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Process name: mcci+Mcci Tray Application

Product: mcci+McciTrayApp

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Company: Motive Communications (motive.com)

File: McciTrayApp.exe

A background process, the MCCI Tray Application is a status monitor and configuration utility for broadband internet. Created by Motive Communications, it is included with many broadband internet service provider's base services. This process monitors your connection and speed and relays messages to you when it detects an issue. It also allows you to set your preferences with regards to your broadband setup. Founded in 1997 as a software company supporting broadband services, Motive Communications was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in 2008.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/mccitrayapp.exe.html 
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All comments about McciTrayApp.exe:
it slows my speed down and sometimes locksup ie when loading a page. krstank
it is installed with verizon DSL Bill Leventer
Verizon's outsourced Phillipine tech support downloads Motive's GotoAssist PC access prog so they can (temporarily) take control of your PC for online diagnostics. They claim GotoAssist "disappears" after use, but files & Registry detritus remain behind. SyGate blocks McciTrayApp.exe when it tries to launch McciBrowser.exe to call out to remote host quick.verizon.net. Vz's tech didn't even have a list of executable defs to refer to! You can disable it via RUN MSConfig. At SystemConfig, change GENERAL tab radio button from Normal to Selective Startup, goto Startup tab, disable McciTrayapp.exe The Webwyvern
see it running in windows task manager John
It is installed with BT Broadband; on Windows 98 systems, it has become unresponsive and stops the system from shutting down. Also stops certain other Windows 98 functions, including defragger... Jez
I have this file on my Vaio for my wireless Bellsouth connection. I've been having a problem with the file getting caught in a constant loop every now and then. The problem I'm having is 90% of the time the application works as it was designed to do. But the other 10% of the time it gets stuck doing something and slows my computer down, almost to a dead stop. I'll pull up task manager and this app has my CPU time maxed out at 99%. So everytime i haer the fan on my Vaio going nuts and the computer gets hot, I have to go end the task and it immediately starts itself back up. Pain in the butt. Butch
On my computer it is part of my Verizon DSL software package. dave newman
Is part of Bitdefender programme - Firewall/Antivirus software Ray Garrens
allows Verizon to apparently modify Internet zones to custom to allow verizon "updates" could be BS Dr Zen
main Applikation from BLUEWIN WLAN Assistant STS
will not stop popping up Bill DeWitt
It appears it was automatically loaded when I upgraded my Bell Canada HS DSL Router John Gio.
Used for CD/DVD Burning Vegeta
It will not delete Bill DeWitt
I believe it was installed when I migrated to Verizon's FiOS service. I declined any of the Verizon software when I ordered the service but the installer (contract emp.) loaded Verizon's full package. I also spent two weeks looking for problems on my PC that I traced to "agent.exe", another component of Verizon's software load. Ken Child
McciTrayApp.exe provides tray access to Motive's(part of Verizon DSL) Broadband 2.0 configuration and repair utility. It only uses memory when windows is starting but after that doesn't use any memory at all. You can remove it from your startup list with no adverse side effects(but there is really no advantage to doing so except maybe one or two seconds off your startup time if your computer is VERY slow) If you end up needing to use it, you can just start it manually.  See also: Link Jim M
It installed with Bellsouth DSL and will lock up my computer making me restart to stop it. M. Baker
Apparently it is used by Motive Communications, Inc. Needed for Telus connection. I found it in C:\Program Files\TELUS\TELUS Wireless Connection Manager  See also: Link Joseph
Installs with Verizon DSL & Fios - Connects to help / service somehow - can be removed from start-up but not sure about deleting it.. mrz
Installed by Verizon in online help and support files. Is debilitating to workstations and loads on start up without identifying itself in system tray. Can be removed by using Add/Remove Programs - remove Verozon online help and support. This will delete all Mcci files provided by Motive. They are not necessary and can be malicious. Jan Orey
It showed up after I installed the Verizon-Inhome_Agent bonzoguido
mccitrayapp.exe in the system tray was consuming 1/3 of my CPU. A Bell Canada employee told me it is called "Internet check-up" and to go ahead and Remove it because it was a trial sort of thing. The folder Program Files/BellCanada had an uninstall app that didn't work. I tried using the "Add and Remove Application" but it didn't work either. I finally just typed "msconfig" in the Run option at Start Button and unchecked it in the Startup tab.  See also: Link David
it downloads/installs during set/install of Verizon WiFi software drjawn
Installed automatically when I booted up tonight. - I use Verizon FIOS Steve SD.
Bell Canada provides it as a package called Internet Checkup, as the first user reported. I was having problems with one of the processes in the package refusing to shut down when I shut down Windows XP on my laptop. When I reported my problem to Bell they told me to replace the version I had with a new one, which seems to have fixed the error. I notice now that McciTrayApp.exe is taking a steady 4-5% of my desktop CPU, while the updated version grabs 2% every 10 seconds or so on my laptop. I'll try updating the desktop.  See also: Link Tom
The mcciTrayapp kept trying to make harmful changes to my computer. It also wouldn't let me uninstall it. San Zee
I noticed that something was taking over some processes on my computer. In email, internet games, and when I checked advanced in the internet options for IE, there was one of the options I ded not want checked and it could not be unchecked, it was dimmed. If anyone uses BellSouth or ATT and other websites to pay their bill directly, I wonder if it was being uploaded and down on my computer. I notice some things cannot be changed. These files are in my registry and addon list. rubee
Can't be removed conventionally---remove from startup in system configuration GeeCal
I just ran a program, Dr. Web, that detected Trojan.Siggen2.56601, in mccitrayapp.exe. My address bar kept opening and closing, opening and closing,.. very fast, flickering. Killing this virus stopped it.  See also: Link Dan
As stated eralier, it is a function of Bell Internet Service Advisor, Internet Check-up. I openned the app, Service advisor, opnned the support tab, Internet Check-up loads. Four tabs are diagnosed, Account, Email, Browser and System and Connection. Each has three reports, Green Check=Running Properly or Yellow Triangle=Optimize or Update or Red X=Trouble shoot and run fixes. In my case, I had a corrupt user profile in Outlook Express. I Openned Otlook Express, deleted the profile and the Red X turned to Green Check.. I don't know if this add-on is essencial, but it helped clear up a problem Trev
If I dont allow it access to internet at startup my router doesnt work Andy
My version is unsigned and it says it came from Comcast. Ross
slows down the internet explorer and the apps in ie Suriya
McciTrayApp.exe: came with AT&T Troubleshoot tool. Valerie B
Have AT&T UVerse internet, and it shows up in my task bar (Windows 7). Did not appear on install of the AT&T software, but showed up a few months later. Seems to have no effect on connectivity, and is connected to the "MCCI+MCCITrayApp" . . . T Hill

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