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Process name: SigmaTel Audio Service Module

Product: SigmaTel Audio

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Freescale Semiconductor (freescale.com)

File: STacSV.exe

An audio driver packaged with a management client, this service runs in the background. It maintains functionality of the SigmaTel audio components, included in Sony Vaio laptops. SigmaTel was an electronics and software company in Austin, Texas. They were acquired by Freescale Semiconductor in 2008, who still support their products.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/stacsv.exe.html 
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All comments about STacSV.exe:
im gona erase it, but i hope its ok to erase
Windows Task Manager describes STacSV as a SigmaTel Audio Service Jerry W
well i do know that it makes my sound for my computer and i have no problems with it  See also: Link christopher
Well i just upgrated to Vista and know i get the "STacSV Module stopped working and was closed" I do not konw what it was so i am looking.
This is the panel control of Sigmatel Audio of Mainboard Intel  See also: Link JhonySe
It seems to only work Windows 98  See also: Link John
dont get rid of this very safe and needed if you have a lap-top or a desk top part ofaudio etc dont delete  See also: Link dave halifax
Part of SigmaTel Audio drivers.
window processes
It has some particullar behavior, i have observed some actions, they may be it's fault, the icons change the appearance, the computer turns slow, and and can't reboot nor turn off the computer Pablo de Venezuela
SigmaTel Audio Service  See also: Link Russell Wright
Audio driver component - Native driver of some Sony Vaio Laptops
It is a SigmaTel Audio service
Its a system service for the sigmatel audio drivers...so dont delete it!
it revives everytime i restart my PC!! & do not let me sign in my Live MSN i need help!! i have scaned all my pc with Ad-aware & Nod32 v.3 but the file returns as an nvMediaCenter appl. Gero
This handles the audio drivers and services for yout Sigmatel compatible sound card and 5.1 software surround, its authentic and official, dont uninstall as you will lose the advanced features if your sound card. Kirk R
I wondered today why my system is hot like hell and discoverd that the process stacsv.exe gathered 50% performance of my dualcore cpu. I kicked the process and my system still works fine Davion
I have had problems with it. Causes one core of my dual core laptop to constantly run at 100% making CPU usage at 50% overall Ray
it was a virus on my keychain drive. created it's own autorun.ini saying to run it. Daryl
I find that when it runs, it uses 50% of my CPU and so I stop it. Audio etc still works, I think it may be used to sense when headphones or mics are plugged in Ray
It's function is to automatically identify if there's a set of headphones connected. So it's not essential..
legit process but goes on high CPU usage for no reason Stephane
In my HP Pavilion dv5 1070-ew stopping this service prevent the mute icon to change it's color (but it will still work as it supposed to, it just always stays red). When the service is disabled, then volume slider behaviour seems to be bugged, but IDK if it was the reason. I keep that service running, however it's not essential for audio and audio buttons work. Faalagorn
I got the same message "STacSV Module stopped working and was closed" after waking up my HP Pavilion HDX9490eo from hibernatition but I could nevertheless listen to streaming music from the Web. So it doesn't seem critical for audio, at least on my machine. Windows advice was to go to the manufacturer's web site and upgrade the drivers. This has happened to me once before but since it obviously didn't affect my audio listening, I really didn't care about it. Those user who think its harmful must be wrong about that Bengt Sundvall, Sweden
STacSV: Manages audio jack configurations edizzi
This is an installed audio device driver for SigmaTel STAC-based audio devices. It is essential for the functioning of audio playback and recording on systems with STAC-based audio devices. Fake Al Gore
i am using Dell XPS studio 1340 laptop In my system this file using 50% processor resources i know it is essential because it is related to audio in system but i think there might be a chance virus can corrupt it otherwise why this file need 50% processor resources? Aravind kumar
SigmaTel Audio Service is stacsv and it locates on program files. If the file name is STacSV and it is located on System32, it is a VIRUS! Nick
Sigmatel Audio Driver - but wht is mine trying to broadcast to the network? Bill
i turned it off cos its used 50% of my cpu and my speakers and headphones still both work perfectly i just wish i could fine a way to stop it coming on rather than having to terminate it from the task manager Tom
Its using 50% of my resources on windows 7 DennisG
It's an audio driver, sometimes it stucks and load a lot CPU, in my case, after upgrading visto to windows 7. Ih you want to avoid CPU load click start- run- type services.msc- find service called "audio driver" click properties stop it and mark Startup as Disabled. That should not disable audio in windows just stops audio software. Jemalas
it's littlebit dangerous. basicly it is attacking of your all exe files and only way you have to delete the exe files.
sometimes, it is a malware with rootkit.  See also: Link Kevin Hwang, in Korea
Size 266kb Vasil
Audio service mahdee
for my computer it just uses up my cpu so i cant do anything apperently it may be a trojin or an error message
Nothing but after upgrading virus program a message is shown "Microsoft has encounted a problem with the STacSV module - send report/don't send" After that message the computer dont react on my requst. Any suggestion how to get the computer back to naormal again? Brian L
Legitimate audio component included with Dell laptops  See also: Link EJ Smith
For me it takes up 100% use of one of my two cores. I often just end the process which makes the sound a little off but it still works. MeorI
Caused by a bad Sigmatel driver version 5.10.4821.0, can cause no audio from Win Media Encoder recordings Jeff S
eehm,security task manager said this process is giving 99% CPU. now it's always 100 CPU.... what to do? Erwin
It is resource hungry, keeps processor hot so fan runs contantly on full power.
Yes it is for sound card. Update your drivers if it is giving you issues.
when i get the "STacSV Module has stopped working" message, my speakers no longer mute when i plug in headphones. i get sound in my headphones and over the speakers will thomas
If it's not a virus masquerading as the original, it can be the driver for several audio cards. If it is taking 50% of your CPU, AND you are not playing games or listening to music AND you have the DEFAULT driver for all the MS Window sounds, you probably have a virus. Before panicking, be sure you are not using your audio - just muting it is not the same as not using it. TJ Fox
Here the error message appears immediately after network login, so before loading the Windows icons and taskbar. EJ Smith, I donīt use Dell Kees
it's using all my cpu. im not a techy i just want to smash my laptop when this happens
it caused an expection / bluescreen on my HP ProBook 650b during startup , I deinstalled the sounddrivers, now the system crashed somewhere else ... I can not blame STacSV.exe for being the problem. Gerd K.
it is an audio application and can be ended, It used a lot of CPU of startup. Trevor
It's nothing but a audio drvier,not dangerous at all Pr
It is an annoying error and virus! It comes with ITM or Sigmatel Audio, just uninstall it! Skills
My one was located in Program Files, i searched it and it says it was a virus, so i disabled it
Service Name: Audio Service Service description: Manages audio jack configurations. Executed file: C:\Program Files\IDT\WDM\STacSV.exe MyNote: really stupid service. Produce huge loading on computer. Alexey K
This application can conflict with other audio drivers for your hardware. If you receive Windows Event Log Errors with code 65535, then you should uninstall it. JK Benedict

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