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Prozess Name: Common Client Settings Manager Service

Produkt: Norton Internet Security or Norton Antivirus

Support: Hilfe Link   Update Link   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: Symantec Corporation

Datei: ccsetmgr.exe


"ccsetmgr.exe" ist ein Teil von Norton Internet Security oder Norton Antivirus von Symantec Corporation. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/ccsetmgr.exe.html 
Dieser scheint Norton beim Systemstart zu starten. Wie andere Komponenten von Norton, sollte auch dieser in Ruhe gelassen werden, wenn Sie NAV auf Ihrem System verwenden.

Um mehr über ccsetmgr.exe und alle anderen im Hintergrund laufenden Programme zu erfahren, können Sie Security Task Manager benutzen.

Beachte: Jedes gefährliche Programm kann sich sonstwie nennen - deshalb sollten Sie überprüfen, wo sich die Dateien der laufenden Prozesse auf der Festplatte befinden. Befindet sich eine "nicht-Microsoft" .exe Datei im Ordner C:\Windows oder C:\Windows\System32, so ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, dass es sich um einen Virus oder Spyware handelt! Überprüfen Sie es hier.

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Kommentare über ccsetmgr.exe:
doesn't use a lot of memory but still doesn't seem to be dangerous (althought it doesn't seems that a its needed) ggm
Norton Internet Security ? JQ
Das ist ein Teil von Norton Antivirus.  Siehe auch: Link Vampire
It is trying to access the internet by itself, it knows my log on tel number, ID and password. My firewall stoped it 3 times, on the 4th it passed it and was dialing out/logging on and the only way to stop it is to disconect the phone line Alan
It's not "spyware"- it's Norton- Leave it.
This is Symantec Settings Manager, and can be found in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe" Omar El Fakih
Uses 4k memory on my machine. By 2008 we'll have to have a 256mb stick of ram just for norton and it'll be running about a hundred processes in the background. I have a gig of memory but I just hate wasting it for nothing. SuperPi
Norton AV 2005 (aucun problème) Symantec Pascal
It's Symantec NAV. There's nothing to worry about. Dusan
wird zur Installation von Antivirus und Firewall benötigt, wo findet man Datei Müller, Dr. Helmut
it's not dangerous, but anyoing if you're also running avast! - when avast can't establish an internet connection, for what reason ever, ccsetmgr.exe is using up almost 90% of the CPU power and takes about 10min to get your pc under control again sm
Part of Symantec Norton Internet Security suite  Siehe auch: Link Georg
is absolut ungefährlich
it's part of Norton antivirus DC the MCSE
Symantec Norton 2005 " It is used for automatic update" Not Dangerous GcNetSpeed
I don't know if it is dangerous, just that it starts up whenever my system is idle and runs the Cpu up and uses a lot of memory, preventing my hard drive from going idle or timing out. This program will put more wear on my CPU fan than burning DVDs because it runs all day every day when my system is idle! Annoyed
Symantec Settings Manager Joe Smith
all i know is it wasnt on my pc when i got it 2 weeks ago. i checked last week didnt see it. then this past few days my pc is really slow internally and on the web. i do not and never have installed norton on this pc. for sure aceclose
Mine shows up in Task Manager in all caps.. Is it the legit process or a virus pretending to be the legit process? anthony
i agree with alan this maybe to do with norton, but a virus can name any thing it likes into taskmanager ace close
this is merely a background program . however must to handle NAV . keep it on . cah cover more of ur RAM ,if NAV facing problems . Manoj
I totally agree with SuperPi, i just want to know what exactly it does, and if its really necessary to run nav correctly. Ceto
Norton puts too much shit on your system. Keep it simple. J. Tull
If you have a small amount of RAM you do not want this running in the background, Also will cause Disk Defragmenter and ScanDisk to fail. Fred
It is assigned High Priority by my administrator account, not by system Rob C
wont let nav download,hard to remove when affected by a virus irwin
It belongs to either NIS or NAV of Symantec. But there seems to be some problem in the NIS2006, because its using a lot RAM and is causing system crashes. When i debugged the NIS2006 i found that it doesn't seem to startup at all. And hence causes the system crashes. Folks if you are about to install NIS2006 then i would suggest that you uninstall NIS2005 or earlier from the add/remove program or goto the following link to get the removal tools. Mike Black
Part of Norton Antivirus. If it causes any problems and you are running multiple antivirus programs on your PC, remember choose the program you prefer and only run ONE antivirus, this avoids any problems (Does not include online scanning programs, such as Panda, etc.
Norton IS settings manager / if this is on your machine and you dont have norton it is because at somepoint in the PCs life it HAS had norton on it but the un-installation hasnt removed this proccess, goto Symantec website and search NISremoval tool and download, this will eradicate ALL norton files off PC otherwise leave it..PS NIS 2006 only uses 10% of my Ram which is nothing (50Mb) Snadge
its norton, but sooo annoying. i should get rid of norton, but i paid for it, and it does its job, but clogs yor comp up with loads of stuff you dont need. roosta
norton antivirus is a big waste of memory and a waste of utility: TAKE AVG its free and better ans more efficient! Makkak
It's part of Norton allright Forest Blades
its you antivirus"norton" let it do his job ConoR
This file using more RAM and virtual memory also. Therefore System responding slow. it is using 14MB of RAM Raghuveer Singh
If you have Norton Antivirus installed, don't worry about this. Motoma
Ghost 10 loaded and no other Norton product Buzz
Uses Lots of memory it is however part of Norton Internet Security runs at about 19k Joe
Norton. AVG free is a pathetic escuse for a good antivirus. Ohnothatidoitagain
it has a virus
Settings Manager for Symantec & Norton products including AntiVirus / AntiSpyware  Siehe auch: Link Block
kann auch von sonstige Norton Programme sein, und befindet sich im Ordner Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\Symantec Shared ItaloRaver
I think many here are missing the point. You can't just look at the file name and decide good or bad. You have to consider the source/location. Just as the NOTE says above: If a "non-Microsoft" file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! THe Symantec/Norton version of this file should rightly be located in Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\... If it's in Windows\System32, it's likely the TROJAN. Dave B

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