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Process name: Google IE Client Toolbar or GoogleToolbar or Google Verktygsfält för IE-klient or Barre d'outils client IE Google or Barre d'outils pour IE

Product: Google Toolbar for IE or GoogleToolbar or Barre d'outils Google pour IE or Google Verktygsfält för IE or Google Toolbar für IE or ? IE Google

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Company: Google (toolbar.google.com) or Google.com

File: googletoolbar1.dll

This dynamic link library, or DLL, is a browser help object installed with the Google toolbar from the Google search engine company. It runs when Internet Explorer starts, implementing the Google toolbar that lets you quickly search the Internet, while stopping pop-up windows generated by various websites. You can uninstall the toolbar, but terminating the process directly isn't usually a good idea. Also see googletoolbar2.dll and googletoolbar3.dll.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/googletoolbar1.dll.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of googletoolbar1.dll: based on 73 votes. Read also the 37 reviews.

  • 1082 users ask for this file. 44 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 14 users rated it as neutral. 4 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 6 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about googletoolbar1.dll:
Part of Google Toolbar PopUp Blocker Ken Johnson
google toolbar, cool stuff, blocks pop ups, not dangerous.  See also: Link hasan
I use it all the time and like it. Bruce Todd
Part of Google Toolbar : ) Xtra_Zero
Google Toolbar may take a little extra screen space but the benefits outweigh this by far. dougp
Very nice tool. No nags about ur mail and uninstalls easy. YdeepS
it is part of the google toolbar
keeps trying to dial even when not on the net - strange? or NOT? querelle
an excellent popup blocker...1420 and counting :) jacob lewis
Is google toolbar is nice fast search GOOGLEEEEE RULEZ Zero
It crashed my computer cause it said Google Toolbar!
My favorite Google Toolbar. The best searchbar. DJ
beautiful little toolbar, use it every day in every way Jerrod Sutherland
It's a good tool to advoid spam
may spy your webbrowsing KarstenV
Very usefull tool. I have a pretty good understanding od security and this toolbar extension is a helpfull extra as far as I am concearned.  See also: Link Dan McCarthy
Its google toolbar
good search utility but may spy on you  See also: Link anubis
Part of Google toolbar, may send some stats to google.com  See also: Link www.PC-Component.com
Very safe... Part of Google Toolbar - Also found on a computer with Google Desktop Search install and Google Toolbar NOT INSTALLED.
At least It's the ost reliable search-bar and bugs free! careful of other toolbars! they got me infected. RitchY
It's Google... ENOUGH SAID,,,, we all use GOOGLE Dan
still your soul very dangerous
i ran adware on my comp to find viruses and it comes up with googletoolbar.dll i went to read the file and it all sounded like some1 edited it becuz it says *should u wish to delete googletoolbar u will have been one of very few and we would like to know y u wanted it removed* wtf is this? blah
Google (Browser) Tool Bar, hand helpfull and safe, unlike other Tool Bars adware free to Shalianahe
In case of... if YOU Need to Reset Modem (Router) and needed to Change DSL Account Password, This toolbar Should Be Removed. Otherwise, at last step, you will be failed to reset. David Jo
Its a quick search tool. However, it might spy on you since its always active Velmon
google toolbar  See also: Link william
On Certain XP Home installation it causes DR Watson Errors. On offending machines simply go to C:\Program Files and rename the Google directory to google.old and IE Should load properly! Jonthan Julian
A very useful tool. During install, privacy implications are clearly documented and turned off by default. This is the only good toolbar I have seen. Monte Staples
did not install google toolbar and do not want it, and it refuses to uninstall the man who don't trust pros
it's spyware, remove this garbage that slows down your system thedevil
It's completly safe, don't worry! garrettsambo
It doesn't work well with Beta Internet Explorer 8. If anyone knows how to fix it without disabling it, please let me know. paramedic21a
I'm thinking it may be used for the Google updater service. I disabled this add-on in hopes of preventing Google from updating my toolbar to any updated toolbar versions that I do not want. I've been battling the Google updater for weeks trying to keep it from updating from v4 to v5. V5 sucks and Google doesn't care if you don't want it or not, they will force it on you anyway. TokaMaJoJo
My system was terribly slow and I was constantly receiving gooletoobar1.dll errors. I noticed an immediate improvement when I removed it. Thanks for your help. Tina
googletoolbar1.dll is able to record inputs, monitor applications. Therefore the technical security rating is 46% dangerous  See also: Link Hanif

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