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Process name: Vimicro Domino

Product: Big Dog

Company: Vimicro (vimicro.com)

File: Domino.exe

Domino.exe runs in conjunction with several other programs from Vimicro when a Vimicro webcam is used. Domino.exe assists the webcam by interfacing it with a variety of generic camera applications. It allows you to take still shots as well as live video. Founded in 1999, Vimicro was started by a group of Chinese engineers who worked in Silicon Valley.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/domino.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

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  • 1988 users ask for this file. 26 users rated it as not dangerous. 13 users rated it as not so dangerous. 12 users rated it as neutral. 8 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 5 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about Domino.exe:
Domino.exe is no threat to your pc and is run by a variety of rip off (eg, state that they are a brand they are not) web cams. It runs in the background to aid the web cam. Cameron Allan
It loads web-cam (Vimicro) driver into memory. So it is needed for webcam to function Anonymous
piranha or a4tech webcam utility Aycan
Belongs to VimicroCam Martin
Well, as for me.. it makes the loading of my desktop much slower.. so I recommend that you just remove it from its source folder... C:WINDOWS\Domino.EXE  See also: Link Lex Mendoza
Domino comes with another start-up app called BigDog. This is not virus or malware, that is software installed with web camera or camera software from company Vimicro (maybe chinese manufacturer). So do not remove this application, if you use Vimicro camera, that is not threat. Alex Tasic
This is seen after installing my a4tech original cd installer jan.montano
I got it with my webcam from SWEEX. Harmless. Scizor696
i think domino.exe is not a virus proper; but it makes ur computer more slower to load......  See also: Link deathknight0414
Domino.exe is not a malware. It is loaded with web cam software. In my case I use a A4TECH web cam. dont worry Rogerio Liguori
have installed a GEMBIRD webcam, since that there is this domino-thing... maulwurf
I think it's some spyware comes with camera drivers. Prevents some of my programs, live webcamxp from loading. system goes about 50% less responsive. I got no idea what this is for, because my webcamera works perfect after i deleted registry keys "domino.exe" and "vmsnap3" (or smth like that) Focius
It is installed with a Vimicro web camera, I have used safely for several years  See also: Link Kobra
I think, it's A4tech webcam utility, because I use one of these webcams and I have got this process only on my computer. SergeiUXPMC
I bought a $14.99 web cam gfm is the brand nameof the cam. I tossed the package and theres no sign on the camera itself telling where it was made. I did have the Domino.exe and removed it and it did not effect my camera functions which is cool . I don't like it. Pino Rivera
Domino.exe is just aprogramme file to run the Web Cam properly. Its not a Virus nor a Maleware. If you delete the file or clean the registry you may not able to run your Webcam. So before deleting the file, think about that for one minute.. rkhanna
Firt post "Alex Tasic" is correct. John
Virus, it's can auto connect to internet. solution: uninstall this driver PC Camera. If you need driver PC camera pm me. from contact in my site. I have clear from virus.  See also: Link ihsana
It`s not a virus. Yes, it come vith camera (my Wcam from A4tech) and copy of this locate in "C:\Program Files\Vimicro\Vimicro USB PC Camera (ZC0301PLH)\x86\domino.exe". Also, it come with "C:\Program Files\Vimicro\Vimicro USB PC Camera (ZC0301PLH)\x86\vmsnap3.exe" process. So, it`s not dangerous - it just eat a little bit of memory. Anonymouse
used by webcam Will
This is help to your webcam.Not virus or anything. BeyZade
makes the pc very slower. installed with the webcam jacques
yep I have an iNTEX webcam IT-309wc and it came with it. Alaa
installed with cheap camera Jacob B
without this file the web cam not work Alex
Webcam Treiber Orlok
I removed it, I delete programs that are unknown to me, vimicro should be aware that if it is marked as an unknown pubkisher, and resides in C:\Windows, it will get deleted. Munchkin
In the case of a neighbour, the installed domino.exe prevented the webcam from functioning ΤΖΩΤΖΙΟΥ
Loaded in my system because of a webcam that was packed along with my BENQ TFT monitor Vitor Rosa
it_is_safe-butgen.sality-virus-is-hidden-by-that-file-name  See also: Link Crap
It came with my Pixxo webcam. Am going to try and find another driver or software to run the cam. Marvin Von Renchler
mine is A4tech i tried to remove it in registry key "run" my cam still functioning. thanx for the help JEP
This file is for webcamera without it webcam won't work smic
think domino.exe is not a virus proper; but it makes your computer more slower to load Vikram Basra (India,ND)
It comes with cameras that have vimicro chip, harmless but unneccesary. It's only used for the crappy software it comes with, but it's not part of the driver. Ed
It's installed with A4tech webcam. In some cases domino.exe may be a mallware - not from your webcam. Need to be checked! Navi1982
In this particular example, on a machine I am repairing for someone, DOMINO.EXE has been positively identified as a trojan. Which is not to say that yours isn't true and proper. (The worrying thing is that that it appears to have been on this machine since 2006, assuming the installation of it by the previously removed adware did not poke a misleading date of creation onto it.) This particular copy was found directly under C:\WINDOWS, which may differentiate it from the C:\Program Files\... versions that have been said to be true and beneficial versions. Awellwisher
Domino.exe is not a Virus or Trojan, it comes with the webcam Software. A. Baidas
suspicious behavior, my computer running very slow Cipotok
Yup its for webcam. I don't have this before i downloaded and installed a A4tech webcam. I think its not a virus though. Ronaldo
I found after instaling (Vimicro) web-cam driver Mom
pc web camara software not install sanajy bhore
Requested permission to execute program along with vm301snap.exe after Windows reboot. Tallies up with the Vimicro association as I had just downloaded this compatible driver for my Toshiba mini-T cam D
all i know is that it makes my pc work slower. i think is a virus or something like that. why? first, because i can't find it at startup. second...i switch it off from task manager, but i have no problem. i mean, my webcam still works, and my pc moves better cosmin rafira, RO
required for certain web cames downloaded with older or cheap web cams
was installed with Vimicro WEB Cam Atretis
It came with my webcam. It is from ViMicro Maverick11726
It comes with the A4tech webcam Chris
It comes with the A4tech Vimicro webcam Vimicro
Comes with ViMicro webcam driver (and may be with others). As told earlier, this is an aid to the webcam. Broken Arrow
appears to be totally unnecessary for cam functioning, plus frequently impersonated. Yuri

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