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Process name: Sigmatel Audio system tray application

Product: SigmaTel Audio

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Integrated Device Technology (idt.com)

File: sttray.exe

The interface for SigmaTel audio codecs, the SigmaTel Audio system tray application is a background process that can be accessed through the system tray. When Windows starts, the tray application automatically runs and detects the type of SigmaTel audio device your system is using. It loads the appropriate codec, and also allows you to select configuration options by double clicking the icon in the tray. The Sigmatel Audio package includes audio codecs that are compatible with Intel's HD Audio Interface. SigmaTel's PC Audio division was sold to Integrated Device Technology in 2006.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/sttray.exe.html 
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All comments about sttray.exe:
Someone should add a helpful diagnosis of what this is, but nobody has yet so I don't know what to do. Come on people add something. Ima Dick
very safe came installed with my new dell inspiron lap-top safe by all means  See also: Link dave halifax ns.
Came custom with my dell Codeman
Intel High Definition Audio - Run MSCONFIG and remove from startup. I downloaded from Intel for 945GNT motherboard. Nathan
System Tray for Sigmatel HD Audio Drivers - Common for onboard audio that ships with many OEM systems and integrated motherboards. pyromosh
sttray.exe located in "C:\Program Files\Sigmatel\C-Major Audio\WDM\sttray.exe" is safe. It's part your sound card's driver, the Sigmatel High Definition Audio Codec. You don't really need it running for normal operation, but it may help some more advanced feature of the driver. Whatever that may be. I didn't notice any change in sound quality with it disabled. I didn't exactly have a stopwatch but it didn't affect boot time much either. Nota Dick
It's an audio control panel. Nothing bad.
This is not dengerous, but it also not required, see link for more details.  See also: Link Vgolfmaster
Experienced an error with it on an XP machine, some localization issue. Removed it from registry to avoid the error message, the app isn't required for most purposes. Johan
It's used for the sigmatel soundcard, therefore you can deactivate it if you wish but you'll likely no longer have any sound...  See also: Link The Tadosaur
sstray,exe is the name of the program that loads your audio drivers for your computer if it has IDT audio.......it is harmless...if you remove it you may loose your audio functions!!! Lempira
IDT Audui driver helper program; a memory pig; remove it and see if it hurts Daniel Norton
This is the system tray application for IDT audio. Perfectly safe, but irritating. Totally Bill
In Dell or Systemax PCs this is a audio cart app. In general, if sttray.exe is located in Program Files then it is OK. If it is in Windows folder then it may very well be malware. Either way this is not an essential process. Shawn
System tray program for the Sigmatel Audio sound card. Often found on Dell computers  See also: Link Tim Gear
This sttray.exe software program is from Sigmatel and it is called the Sigmatel audio system tray utililt willz
audio cntrll file safe if not corrupted, dependancy, depends on win setup and audio drivers
Used for sound, don't remove it. J
IDT PC Audio Tray Cray
I think it is the Sigmatel Tray application, bundled with the driver for a lot of Dell machines Edison Computers
Came on Dell machine - related to audio drivers Ian
Had a localization error after installing driver. Disabled the audio program (sttray.exe) from msconfig... no more error now... just wanted driver anyways.... Jason Payne
Found reference to a file of same name in C:\Windows\Widest~1\FREEQU~1\QUICKA~1.DLL. This appears to be Widestep Software who do keyloggers. D
it is not a virus. it is integral to run my HP windows 7 laptop audio. mine stopped working after i installed a music/video converting software. fixed when i did a system restore since I could not find a quick fix online. ke
installed audio drivers and then i get this file.... its safe. Arpit
It is related to your sound card. However, you can stop it. Your audio will work ( there are and some situation where people reported audio stoped working, but its just a matter or restart to fix it ). I stoped it like hundreds of times with programs like Gamebooster, there was no harm in doing it. dpgza
sttray.exe is the advanced audio drivers running on background, its what asks you choices when you plug things into the mic jack and is always on, its ok to disable it for startup, also this program comes with dell computers specifically John
Causes errors with installation of 16bit programs. Kill this process, and installation is normal. Programmer255
IDT audio application.  See also: Link Android
Soundcard software.  See also: Link Mickey

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