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Process name: Mim for Jukebox

Product: Musicmatch Jukebox

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Company: Musicmatch (musicmatch.com)

File: mim.exe

Mim.exe is a background process for Musicmatch Jukebox that is run when Windows starts. It decreases the load time of the Jukebox application upon running, and it handles most of the functions called by the GUI mmjb.exe. Yahoo! purchased Musicmatch in 2004 and subsequently rebranded the software as Yahoo! Music Jukebox. Yahoo! Music Jukebox went out of business four years later, and the software is no longer available for download. Some websites do offer old versions of Musicmatch Jukebox for download, but many of them are not compatible with Windows 7.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/mim.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of mim.exe: based on 75 votes. Read also the 77 reviews.

  • 251 users ask for this file. 14 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 24 users rated it as neutral. 17 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 15 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about mim.exe:
Part of musicmatch - but have no idea what it does... uses resources.  See also: Link Michael
its a utility file for musicmatch  See also: Link matter
consumes huge amounts of memory grinding system to a halt John Lawler
I sometime find it using a HIGH percentage of my CPU, even though I'm not using MusicMatch Skip NT1G
music match startup exe.. once u install musicmatch, (later versions) this is added to the windows startup process list. geo
This file is a COM exe server that manages the database and devices for MusicMatch programs. By default it starts at user login; it helps MusicMatch applications come up faster and also provides for the following capabilities even when a MusicMatch application isn't running: 1) watchfolder operation (automatic add/update of tracks to the database); 2) UPnP content directory services. Tim Dowty
It loads on startup and locks my box with error message "no disk in drive". To unlock, go to task manager and kill (stop) mim.exe. This is a MusicMatch program that is running all the time, consuming resources. On my Win XP Pro box I got rid of the unwanted startup by deleting it from the Registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\MimBoot. I now do not have the ugly startup issues. Don't try to get info on this from MusicMatch as they are without clue. If you manually start MusicMatch and close it the mim.exe will be left in memory consuming prodigious mem ant James Presley (Austin)
This file sometimes blocks Music Match from shutting down. It may also interfere with other processes performance if it is in this "hung" state. Try opening task manager and ending this process if you face such a situation (eg: you've quit MMJukebox and you are trying to close Outlook but outlook is not responding - replace Outlook with any other application name). Also when you close MMJukebox and try to launch it again because of this process MMJukebox will never launch sometimes. Ending this processes task would be the only solution to this problem. [soksa]icy
I have a manager for my TDK Mojo256f MP3 player. It is called "TDK UniFi for Mojo." Whenever I try to trun it, I get an error message saying that another copy is running. I finally used the task manager to determine that mim.exe was causing the problem. I get the same message if I run MMJB after running TDK Unifi, but MMJB will still run after I close the message. However, I have to end the process for mim.exe every time I use TDK UniFi.
In early versions of MM 10 you could remove the mim.exe from your system but now this causes MM not to start up anymore. I don't like mim.exe because on my computer it causes my cd/dvd players not to refresh anymore. You can prevent mim from starting up at windows start up but it becomes active as soon as you start MM, after that you have to manually stop the program via ctrl-alt-delete, even after MM is closed. Chris van Os
Causes an issue with MPIO Manager 2 for Digitalway MPIO player. Kill in task manager and MPIO player will start. Also Dell Musicmatch doesn't recognize mp3 player unless kill this task first (then it starts again!) T
I have been having problems with my winXP freezing, Caught mim.exe running at 60% of processor, so killed it. Paulzinho
It keeps me from being able to stop my external USB harddrive, and uses up (i.e. wastes) alot of CPU time. Christopher Messick
Musicmatch file, uses huge amounts of memory even when I don't even use musicmatch Nick
Nothing, except that it SLOWS the PC DOWN during startup. jim
Consumes to many resources George
I found two copies of mim.exe in two musicmatch subfolders: (1) MusicMatch Jukebox and (2) Musicmatch Update/MMJB). So this file should be considered an integral part of the MusicMatch program. I don't know what it does, but it may occasionally use an extraordinary amount of CPU power, even when I'm not running the MusicMatch software. This seems to be a self-terminating affair and shouldn't be considered a real problem.  See also: Link Ron
It's using 50% cpu 3.7 mb of ram atm. I believe this is due to my poor cable modem connection. I suspect that mim.exe is associated with the file tagging feature in music match. I think it is trying to download album art that has not downloaded yet. No facts on this just an observation. bman1117
This also seems to be buggy and wants to prevent Windows from shutting down properly. You find it not responding during shutdown. "Shellconhiddenwindow" problem. MusicMatch programmers: Clean up your act and stop using so many resources!  See also: Link Muzz
It eats up between 50 & 75% of CPU (P4 3.8Ghz HT) and makes the fan blow.  See also: Link Matt
if no running musicmatch ¿why uses resources?. Not Good Policy Thomas Follet
Locked up 50 percent of the memory continuously. Dump it. Frank
Sync Prefeences T-Man
Starts on start up,adds 3 processes on my task manager.Starts without musicmatch and boost my cpu.Freezes my cam and bogs my computer,I think all should block and kill task at first sight,no problems since I did. Ray
On install, set to start (as mimboot.exe) with Windows regardless of user preference @ HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Re-starts when MMJB runs no matter what. Hogs 5-35% of CPU, 2-10MB RAM. Task manager would not close it. When I shut down internet, CPU usage dropped to 0%. Nothing in their support "knowledge base" about it. Looks like spyware to me! Write to MM and complain!  See also: Link Dayton Livingston
USB devices cannot be safely disconnected without ending the process. Brad
I see it is connecting to cdn-69-28-146-30.lax.llnw.net:http. The is in my "ActivePorts" window (a reliable port monitor app) Dave
It takes up almost all of my CPU capacity, although when I start up other app's it seems to grant them as much CPU capacity as they need. Maarten
Music Match Jukebox process Rick
Turn off WatchFolders, it's gone. Terry
causes my cd rom to read the same disc after i've changed it. marxhere
It causes the ShellConHiddenWindow error to show up at shutdown and causes the shutdown process to take forever. I removed it once and didn't have any problems for about a week and then I couldn't open MMJB. Put in back into the startup process and am looking for a way to get rid of it at startup and still have access to the jukebox Zen82
When I installed ver 10 upgrade, MS outlook would not function with MS word as the mail editior. Appeared to be competing for resources and drove CPU use to 100%. Uninstalling Music Match corrected the problem. Marc
I causes SereneScreen screen saver to flicker. I suggest removing it from startup and let MusicMatch load it when necessary. Kurt
MusicMatch file you get with upgrading to 10. Uses 50-60% of CPU for no apparent reason. I just deleted the file and I have had no operating problems with MusicMatch or any programs on my computer. MusicMatch actually opens quicker with less problems with out it. I keep the deleted file in my recycle bin just incase! Steve
It also assists in volume leveling in which case it uses up to 50% CPU Jeroen Caubergs
i dont know abt this i want to know now sainath
prevents IE from showing alt-text when mouise over image. Remove mimboot from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run in the registry and it won't come back Frans Nijs
Can trigger huge amount of cpu/memory usage. John
slows pc down too much and very insidious, what is the program doing, my beliefe is that it is spyware sending info back to sony etc, if you have peerguardian running the site which music match connumicates with is in the black list from peerguardian... very dangerous Anthony
I finally uninstalled Jukebox - I got tired of killing mim.exe after every use of Jukebox. If I forgot to kill it, it used 50-60% of my CPU. There are other audio players without such ridiculous resource killers (and thanks, Matt- I wondered why my fan was unbelievably loud on start up - after uninstalling Jukebox, it no longer happens.) slbenton1
It also seems to have a hold on external hard drives. I always got the 'The Generic Volume cannot be stopped....' message when I wanted to disconnect my mini drive. After a shut down mim.exe, it worked without problem. Klaus
It consumes about half of the memory of my pc, and always start at user loging and when you try to finish the process the aplications of the pc become very slow kingbishop
MusicMatch component - I say dangerous as it could seriously impact your ability to deliver 'actual work' from your PC - Ironically, it consumes CPU just as you close Musicmatch and for instance leave your desk with perhaps a critical process running Dezzzo
Thx Terry - In MM go to File WatchFolders disable - poof! Glenn
No problems with it but don't like unnecessary processes. Turned off WatchFolders and it didn't go. So stopped it. It went; so did MMDiag.exe. John
my zoneaalrm pro firewall seems to block program and outbound access tony
It is accessing the internet at and that's disturbing. BIoTek
periodically scans external drives, etc., don't know how to stop that unless I delete the startup entry in registry Ed
This bug has been in MM since V8 (cuz I reported it), and still exists in V9&10 PJ
mim.exe is belonging to the Musicmatch Jukebox software. Musicmatch Jukebox is a multimedia application supporting most known media formats. This is a non essential system process and, disabling or enabling this is down to user preference. Mediarocker - IT Administrator
I uninstalled it on a new dell desktop using add / remove software in the control panel of XP Pro it removed everything related to mim.ex and the registry entry. Web One
Appears after installation of Music Match Jukebox. Seems a suspicious that the process still runs after ending MMJ application. Did not keep it running long enough to find out what it does or does not do. BigO
Put it under quartine. It would not let me open music match afterwards. Restored and music match works fine. Don't seem to have a memory problem with it. P.A.P
MusicMatch Jukebox, watches disc drives and detects removable devices for fast playback. Uses a lot of resources for a file that just does that though, i'm not too sure if it does anything else. Paul
Belongs to MusicMatch Jukebox. Was using 50% of Processor and over 500k of my memory. I have a P4 e6600 running at 3.33ghz. I'd hate to see that this does to a slower system.
Part of the Musicmatch Jukebox software. Can use up increasingly large amounts of memory. Can be removed from startup, but will still launch any time Musicmatch is launched. Rick
Most important thing said, by Terry & Glenn: Open MusicMatch, go to File, Watch Folders, uncheck the Watch Folder box - poof! it's gone. Thanks for helping solve an annoying mystery! David
Running on XP, sometimes prevents MMJB from loading after shutting down the first occurrence. Stops Photoshop from loading, Stops selective other programs from loading. Kill mim.exe, they load instantly. Jerry
It is a part of MusicMatch. If you look into the reports of your virus internet worm protection. You see. Mim.exe is making internet connections. Is it spyware? F... Yahoo Musicmatch does not give an anser. The are sorry for the inconvenience. Roy
This is the terminal services controller for Musicmatch. Thsi controls the connection between Jukebox and the Musicmatch server when Jukebox is active. AnthonyW
When mim.exe is running, I am unable to dismount portable harddrives. Killing mim.exe enables the drives to be turned off through XP's interface for USB harddrives. Larry B (RaveRocks)
I had also had problems. After uninstall and reinstall Musicmatch, everything seems okay. Then I had my MicroCruzer USB with U3. Everytime I plugged that USB in my computer locked up. Sandisk tech support says there's a conflict between the U3 software with mim.exe. I now know that I cannot use my MicroCruzer USB jump drive while mim.exe is on. So if anyone is looking for a fix, you might want to look for mim conflicts. John the U3 user
Musicmatch is worse than a virus! It ill cripple your system. Delete it! Chris
Mim.exe is a program run by MusicMatch Jukebox version 7 or later. It makes MusicMatch Jukeobox open faster and uses a lot of system resources. I recomend to remove it from windows startup.  See also: Link Ronald McGear
MusicMatch file. It was consuming 98% of my CPU so in task Mgr I reduced the priority to low which took care of my issue. Mark
It slows down my computer a lot. Don't know why it's like this on this version of MM but never had the problem before. Have been using MM for 10 years now and never had this problem before MMJB V 10. Frank AA
It uses up a lot of space and makes your computer run very slow. Steve Young
mim.exe generates problems with my new U3... i have to stop the process several times to allow the U3 to run normally Problems
That its an adware application Samuel
EVERY time I log on to my computer, I get an error message saying mim.exe has encountered a problem and has to close. This happens even when MusicJukebox has not been used. I didn't even know it was running, so it must have been doing it behind the scenes without me wanting it to. Disturbing thought. When I click okay to close it, I get a run time error. Stacy
Slows down my pc to halt, it sucks!! Thanks all now I have a bit of an idea what to do with it. Mikez Estrella
Definitely part of the defunct Music Match program that was purchased by Yahoo Music. It often ran in the background consuming 50% CPU cycles even when Music Match was no longer used. I removed it by Uninstall Music Match. john
Change the following registry entry to 1:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MusicMatch\MusicMatch Jukebox\4.0\MainApp
Part of MusicMatch Jukebox. Comes with MMJ 10 at the very least. This process kept me from being able to safely remove any external drives. Kill it! Dave
Only that I cannot delete it. There must be a way. It locks up my computer. I cannot delete the musicmatch Jukebox program from my computer.
sometimes when I start windows 7 in my pc, I get an error message that says mim.exe must be closed becaouse found a problem, and when I close it my pc becomes a little bit faster, not a big deal, and I can still run musicmatch 10 hector

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