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Process name: ViewMgr

Product: Viewpoint Manager or UnInstall Turtle Beach or Adobe Integrated Runtime or Pinnacle MPEG Realtime Codec or SimNet XPert Enterprise Edition or Acoustica Effects Pack

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Company: Viewpoint (viewpoint.com)

File: ViewMgr.exe

This process implements the Viewpoint Manager, which is part of the Viewpoint Media Player program. The Viewpoint Manager runs in the background and checks periodically for available updates to the media player. This is often installed along with AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), and may be present on new installs of branded PCs.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/viewmgr.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of ViewMgr.exe: based on 108 votes. Read also the 119 reviews.

  • 650 users ask for this file. 18 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 26 users rated it as neutral. 35 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 24 users rated it as dangerous. 16 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about ViewMgr.exe:
Seems really odd that this software is everywhere and yet know one knew they had it.  See also: Link Chuck
Spyware, can be uninstalled through Add/Remove
Really annoying spyware, monitors web usage, pop-up windows. Jesse
Used to display 3D views of computers for example. Probably not dangerous but not harmless either. Certainly spyware, installs without user's knowledge. Ocvist
spyware Jimmy
Spyware by ViewPoint-Do not allow to access the net.
Not sure how dangerous this is but I know that my firewall alerted me to the attack and when I clicked on details it said that Roadrunner located about 30 mins from Wash D.C. was trying to utilize this program. Sounds like Roadrunner with their all seeing eye is using spyware to me. Big D
Spyware, but not dangerous. Installs with AOL Instant Messenger. Not annoying, but still unwanted OmegaAsh
Most people most likely get this file from AOL Instant Messenger.... Nao
Part of Viewpoint Media Player which is installed w/ AIM I believe. Probably listed somewhere in the liscense agreement but who cares. It's just annoying when something installs w/o asking me first. I think this can be classified as adware - working it's way to being spyware. dave
this appeared on my computer randomly - never installed it personally. It accesses the internet on its own every 5 minutes on my computer - I tried to research it, didn't like what I found and deleted it. Get rid of this program if it is on your machine, it does nothing good and can only be spyware.
Spyware Bob
do an uninstall, kill AOL program, delete Viewpoint folder and all contents paul
Installed itself from the LA Times front page. Little Bird
Strange looking, seems to monitor background processes, etc...also seems to occasionally use bandwidth...definitely one to get rid of also as Viewpoint already has a bad reputation. Steve
Needed by AOL for AIM? I installed it to view 3D. Peter
I suspect mine was downloaded with E-drawings a cad viewer from SolidWorks bannerwelder
This file will destroy everything you have worked to protect Bill Gates
My Zone labs firewall is catching this trying to access the internet and go to I have not let it through because I didn't know what it was. thanks you very much for this site - now I'll go and delete this and everything associated. Joe from IBM
Viewpoint player uninstalls easily. Not so Viewpoint Manager (viewmgr.exe). It locks up Add/Remove everytime I try. Jake
its bad Greg
ViewMgr.exe viewmgr.exe) is responsible for managing and updating Viewpoint Media Player’s components SM
Bloated spyware. V2 of viewmgr.exe consumes 13MB of memory and installs itself into the control panel without interaction. Also displays popup to install Viewpoint toolbar. Note that Viewpoint is now in the advertising business by acquiring Unicast (see the link) so expect this app to get more bloated and more ad-popping  See also: Link James
It was installed when I went to the Samsung site to look at some of their products. It was a needed install to view their site animations. Click on DLP animations in the link below.  See also: Link Bohuslav
This is Viewpoint's update manager. It's harmless. It checks once daily for updates to the VMP. You can disable it in your control panel under "Viewpoint" and ask it not to check for updates. I have had 10 years experience dealing with Viewpoint/Metacreations, and they have always been highly reputable. VMP is required for AOL and AIM 3D Superbuddies, Adobe Atmosphere and many other programs. Andrew
had 4-5 computers on my network that were shut off of internt access due to this in the start up process Syble
loaded itself - don't like - get rid of it! robin
associated with netscape, aim, aol, and adobe software. ad player  See also: Link Tony
I had to do a system restore to get it off my computer. It appeared along with Netscape Navigator - a program I don't normally use. Don't know how it got there. MMM
Was reviewing all applications firewall status (access/blocked) saw it was there and was blocked. How it got there and that it was blocked, I don't know. Used add/remove as advised here to remove it. At that point, I saw that it was requesting access to Internet. I denied that and it disappeared. Ken
norton popped up & told me this was trying to go on the net. I have NO idea how I got it, I haven't downloaded anything in months! When you go to add/remove it, be careful. As soon as I hit remove.. norton popped up & said.. vmgrremok.exe was trying to go on internet!!
Pretty harmless. Pretty useless too - would have been nice of AIM to be more open in its EULA...Google brought up this on if viewpoint is spyware.  See also: Link Joe Pitt
this is another media player for web, go to control panel, and click on viewpoint, it shows all the info you need about this program  See also: Link NDM
My zonelabs keeps blocking (some site that uses comcast in Pennsylvania). Deleted on contact. (found it going to MSNBC) Jennifer
Adaware and Spybot did not detect this on my machine. Zonelabs firewall reported it trying to access the internet. Go to msconfig startup menu and uncheck. Reboot. Then go to program files/ViewPoint and delete folder. Then remove from control panel. Rick
My updated Spybot DID detect this program and removed it. Rich
Norton and AdAware did not catch its insertion, but Norton caught is trying to access the internet and it was blockable. After that manual removal is simple. David Edward
One of the ways this is installed is by AIM messenger as well as AOL at times, so if you use that, you'll need to actually have to look for viewmgr.exe in your regedit files to delete it. It's just so totally annoying. Yuna
Used Add/remove programs to uninstall. Locked up but now does not list it. Yet still trying to access internet (Zonealarm message). Deleted all associated folders. Search no longer finds viewmgr.exe... Tony
This program installed itself without my knowledge into c:\program_files\Viewpoint. It tried to connect a website at port 443. Thanks to the firewall that I have. That's how I noticed about this new uncool program Stan
hard to remove - add/remove programs does not properly remove this abusive program Craig
Demands that I download a new browser and doesn´t give me the option to say no Lawrence Mayka
Its some sorta player noone uses , but its also spyware Aleks
i've been geting a detailed sygate message that viewmgr.exe wants access to the network (with an eye graphic) and popups about every 3 minutes. very annoying. after reading theses posts i' m going to give the request a permanent NO. the eye grapphic looks similar to the one on the aim buddy list. bill johnson
This program loaded itself onto my computer when I viewed the sports section of the New York Times. I am really annoyed that this installed itself without asking me (yes, I would have said no). Window's new Anti-Spyware Beta program alerted me to this one. I removed viewpoint manager from the control panel after being alerted, and then I tried to remove the viewpoint subdirectory from program files but couldn't because a dll was being used. I figured my browser browsing the NY Times sports section was using this dll. Closed the browser and voila! I was able to remove viewpoint subdirector Kipp Watson
Installed when viewing 3D products at HP's business store. David
Somehow appeared 2 days ago on my machine Bill Wood
many thanks to all of you for your comments and advice about removing this scourge! Viewpoint installed itself on my computer without my doing anything. FYI, I HAVE been to the LA Times website recently. I just removed all AIM/AOL-related stuff along with all the Viewpoint stuff and had no problems doing so. Again, thank you all. Lorna
well, I have viewpointmgr plus viewpoint toll bar. I don't know how I got it. It showed up after going to the samsung website. Since then my computer cursor has been freezing all the time; regardles what file I have open or if I am on the internet or not. I do not know if this is the exact reason for these ocurrances, but I am mighty suspieces. I may simply, have a trojan that has not been found by either spybegone or McVee anti virus systems. If anyone knows please give me a shout. cornfest
Viewpoint manager is a client process which runs on one's pc. It initiates communication to a Viewpoint server to ensure that the latest Viewpoint updates have been applied to it's applications. Several mainstream applications use Veiwpoint as a major component to notify them of version updates; among them are IE Toolbars, AIM, and AOL. If you've a personal firewall, one can prevent Viewpoint Manager from accessing the web without one's knowledge.  See also: Link XTraveler
I believe ITunes Snuck this on my computer based on other google results. I think it could be dangerous because it popped up on my screen saying that it needed to update itself and that it came with my computer (it did not). So I said no. A few days later I got one of those annoying squares at the bottom of my screen (which now plagues XP even by reputable companies) that said it was ready to update... Sneaky = Deleted/Removed. GoHokies
It just installed itself on my computer without my knowledge. I was not even surfing. I did, however, click on a link in an e-mail message that took me to FoxNews.Com. That was just before Zone Alarm flagged an attempt to update this thing. It did not remove completely; there are a number of active DLLs that will not go away. I hate to think what it did to my Registry. I may have to roll the system back. Bob
Can delete all buyt viewmgr.exe -- removed OK form Add/Delete, at least from Win XP. Placed the viewpoint URL and the installer fielname into the various blocking tools, so we will see. Make sure you go into regedit and delete the entries there in H_Key_Local_Machine / Software just ot be sure. DOPesn't seem dangerous, but a pest nonetheless. And mosquitoes like this deserve only one fate... DavidN
Spyware/Adware! Has also corrupted one of my computers registry twice during uninstall (caused infinite reboot loop after blue screen about registry stop error: A quote "viewmgr.exe was attempting to corrupt the registry and was caught. Dumping RAM...") and downloads Spyware in UN-install. AIM and other apps on that computer continue to function even with it removed. REMOVE AT ONCE!!!
My McAfee Firewall notified me ViewMgr.exe was trying to access the Internet. I don't remember ever installing it. I removed it using add/remove programs. Now I get "The page cannot be displayed" when I open I.E. and I cannot even ping my router! The only ping that works is :( Michael P.H. Barnett
Delete it! Installed without my permission and tried to connect to internet when I uninstalled it - Definitely trying to report my computer activity. Is as bad as whoever ordered it installed on your computer. Delete it! surfer
Installed itself silently with Illustrator CS2, I think. Relatively harmless, but it is annoying to not have been asked. Too many people here are panicking too quickly. alphadog
spyware CANNOT BE REMOVED UNLESS YOU DELETE AIM FROM YOU COMPUTER!!! It comes with AIM, the newest versions. It installs itself if you click on it's popup.
Installs automatically w/ AIM without asking for. Collects information without informing you therefore rated as spyware. Get rid of it, it's an annoyance. Dirk
it tries to go to the internet when you try to remove it. I'm sure it installed when I loaded "topics-math success" on my machine. buzz
It is used as a virus name as well as being a largely legitimate (if annoying update manager)  See also: Link justin barton
nothing. It keeps trying to access the internet every few minutes.
I know nothing about this file...have tried deleting it
It is totally harmless. It is part of Aol messenger  See also: Link sparky
This program is bundled with AOL Instant Messanger.
Got mine from AOL IM install, removed it
I uninstalled it, and deleted the removal file it creates. Add/Remove programs locks up on removal, ZA ping on it at removal, and the system intermittently locks up after removal. After testing on two different hard drives with similar results, I decided to reinstall it.
I uninstall it and delete the program folder, yet every time I run AOL, it is back. I'm going to cancel my AOL account because of it and advise everyone else to also. Ex AOL user
Installs silently and WITHOUT user CONSENT from websites!!! GET RID OF IT! NOW! Spybot S&D TeaTimer and MS AntiSpyware will catch it. Sniffer-a-holic
Even though you can disable it from checking for updates in the control panel, It still runs in the background I find that odd. Rick
I recently installed WinRAR. Not sure but I think this is how it got installed on computer. Removal was relatively simple. Quiller
It is just a plugin. Stop being so paranoid. It is also an essential component of AOL IM (Super Buddies) Jeff
Installed with AIM - Panda blocked it when it tried to access the web. Bloats system and eats resources. Daryl
It is a windows plug-in included in every windows version, not dangerous at allOLDJIMMYBONES
This is spyware! The wolf hiding in sheeps clothing as adware. It came hidden packaged with AOL when I downloaded Weatherbug program to my computer desktop. Since Weatherbug has now partnered with AOL I had no choice but to accept their trash with the download. AWS Weatherbug asserts that it is Adware, but then that is probably what AOL is feeding to them. REMOVE IT FROM YOUR COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY I detest being spied on and lied to!!! Diana
Seems the newer versions will bring popups about every 2 or 3 minutes. Dragon Steamboat
Mostly harmless, but tricky to remove. Eats bandwidth and shows popups. Downloads updates for itself. Sometimes can be removes thru add/remove programs, other times it will reinstall itself. ViewpointKiller will kill VMP once and for all.  See also: Link Paul
It is not spyware. Look at their spyware policy. They are also reviewed by Trust-e and part of the BBB Online Reliability Program. It is used by many applications and websites so be careful if you un-install it. It may break something legitimate.  See also: Link It's Just me.
acording to their web site "At no time whatsoever does Viewpoint Media Player or Viewpoint Manager collect personally identifiable information and send it to our (or 3rd party) servers"  See also: Link Go Hokies #2
to get rrid of viewpoint on windows xp.restart in safe mode with network.go to my computer click it.look for viewpoint file.delete it all.then go to add/remove and remove all aol programs.plus empty the recycle bin.then restart the computer in nor mode
Viewpoint Manager - Stealth install - Tracks Browser usage - Annoying Inglix
Although it is not spyware, it accesses the Internet (for updates) without consent, installs without consent. This is a sleazy way of getting installed. Takes up system resources. This is why it should not be considered "safe". Useless to most users. Warren
The Viewpoint Manager (viewmgr.exe) ensures that Viewpoint products receive new feature updates in the same fashion as other popular media players, such as Macromedia Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Windows Media Player, and Apple Quicktime.  See also: Link Dmitry
Viewpoint Manager. Caught by Spybot, Ad-Aware, Ewido, and HJT. Installed with AIM, AOL, and Adobe Acrobat Reader. It's not that dangerous, but it's a ride-along, and not reccomended to keep around. Kisara
This constantly came up on my Zone Alarm firewall and I became curious about it. I found no use for it, and read about it here. Deleted using CCleaner easily, but the entry stays within the Add/Remove Programs application. Mike Rock
Came with AIM when I knew NOTHING about it. I deleted it and ran a scearch through all my computer for "vmgrremok.exe" which I saw here as something else that goes with is and it came up in c:/WINDOWS/Prefetch. There were also a Viewpoint installer as well as a Viewpoint toolbar installer. I got rid of them all. Nathaniel
It installs Itself and if you remove it and start AOL or AIM (Instant Messenger) it installs itself. More under information my Link. I hate such programms it's criminal to build such SPYWARE! (Viewpoint Media Player)  See also: Link Dulla_Po
Installed without direct permission and then asks for internet access nonstop. Removed it and all other programs still run fine. Toss it!! Me too
ViewPoint IS Adware  See also: Link Doug Edelman
BitDefender, SpySweeper, PestPatrol, and WindowsDefender do not report it under any classification. Only ZoneAlarmPro keys in on the one on this machine. I'll just keep clicking deny on the ZAP notice for the time being. Bill
Required by many sites (www.remington.com) to view 3D illustrations. Andrew was correct, its easy to un-install from control panel. It is not compatable with my MS WORD 97 and causes it to terminate. Un-install it.  See also: Link Karl in Missouri
It is completey safe...the viewMgr you see in your task manager is only there to be sure ViewPoint is up to date..it is similar to Quicktime, and such. ViewMgr does not collect any user info at all. Mick J-Connecticut
Since install, many trojans cannot uninstall via add/remove Terry M
Not spyware. But annoying. Viewpoint Media Player is a browser plug-in. Companies including Toyota, Ford, AOL and many others use it for 3D graphics in web pages. Viewpoint Media Player has been around since 1999. You can go into Control Panel to disable auto updates for Viewpoint. That's new and what is causing all the commotion. It used to only update when you visited a website that uses it.  See also: Link Bob
Program was installed without my knowlage and i found out from McAafee when i deleted it, it changed my color settings and wont let reset them. kill this program and run the ppl who made it out of town!!!! paul
Spyware policies don't mean jack, and Trust-e and the BBB will certify anything that is hidden deep within the asscrack of AIM's EULA. I have never used Viewpoint Media Player or its update manager and I have never experienced problems when wiping it from my system, That alone makes it an imposition upon me, let alone when it consumes bandwidth and processing power. If you really like AIM/AOL, you may not want to kill it, but I sure as hell would, and do. Fred
THIS IS NOT SPYWARE, and it did NOT install by itself- It came with your Viewpoint Media Player. The Viewpoint Manager updates the Media Player for you. No, it is not cause pop-ups or send any information to a third party. (See link: questions 2 and 9)  See also: Link Haggis McMutton
In this world of computers it is possible to screw up an environment when installing legitamate software. Therefore is no reason to trust the unknown, non-requested, bandwidth eating software that Viewpoint is. Besides, has anyone that does use it ever seen it media player in use? I certainly don't like a cluttered machine as other troubleshooting is made simpler. So an uninstall is recommended whenever you find it. Because Viewpoint is linked with so many software titles out there, it will be difficult to prevent install. So just kill it when you see it if you did not purposely install. Optimus Prime
Viewpoint Manager (viewmgr.exe) is used by various products of Viewpoint Corporation and may include Viewpoint Media Player and Viewpoint Toolbar. Viewmgr.exe is a filename used by Viewpoint which looks for updates to Viewpoint products. The confusion over viewmgr.exe comes from Trojans or viruses that use the same executable name (.exe) as that of viewmgr. Many spyware/malware programs use filenames of usual, non-malware programs. if you have not installed any product by Viewpoint Corporation that would be using Viewpoint Manager, then you may be infected with a virus or Trojan.  See also: Link Mediarocker - IT Administrator
spyware that came with AOL. Installs its self. Brandi
istalled with AIM (AOL instant messenger) i think if you uninstall the program aim wont work. its not too big of a deal, as it doesnt suck up any cpu. but still unwanted Nick
I didn't even know I had it. I have done spyware and adware checks; nothing gets noted by them. I still think it is wrong that they install it on your computer without your permission. I think I'll get rid of it now. landhermie
AIM Uses it, not exactly sure how, but i'm not deleting my AIM account because of a silly utility. It's never prompted me to update it either (panda 06 takes care of a lot of that stuff) and i have a home-made gaming machine, so it doesn't drain my cpu at all. Gizmosiciliani
The fact that this process doesn't seem to do anything is even more worrisome to me. It implies that this executable has been built to be sneaky. Moran
I installed this plugin through a NASA Website. I don't think NASA is in the habit of allowing Spyware to Access their webpages. They have to much to lose by doing this. Phasers
Popped up out of nowhere, but seems to be very active on my computer(s). Used Startup Control Panel to disable it for now. JC Crisp
It just popped into my computer when i got AIM. Its probably in the liscense agreement, but who is gonna read an 8 page liscense aggrement? Zone Labs caught on mine, I did'nt know what the heck it was. I'm going to delete this right now. Scott
All I know is after this software installed itself with out my consent. Weird things happened when browsing the internet - such as searching in a major search engine beginning with a 'G' and clicking on the URL that appeared in the top of the list. The browser would go over to fictitious auction site page and not to the actual page.
It just pops up to update once in awhile, takes some space and rather annoying. Didn't really lag my computer too much though. Although I am not aware what kind of info I could've leaked from my computer. evanthebouncy
Stupid and annoying. Installs automatically with AIM. If you have AIM installed and then uninstall this, it will automatically be reinstalled when AIM is next opened. There's no way to install AIM wihtout this.
Attempted to access an external IP frequently. Removed from Control Panel the item - Viewpoint Manager SSS
I got this after going to Apple's site where I looked at the iPhone and watched the presentation of it's unveiling (useing QuickTime). Eileen Descallar
Part of Viewpoint Media Player. It actively listens on port 3149... Probably harmless, but I am not sure why it would need to listen to a port, so I am removing it. Moe Green
This annoying spyware 'plug-in' can be uninstalled or permanently deactivated by disabling it via the Services Manager. Look for Administrative Tools in the Windows Control Panel. Josh
It took everything off of my desktop - so even using the Start button to remove it is impossible... Mandi
Part of Viewpoint Media Player, many PCs have it, consider it potentially Spyware, but not dangerous. Installs with AOL Instant Messenger, Netscape, certain Adobe applications - Adobe Atmosphere player. Not annoying, but still unwanted. end task, so it is not running, then it can be uninstalled. Will re-install when it is needed by certain programs though. If present, it may pop up to update daily.  See also: Link Don Dphoenix
Everytime i try to download something an error box comes out saying viewmgr encountered an error and then everything freezes.I dont understand how to fix this. Lisa
Annoying pop-up gLENN pOLARD
Viewpoint manager, useless and collects some data about your web usage, if you didn't install it yourself, get rid of it as of other spyware like this. HP

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