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Process name: IDLEPROC DLL

Product: America Online or AOL or Rocket Mania Deluxe or Index.dat Suite or Adobe Photoshop Album or Adobe Integrated Runtime

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: America Online (aol.com) or AOL (aol.com)

File: idleproc.dll

This dynamic link library is a component of America Online (AOL) software, and is installed along with it. It is not entirely clear what specific function idleproc.dll serves within AOL, but it is necessary for the DLL to remain running for AOL to work properly -- removing it may cause AOL to attempt a reinstall of the software.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/idleproc.dll.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of idleproc.dll: based on 37 votes. Read also the 31 reviews.

  • 1823 users ask for this file. 12 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 10 users rated it as neutral. 9 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 4 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about idleproc.dll:
Part of AOL - no threat
Its part of crappy AOL. I don't trust anythin that belongs to AOL. Cuz one of AOL's system files (comm.dll) is a trojan! You have been warned people! Vrocker
Well its to do with AOL so i don't like it. one of aol's system files is a trojan so be warned (comm.dll) Damn AOL to hell! VRocker
It is a keylogger installed by AOL so parents may monitor thier childrens internet activity AOL TECH
part of AOL, if you delete it you will no longer be able to start the AOL. okan
rated a 3 because for one .. AOL is garbage for two: aol's techs cant even understand english and for three: i have already owned aol's features ... my own smilies i made .. my own icons .. i owned their gay little icon .. and i owned 13 host names port 5190 ... find a program to switch ports and you can actively hack them have a nice day mr AOL Tech! mitch ownz you
Just delete it... aint worth the risk Ben
i know that it loads into every process that uses the internet, a keylogger does not need to do this its just an api hook. Tom
this a parental control file that is damaged by a known virus that loads tsr's (task mgr list for the boneheads above) that start any variation of letters and numbers, run a quick restore and both anti-virus & spyware scan fidabodiac
Part of AOL. Need to leave it alone if you want aol to work
Change Internet providers - AOL not only doesnt have a clue ... they dont even suspect. Brian
keylogger,this logger is subject to the supervisor.exe logger, no matter what you do someone gets all of your passwords and TOS you on AOL.
nochmal in deutsch: AOL-Kindersicherung zzsundownerzz
part of aol's excelent parental controls best isp ever Rob happy dad
I think it slows my computer down MercuryDisco.co.uk
Needed to run AOL. I wish the anti-aol clueless assholes would get a life instead of making their pathetic unhelpful comments. Roland
online directory main ymql8d4
Welcome!!! http://www.areaseo.com/contacts/ google pr. [URL  See also: Link google pr main
I quarantined the annoying Lexpps.exe and turned AOL on. Only after I turned on AOL did I see this on Security Task Manager. I turned AOL off and this hasn't left. Does it monitor your keyboard inputs only during the AOL sessions or CONSTANTLY? This could be a big problem. Joe Shmoe
parental control AOL Hanno
If you deleted it, AOL won't start. Bill
For AOL to be more than a Internet provider, who knows what's installed on your hard drive? Jaz
It may both be needed for AOL and slow my laptop down. So if I want to toss it, how can I as long as I use AOL. Any other good info on this?? Davidtrans
funny ringtones kssboat
Aol seems to have always been one giant virus in its self. Someone said it's something to do with parental control, but I have no children and don't even have that setup on Aol. blah
Its a keylogger. But needed to run AOL. Stupid Aol. Irate AOL customer
some ludicrous comments made by people who are themselves clueless. It is a parental control file as already pointed out. Alan Carlos
It does belong to AOL.....but nevertheless its still a keylogger Rob
Ran when sub-accounts are made, AOL process - no threat. Chris
A recent upgrade to Xfinity's Constant Guard caused it to block this file so I couldn't sign onto AOL. An AOL tech added the file to the Blocked Program Rules and set it to 'Allow'. Problem solved. Barb
it is described as a "Hook" that captures your keystrokes, so what else is new, just delete it from the program, aol will still run without it. but you will have to kill the pop up that comes up at least 3 times warning you the dll is missing tom

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