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Process name: CmdLineExt03.dll

Product: HijackThis or Windows Safety Alert or System Alert Popup

Company: cmdlineext03.dll

File: CmdLineExt03.dll

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  • 1370 users ask for this file. 13 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 23 users rated it as neutral. 11 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 22 users rated it as dangerous. 9 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about CmdLineExt03.dll:
Seems to come from games - and perhaps it has som kind of spy-attitude. Solution is to run "regsvr32 /u cmdlineext03.dll" and then rename it.  See also: Link JT
Hacker process... somehow gets on your system through the use of games... or so it seems. Delete it.  See also: Link
runs from temp directory i think its not a friendly programm ;) diskman
This file is part of some copy protections that come with games, and also leaves a massive hole in several ports on your system. Game may not run with it in quarantine, reinstall will fix game if need be. Magus
while I was playing with viruses one made it so I couldn't right click on exes, using ShellExView I disabled it and I can right click again! DarkSun
This is something to do with the game " Championship manager 03-04 " I dont think its dangerous , its just hard to delete from the Temp internet files mark
Used regsvr32 /u cmdlineext03.dll but it could not find the file. But it is still in my local settings Temp folder
I was unable to delete some files, windows told they were used by a program, after doing some researches I found that explorer.exe was the program locking the file... then I look at the DLLs explorer.exe was using and I found this cmdlineext03.dll running from temp folder, I unregisterd it and removed it, then killed explorer.exe and relaunched it. No more problem deleting those files... Thanks to Process Explorer by Sysinternals that helped me to diagnose the whole thing! John Wellesz
I discovered that this file is loaded by explorer.exe whenever you try to perform a file operation, this DLL is part of a copy protection thing (mine came with DIABLO II). The best thing to do is to prevent explorer.exe from loading the DLL by allowing only SYSTEM to access the file (in the security tab of the DLL properties). To delete it is not enough, it will be reinstalled the next time you launch Diablo II for example... John Wellesz
I have Star Wars Battlefront (legal). Ever time I run it it creates c:\Windows\System32\CmdLineExt03.dll. I've deleted it and re-run SWBF and it re-creates it. So probably to do with the CD-Copy protection. (I've created a folder called CmdLineExt03.dll and the file isn't created any more. Handy inoculation!) Mr. D.Ata
All this is belonging to a copy protection (sony software driven copy protection).  See also: Link Akbar
when i quarantine it, security task manager stops functioning properly. otherwise it doesnt seem to do anything Razz
Googled for 20mins about it. Comments reach from harmless copy protection to Spyware. I have it in system32 and AdAware from 02-2005 does NOT recognize it as malware. iSi
Located in my \system32\ folder. Don't know if it's dangerous, but STM itself will not run correctly without it. My copy of this file is unsigned and looked suspicious. John
Seems to be a new variant of CoolWebScan - removing it using regsvr32 /u and then rebooting within *10 seconds* by a hard reset was the only way I could clear the malware SteveD
Games. Installed "Diablo" on a laptop w/inet + on a fresh w98 wo/inet. The file appeared on both. Gakkgakkshortsen.
This and a few other dll's showed up in /tmp after playing Diablo II under wine in Linux! WTF? ClamAV thought it was ok and there's no wine processes running now. Still a little suspicious though. Don't know what it might have done on a real windows system though. Ian Tester
It can't be friendly. It is encoded with exe compression tool. apflake
Panda found it when Steam (Halflife 2) crashed, says it disinfected but file no longer exists, going with the idea that its something to do with games. MadJon
some kind of a malware... hooks itself into explorer kaalikas
I have the SE About Blank Trojan and every instance I delete the dual dll files along with iadhide.dll - every file comes right back up. Lucavi A.D.
I've found about it when I disabled it using Nirsoft's ShellExView (link). When I've disabled using that program I was able to right click icons on my desktop and in Windows start menu and get the pop-up menu without crashing explorer.  See also: Link Saxtus
I found it with sysinternal's process explorer because when I right clicked old 16 bit DOS applucations, explorer was keeping a lock on that file. I found out it was the CmdLineExt03.dll who was resposible for this behaviour. regsvr32 /u dll did the trick. I found out that it came with a game called FarCry. I think it is just part of the crack. After running regsvr32 FarCry was no longer working. toyah
rests comfortably in my '\local settings\temp' file. Have not been able to get rid of it, and so far does not seem to be causing any trouble. cujomcfly
its sony software copy protection - COMPLETELY 100% ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED HARMLESS random user
Not Steam-related. Just removed it and Steam starts fine, nor is it recreated.
Used with SecuROM copy protection, stop panicking fools kev
Desktop hijacker BHARATH M N
Similar to Darksun, only I never play around with such files: Sth. intruded my PC and made it so I couldn't right click on exes (and com's (PC crash resulted)), ctrlA, ctrlX or the Del or shift+Del button's on the keyboard crashed the explorer as well, using ShellExView, I disabled it and I can right click again. Subbubb
SysInternals shows this file being *created* and queried by "swkotor.exe", or Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic. Threat unknown... but I don't trust any program that finds it necessary to routinely install and then subsequently remove all traces of itself. Intuit
All I know is I cannot delete it. Seems it started when I d/l the game "Max Payne 2 or Call of Duty" take your pick. So...is this a virus or what? Whatever it is, I can't delete it. Although I did a search and found it in my Windows under sysems 32. I then went back to my Temp. folder and still, it would not let me delete! E.H.
Deleting the file is almost useless. It is recreated and launched the minute you launch SecuROM protected games. Some games may not run if the process is blocked, others will. SecuROM increasingly employs spyware & trojan-like tactics, short of place an actual rootkit on the user's system and this is alarming. (yet anyway) The later versions of SecuROM will NOT run if they detect SysInternals utilities and various legitemate CD creation utilities; requiring that you uninstal this applications before continuing. SecuROM also gives you 100% false error messages and will not tell you the Intuit
The existence of this file on my system has been pissing me off for awhile, but it appears my common denominator w/other postings is Diablo II. I'm no longer considering this file as harmful. Morgoth
It doesnt seem to be dangerous, but i couldnt delete any invalid .exe files with explorer until I removed it Sausage
I tried qurantinig it and scanning again, the scan stopped halfway saying it can't find this file. and couldn't rate the programs scanned anymore. eXo
Maybe the dll comes from a patched Valve (Cteam) game? Max
For me when i start Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 (with soaked and wild) it just appears and is quickly detected by Windows Defender Real-Time protection as a high risk file. Not sure if it is actually dangerous (Deleting "CmdLineExt.dll as well as bleaching your temp files are pointless). It's been bugging me for 2 hours and I am gonna ignore it now unless quarintining it works :P Anonymous
comes with games protected by Securom copy protection. Harmless KB
Installed Diablo II under XP Pro last night. I found that after running the game, my wallpaper would change to a play symbol. Further investigation found *something* tried to hijack my desktop using Active Content. I ran Windows Defender and found this .dll. I unregistered it, renamed a txt file with the same name, and copied it to my system32 folder. Now Defender doesn't detect it, it doesn't get reinstalled and my wallpaper doesn't change. Harmless. If it were, Windows Defender would not have alert me to it's presence in the first place. Anubis
Windows Defender is now detecting this file as malware. Just because it's from Sony, or SecuROM doesn't make it safe. It's a root kit ppl. Even if it's from "the man" it's still potentially dangerous. Especially if virus authors decide to exploit it, and even Microsoft agrees with me. Go figure. Black Titan
Found it in my System32 folder and says it was created 2 days ago, which is when I was download-frenzy on GarageGames.com, may be from their games? Still testing at this point but I do know that 20 minutes ago before I renamed it, my firewall kept restarting itself... Mikemc
Copy protection, included with some games. Annoying if you want to mount an image as a virtual drive, but not dangerous jacobzcoool
It is harmless. Wrote to SecuRom support to investigate it. The replied: "Thank you for your email. Don't worry this is a harmless SecuROM related file. It reinstalls itself after you start a SecuROM protected game." So just tell your spyware to ignore it. :) Bob
I first spotted CmdLineExt03.dll - alerted by 'Windows Defender' to a dangerous Trojan. I noticed it after installed S.W.A.T 4 and launched it. Was able to delete it. Seems it harmelss enough, and from reading above, comes with most games. (retail version of game) Jim
i dont play games on my pc and with this file in my temp file my taskbar s (by the clock) wont run so my anti-virus is disabled. nothing finds this file.. adaware, spysweeper, norton e.t.c. A search for it in c:\ *.DLL does not show it. however I booted in SAFE MODE and then deleted it. booted normaly and all my icons came back. Also now my pc is using 18% resources as before it was using 50-80% !! I work on computers day in / day out and this is no harmless file.! you have been warned. Mr Dave
Windows Defender kept identifying this file as a trojan when I would run the game Scrabble. I finally decided it was not harmful and uninstalled Defender. Just to be on the safeside though I ran regsvr32 /u cmdlineext03.dll then changed the name of the file to .txt Nelson
Tried starting up pro evolution soccer 5, never had this problem before and i get a lovely little pop-up box from Windows Defender telling me i need to delete it. Obviously it just appeared again straight away, I'm worried if this is a virus it could be doing stuff elsewhere, anyone know if i can just ignore this or if there's a way to stop Defender recognising it as something dangerous? Brad
Created with Diablo II,can be removed with "same name folder" trick greenfurby
When I open W Live Messengger and I type my account name it takes like 10 sec to make echo (show the caracters I have written) and my router traffic lights blink as I write, so, it's spyware to me. Some coincidences with other posts: My computer is noticeable slower. I have recently installed Call of Duty, Laureano
Seems from common problems and relations it is to do wirth games. Though the thing is if it is someone needs to send the damn company an email as the file is not directed to anyone, is named like malware and looking at contents it looks unfriendly but the thing is if u are locking up or unable to click run some anti-viruses, clean up ur startup processes and clean up ur comp in general as it is probably lag. Insane_corn
It seems to probably a malicious software!.
Created after remving 5 Trojans, and openning firefox. It was being brought up as a Threat, so I would remove it. Kyle
Same thing happened for me as what happened to eXo; I quarantined it then refreshed and it STM said it cannot open the file specified (which implies it is actually part of STM???)
Its been on my computer for over a year and it is not detected by any anti-virus or anti-spyware scan I have run. ingkiller1
Sony audio CD protection installs on hard drive, completely messes your machine. Fortunately Msoft stopped them doing it. Rod
It's part of the SecuROM copyright protection module on SecuROM protected games. Not dangerous at all.  See also: Link FragLimiT
It's probably dangerous... well I hope not because I have it in my computer. Dattebayo
I removed/quarantined it and Security Task Manager Starts popping up a message "can't find..." I click ok but Security Task Manager looses ability to post data in "Rating, CPU, Memory, Active" columns. Stephenopolus
same. i try to run rct3 and my avast scanner detects a sample of a trojan in the file cmdlineext03.dll Anonymous
I only just started seeing CmdLineExt03.dll when i opened up RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, AVG Free detects it, moves it to vault, and then the same message comes up when i open it a second time. It hasn't seemed to do much damage for me *touchwood*, and RCT3 will only start if i ignore the file. Jack
it's not created by diablo 2, its created by Sony games, they install it as a means to stop pirating/copying their games. There are actually to files, 1 is this cmdlinext03.dll and the other is cmdlinext.dll, they both are found under Windows/System32 folder. The files act as a spyware and Avira AntiVir determine it to be a Trojan Kefka
It's part of the copyright protection module known as SecuROM. It's completely harmless. Shiji
This file is associated with STM, SecuROM, game apps and a few other apps. Overall it is harmless at least for me. I do not recommend deleting it and by all means stop jumping at ever little instance of what most AV apps and other apps such as STM list as a possible threat. The keyword is POSSIBLE. IF you run games with secuROM it will only reload the file to run or it may crash until you reinstall. I have not seen a virus running this ever. CraniumX
Lavasoft Adaware flagged this one to me, but it just comes with any games protected by SecuROM copy protection.
Showed up unexpectedly, noticed sever system lag and slowdowns. Was detected as a potential threat. Random Person #19875197826750125.1
It is not a malware. A part of SecuROM copy protection system.  See also: Link Nomad Soul
c:\windows\system32\CmdLineExt03.dll - i play RCT3 RRT3 and diablo i have this file and my games dont work unless i allow - combofix shows it and install date same date i installed these games Douggie
Once it is in your computer , it wont leave and keeps returning and giving you Massive Lag when playing games , i have found this to be so in playing Battlefield 2 bad company and EA games should be ashamed to Associate its self to a program that hacks into your game on your computer bob a job
Ok Ok the bottom line is: its safe it gets created when many atari and other games are launched...then ofcoarse the antivirus picks it up as a trojen because its screwing around with settings to copyright protect the games...in all try and ignore it if you can but if its stopping the game from exucuting you may have to make some exeptions. but the bright side is your antivirus is doing its work

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