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Process name: Machine Debug Manager

Product: Windows

Company: Microsoft

File: mdm.exe

Security Rating:

Mdm.exe is the Machine Debug Manager, which is used by the Windows NT Option Pack and Microsoft Developer Studio to provide application debugging. When Script Debugging is enabled for Internet Explorer 4.0, the debug manager is initialized whenever Internet Explorer 4.0 is started. The Machine Debug Manager runs as a service and is loaded when your computer starts. If you do not use your computer for debugging purposes, you can safely turn this off (see link). www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/mdm.exe.html 

Note: The mdm.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In other cases, mdm.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with Security Task Manager.

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All comments about mdm.exe:
If you want, you can disable it in services.
It's NOT a VIRUS! Its a script debugger for .NET!
Script Debugger....also find it here "C:\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG"
Its a script debugger for .NET  See also: Link Vampire
Do not worry. Vapour
Machine Debug Manager is used for debugging applications by technically advanced users and developers and is installed by the Microsoft Script Editor that is included in Microsoft Office.  See also: Link Magus
Used by developers for debugging. Those who have encountered it have unchecked it with no degradation in performance. May cause your computer to "hang" if you have MS Visual Studio installed and this disabled because it appears to take over error handling  See also: Link SETI
Not a virus, just a Microsoft debugging tool. Disable it for a more secure computer. Tim
Does NOT send any data via Internet if found in the "Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG" folder. Found anywhere else, a Trojan infection possible. Dunkan
nothing really.. but if i dont shut it down it will slow my computer to hell freezland
It opens an advertising popup in Internet Explorer on Windows startup. And sometimes it uses a lot of CPU too. Knalphert Clausenschnausse
Disable script debugging and you turn it off. *shrug* Kachiko
This slows down my PC: when I delete it, my PC immediately speeds up. Look in task list in link.  See also: Link Mark
When I look into task manager's page faults field, I see that it keeps on increasing for MDM.exe. Anyways who needs script debugging, I simply checked the option "Disable script debugging" from internet explorer's advanced Internet options. Sandy
Microsoft Service NON-MORON
Do not worry. boler
It's boring as it gobbles lots of system resources without any vital reason!  See also: Link sandy
It's a nuicense, in all win systems (98 -++) it is stealing time from your machine. It do not serve you ore youre system with anything usful. Delete all instances of mdm.exe, and your system will speed up! Surge
Mdm.exe is the Machine Debug Manager, which is used by the Windows NT Option Pack and Microsoft Developer Studio to provide application debugging. When Script Debugging is enabled for Internet Explorer 4.0, the debug manager is initialized whenever Internet Explorer 4.0 is started. MDM.EXE
Nothing! MS should state that in their documentation Ice Dry
how can I disable it? without deleting or killing the procces all time? Uncle
visual studio debuger, if you install vs2003 mdm.exe is found in c:/program files/common files/microsoft shared/vs7debug !!!! taim
machine debug manager, starting running whenever I run IE after installing Office XP, even though I HAVE the script debugging turned off in the IE options. Using task manager I can shut it down BUT it always tells me that it is not responding. I do not know of any way to stop it other than to remove the actual file itself. I'm running Win98 SE. The file is located in "...\common files\Microsoft shared\VS7Debug". Joey
im rinnin winxp home and havent downloaded anything lately and found mdm.exe runnin from this location C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug. weird! ron
essential process me
Just an annoying valuable system resources gobbler. Disable/Quarantine it from STM's interface, or just delete the program altogether.  See also: Link Risker
This file is not harmful in any way. It comes from any products having to do with Visual Studio [any version] from Microsoft. Terranwolf
As per metntioned it's from Microsoft. I also got this only yesterday and it keeps prompting. I tried to set the MDM in the Services to Disable and reboot my notebook and it still load by itself.. Not even found in the Task List. I follow Mark's link to "Answers That Work" site. Also recommends to set the service to Manual. It did also mentioned that the stupid MDM.EXE might have other ways of starting hence recommended to rename it to "MDM.EXE.OLD" and it works for me.  See also: Link CCT
When your pc crash and you restart your pc its damn slow but if you close windows down and restart your pc the problem is fixs Xextreem
seems harmless, but takes memory and startup time, so to disable: startmenu- run and type "services.msc", go to Machine Debug Manager and right-click and select properties, and where it says automatic, select disabled  See also: Link kiwibird
It's a Microsoft process that is used for more than one thing really. Most of the users will only see it as a script debugger for Internet Explorer. Developers on the other hand need it running if they want to work with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET as it is used in that program too. You can disable it by running "msconfig" and looking for it in the service tab, that is actually a great place for people to disable more than one service if they need to or want to free up memory. Jimmy
it crashes outlook and ms office outlook and incredimail so all up i got rid of it as it cind of was crashing my system now works 190% better than with the file apart of my cordless keyboard skiping like it just did sticking this up so it looks safe to get rid of file just do a surch and look for the back up file as well you will find it will have numbers in you backup system file as well hope it works like it worked for me as well good luck sagem=new zealan
it is simply a script debugger file (Machine Debugger MAnager) i saw other people with it on their process screen, its harmless. dont worry about it virusmagnet
This is a Microsoft Data Monitor which they use to spy on your Office installations, like whether or not you are using it properly. kwaqmire
MDM appears after MS Visual Basic.NET is innstalled... and it stays on your computer even after you uninstall it. :\ BTP
Debugger, useless if not a developer... just remove from Services, or stop it in the TaskMgr Mizio
Machine Debug Manager, installed along with Visual Studio  See also: Link
Not Dangerous! Do NOT remove. It won't do any harm R33t
Harmless, but unless you want a .NET script debugger (unless you're into debugging .NET scripts and know what that means)--delete it.  See also: Link Colin Jensen
It's not terribly useful to the average user and therefore only servers to waste system resources. It should be disabled. Mee
Thought it was a virus, kept getting debug errors when i installed Mic. FrontPage....Coll now :) Michael
no harm from this Debuger, approx 2.7MB memory, if not needed you can disable it. Habit
its ok... for code debuging ... wont harm desertICE
office xp pro component nino
dangerous  See also: Link Nobody
it makes my mouse and keyboard stop working and i have to restart ADam
This program is refered by Microsoft to prevent some crashes, but what it really does is spy your activities and slow dow your machine, remove it. Rodrigo Lobo Schmidt
obnoxious, disable "Machine Debug Manager" with Start Run services.msc /s Gerardo
I removed this silly thing (i only noticed it today while CADing a program) and my computer runs slightly faster now. MDM.exe is just a useless memory hog. Currywurry
disable that shit, slows down computer, uses resourses that shouldn't be used
waste system resources. It should be disabled. jlg
This is the machine debug manager useful if you are a developer, otherwise don't need  See also: Link Paul Smith
this file is another piece of junk for the common use to balk over. usless to the normal bieng. wastes a little bit of ram not much. usualy just sits there. but when its doing something it can go overboard and freeze a slow piece of junk( as most of my clients use). i repair pc's and say this file can safely be deleted without any worry Dr.Phil
Machine Debug Manager, installed with Visual Basic 6
COMPLETELY unnecessary!!! & better off without it. For a "debug" program, it sure does CREATE a lot of system hanging bugs. (no, not talking about the virus/trojan) With System Restore running, imposible to remove as each restart finds it restored. Disable System Restore & remove from any startup options, then make sure it's not running & delete the file. Restart system & make sure mdm.exe is not running before enable of System Restore (if used). Tim
Mdm.exe, provides support for program debugging. Pepole making idiotic statements like "they use to spy on your Office installations" really need to get a life. If you don't know, just be quiet, because you sound like a royal idiot to the rest of us...  See also: Link Ihatefools
Guys this is a file that u dont need if u aint a pro so disable it ,if u aint a pro if ur a pro u should know the answer urself dude otherwise u aint pro krish
MDM.exet is not in \windows\system32 in Win SP2 but rather in \Program Files\common files\Microsoft shared\VS7Debug Steve
occasionaly it does not allow machine to start smoothly and/or looks like its crushed
Every time I start the computer it tells me there is new hardward to install and it's the Machine Debug Manager. Why did this just start happening? Dawn
Harmless. If you are not a developer, disable it. Does not send any data to Microsoft like some people here claim. No data exchange outside of your machine's domain. *sigh* Will S.
A debugger of windows, generally works with drwatson bloat and slows down your system and also causes to drwatson to take dumps. Dumps are not innocent. Shut it down... Privacy
Is automatically started by MS Internet Exploprer, if you have "script debuging" enabled. (Disable it and MDM will not be loaded) ArtMotion
asociated with task manager problem joe westbrook me. USA
Just a memory hog, disable Turd Ferguson
I restarted my computer and it just started after 4 years. I have followed instructions and hope it helps. Dawn
Not required, does no harm, but return even if you disable it. I Renamed mine to mdm.old. seems to have stopped it once and for all MikeySparky
Its a script debugger. It does what a debugger is supposed to do. Claims it would spy on people are bogus. Disable if you dont need it. SK
comes with visual studio.net - not needed unless you use your machine for debugging code. not harmful - std microsoft tool - Not used to "spy on your machine" jack
mdm.exe is a Microsoft Windows Service installed with Visual Studio .NET as part of the Remote Components Setup and is used by developers, like myself, for remotely debugging .NET applications. It won't harm your PC. If nobody remotely debugs .NET applications on your PC then you can safely disable it. Go to Start- Run- type "services.msc /s" - navigate to Machine Debug Manager- right click- properties- select startup type "disabled"  See also: Link MSDev
i've visited the microsoft site and it said that if u want, you can disable this without any problem. so go ahead and disable it because it takes up some resources just like everybody here says aine'
Just disable it, not because its dangerous but because is useless. Save your system resources... ;) Dryden
Installs with Office 2003. Seems to be mostly harmless, but a totally unneeded memory hog for most users ivar
This is more of an NT product than an XP program Steve H
if it is found in c:\windows - Troj/Lydra-F, instead in Microsoft Shared it's ok =) Cervs
I know it is also installed if you install CNN Pipeline, as part of the .NET Framework...not sure if it is actually required...will soon see... Wes
It's located here C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG and looks like it really debuger sco69
Assuming you have the one from MS, it is just machine debug manager that takes a small amount of resources. If you will never care to see debug info, you may disable it with little consequence. If it is taking major resources, you have something wrong -- like maybe a virus or a bad installation or something.  See also: Link terry
Assists with debugging of .NET applications
Run Process Explorer from Microsoft at Sysinternals. For some rason Microsoft have not digitally signed this file. No evidence of this file communicationg with the net (check with TCPView from Microsoft). It is called Machine Debug Manager, and should be found only in c:/program files/Common files/Microsoft shared/VS7DEBUG/MDM.EXE  See also: Link trickyt
Is a Microsoft Windows Service installed with .NET ( Framework, Visual Studio, etc.. ) Do not worry..its not a virus or any other malicious script codes... P3dro
Trend Micro Internet security is reporting that MDM.EXE is a virus and is placing itself in C:\windows directory. it copies itself again when antivirus quarantine or delete it. it is not controld by antivirs. i have scanned whole of my system but faild to remove completely Sarwar Khokhar
I got this disturbing file in my desktop. I turned it off from "services" at the msconfig window. but don't work. then I disabled the "script debugging" at the IE, yet didnt work. Finally i tried to to rename it at its location (\Program Files\common files\Microsoft shared\VS7Debug ); but says tht it can't be renamed, file is running. Wht to do now? ahmed
some spyware uses MDM.exe, even if you delete it in the windows folder it automatically replicate itself after restart, I use Deep Freeze in my system thats why i know where it hides its self installer, my second drive, it has a built in keylogger on it, thats why it crawls my internet connection, it automatically send information to the hacker everytime you type a letter, Crazy Hackers iceman...
mdm.exe = Windows Service, Disable it if you want. I can't find mdm.exe on my computer with Micrsosoft Visual studio .nEt express AlterHacker
go1984 doesn't work if mdm.exe is running. There occurs a "debugger detected - close it down and restart"-error. So disable it in your services. It's name is Machine Debug Manager. JJ
There is mdm.exe trojan also. they rename it to feel like Microsoft's utility. set autorun using registry entry. task manager shows as mdm.exe and see wheater it is Microsoft singed file or not devilian
slows my computer down if closed my pc works faster, and it is at \Program Files\common files\Microsoft shared\VS7Debug BS_Bomber
mdm.exe is shipped with with office 2k or 2k3 and the seize of the is 116k . If you see a file with 21k if it's a trojan and the best way is to overwrite the file with the legitimate one dawit
The Machine Debug Manager, Mdm.exe, is a program that is installed with the Microsoft Script Editor to provide support for program debugging. The Microsoft Script Editor is included with Microsoft Office 2000, and also can be obtained from the Microsoft Windows Update Web site.  See also: Link djohnson3626
mdm.exe may reside in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug if you install MS Visual Studio; see also http://www.asp.net/LEARN/moving-to-asp.net-2.0/module-01.aspx Alan Rew
it lags the computer a lot
I've only noticed it seconds after accidentally downloading some form of virus, and when shutting my computer down afterwards, that very program was having trouble ending. TK Williams
mdm.exe itself isnt dangerous, its a debugger, but virus programs can use this to gather information about the computer/defenses, so disabling this can provide a small boost to computer safety! Habison
i can find mdm here C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG. mdm.exe make my ms excel can't be accessed. mdm.exe make my computer speed slow down significantly. i don't need mdm.exe lay ching fu
An online scan found at virscan.org that the file is clean.  See also: Link Nano Fride
There are 2 versions of this file. The official Microsoft one and a virus one. Most Antivirus programs detect the Virus version. Have yet to find a list of MDM.exe versions that will list the size of valid MS MDM.exe. In windows 7 its located in C:\Program Files (x86)\CommonFiles\microsoft shared\VS7Debug. I usually run the online scanner from F-Secure and run a malwarebytes scan just to be sure. Magif
It's a script debugging tool as has been said by others. If you are not writing/debugging scripts, then you can turn it off in Services.
The Machine Debug Manager runs as a service and is loaded when your computer starts. If you do not use your computer for debugging purposes, you can safely turn off the Machine Debug Manager.  See also: Link Jabberwockie
i get MDM.exe when i start Sims2 i have buy it in the game store and when i strart hes give MDM.exe Rik
I renamed it.. lagging is gone booboo
My Windows 7 gave a blue screen of death after logging in, saying registry corrupt. After deactivating mdm.exe in the VS7Debug dir, no more blue screen. Riaan Havenga
Win32:Agent-AOBU [Trj] is masked as mdm.exe  See also: Link IvanBG
i think it's file of system... don't eff with win xp MrKids
i know my security said this program has no valid digital signature that verifies its publisher. now that sounds like a good warning to me. so if the publisher would like to relax everyone tell your programers to do it right. bobm679
bitcoin proccess , i got it from a gta 5 torrent , the minute i ended the process my gpu usage went to 0 from 100% Andrei
Because of it after a restart my gpus didn't go under 90% usage, after task kill, back to normal! :P
My GPU load is constantly 90% even when doing nothing except running firefox. When I forcefully end this process the problem is over.
THIS process is a bitcoin miner wich will use your CPU / GPU power and make someone thats total stranger rich Jan
From this my games are lagging like hell Cocorodel
It is not virus, but it slows down computer. Misho
This file is known as a Bitcoin Miner, it leeches CPU and proccesing power from one computer and uses it to find 'Bitcoins' for another computer. This is harmful to those who do not have a strong computer, as it sucks up most of the machines performance.  See also: Link Nick .S
Its not dangerous unless other malware manifests as mdm.exe in which case it should be removed asap. Zoran
Noticed it today. It seemed to be stored in logitech folder. What is odd, when PC is idle, the process takes like 13% of cpu power. I got core i7. That is too much in my opinion John
The only thing it does is using 100% of my GPU so I disabled it John
A kind of bitcoin miner software had been renamed to machine debug manager and uses your powerful graphics card processors to process bitcoins equation. Anderson
Use a lot of pc CPU. Radu
Found In C:\Users\Asheervad7\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Caches.When Deleted it was much more Fast
sometimes uses a lot of CPU resources and slows down computer Nemesis
mdm is part of .net framework asd
It lag my computer a lot. drop my FPS from ~150 to ~16-20 I Open the task manager and i close it.. Saif
there is a process called "mdm 32" which pops out at anytime in my case in task manager and it can do interesting things to your performance. ive had half of performance mesaured in benchmarks and games than before the process starts. i personally think its virus that sits on this file/process/. Roberto
It loads and heats my GPUs, and constantly requests commands from network. I watch the difference on my system monitors when I switch it on/off in task manager. George
Bitcoin miner in folder AppData/Roaming/NVIDIA elecktr
a skype hijacking trojan Neo

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