will wreak havoc on a user's desktop, especially for Windows XP. If an IT tech is not informed that the IDS might be causing the problem, he/she could be led to believe that the OS needs to be reinstalled. Just a warning. calexander
Ok ppl! Explorer.exe is not a Virus, (unless one infected it). It is part of Windows. If you are unsure, jest replace it. Some one who knows
Explorer is problably not a virus! lol... Even if its like 1000 kBs... Mine has about 44000kB of memoryusage when it runs and it doesnt hurt the speed of your computer very much, but you should get worried if the caps are wrong because that can meen that its a virus or some other shit like that... Dadda
This file can be restarted if you click on File- Run in the task manager (WinXp Only) And type in explorer. So don't worry if it the screen goes blank. Brad
Explorer.EXE uses up loads of ram..(thanks microsoft) it is located in C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE for SP2 users, It is for the Shell or taskbar and desktop. dont stop it or youll have to restart . Confuzeld
Actualy, the file is located in C:\Windows, not in System32. WinXPOS
i have to files one in c:\windows other in c:\windows\Prefetch named explorer.exe-082F38A9.pf pls help me what to do ahmed
My explorer is constantly crashing, windows says that the program has to close due to a data excution prevention thing, in the error report this file is always included... explorer.exe.mdmp, in my task manager explorer is EXPLORER.exe, i have scanned for explorer and i have 3 explorers in he windows folder. one in /windows, 2 in windows/servicepacks/i386, 33 /windows/softwaredistrubution/download/6ca7b3a8efd5a9b6f87fff395a2eb989, i am thinking that there is a virus/trojan which is trying to use explorer o do something, but the DEP prevents it, i have scanned my system but i have found nohing lucas
i got some kind of virus now that constantly starts up my system files, including files like Nail.exe, Explorer.exe and some other files.. i ran a whole bunch of virus, adware and spywarescanners over my computer, but it couldnt fix the problem.. anyone who knows more about this? --- and to Max: if u close down explorer.exe, just press ctrl-alt-del again. in the "file" menu you can start new processes. just make it start explorer.exe again and your desktop and start menu are back =)
I open the task manager on windows XP and I see two explorer.exe. They are both the same no caps lock on one of them. But every few seconds, one of them uses all of my system resources (CPU). When I terminate one of them, nothing disapears. The name just comes back in the list and does the same thing as last time. I terminate it again, but it still comes back. What do I do? My computer freezes every 4 seconds for 1 second and it's driving me crazy! TJ
Seems I have same problem as Peter- I think I got it d/l music, computer won't start up- it says there's an error and it has to close... Half of you say to delete the file, half of you say rename it or don't delete it at all!? So, If I delete it, and then the computer won't run-then what? Doesn't renaming it just give whoever implanted it there access to it still? HELP- can someone please put correct directions on this thread .. THANKS Amanda
bei mir stürzen ab und zu anwendungen ab und was ziemlich seltsam is wenn ich ganz einfach z.b. nur einen rechtsklick auf meinen desktop mache ruckelt das erscheinende kontextmenü und man kann erkennen dass es nicht normal is.weitere anmerkungen sind mir bisher nicht aufgefallen außer noch dass ich das gefühl habe mein system ruckelt bzw. is langsamer geworden.Bitte helft mir !wer dies tun kann hier meine e-mail-adresse : [email protected] Eugen S
Usually fine, but potential for major trouble...Shoty, lazy (or intentionally lazy) coding on MS behalf has allowed certain groups to create (rather modify sort of) the coding to do almost anything. To my "knowledge" I am unaware of any person/group that have done this but hey never know. Ask MS about it, their response makes me laugh. PGP
I agree with Dan Bishop. Explorer.exe is a file that is part of windows, but any hacker or virus could easily change the file to make it do dangerous things. My explorer.exe is making my computer run really slow and I think it is to do with bad .avi files as previous people have said here. Patrick
Explorer.exe is the windows Shell (shows you the desktop, taskbar and start menu). Ending this process will make your desktop disappear. Use a Resource Hacker or Disassembler to rename the Start Button and other menu items, its real fun... Raw
Do this check, find explorer.exe and if there is more than one result, right click it and click compatibilty or something, if you can change the settings delete the file. If you cannot change anything, keep the file you cannot modify. Ben Smith
it is usualy a file needed by windows to run. BUT from past experiences it can be a virus, and because Windoes is very lazy it opnes the worm, locking up your computer.If it is not in the correct directory, youre in trouble lol Ben Smith
if ended the screen will go black and the desktop will be useless but... if you're really in need of every chunk of mem to do a big task, you can use the task manager's "new task" to run any program with no cpu drainage bleeding
2 explorer.exe files, both located in c:\windows. Cisco Security Agent detected this process trying to modify the Windows files opuc.dll, AeXNSBootstrapCTl.dll, wuweb.dll, and macromed\flash\flash.ocx. RCODE
There should only be an explorer.exe in your C:\Windows folder. Others are not Windows system files. If you close the "real" explorer process you can start it again by typing "explorer" in "new process" Slippers
this is the file has the capability to show the files present in the resourse in the graphical(folders and files) way. If we delete this file we cant access any files because desktop is demolished. Dinesh
If it's in your C:\Windows file you have nothing to worry about. If it's elsewhere then it could be spayware. If you end it, you can restart it by going to C:\Windows and clicking on explorer.exe. Danni Matzk
if you ended the Explorer process and you've lose the desktop, simply go to New Task - Run and type "explorer" and all will be well again
I have EXPLORER.exe running in my task manager (as opposed t explorer or Explorer), is this one the virus? tosh
Well i am trying to run my game and iexplorer.exe is messing with it how do i stop it Alan
Microsoft says Internet Explorer 6 related  See also: Link felix
if you have to of them you have a keylogger JuZzY
Windows's files management software 1337
I have posted a fix here...  See also: Link Matt
to reload explorer
Heads Up. I found the file C:\WINNT\Explorer.EXE (Those Caps) on my machine. I checked it with Security Task Manager, and it was unable to load the file? Furthermore, I opened up an undelete program and looked at my WINNT directory, and found that the original file had been deleted a couple of days prior. (I have not done any updates that should have replaced it) I recoved the deleted file and did a binary compare. They have the same CRC check & size, but their content is quite different. I tried replacing the file with the deleted one, but the OS automatically recreates the file. Aionios
its easy to remove hit ctrl+alt+delete then click processes then find svchost.exe there might be a few of em then end one of them that doesnt say localservice or network service or system and find the file and simply delte it make sure u dlete the real onethe realone usally has a little computericon by it but if u cant see it click tools/folder options/view then click view all file then uncheak view protected system files and for u idiott who think u kno computers and completly dumbi dont know what damage it does but i kno it does damge waysmarter
ahmed, windows uses the prefetch directory to load some programs load faster or something, they are stored there and can't do anything much, but if theres a file not ending with .pf or .ini in there, it might be something else (I have a Layout.ini in there but it looks pretty safe) in short: leave the prefetch folder alone unless you find something out of the ordinary in there... Sausage
I know that if you end it you can still you you comp but you will not be able to see you desktop, taskbar, etc. But I have a Q..I have to explorer.exe's running...one running at 10,000 K and the other at around 50 K, should I only have one? If so, which should I take off and what was it? Ashley
That it trys to connect to the internet, when you go too Search something from the Start Menu sygate personal firewall comes up an says .. Windows Explorer (exploer.exe) is trying to connect to sa.windows.com [] using remote port 80 [HTTP - world wide web.] yes no? jimmy chamberlin
Hey Max, If you still have Windows Task Manager open, click file, then new task, And type in explorer. I did the same thing you did. I found doing as I said above, gave me back my desktop and task bar.
You can use task manager to stop it. If you find you stopped the wrong one, just click, File, New Task, and type explorer.exe. Your screen will flicker and the desktop will return. No Need To Restart Ben Dover
explorer.exe.. someway its using 100% of my cpu, and it turns ON/OFF automaticly every like 3 seks.. REALLY anoying when u cant do "anything".. have no clue what is wrong patte
Mine it is run by reg key called Eusun, it is located but hidden into winnt\system32\assembly----I don't know what to do to remove it rcip
There are 2 registry keys in the registry that are causing the problem. It affects the explorer.exe and iexplorer.exe files. ToMo
heh can gif sum advise? My window task manager show explorer.exe use 94% cpu usage. What should i do??? fieryflame
Horrible, devious little program that tries to connect to the internet all the time! Delete quickly! Hahahaha
the prefetch file is a tuned file for reducing the time explorer takes to be loaded into memory TuXnCo
When the Trick, what about Brad talk, dont work, try it with "desktop" Deadman
all hackers here, really, its a trojan and keylogger dont trust them! Administrator
Normally Fine Such a huge hog though, USE FIREFOX USE OPREA T-Man
HackerDefender variant in Windows/System32/config/adminoper  See also: Link Frans
Explorer is a windows bug for people not running Gnome or KDE. It is malicious and can cause computer crashes and loss of data. lololol!!1!1one!
explorer.exe is the Windows Program Manager or Windows Explorer. It manages the Windows Graphical Shell including the Start menu, taskbar, desktop, and File Manager. By removing this process the graphical interface for Windows will disappear.
Replace the Windows shell and get rid of this crap, damnit. God
a process that consumes 100% my cpu time
It makes your computer restart by itself and makes it really slowww! Gigashady
I just whated to thank Matt. I tried your fix and it worked!!! I've been trying for months to fix explore.exe and I ended up having the same problem with 2 files that you did. But I still have 3 different explorer.exe's that are in 3 different windows folders. Only one of them am I able to change, so I didn't delete any because I think my problem is solved. Lisa
the file i created by microsoft but has errors it can make items on the task bar disappear and desktop items to move but does not delete the items Steven
This is a window system process that can be affected with a virus called MSEVENT, that drives your CPU to 100%, removing that virus solved my problem Dan
This is a file in C:\windows. Its malfunctioning results in blank screen after startup. Don't know how to fix it. May be reinstalling the OS fixes this problem. Abhi! Dave
This one is part of the GUI operating system, hence you really need it to continue running. If you shut it down, you will lose your "desktop" and may have to reboot. It is NOT Internet Explorer (iexplorer.exe). DJ
It should be in \windows , not windows\system32 the latter is slyware. Elrond
This is only a Windows shell file. It starts up the GUI (Graphic User Interface) i.e. the taskbar, start menu, and your desktop. There is no harm in it as long as it is in the proper folder (C:\Windows\explorer.exe for Windows XP; see Microsoft website for other versions of Windows). Do a Windows search (Start-Search) and search for explorer.exe. If more than one are found, contact a qualified computer professional before doing anything. An XP Expert
when end this file you only see a blue screen, means u have 2 restart SolariH
Explorer.exe is the shell of Microsoft Windows. If you delete it or disable it, windows can not run. It only becomes dangerous ones you downloaded a virus that infects the file. Alt
Ok people, including 13 yr old computer geniuses who can't spell - the purpose of a file is determined both by what it is and it's location. If it's NOT in C:\Windows (in XP) or C:\Windows\System32 (in some other windows installs) it is very likely a virus. If it
Generally is the real thing BUT it appeared on mine as explorer.EXE and the real file isn't in caps! They even went to all the trouble of putting it in the same folder somehow when i closed it explorer refreashed and was back to normal! Kitty
If the process path is to C:\\Windows, then it is the process used by the Windows OS to display the interface (Desktop, Taskmanager, System Tray, etc.). When it is located somewhere else, such as C:\\windows\system32 (or system folder), then it is a potential virus or spyware process for sure! Use Hijackthis, Security Task Manager, with some startup managing programs. PbLLoZeR
If you really want to screw with your co-workers, try exiting it through Windows Task Manager, and run all of your software without the evidence of the Start Menu. You can take it off their's too and see the fur fly. Kind of handy to end task and restart the bastard when things freeze. BygNygga
it helps surf through the internet John
my system effected with this Explorer.exe sridharreddy
explorer.exe how do I stop it from starting Brandon
explorer.exe is the windows program manager. It manages the Windows graphical user interface shell. This must not be removed as long as the file is in C:\WINDOWS\System32\explorer.exe. If the file is found anywhere else it is a virus Vernon Chan (MechPaladin)
Can be linked to other files at same time, so isnt dangerous by itself, but when linked, big trouble getting it off Rex
The MyDoom virus creates a viral thread running under Explorer.exe causing the file to run your CPU usage @ 100% slowing down your machine to the point of DOOM. Sheetal
When I do Ctrl+Alt+delte and go to process and delete this, my windows bar at the bottom disapears. Colin
Au contraire, windows XP can run very well when you disable the explorer.exe. All you need to do then is to use the Windows Task Manager (Control+Alt+Del) and task switching as interface. I have yet to meet a program that DOESN't run on the background when I disable the explorer.exe. I can just pick the "Run" option from the task manager and choose whichever program; then that program works just like with explorer.exe enabled - just without it's additional memory load. Only thing you lose is the desktop, and the executive restarts easily when you run it from task manager. Herra Tohtori
It should be turned off when playing computer games - increases performace by 150%! no
EXPLROR.exe is bad b/c it takes processing power away, mine was 50%. After I CTRL ALT DEL, I opened the File, run, browse, and searched for the file (in my case it was a DL'ed video) which I then deleted. Then , I looked for the explorer.exe file under my C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe Koreano67
I am learning that, whether or not it is either, it is creating me grief on my PC. For 2 days I have been tring to figure out what to do and this site has given me some of the best advice compared to mIcRoSoFt's stupip techy advice (you have to reformate your PC and start all over). Thanks guys & gals. I'm going to try some of the suggestion here. Para
Explorer.exe as in Executable file! is not a prob you either use it or you don't. It is a problem if its located in another directory then C:\ WINDOWS OPERATING DIRECTORY **C:\WINNT C:\WINDOWS or what have you). and if it is seing 99% cpu cycle then its not usally explorers fault. i went and playd avi files before and it maxd out as 100% on the explorer process. Coty A.k.A XEARO
If located where it should be (c:\windows; c:\winnt) it's safe :) mv
Windows system shell ;)  See also: Link Kisara
explorer.exe is a crictical file but mine is acting strange, on set intervals my mouse pointer goes to hour glass and I get a cpu spike caused by explorer.exe my explorer.exe is in windows dir 1032192 bytes creation date 15 oct 2005 sp2 version Chris
Actually, there are some different versions. Explorer.exe is ok, Explorer.EXE is most likey the trojan, explorer.exe is also probably a trojan. unbiased
explorer,exe is a microsoft windows' process. monkeyqiu
it's just the background programme of the OS Nickonly
if u end this proscess u dont have to restart ur system again. just open the task manager and run a new process. new process may be any thing like c:\ or explorer.exe only. it may be any thing, and ur system will work normally nitin
i just wanted to know that my explorer.exe is using too much of memory. and because of it my comp is getting slow. does any1 has a clue why it taking too much of memory and how to reduce it. nitin khandelwal
Not much cept its trying to access ports from all over the place Mike
Found explorer.exe spinning on CPU this morning. Kill and restart, same thing. Only one copy in C:/windows/explorer.exe, virus checker says OK. DISABLED web images on my desktop (and periodic update of them) and restarted explorer.. problem appears gone. Related: mobsync.exe spinning on CPU while updating the web images. patbob
Just another proof of windows' lame programming...Though not dangerous it can be loads of pain in the .... Try the fixes available online or switch to a new OS ( recommended), then bang ur head coz nothing's gonna be compatible. Devilita
explore.exe was using on average 8% of my cpu constantly spiking to 16%. I shut it down using task manger then restarted it using the file, new task, explorer.exe and enter, It restarted went ballistic up to a 100% for a while then flatline at 0% where it should be. Saweeet!. Johnny
It can be spoofed by changing the first two letters to another character set, then replaces the real file. Windows doesn't see the difference, but you can use the command shell, run the "dir" command, and the bogus file will have "?" where the letters of the filename are different,(example: ??plorer.exe)this is NOT explorer, even though it does the same job, plus a few extra that a hacker has included, follow the link for more info, can be used with (rundll, svchost, or any necessary windows file for malliscious purpose, Microsoft Security, there's an oxymoron for ya)  See also: Link WarHippy
Sometimes this file appears in task manager to use over 50% of my computer capacity, even when I'm not doing anything on the internet. Keyzer
Like some other users here, I periodically find the file name has been changed to explorer.EXE (caps for extension) and appears in c:\Windows directory (XP). When I check the file properties, the date shows it has been modified recently and does not show the same dates as the latest explorer file from Microsoft; other info is same. I can't stop the process using task manager or other utilities. Never shows up as malware. Only if I manage to copy the original file back to the directory and delete the new one do things return to normal, but somehow it manages to return every couple of months. TaxedByXP
Installed a game and it wont play because keeps telling me Explorere.exe is curropted F5
This is Just the Windows Explorer, the main Application of the O.S WINDOWS, that's all... Optimus Prime
You are entirely wrong, windows can run without explorer.exe however the user environment will not appear. This can be solved by opening the task manager through CTRL-ALT-DELETE and starting the process! Englebert
it needs to die, it starts up about 40-50 internet explorers at once and makes my cpu usage allways at 100%, also earlier it crashed my computer and gave me some really bad pop-ups, my friend believes it could be something like aurora penguin
i gotmyself 2 explorers. Explorer.EXE and explorer.exe both in Windows/ proving a pain. Clarky
If you shut it down, press crtl-alt-del to get the task manager up and then click applications on the tab then click the new task button and type explorer and it will restart it. josh
explorer.exe is part of the most contagious virus ever written, also known as windows. if you find it on your system you should install Linux immediately. if you don't know what linux is visit www.ubuntu.org moos
It is ur taskbar... dont end the process... Dan
Use to start Desktop. Please Help me, my explorer.exe using 100% CPu and make my computer very slow. And the start menu also didnt appear. Please give me some advice..8/7/2006 John Thien
Windows Graphical User Interface Shell. Windows Program Manager. If your Computer freezes, but can still run Task Manager End this process and your computer should Unfreeze!!! Toboe10
Explorer is a man that looks for new places (or worlds)
A windows procces. Jeffrey
that when it is ended the start menu goes away so it has to be a windows nesecity
had two of them so i did a search and found 2, looked at the properties, one didnt know what created it the other said Microsoft, so I deleted the one that didnt say Microsoft and all is well. ICKIMOVERIT
each time i close this everything on my desktop disappears and i can't use anything but the task manager but with that when i log out then back in everything is just fine. don't close this! Phillip
renamed explorer.exe in system32 directory to .old and it quit hammering my firewall.
Spyware Doctor keeps finding/deleting it. It keeps coming back but is invisible (show hidden turned on) under the system32 folder that SpyDoc says it is in? deepcreek
Its quite a useful file to have if you run windows apparently Big Brown Jobby
There is two kinds of this file there is one with captial letters i.e EXPLORER.EXE and there is one with small letters i.e explorer.exe, so i think one of them must be a spyware A.A
Explorer.exe file can be hooked to a virus. I had mine deleted cause of a virus. So be very careful Liffy
all my processes are using alot of memory explorer.exe is one of the most memory hungry, when I use a memory optimizer the problem is solved temporarly from 200 free memory to 700 - 800mb I'm desperate now Nicky
explorer is the file for displaying the info of windows onto your screen, it is a vital part of windows, but it can be easily modified to become really dangerous
I had a problem with two explorer programs and decided to search out a way to get rid of the second one...nothing worked...so I checked add/remove programs on a whim and found something to do with "NSIS" and it wasn't supposed to be there...removed it and alls well...no second explorer killing my CPU and memory Alan Harden
This is fully with Windows. CJ
makes the internet work, but be carefull what your explore. edgar
Follow Peters advice but only delete the file that uses all c.p.u. If computer running too slow to do this (ctrl+alt+del -explorer exe -end process -processes-type in explore exe) should now run with low c.p.u. Steve
okay...if you are gettin' explorer.exe regularly gettin a 50% cpu reading in taskman what does that mean? 1st offc it tells me that you are running a duel-core processor. so now you can go to microsoft.com and look up fixes for 100%processor usage. if you have more than one explorer.exe in taskman is likely do to with a folder setting :open new window in a seperate process: not a problem.!!.Most of the time explorer.exe pinging out is due to downloaded moviesfrom p2p programs. do not download movies with the description in the filename.if you must try, shorten the file name hittin1
It is accessing the internet with no doubts. Why would the file that runs your task bar and icons need to access the internet? When accessing some places on my hard disk it crashes and restarts. It is true backdoors can be placed in a file and the file keeps the same name and works however the size of the file will increase. There is no explorer.exe in the system32 folder only in the WINDOWS directory. Cice
i wouldnt recommend closing it. it does not appear to be harmful. i stopped it from task mgr and everything on my desktop disappeared. after a restart everything was back. i would say it is essential to your computer operation Jaces
It is the Windows User Interface. If you stop the process, you will lose your taskbar and desktop. Follow this steps to revert the thing back if explorer.exe crash: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, choose File New Task..., then type explorer.exe. It should put back the things. If it's not, you might need to go to C:/WINDOWS/explorer.exe. If it's still not there, prepare to reinstall Windows.
We found that explorer.exe use the ip port 1900, mean he go out to reach microsoft server. since when an internal program goes out from your system. even when you install a driver he send it to microsoft, this is why the security is so desastrous. Explorer or IE are the highest menace to the system security. in my case using Linux will be the wiser solution. Antiss Neurotek
It is the start menu, taskbar, and desktop icons.
Windows exploring process basicaly, shows files etc, about 20 programs run off it. Use 'Process Explorer'(search in google) and use it to find explorer.exe and find out what its doing, if your not running windows delete it. Turnni1
This file Is The GUI (graphical user interface) which is your icons, start menu, etc, If the process is not from the "C:\windows" (9x, XP) Directory or "C:\winnt" (WinNT\Win2k) Then it is most likely a virus. If You Kill this Process you may restart it by Ctrl+Alt+Delete - File - Run - "Explorer" - Ok (2k, XP) or "Windows Key"+"R" - "explorer" - Ok Sirinus
When I restart my computer, my documents folder is automatically opened. I don't know how to solve this matter. If I eplace explorer exe with another explorer exe of a different computer, does it works? Mustafa Sazak
No if you terminate it your taskbar will just disapear..... ive done it. user
If it's a genuine part of Microsoft Windows and not a fake, I give it a rating of 5 (Dangerous). Otherwise, I would give it a 4 (Little Bit Dangerous) if it was a virus or trojan, etc. ----- Windows is dangerous, you should put the whole OS through a file shredder, destroys your computer more than any virus or trojan has ever achieved.
Explorer.exe is really a part of windows, but there are sveral malicious programs that infect the file so that you don't even notice. I am having same problem with avi file like Peter (and it is for sure because of it!). I am wondering if header of that avi file is somehow changed so that infects explorer.exe, because file remains locked and drains resources! mountaineer
I ended it and lost my taskbar and icons, but task manager was still running so i went to file new task, typed it in and got everything back. L462
just CTRL-ALT-DELETE and restart the process if you think its running to high. pz
this is a windows system file, but how to make it some think like that it doesnt take more resourses of PC, how to make it that it should work with minimum resources
harmless yet usefull! it works for us in our labs, where EXPLORER.EXE is a virus and then we have to close it! NZEE
It's a nucence because it takes up tons of ram I just shut it down when I play games Master Pimp
This file can be a virus if it isnt named exactly like this "explorer.exe" int the directory C:\windows\ . If u=you close this file by accident simply open the task manager then go File New Task(Run) and then type "explorer_safe.exe" the go start run and type regedit ( if you arnt confident with the redgistry dont do this) then find the key at HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and change it to whatever u named the copy of explorer.exe , in theis case explorer_safe.exe,,,,, hope that sorted everything out for you all
this is explorer.exe, not iexplore.exe the internet browser
Do NOT kill this process. It is needed. If not in the Windows directory, there could be somthing wrong. But if it is, leave it alone. Everyone else that says "OMG it killed my CPU GET RID OF IT" just wants you to mess up your computer (because they're jerks) PyrisX
for all ur stupid ppl who think explorer.exe is only located in C:\WINDOWS, then ur an idiot. It can be located in C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINDOWS\system32. It's only a virus of there is random caps in it or if there is 2 of them or if a virus added/replaced its code with it. Ive made virus's b4 and u all prolly no nothing about explorer.exe -.- Matt
my explorer.exe is fine. however reading comments above and from my past experiences, if the explorer.exe is not running from C:/windows/ AND OR if it takes up too much CPU its problably a virus or similar. Mine uses 48.1MB of memory but does not eat up CPU.
Is Vital To See The Visual Interface Of Windows, This is Not A Virus and Will Not In Any Way Cause Harm To Your Work Or PC. No Negative Side Effects Can Come Of Closing This Process. By Restarting Your PC This Process Will Start Again. This Process is Needed, I Repeat is Needed, and Is Not Dangerous, is Not A Virus, Malware, Trojan or Any other Form I Virus. cheats3000.cabanova
explorer.exe is the windows xp GUI (graphical user interface), meaning the taskbar, folders (e.g. my computer, my documents). If your taskbar and icons disappear open task manager, press run, type in explorer.exe and it should appear within 30 seconds. It is one of the most sought for when it comes to virus vulnaerability, and is a real pain in the ass to fix after its infected Harb
In normal cases it is part of windows, if it takes more than 10% cpu then it is either a worm or it has a worm built into it Phil
The discription on this page completely defines it, unless it is an otherwise fake explorer.exe it's absolutely safe, and quite necessary in my opinion. Although through various operating systems and computer disabling it is different, upon me ending it... my task bar and icons disappeared... not the most favorable thing to have happen. DaDude9211
It's the Windows User Interface. If you have two running, one if them is 99.9% of the time a virus. To be sure you know what you've got, download the Security Task Manager and check it out. Anon
When I deleted mine, my taskbar disappeared. be warned bill
Standart Windows Shell Al
i have a problem with explorer... when im using my computer... the desktop disaapears..whe i look at the task manager.. it doesnt appear in the process tab...when i tried o open it...it suddenly closes again... can you help me! ??
The best advice to ensure you dont have a virus is take the drive out and slave it in another computer and scan it with nod32. If nothing comes up you dont have a virus or spyware... Nod32 catches all. MediaManiac
It isnt dangerous i tried closing it and it closes basicly windows so its not dangerous but it has to be in the windows directory
Controls the windows desktop etc. If you have TWO in the windows Task Manager, end one of them. If your icons, taskbar etc all disappear, DON't PANIC! End the other explorer.exe, then on Task Manager, click File New Task (Run...). Type in 'C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe', and your desktop will appear. Simple! Dean Fowler
You really need this.. n00bs, dont end the process if its in the windows folder. You wont like it if you end it. ;) Joshua
when i turn my laptop on the start bar and everything shows up for about 5 seconds then it all disappears, i went to task manager and tried running it from there but explorer.exe still doesn't show up under processes and my start bar and everything still doesn't show up, please help, i've reinstalled windows about 3 times and it's like this everytime sarah
If anything happens to your explorer.exe and you cannot find the start menu just copy it from your friends PC and paste it in windows folder and restart your computer, then also it will not work you have to change the registry. Ras
Windows Component, but considered to be a vulnerability. And as always, check where the file is. It must be in C:\WINDOWS.  See also: Link Cookie Monster
Mine is infected and kaspersky Internet security keep showing me notifications that it is trying to send hidden data,, and if i allow it the Internet explorer opens by itself to adults website...im really pissed of it and not only explorer.exe is infecte the but many other files and programs almost 20 basic programs are not working anymore like winrar also .netframework was deleted....i downloaded a file from gamecopyworld.com which used to be a trusted site but not anymore since that file contained this ad whihc added av system security ad that installs by itself infront of me . Some one who needs help.
used 20,000+ KB of memory on my system mike
original explorer.exe was replaced in my system folder with a trojan. i had to load in "safe mode with comand prompt" and delete the file and replace it with a copy from a machine with the exact same version of windows(xp home 2600 sp2). careful if you do this because if you have no knowledge of DOS you are skrewed and the only other way of manipulating files is to load explorer .exe which you cant modify if its in memory plus if its been infected you dont want it running. its incredibly rare for the actual explorer.exe to be infected normally they just make a copy with a slightly different na kevan
As said its a key part of the Windows Gui. By stopping and restarting it you will pick up the latest changes to the the registry. This saves a little time compared to rebooting your PC. Rob
my comp every time comes up with a error saying explorer.exe not found. i know that it is a needed file. how do i get it back? can i just copy and paste from another comp or do i have to reload windows? please help the bierman
Windows process. If you close, you can't use your taskbar 'til you restart. Eric
This all started after trying to delete an AVI file. It said that the file was open elsewhere so I couldn't delete it. I opened its properties and found that an Unknown User had Full Rights to it, so I changed that and somehow found explorer.exe and opened it finding nothing. I then attempted to delete the program, but it wouldn't let me, then I applied the administrative rights and apparently deleted it. So now, I can log on but all i see is my cursor and a black screen. I cannot enter "explorer.exe" in task manager because apparently it doesn't exist. Nothing has helped yet...... saddler
explorer.exe was also using up 98% of my cpu & I keep getting pop ups saying I need to add spyware & malware protections. It's also added a shortcut to my desk top that I can not get rid of . I also deleted it from Task Manager, but just as quickly started it up again under new task on the applications tab. all you have to do is type in explorer.exe and your task bar & desk top reappear. But I now started getting pop ups :( Sheila
This is 100% not dangerous, unless found outside system32. If you have 2 or more in your processes, one of them is probably malicious. explorer.exe is pretty much windows explorer. You end this, the entire GUI for Windows Explorer ends. Rai
Windows creates and explorer.exe on OS install notice no caps if you have 2 delete the one with caps. William Harrison III
Windows Shell file (not harmful) If Duplicated (Can be harmful) opus
This file, yes, is basically THE Windows OS. Without it, you will, as stated above/below, not be able to see your desktop icons, nor your start bar. You can fix this by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL, then select the Applications tab, then click on the New Task... button. Then, just type in explorer and press enter. A very effective trojan technique is to name the said program as explorer.exe . This is impossible to do, though, if the file is in the C:\Windows folder, since that is where the REAL Windows shell is. In any other location, it is, without a doubt, a trojan. Stop+Delete it! Skylor Wold
Heres something interesting. If you end this process via Task Manager you lose the file system in Windows (Windows Explorer, Task Bar, etc) and then you have to restart to get the functions back. BUT, try this trick. Open Firefox before ending the explorer.exe process. Now end the process. All icons on the desktop disappear, and you lose all function to browse your hard drive etc as explained before. Now instead of restarting, download a file to your desktop via Firefox, right click in the Downloads tool box (Ctrl + J if its not already open) and select Open Containing Folder. Good luck :) garrrr
Explorer.exe, if found in the windows folder is absolutly harmless and is essential. It is the gui shell, without it you can't navigate through windows at all. Now if it is in any other folder than windows\ then it is probably spyware/adware/trojan/bad. However, you can also get bad programs attached to the legit explorer.exe, but take care of those files, not explorer.exe. Jarrod1937
While you're looking for fixes you can set the priority of explorer.exe to low in task manager - it will still run high when system is idle but will let others have a look in - you might need to set each iExplorer process to real time/high as these may default to low also. Not a fix but will allow you to research the answer.... Mike
Explorer.exe is the windows shell, it also provides your taskbar, icons, and file browsing windows. It is a critical piece of the Microsoft Windows Operating system and as such has more physical memory and CPU runtime dedicated to it. (this means that although TaskManager will show it taking up more of your CPU and RAM usage, it's not a bad thing, occasionally your system will become "bloated" with various add-ons and mal-ware, which will cause explorer.exe to use up more system resources. P Klose
Windows Defender blocked this (Windows/System32/updater/explorer.exe) program so i deleted permanently from pc and my pc works just fine Unruly
all it is, is the thing with the start bar, task bar, and the icons on your desktop. to even prove it go into task manager go to prosses and click explorer.exe then end process everything will go away except your desktop pic. to get it back up click new process then type in explorer.exe dan the man
You can end process it!! If you want it to return use the task manager (ctrl+alt+del) Then run a new task "explorer.exe". VIOLA!!!!! yess. just end process it, it takes loads of ram. ENd PRocess
this virus links with explorer.exe process and is almost impossible to remove, that means full formatting of ur comp Dr Grandon (Virus expert)
if you close it you will have a blank screen iBS
I like Peter's avice but TOO much ctrl-alt-del can hang the computer! BEWARE OF IT!!
Is a windows process that provides your taskbar, icons, etc. if you stop the process interface will disappear until you restart the process via task manager, its directory is C:/WINDOWS, if you find it in other directory, can be a virus, trojan, or other malicious malware.  See also: Link MaTiX
Security advised me on start-up that the explorer.exe file tried to make some alterations to the system. I didn't know the file so denied access. Now I can't do anything, other than access the WEB - all other programmes are inaccessible. And I can't "allow" the file to run...I have downloaded repairs from the WEB and used task manager to end process and re-create file - nothing works! Does anyone know how I can allow this file access??? Saxon
it is save file. if it run from c:/windows sul2005tan
It is Leader(Loader) of all Windows(any version) related files. if your explorer is damaged you can easily go and replace your explorer with nondamaged, but it must be from same OS, If you want to edit this file you should have reshacker.exe, for more information search www.google.com  See also: Link allkhanan
explorer.exe is what shows the display of your desktop icons and task and start menu you can run programs while explorer.exe is closed and to close explorer.exe hold in ctrl+alt+del and if you are a windows xp user clicke processes and then click explorer.exe then click end process then you can only see desktop or any open windows if you are a vista user just click start task manager then click on processes i like to do this trick on my brother's and family and tell then the computer crashed or something  See also: Link PloI2Ks
If you close it you will see nothing but the desktop background, can be restarted from task manager, open by pressing shift, control, and esc. Not harmful, and not harmful to end, basically turns your computer in to a command prompt system when ended. Chuck Norris
Part of Windows. If you end the process, your Desktop and taskbar will disappear (the wallpaper will still be there). You can get it back by going to the Task Manager, click "New Task", and type in 'explorer.exe'. Your desktop will come back. Bender31337
I ended the explorer.exe via task manager and lost the task bar. Although there were no side effects bar that I concur it is essential and not dangerous. Wraith
ERROR rutime C:/internet explorer/explorer.exe nicolas antonio covello
What is described above is wrong. I have never been able to shut down explorer.exe without shutting down the OS in any version of windows. The OS is tied to the running of explorer.exe inextricably. This has never mattered whether it's a new install without updates or driver installs or fully updated with drivers and windows updates. I'm stating this from personal experience in numerous OS installs with windows ME, 2000, & XP pro. Whether this may be true with older OSes I cannot say. Frank Fuller
explorer.exe (spelt exactly like that) is found in C:\WINDOWS.
explorer.exe is a windows application process that enables u to use windows OS interface. if u end this process u'll not b able to use ur desktop screen. but that can b recovered. open task manager by pressing CAD keys, click on file, new task and enter explorer u'll have ur desktop screen back. but its important to know the origin of the process if u've more than one process with the same name
it does not take up the most if you have a prgram running that you can see in applications in windows task manager. Matthew
Could or couldn't be, if it is named explorer.EXE or Explorer.EXE it is a complete fake/virus, remove it!!!!!! Charlie
its okay. dont end this task. if this controls your anti crap do a system restore immediatly. it could scar your system pernimatly like it did to my old computer.. in other cases, its totally harmless jmalo
to remove this virus from my computer JASY
The directory of this program is (C:\WINDOWS).  See also: Link michal
its a windows file...like task bar icons, folder and stuffs....if u have problem with it..like not having your taskbar and icon on the desktop..simply press alt,ctrl, delete together on keybord.and go to new task under application..then type explorer.exe....everything will be fine
Good thing mine is located in c:/windows!
Don't remove this unless its a virus! xD you'll loose the task bar and your desktop! :P Voilenteraser
it's the operating system, if you end it, you have to re-run it or restart your computer, if you want a custom interface, it's what you mod, if it is any other place than your windir (run, %windir%, if it's not in there) its probably a virus and should be treated as such FBD
Absolutely harmless, it is a microsoft EXECUTIBLE which should be running to browse for files and start bar. But trojans and other malware can fake themselves to be named as explorer.exe so you should be checking about the memory usage of it. For example, I am using a WinXP Sp2 and it uses 22,245KBs of memory. If it is particularly high or low, you should be seeing it as a threat. Musket
This is just a Windows Process. Do not delete it.If a data prevention thing prevents explorer.exe to work, and if your computer keeps crashing, follow my instructions:1. Before your computer bots, press F8.You should see a black screen with words. 2. Move your arrow buttons to make the options to last settings that work(or something like that) and click on enter. 3. Your computer should not crash now. Next, press CTRL-ALT-DELTE until you see the task manager. Click on new task and type in explorer.exe. 4. Everything should be back to normal. 5. Check for viruses. Hope this helps =D tatsuya321
It's good if it's in C:\Windows Jamesq
This is the file that produces the windows desktop, start menu, etc. It is not dangerous. HOWEVER, some viruses change settings so that whenever explorer.exe launches, the virus will also launch along with it. Teddy
Its just part of the OS icecreampop3
Explorer.exe is a system file  See also: Link justin jacob
It doesn't matter if you close explorer.exe - to restore your desktop & taskbar simply press Ctrl and Alt and Del on your keyboard - this will bring up your task manager. Click on File in the top left corner - then, from the little list that appears, choose New Task (Run) - a box will open entitled Create New Task - in the space next to the word Open just type the word explorer - then click ok or press enter & bingo, your taskbar & desktop are restored. theinsomnianiac
It MAY or MAY NOT be a virus. As a virus, it can easily disappear and reappear, replacing the real Microsoft OS explorer.exe. When it believes that it is discovered, it may hide and then reappear later. Don't be fooled by its location. If you think that yours might be infected, use every brand name virus scanner until your symptom disappears permanently. You may be able to identify it as a virus by the amount of CPU usage, but I am not 100% certain of that. If you kill it and your desktop disappears it is easy to restart. Just make sure that you are not restarting a virus.  See also: Link Charles KnNell
The explorer.exe file is a Windows GUI shell, that is usually called Windows Explorer. Safe, but can cause errors. Sometimes viruses pretend being explorer.exe, so watch out and check it's path.  See also: Link Jerry
The usual explorer.exe file is how you have the task bar, folders, etc. Contrary to popular belief, killing this process does NOT mean you have to restart your computer! All you have to do is restart the explorer.exe process. If you have Task Manager up, click on "File", then "New Task". Type "explorer.exe" in the box and click "OK". It may take a minute or two to come back up, but everything will reappear eventually. Annie Moose
I dont know much, But i've seen on more sites that it's a window's component. I reinstalled my Windows Server 2003 Rt enterprise, And boom The file i see in the task manager is explorer.exe. Marah
EXPLORER.EXE aand explorer.exe i think it a big deff..my anti virus saying explorere.xe is a bckdoor virus..when my anti virus scan nid to repair the infected but after repair all icon and my desktop is missing only task manager can run arman
Well, dont remove this if it says "explorer.exe" in your task manager. It deletes the bar at the bottom of your screen. However, recently my computer obtained a virus and theres a new one called "Explorer.exe". I figured this one was the virus, because it hasn't been around long. So I terminated it, and nothing disappeared. When i restarted my pc, it was back though.
Usually this is the interface you see when you start up your computer (i.e: The start bar, windows forms) but people DO modify this to screw up your computer. Daniel
The explorer.exe file is a Windows GUI shell, that is usually called Windows Explorer. Its graphical user interface lets you see your hard drives, folders, and files. At first explorer.exe was used only to browse files, but with the release of newer Windows versions it evolved to being a task-based file management system. panchdev kumar kushwaha
Explorer.exe is a windows Executable file, made originally by Windows, however some spyware/malware target this file and cause it to disrupt your system. run regualar Anti-Viral and Anti-Malware scanners that you trust. HomeHacker2
Windows Explorer Someone
In my computer if i close the explorer.exe it's not rebooting but when i installed new antivirus such avira antivirus, it has detected explorer.exe is a virus so i deleted it and if i search the windows directory , then theres no explorer there. Now, i can't open explorer.exe because i deleted it. Now i am running programs with task manager.  See also: Link Shizuma
As the actuall [shell] it is not harmful, however, if you close the process tree there is no need to worry! Just log out and log back in; Restarting the computer will work too. Just remember to open task manager. Good luck and safe surfing! Xeozus
On an 8 year old machine today windows will open and run but displays an error meesage that says it needs to shutdown, the usual send error report or cancel, if I move this pop out out of the way and do a three fingered salute and check the processes in the taskmanager it shows that explorer.exe is running as a TSR and uses 115,500 KB of space DaveLee254
this file has 2 purposes, one is open your taskbar, the other one is run a copy of internet explorer 6 modifield to open folders instead of web pages. When your windows is locked, you end this process and start a new task "explorer", it will also reset your window manager (the program used to allow you to move, close, minimise windows and apply themes (like aero) to them) SparK
its is in /C/Windows/winfile casey
This file is legit only if found in the correct windows folder, not system 32 or anywhere else. People should look carefully at the process name for incorrect spellings made to look like the real thing. Names such as explore.exe with the letter r missing off the end, simikar to iexplore.exe which is for internet explorer the browser. Anyone suspecting infection should download the free version of Malwarebytes as this will undoubtedly find and remove infection, google malwarebytes.org  See also: Link Liverbird
Original core Exlporer.exe Matthew Enderle
Usually not dangerous. If you turn off can turn back on using cnt alt delt key then typing under tab file start new task and type in explorer.exe. Explorer will then boot back up. Anything on your desktop will make explorer and cpu usage higher. Also suggest looking hidden files on computer and desktop to see if there is a virus. Don
This file can be edit and can make changes with help of resource hacker. Praful Jangid
iv'e seen people termnate it and not be able to start the proceess non haker
This isn't a virus or any spyware at all, just end it as a process to find out (look at your desktop afterwards). -In fact, this is really helpful when you encounter such intrusions like your computer getting locked. One more thing, you can still run it again as process WITHOUT RESTARTING your pc or something (usually your desktop disappears then you restart).. JUST OPEN UP TASK MANAGER (CTRL+ALT+DEL) then at the FILE tab go to RUN then type in EXPLORER.EXE then your desktop should go back again Metalrckr10
This process is added by a Trojan that uses a similar name to a genuine process in the hope that you will not disable it. The genuine process name is explorer.exe, which should not be removed. However, this version that uses a numerical 0 in place of an alphabetical o should be disabled and you should attempt to remove the Trojan before it can do its damage to your computer.  See also: Link Riley
sometimes if you check the file it should say it's a GUI right?if you think it's a virus check what type it is if it says it's a giu or anything else with the same leters it's probly a virus non
explorer.exe is that file in system32 which is used in open any folder and file in the computer after remove it we can't open any folder and file through double click or open option. Gajendra singh naruka
I don't know why anybody says its a virus. It is not. It is what runs your taskbar (start menu) and your desktop. without it you would just have a blank monitor showing the picture of your desktopo background. It is NOT a virus. It takes up a good amount of memory, but to say the least, its pretty vital. Michael
look out for typosquarters (Explore.EXE) it's not a virus. Louie
On my computer explorer.exe takes 0.1% of my cpu's recorees and my computers procesers is AMD turion 64.
Its the windows GUI and window manager, who really wants to type command line instructions when you can click on folders? all thanks to the explorer.exe executable ( to restart it, press Ctrl+R or Win+R and type "explorer.exe") alex
Its the most important file in windows. Dio Brando
If you are having problems with explorer.exe crashing when you access media files, disable thumbnails to fix this. What happens is xp tries to generate thumbnails of videos or pics by default. If you don't have the correct codecs or if xp can't find them, explorer.exe will go crazy. So just disable thumbnails to prevent this from happening. MK
The idea of Windows OS!  See also: Link Mole
On XP, experienced a problem where explorer.exe would randomly freeze my computer and start consuming 50% of the CPU cycles under Task Manager Processes. It turned out that Client for Netware was somehow installed as a service for the network card. Stopping the service did not solve the problem. I had to completely uninstall it. Another peculiar symptom of this Client for Netware service was that when it wasn't causing explorer.exe to freeze, it would cause a 10 to 12 second delay upon the first attempt to open a mapped network drive. This would repeat if the drive was idle for 10 min. leukram
It only takes about 8% on my computer.Do not kill this prosess or you have to either open it again or restart your computer.deleting it will give you the BSOD or your computer will try to keep opening it when it can't(it's probly gonna loop) nerd
It is your desktop, file browser, and your task bar. If you close it, you can just go to the "Applications" tab on the Task Manager and click on the button labeled "New Task" and start it up through that process provided you know where to look for it in your files. StuntPenguin91
explorer.exe is a shell for windows and its file location is c:/windows, if its location is c:\explorer.exe then it is a virus, to remove this go to safe mode and manually delete this file from c:\explorer.exe Kulvinder Singh
If you terminate explorer.exe open Task Manager and click on New Task, then enter C: and explorer.exe is started again. Rincux2
Whenever i try to terminate it if my toolbar is not responding it just crashes task manager and does nothing P.A.E.C.T (Join them now)
"explorer.exe" (YES, it must be in all lower case) is the base process of Windows. This core program allows you to navigate though you computer with whats called a GUI (Graphical User Interface). If for some reason you END this important process through the Task Manager, restoring your desktop is fairly simple. First, simultaneously press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, the task manager will appear. Second, at the top left corner, click "File", then "New Task...(RUN)". Finally, type "explorer.exe" [all in lower case] and press ENTER. Give your computer 30 seconds to 2 minutes to start Window's Explorer. AlphaWolf
Is the shell of all windows operating systems after Windows 95, in other words: it displays the ui (taskbar, desktop icons, start-button,) of Windows, if it uses much CPU see here:  See also: Link the anonym one
explorer.exe is the desktop and startbar. You can run windows fine without it, but it is easier to use then the command prompt/task manager. If not in the C:\WINDOWS folder, may be a virus. kidfrommars
This is a very important system file, don't be fooled and remove it.. I myself done it once unintentionally.. And then had no way to start my windows but to format and do a complete fresh install of Windows 7!!! Fuad
This file should only be located in c:\windows in W7. If you find a copy in system don't delete it however. Make sure to check hklm- software- Microsoft- Windows NT- Current Version- winlogin- Shell It should read: explorer.exe if it has a long entry just delete the key and replace it with "explorer.exe". Make sure to delete the entry it is pointing to as well. Matt
the "explorer.exe" is a file that inject when startup. It actives taskbar and icons on desktop. So don't delete! If explorer.exe is on other folders (Default is C:/WINDOWS) It's an malware You need to install antivirus, if you have take an full scan!  See also: Link VaLo
it is a windows component and it's location is in the %systemroot% maino
I search explorer.exe and found 3 same name files. From the properties, all come from Microsoft. One in C:\Windows, the other two in C:\Windows\System32\dllcache and C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\....\backup. All same file size, i.e. 1,008 kb. Scan them with various AV and Anti Malware programs and result: NO VIRUS, MALWARE, TROJANS, WORMS or other s**t! Conclusion: this is a legit file, not virus. Jack
explorer.exe is responsible for windows gui. It is not necessary to explore windows but it is the most easy process to explore in windows. Without it you can also explore the whole windows just by typing address of folder u want to explore in task manager then all the files in it are listed in drop down menu of task manager.  See also: Link Sailesh kondraganti
go back to "applications TAB" press "new task" enter - "explorer.exe"
explorer.exe is an executable file. It is not harmful but it is essential for the windows startup menu and other GUI components on dekstop. It does not get started when other files in windows folder gets corrupted due to malwares. Easy way is to press ctrl+alt+del which opens up task manager. Select new and type explorer.exe on click on ok. By doing this the problem can be resolved for temporary usage only. Sudip Kumar Jana
This is always safe if it is located in .../Windows. If you have ever tried to end this in the task manager, you will find you lose important stuff like the start menu (to fix this, just start it as a task again) explorer.exe is very important Phillip
explorer.exe is not a worm. it is the process that displays the taskbar and desktop icons. but it is dangerous if infected or corrupted. masterchief1337
the explorer.exe is open shourtcut function CTR+SHIFT+ESC, and this fun work is the all runing functin in desktop Rohit Vishvakarma
This file is for easy file manager or search a file. In Internet are many pirated Windows XP. Some Windows XP from Internet are infected with file explorer.exe. Exist Fake explorer.exe as exploRE.exe or explore32.exe . MishuTm12
This process is a windows shell  See also: Link Patryk
shows the taskbar jakery
This is a Trojan Virus. SnSn
As soon as we end process the explorer.exe from task manager, it removes the task bar and Desktop icons Shakky
i ended it and the windows bar on the bottom closed..I wouldnt close it again lol josh
runs the taskbar and icons on desktop. if you actually delete it press ctrl+alt+del at same time, select task manager, file, new task, type in explorer.exe and there you go Lewis
Somebody said that he/she has 3 explorers. Please read the directories very carefully and they are just updates Anonymous
Its the host process for all windows! Max
Never kill or end the "explorer.exe" process in windows. Because after that you cannot recover the task bar and Desktop icons and you will be screwd. Fortunately, I had a KVM console attached to my server and had to reboot the server to retrieve my desktop :-) katalina
I went to task manager and saw this file was using almost 90,000 K of memory, did a google search and ended up here. I did a "search" on my computer and 5 files, 4 were similar to each other and last modified in 2008. ONE was modified on 4/1/2013 at 3:53 pm. That's really close to the time I lost access to the internet for 2 days! I was on the phone with Internet provider for 1 hour Monday evening and 45 minutes Tues. morning, they couldn't figure it out, so sent a tech. When he got here this morning it was working fine. Weird. Oh, also, as I was running a search for files containing explorer.exe the memory usage kept going down. It's now at 8,840K. Tami
Just a microsoft process. Killing it is fine, you just have to re-launch it by starting new task "explorer.exe". Re-launching it will reload your taskbar. B
It's ESSENTIAL to showing the task bar, and is included in the installation package of every Windows OS I know of (Windows XP, Vista, and 7). AlekTheNerd
this is a system program to display icon and other stuff if u do not believe then go to taskbar and end the process explorer.exc and then see it randi ko chora puti
It's rather irritating when trying to open Windows Explorer and I'm told I don't have permission because of explorer.exe Austin
Strange, When I log off (or shutdown) the computer, there is a non-responding that says "End Program: explorer.exe" something is very suspicious. experienced_computer
I got it when i downloaded a File from the internet... My virus scanner said it was the famous FBI Moneypak virus!!! The money pak virus asks for money and locks your computer! AlexO
It's the System UI. It's crucial, that's why it needs that much RAM. A part of Windows.
This application keeps crashing on me and I don't know how to fix it. Makes my desktop unusable. Any suggestions? It is not a virus. Mary Beth
When you think about it, explorer.exe is the same as my computer. Cause is you open explorer.exe and my computer it opens the same stuff. Like if you open my computer, in opens the main hard drives on win. XP. And also on XP, if you open explorer.exe it pretty much does the same. On windows 7, if you open explorer.exe and the documents icon on the task bar, which is my computer at the same time it's exactly the same. So it shouldn't be removed at fricken all! It's that important Christopher Robinson
It might be a virus. James
It's a process that allows you to run files Computer_GUY
this explorer.exe is not a virus but the EXPLORER.EXE is a virus Batman
Should never be touched bazooka
microsoft process, dont end this Leo
winfip 3d properdies
Its a windows file or as if you delete it you wont have most of the stuff you see on the screen if you know what i mean. If you want to know what i mean just shut the process down and see, it will come back at startup Stiverino
It's windows taskbar and desktop etc, should be present on anything with windows. Greg
People that think that explorer.exe is a virus,then they are idiots.Explorer.exe CAN'T BE VIRUS because explorer.exe IS a important part of Windows. Rai
Its a windows file..
this is the basic shell for windows OS, if you close it, your entire desktop will disappear. however, if you have the dreaded black-screen issue, run this program from task manager and the desktop will re-appeaar mark
Usually not to be worried over. Other than it being buggy from time to time it is harmless.
Not dangerous, but vital. You can not stop it unless you want some Windows functions to stop. Task bar and desk, for instance, disappear as soon as you stop explorer.exe from your task manager. Rafael
delete it..i go blue screen everytime I try and delete it
If this file is end process and you restart your computer It will become black screen Therefore Do not end process this exeplorer.exe Ignore it! Leon
it is a harmless desktop manager, ending it will get rin of the taskbar, icons etc. SailingFir5139
infected trojans tiberiu
The desktop if named explorer.exe it is not a virus mostly. To prevent explorer.exe viruses scan anything you download with virus checkers Don't be trolled
Normally this file shows up as "explorer.exe" BUT as others have said it can be modified or replaced.It might be a good idea to back up the the file on a removable drive( like a floppy disk with other core files) Having 2 or more is a tail-tail sign that you need a virus check going.Also Don't believe trolls like administrator that say it is a virus by default. Oh, and be careful off files that seem to say "explorer.exe" but if searched in command prompt for ends up with something like "e??lore.exe Be safe online. and have real time protection, that helps too.
Missing internet explorer .exe on my new idea dad . Windows 10 did not show up nothing but I want to have i.e. On my new idea pad so badly Carol Ann

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