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Process name: NVIDIA Display Properties Extension

Product: NVIDIA Compatible Windows or NVIDIA Compatible Windows Vista Display driver or NVIDIA Windows Display driver or NVIDIA Compatible Windows7 Display driver

Company: NVIDIA (nvidia.com)

File: NvCpl.dll

The Nvidia Control Panel Display Properties Extensions applet is installed by default along with drivers for Nvidia graphics chips. It implements the extra tabs of configuration information that appear when you enter the "Display Properties" section of the Control Panel. This should be considered effectively part of your graphics card drivers and left alone.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/nvcpl.dll.html 

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  • 2525 users ask for this file. 93 users rated it as not dangerous. 8 users rated it as not so dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. 4 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 9 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about NvCpl.dll:
ndis user mode
NVidia Display
NVIDIA Corporation Pascal
allows nVidia-specific tabs on the Display Properties applet. honkinberry
CPL from nVidia  See also: Link Georg
When exiting the control panel, of nvidea the dll disappears
NvCpl.DLL is safe. Its NVIDIA. NvCpl.EXE is probably a worm. Thats the bad one.
NVIDIA Driver for the Control Panel, Allows extra display options to over clock cards and tweak settings. Darth
Est hezorbeke NVIDIA .dll du geshen aut du ream. Plau
The NvCpl.dll is Definately nVidia related, and safe. As mentioned above, any NvCpl.exe files are bogus! Lord Huckleberry
Is harmnlos, ich würd es einfach da lassen...stört doch keinen SyndroM-666
Your right...It is the NVIDIA Driver for the Control Panel...  See also: Link Maverick
i definitely have a virus in nvcpl.dll that seems to be linked to windows firewall registry modification
nvcpl.dll is a library file for NVIDIA display adapter. sk
kead zum grafigdreiba von NVIDIA und is goaned gfealich Papa
NVIDIA control panel Xcel
Video Driver Sugar Bomb
Nivida graphics
Nvcpl.dll is not at all dangerours, but do not get it mixed up with nvcpl.exe which is a process which is registered as the W32.SpyBot.S Worm
NVIDA Grafics Driver
NvCpl is a control panel of Nvidia Card :P  See also: Link Intel
NvCpl.exe = W32.SpyBot.S registered worm; NvCpl.dll = nVidia dll (safe) gemini
nvcpl.dll is a library file for NVIDIA display adapter
This is nVidia Control panel. If yours is infected, install the latest set of drivers if you have an nVidia card. Remember to use Anti-virus and Firewall programs to lessen your chance of a system file becoming compromised.  See also: Link Mediarocker543
This is nVidia Control panel. If yours is infected, install the latest set of drivers if you have an nVidia card. Remember to use Anti-virus and Firewall programs to lessen your chance of a system file becoming compromised.  See also: Link Mediarocker543
during start up computer hangs at boot up with nvcpl in the msconfig Peter
it is a worm, bad worm!
nvcpl = nVidia Control Panel sl8
It's an NVIDIA file and is 100% safe. If you have Nvcpl.exe, you need to remove it, it's a worm! Turles
Should add that I didn't mean that I have a rootkit, just that I hoped I didn't (as it would be very hard to know) JS
I'm very serious about computer security, and, save a rootkit, I don't have any junk on my computer. This certainly could be a virus in some instances, but if you have an NVIDIA graphics card, this is simply associated with that driver and is harmless. JS
Can still USE VIDEO CARD and drivers are still intact if you disable it butthead
im sure its a driver, but i dont know why it keeps giving me an error failed:nvcplhandleddisplaychange
it's not nvcpl.exe and it's safe. Ludm
When computer is running slow, it gives me the 'blue screen of death'. Magic Man
The nvcpl.dll is a library file for the Nvidia Control panel. It is not dangerous. nvcpl.exe is a worm, a.k.a the W32.Yanz.B. You can tell if you have the worm by checking this registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and looking for the entry "NvCpl"="%System%\NvCpl.EXE". More info on the nvcpl.dll is at this link. For the nvcpl.exe worm, check out Symantec for complete removal instructions  See also: Link th_inc
For those who have a NVIDIA chip: safe
its the nvidia drivers  See also: Link Beaula Ekka/tech support HP
nVidia-related Jack Bauer
It seems to be NVidia Control Panel Daniel Gedling
is a .dll file from mozilla firefox. it's for regestry and for cookies
it causes an errror 9in kworld bvbs sat card when trying to scan for channels also freezes progdvb on channel search,. savvy
Disable coz u don't need nvidia ctrl panel for daily use Sid
This is the essential driver for nvidia FX series cards but the bundled class, called DesktopContext Class, sometimes crashes Win XP (SP2) when you right click anywhere on the screen (or sometimes when you try to copy/paste files from one folder to another). The screen freezes and computer hangs for a few hours. Best solution is to download ShellExView (see the link) and disable DesktopContext Class. This error is not commonly reported but it happens in some Acer laptops.  See also: Link Emre
Agreed. Completely harmless, but if it is labeled as a executable (.exe) then get rid of it by any means possible! nvcpl.dll is only used by NVIDIA and will NOT send any info! Howard D.
NVcpl (dll) is a safe program. its just the Nvidia control pannel. the nub that says its a virus doesnt know better =P Josh P
Would crash my computer (blue screen) on startup when my computer was infected. Don't know if it had any direct connection to anything. Quitty
nvcpl.dll is a nvidia service. IT DOESNT BELONG TO THE GRAPHIC DRIVER ITSELF!! therefore you dont need it. but i have no idea how to delete it out of the autostart. thats crappy ombre
It is definitley a graphics card problem as I just downloaded drivers for a nvidia card and it started showing up. I didnt know it but XP had all ready downloaded the drivers on OS install I didnt need to run the CD and that is when it started to appear. Kevin Wiederhold
Only dangerous if you arent running NVIDIA Graphics chipset Tom Tom
My Error, sorry, plz correct : nvcpl.dll = -/NN; ```WK 2
NVidia Control Panel vikrom
Registry pileup after installing nvidia gpu drivers. Uninstall the driver, reboot, reinstall, check again.  See also: Link GekiritZ
to fix error during start up, just uninstall[emphasis added]/reinstall drivers  See also: Link Vertigo
An error message involving nvcpl.dll is refering to your video driver.,. You may need to reinstall the driver from your drivers CD that came with you PC
Its Nvidea cpannel. totally safe! Its obviously not a hack as its not a .exe file but a .dll file Mike Fiyfa
NVidia File Abhijeet Srivastava
Just right click on it and select properties. IF the Version tab contains NVidia info it's safe. Pablo Viquez
No point to disable it. Keep it running, its harmless. Virusnomore
An exception occurred while trying to run"C:\Windows\system32\Nvcpl.dll,NvStartup" j Guthrie
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [NvCplDaemon] RUNDLL32.EXE C:\WINDOWS\system32\NvCpl.dll,NvStartup daryas
Run msconfig and disable in the final tab nvcpl.dll monkbyblood
COMODO Firewall Merse Kovacshazi
file is used in nvidia control panel, if its infected it would be nvcpl.exe aBC
The entry in msconfig is RUNDLL32.EXE "C:\Windows\system32\Nvcpl.dll,NvStartup" - this is how it is run at startup. Recently it was using 50% CPU on my PC. Removed it - no system tray function now. Sherman Kenney
it's nvidia matt
I believe it has been compromised it is trying to the access Com interface Russ
It can be a Nivida Display Driver Service or a virus in disguise or a worm or trojan Jacob
Nvidia ;) Ernest
Make sure to turn this off if you move from an NVIDA card to a Radeon. This was causing tremendous cpu usage until I turned it off.
i cannot seem to use some of my programs or at least install any because a window will pop up saying it cannot finish installing or there is a problem with windows. when starting windows, it always comes up with a window stating windows system 32 nvcpl.dll is not available or cannot be found.

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